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Metacritic Hogwarts Legacy: Full Honest Review

Metacritic Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is an action role playing game that immerses players in the magical universe created by J.K. Rowling. Developed by Portkey Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, this highly anticipated title takes players on a captivating journey beyond the familiar stories of Harry Potter, allowing them to explore the wizarding world in a whole new light. This review will explain why Metacritic Hogwarts Legacy is a staggering 84/100.

Wizard bowl

Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t have input from JK Rowling or a direct adaptation of her stories. Warner Bros. and Portkey Games explicitly state she had “no involvement in the creation of the game.” Despite this, the game relies on her world, inheriting some issues, especially in portraying goblins and “house elves.” Its success is likely to benefit Rowling culturally and financially.

Avalanche Software, the creators, benefit from the game’s success. They’ve crafted a detailed world that often surpasses the source material in quality and inclusivity. Hogwarts Legacy features simple but effective systems:

  • Wizard Duels: A unique take on ranged combat resembling Batman with cooldowns.
  • Exploration: The world is surprisingly large, and flying adds to its expansiveness.
  • Loot: Clothes and accessories impact stats, but you can customize your look.
  • Collectibles: Endless items hidden across Hogwarts, adding a fun touch to exploration.
  • Talking: Engage in dialogue with personality choices that occasionally influence outcomes.
  • The Room of Requirement: Your wizard’s personalized space with extensive decoration options.

The standout feature is Hogwarts itself. Described as a “living, breathing world,” the castle sets an impressive standard for game environments.

Coming of age

The initial hours of Hogwarts Legacy drew me into student life, attending classes, making friends, and engaging in harmless mischief like sneaking into the library. Learning spells through cutscenes during classes became a highlight. However, as I progressed, the focus shifted from student life, and the absence of new class challenges was disappointing.

Around halfway through the school year, the limitations in Hogwarts’ interactive features became evident. While the world reacts to your presence, it lacks substantial interactivity. Simple actions like grabbing an apple or sipping tea are possible, but sitting in chairs, having dinner in the Great Hall, or engaging in small talk with students is not allowed.

As the Hogwarts Legacy story intensified, the comforting school life gave way to a more serious tone. The plot introduced a mysterious ancient magic unique to my character and a goblin rebellion that couldn’t be ignored. Quests led me to dangerous highlands, replacing student antics with intense wizarding warfare. The shift from lighthearted student activities to battling creatures and foes was stark.

The plot of Hogwarts Legacy closely mirrors Harry Potter at an accelerated pace. The protagonist, a gifted wizard, receives special attention and wields a unique power, mirroring the familiar elements of the source material. The parallels were distracting, and I wished for a more original direction to distinguish the game.

Avalanche missed an opportunity for originality, and I yearned for a departure from the trope of playing The Most Important Person in video games. Like The Witcher 3’s side quests, low-stakes stories provided some of my favorite moments in Hogwarts Legacy. Engaging in random side quests, such as heisting plants or investigating a weird statue, added depth to the experience. With over 100 side quests available, the variety was impressive, offering a rich experience beyond the main story.

Killing curse

The magical combat seems dull in the final showdown between Harry and Voldemort in The Deathly Hallows. They stand still, pointing wands at each other, resembling a boring Dragon Ball Z episode. Luckily, Hogwarts Legacy changed the game. Unlike the old Harry Potter games with stiff wand combat, it takes inspiration from Warner-published Batman games.

Your skilled 15-year-old wizard can take on multiple foes simultaneously, using levitation spells to dodge and juggle enemies. Attacks hit your target automatically, but the challenge lies in choosing the right spells, managing cooldowns, and avoiding attacks. The animation work adds excitement with expressive wand flicks and dynamic moves, making each fight dramatic and enjoyable.

Hogwarts Legacy is easy (try the hardest difficulty for a challenge), but switching between spells to slice, burn, freeze, explode, or curse enemies keeps it engaging. However, transitioning from intense battles to casual broom class feels odd.

The downside is repetitive boss battles. The initial troll fight showcases dodging skills, but facing clones of the same troll multiple times became monotonous. Larger enemies are a hassle, as they’re too big for the most enjoyable spell combo.

Final Thoughts About Metacritic Hogwarts Legacy 84/100

Metacritic Hogwarts Legacy is 84/100 for a good reason, as it successfully brings the magic of the wizarding world to life in a compelling and immersive RPG experience.

The graphics in Hogwarts Legacy are nothing short of spellbinding. The attention to detail in recreating the iconic locations from the Harry Potter universe is truly impressive. From the majestic towers of Hogwarts Castle to the enchanting Forbidden Forest, the game’s visuals transport players into a vibrant magical realm. Character designs, magical creatures, and spell effects are beautifully rendered, contributing to a visually stunning gaming experience.

While there are some minor technical hiccups, the game’s overall quality shines through, making Hogwarts Legacy a must-play for those eager to embark on a magical journey beyond the pages of beloved books and films.

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