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How to Get More Supply Drops in CoD Advanced Warfare

Supply Drops

Now that we’ve managed to fix all those Call of Duty Advanced Warfare crashes and problems, we are ready to fully experience the game. The Supply Drops represent a brand new way to gain extra items for the multiplayer matches and you’re probably wonder how to get more Supply Drops in the game, since you can either use the items or sell them for even more XP points. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do with them, but we’re here to help.

So if you want to get more Supply Drops in CoD Advanced Warfare, read on!

Die often, die quick!
It might sound strange and it might be a coincidence, but I seem to get more supply drops when I die in the game, especially if I manage to be the first casualty during a round or I die immediately after joining the game. So try it for yourself a few times, you might be surprised to see it works! Just have in mind that you have to die really fast after the game starts, otherwise it might not work!

Upgrade your Exo-Suit
This is for the single player campaign: when you upgrade your Exo-suit and max out a particular upgrade, you will receive a free supply drop. So since there are 10 upgrades possible, you can get 10 free Supply Drops from the campaign mode! So make sure that you play your best and get them fast!

Supply Drops and play time
Another thing that seems to be true in my case is that the more time you spend in the game, the higher the chances of you earning a supply drop. So the more you stay in multiplayer and level up, the more supply drops you will get.

So unfortunately, there’s not much you can do in order to get more of these goodies in CoD: Advanced Warfare, but you can certainly try out my recommended method. Most likely it’s some sort of glitch, which means that it might get patched in a future update. So make sure that you take advantage of it while it lasts and get all those great Supply Drops!


  • Michael
    Posted December 5, 2014 at 5:10 pm

    It’s hard to explain. You get a supply drop every 50 deaths. However, say I just got the game and had 0 deaths total. I then die 51 times in my first game. But no supply drop. Your first death in the next game is when you get rewarded with the supply drop. So die 50 times and your next death in a different lobby with get you one. *you can’t be team killed in hardcore, jumping of the map, or killing you self with grenades, etc. It has to be an enemy killing you.

    • george
      Posted December 25, 2014 at 9:28 pm

      Hey i died 50 times and i found out that my friend being getting supply drips every match in his combat recored he has more deads and less kills and i have the opposite it doesnt work the way you said it at times here and their yes but not my frirnd getting everything each match

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