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10 Games to Play When You Get Bored

10 Games to Play When You Get Bored

Online games are extensive that allows people from all around the world to inquire about anything, from questioning regarding their work to requesting help with everyday chores, despite all of this, it can be a little boring once in a while, hence, why we have enlisted 10 games to play when bored.

Snake Game

Snake Game is reminiscent of Nokia’s classic Snake ’97 video game that partially played a role in shaping our childhoods. The video game features a snake on the platform which enlarges as players consume the food. The objective is to acquire the highest score possible but there’s a catch, don’t eat yourself. If you make a wrong move, you will face the consequences. The goal is to keep your snake alive and keep growing.

If players somehow break the scoring record, they can crave their name on the global leaderboards.

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe isn’t separated by ethnicity or nation, it’s a game that caters to people of different ages and genders. The rules of Tic Tac Toe are simple, the game starts on 3×3 grid boards with lines separating each box. The goal is to get three symbols (either X or O) in a row, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

The players take turns marking their boxes. If the grid fills up with no definite result, the game ends in a draw. In short, a player can have their turn 4-5 times based on who starts.

Pac-Man (Classic Arcade Game Featuring in Games to Play When You Get Bored)

Pac-Man is an iconic puzzle arcade game, that was released on arcades in 1980. The video game is available with original gameplay and sublime mechanics. In the game, you will control a yellow circular character, navigating it through the map, avoiding colorful ghosts, and eating dots. As the players progress through the initial levels, the video game considerably becomes harder to overcome.

The maze encompasses numerous power-ups that grant players additional points and powers that can turn the tide— allowing players to chase and eliminate ghosts.


Solitaire is an enchanting card game that is loved by millions globally. It’s a simple video game, where players pile the cards into 4 empty foundations. Build four piles in a suit from Ace to King. Players can move the cards of the same color or the cards that are in a sequence.

The main area consists of 7 columns of 28 cards. Column 1 consists of 1 card and the subsequent columns have cards up to 7. The video game allows facing-up cards to move.

Memory Game (Sharpen your Memory with the Games to Play When You Get Bored)

Memory Game is an online educational game that helps you improve your focus, and processing speed and enhances problem-solving skills. Players will be presented with a grid of cards featuring Christmas-themed objects such as ornaments, reindeer, and snowflakes.

The objective of the game is to flip the tiles and match a pair. Memory Game features vibrant and stunning holiday-themed images, creating a fascinating environment with immersive gameplay. The gameplay isn’t limited to sharpening players’ memory, it helps players learn about different cultures, discover interesting facts, and gain knowledge.

Atari Breakout

Atari Breakout is a classic arcade video game that provides players with comprehensive gameplay that gradually becomes discombobulating. In the game, your goal is to destroy brick blocks using a bouncing ball. Every stage has its challenges, intending to break all the bricks, players will use a paddle or walls to support the falling ball.

While the gameplay doesn’t require a creative or strategic approach, players can alter the ball’s direction by hitting it from any side of the paddle. Furthermore, the power-ups enhance the gameplay.

To play Atari Breakout, you should log in using this URL.

Minesweeper (A Brain Straining Game in Games to Play When You Get Bored)

How does stepping on a landmine feel? You probably don’t know, but if you feel like experiencing what a casualty goes through in those unthinkable situations, play Minesweeper. It’s a logic-based video game that has entertained players for more than 3 decades. The video game isn’t intricate, it’s just how players perceive it.

Minesweeper consists of a grid of squares, players have to uncover all the squares without detonating the mines. If you hit an empty block, it will show the number of adjacent mines. To understand the logic behind Minesweeper, you can start the video game on beginner difficulty.

Thanos Snap

The year 2019 was when the Marvel Cinematic Universe was at its peak, the numbers stacked up tenfold during the emergence of meticulously detailed and visually stunning film titles like Avengers: Endgame. Due to millions of searches related to the film, there was a hidden easter egg on the internet, which was removed the same year, it was Thanos Snap.

While it didn’t last longer, it was brilliant. When clicked on Thanos’ Gauntlet, half of the search results disappeared with the same animation as shown in the film. Fortunately, everything used to regress to its original when re-clicking the doodle.

Dinosaur Game (Among the Best Games to Play When You Get Bored)

The Dinosaur game is a classic browser game that you can play on any browser. Unlike, most online browser-based games, Dinosaur Game doesn’t necessarily rely on an internet connection. Just open any browser and intentionally enter offline mode.

In this endless video game, your objective will be to juke the upcoming dangers-flying pterodactyls. To jump, players can use the space bar and to duck, players can use down arrows. If your internet connection is restored whilst playing the game, your progress will be lost.

Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s Cube may not be an expensive toy, but it certainly occupies space and is hard to carry around. However, there is an online game that launched in 2014 titled Rubik’s Cube, which captivated users and Rubik’s Cube geeks.

The video game challenges players to solve the virtual Rubik Cube, staying faithful and following the fundamental rules of the game. Moreover, the video game allows players to change the background, cube size, and themes to level up the experience.

Conclusion: Games to Play When You Get Bored

Online games allows players to dive into video games without straining the hardware, such games are popular as browser games. Players playing browser games don’t have to abide by any outrageous rules, just an internet connection is requisite for playing.

Share your ways of breaking free from the grapple of boredom in the comments or on Facebook and Instagram.

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