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FFXIV: Preparing for Anima Weapons

Patch 3.15 will be introducing the Anima weapons, the new relic weapons of Heavensward. With the barest of previews over on the Lodestone, we are still left up to our imaginations. All we know is that a young researcher has come to Eorzea and will be teaming up with the infamous Gerolt.

We know very little about the weapons and how they’re going to be acquired(will they be crafted like 2.0 relics or brought with a certain type of currency like the tomestone weapons?), it’s not going to be an easy task to prepare for the long grind ahead.

According to Yoshi-P, the first step is going to be painful in terms of grinding. Those with a Zeta relic will be able to skip the first step though and it doesn’t matter what Zeta you have. For example, if you have Last Resort Zeta(the Scholar relic) but want to go for the Dark Knight relic in this patch, you can swap the Last Resort Zeta for the Dark Knight relic.

While some would argue that it’s not worth getting a Zeta, it’s actually not that bad with all the nerfs. I ran a friend through all the dungeons(we went unsynced) in one day. The rest of the day he farmed for the lights. The dungeon items are now a 100% drop so no more praying for RNG. So it’s much faster than before though it can still get expensive with needing to buy all the items.

Getting a Zeta to skip the first step is the only step in the relic chain we’re sure of. So we can easily prepare for that, but the others? It’s really a guessing game. I’m preparing for the worst though so making as much gil as I can before the patch drops as well as capping on my Grand Company seals(an easy way is to craft Militia Chokers. While only a 370 odd credit turn in, they are very very easy to craft).

I’ve been spiritbonding to get two of each materia, much like what the original relic needed. If the new relics don’t need it then that is a little bit extra gil when selling so it’s not a total loss.

The last way I’m preparing for the Anima weapons is specialist crafting. I sincerely hope that the relics don’t rely on specialist crafting but I wouldn’t be surprised as it makes specialist crafting more relevant. Between myself and two friends, we have all specialists so it’s not going to be a major issue. For others it is going to be a lot rougher. My only suggestion is to talk to the known crafters on your server. For many, if you can get the mats they will craft for free.

With all of this, I am hoping it’ll be enough but we won’t know for sure. Once the patch drops I’ll be writing up a guide for the Relics so stay tuned! And let’s see how right or wrong I was in preparing!

How are you guys preparing for this step? Are you going to bother with the relics or skip it? Let me know in the comments below!

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