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Fallout 4 Mission Guide: The First Step

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Mission three can be difficult for some players, specially if they haven’t been exploring much. This mission requires you to find several locations without many clues. If you don’t want to spend time exploring, here’s a quick guide.

After finishing Mission 2: When Freedom Calls, Preston will tell you that a nearby settlement has requested aid from the Minutemen. Preston has to protect the new established camp, so he asks you to go in his place.


Mission 3 - The First Step - Tenpines Bluff1. Go to Tenpines Bluff

Go to Tenpines Bluff and talk to the settler couple in a little farmhouse. This location is to the east of Concord. There’s several dangers in the way, so be careful. They ask you to do something for them once you get there.


Mission 3 - The First Step - Corvega Assembly Plant

2. Go to Corvega Assembly Plant

The long journey begins here. You’ll need to walk the main south road from Concord until you find a massive power plant. Gear up before you engage and enter the building, there are many enemies inside.


Mission 3 - The First Step3. Clear the Entrance from the Bridge

Start by clearing the area from the broken bridge that stands in front of Corvega’s entrance. Either by sniping with a rifle or by simply shooting with any gun. Once you’ve eliminated the scavengers there, you’re ready to enter the plant.


Mission 3 - The First Step - Locket Vault4. Search Room by Room

Once inside, you should carefully approach your enemies, there are really many of them so don’t engage fearlessly. There are two main levels and a roof. Note that the first level has many valuable items, including a locket vault with ammo, so do not skip it.


Mission 3 - The First Step5. Kill Jared

At the third level, you’ll find yourself in a car building room. There are several turrets and a few enemies in a platform above you. However, the most important here is to kill Jared, the key element to finish this mission. He’s also up there, so just kill everything that moves.


Mission 3 - The First Step - Roof6. Return to Sanctuary

After leaving the building through the roof, there will be a lot of enemies again. You can kill them all or simply run away. Your mission is done so the decision is yours. Return to Preston at Sanctuary to receive your reward.


And this is it! You have completed one extremely important mission early on in the game – and a really exciting one, too! Stay tuned with VgamerZ for even more Fallout 4 related guides or read the next exclusive mission guide: Fallout 4 Mission Guide: Taking Point: Sunshine Tiding Co-Op.

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