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The Best Games in March 2024: The Biggest Releases

Games in March 2024

Games in March 2024 were as prosperous as the previous month. Players got to explore some of the best AAA games and narrative-reliant 2D titles. In this blog, as usual, we are ranking the 10 best games of the month, precisely the best games of February 2024, reflecting on how these games are the center of attention.

01. Outcast: A New Beginning

Outcast is one of the biggest titles of the year 2024, within a short period, the video game has escalated to positive reviews. Certainly, the video game is an open-world action adventure that serves as a sequel to the iconic 1999 video game Outcast. In the video game, players delve into an alien world, where the inhabitants are struggling against robots that are demanding their demise. Your primary objective is to help the aliens from the robot units.

The video game combines enthralling adventure and intense action, offering what even the shooter games fail to deliver. The visuals are as stunning as they can get, capturing the essence of giant forests and blue-ish waterfalls. Hence, achieving the position in the Games in March 2024.

02. The Outlast Trials

The Outlast Trials is a psychological action-horror video game that depicts the theme conspicuously efficiently. The video game explicitly takes on the theme of distrust, fear, and violence. Players begin the video game in the world where the player character involuntary becomes a test subject for Murkoff Corporation. The organization that conducts the advanced experiments of brainwashing.

These tests will test your endurance, patience, sanity, and resolve to stay alive. The player character can only escape if they complete the Murkoff Corporation’s therapy. Which is extremely hard to achieve. The animation of the characters and the environment blends with the themes, enhancing the terrifying gameplay mechanics.


REVEIL is a house of puzzles, it’s a first-person psycho-thriller video game that centers on narrative, and puzzle solving. This adventure video game is infamous for including unexpected twists and a delightful plot. The plot revolves around the player character, who wakes up with no memories of how he got there. After exploring, the character is confronted by fragments of memories and riddles.

In the video game, the player is haunted by his past and is keen to unravel the mysteries behind the calamity that has struck him. REVEIL is a contender for the biggest Games releases in March 2024.

04. WWE 2K24

The WWE 2K is one of the most enthralling series in the gaming industry, depicting professional wrestling most beautifully and faithfully. WWE 2K24 is the latest installment from the series that serves as a successor to WWE 2K23. In comparison to the previous games, 2K24 offers new content with improved gameplay including graphics.

The combat mechanics are also polished to a great extent, compelling viewers’ demands to indulge in the realistic gameplay of their favorite sport. The character roster is massive, about the same as the previous games. WWE 2K24 offers several immersive gameplay modes that are based on narratives. Moreover, the MyFACTION Mode is creating good traction, influencing a larger audience.

05. Rise of the Ronin

Rise of the Ronin is an action-adventure RPG that features the elements of plot-driven gameplay. You will step into the shoes of a veteran samurai named Ronin, who fatefully finds himself involved in the turmoil of Japan. The narrative takes place somewhere in the late 19th century, where Ronin finds himself marked by conflicts in a tumultuous era.

The video game offers an open-world vast map that allows players to explore villages, cities, and several biomes. The combat system is intense, the battle against the enemy isn’t something players can take for granted. To win players need to deploy to the best of their abilities, and combos. This video game arguably stands stiff in the list of Games in March 2024.

06. MLB The Show 24

The latest installment in the MLB: The Show franchise, MLB: The Show 24 is a video game that centers on baseball simulation. It’s a video game from the classic baseball series that offers players realistic gameplay of the baseball sport. The video game is similar to the previous installment in terms of gameplay, it strikes the balance between fair offensive and fruitful offensive. The new mechanic of Impact Plays is changing the defense, players create better chances of changing their moods using this mechanic.

What about graphics? The video game frankly offers gameplay with visually stunning graphics, leaving players and also critics stunned in awe.

07. Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles

Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles is an open-world video game that is mostly infamous for its visual quality. In the video game, players are free to create entire towns and countries let alone houses or infrastructures. Your builds play a purpose, such as making them work as trading hubs or platforms for managing conquests.

Players indulge in the rewarding gameplay of Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles due to the creative gameplay, as they can scavenge for resources, explore humongous maps, and even lead an army of natural fighting units. When it comes to visuals and surrounding environments, the video game is relatively beautiful. Hence why it is in “The Games in March 2024.”

08. Alone in the Dark

The name says it all, Alone in the Dark is certainly a horror video game. It’s a spine-chilling video game that centers on Emily Hartwood, who is searching for her lost uncle. Together with Edward Carnby, her discovery leads her to a frightening and dark mansion, where lurks evil and mystical creatures.

Alone in the Dark features intricate puzzles that require keen observation and creative thinking to break through. In the video game, resource management is essential, players must scavenge requisite items, including ammunition, and health kits.

09. Open Roads

In the list of Games in March 2024, Open Roads is undeniably making it in. It’s an adventure-mystery-themed video game, which is driven by the plot and its roster of beautifully crafted characters. This is the story of Tess Devine and her mother, Opal, as they are on a journey to explore the world, during their time exploring they encounter numerous houses abandoned by once blissful families. As they delve into the stories, they find secrets that were buried for years.

The characters that you simulate are hand drawn, with meticulous details. Moreover, the environment is all vibrant, bringing their adventure to life. Open Roads is an undervalued game but it makes it into the “Games in March 2024 list.”

10. Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is an adventure video game that approaches the genre of RPG beautifully. The video game has become famous due to its intriguing storytelling, fantastical elements, intricate characters, and great visual environment. The plot takes place in another world. It follows Arisen, a mysterious status that encompasses immense power. The contender for the title is chosen by a dragon. In short, the video game centers on players trying to retrieve Arisen’s heart.

The video game comes with open-world elements, as it allows players to explore the large maps. Players can interact with most characters and creatures they come across, and also engage in various actions.

Wrapping up the List of Games in March 2024

This is it, our journey ends here, we reflected on the biggest games releases in February 2024. If you find yourself loving these immersing titles, make sure to comment on your game.

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