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Gamification And Productivity: Improve Yourself With HabitRPG

Gamification is a common word nowadays, even for people that never tried playing a video game before. Mostly related to academic and corporate fields, it consists on using game mechanics in real life environments to provide improvement like better learning, teamwork and/or productivity. But the tool is not intended only exclusively for institutions.

Providing a way to use gamification on your personal life and projects, HabitRPG has the potential to transform your tedious or monstrous to do list on a less intimidating way to tackle your daily routine. Maybe even give you more time for video games! You can register easily by connecting the game with your Facebook account should you have one, or just filling a normal registration form. Then the fun starts.

You receive a small and customizable avatar and start setting up your task list during a small tutorial. As normal on any RPG, you will advance levels and get money based on your fulfilled tasks. These coins are used to buy items and equipment for your character, giving you the same sense of reward we normally feel when completing quests. Beware, failing to perform your duties will make your character lose health, which will force you to buy life potions.

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Your tasks can be divided in normal and daily tasks, making your organization easier. For those who are seeking to develop healthy habits, it is also possible to add them as well, gaining EXP and coins the same way. Although it is the core of the game, HabitRPG expands its concept by having new features that allow you to tackle quests with a group of friends and having a good array of collectibles, just like any MMO.

HabitRPG might be even better for those who share a workgroup. By adding your friends, you may be able to undergo series of quests or events the game provides. Beating bosses is almost the same as any RPG, but instead of hitting an “Attack” button, you damage him by completing tasks alongside your friends. Even if you started playing alone, you have a series of tools for sharing your accomplishment with other people.

A global chat, user forums and even groups dedicated to some specific tasks, like exercising daily, are available. Along the items you can buy to customize your avatar, there is a good set of challenges within the game that may reward you with collectibles, which reminds the achievements system normally found on Steam, Xbox or Playstation games.

Using simple RPG hooks to maintain your attention and encourage you getting your chores done, HabitRPG offers you a tool to include gaming even when you are facing the most boring task on your routine. Besides that, it also tries hard to make you succeed in your quest for improvement, offering ways to interact with other players and sharing successes. If you are tired of your standard task list, looking for a better way to organise yourself or even test if a gamification tool can really improve your life, we strongly recommend giving a few shots at HabitRPG.

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