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Fallout 4: How to Make More Caps Easily

Bottlecaps – or Caps, as we all know them in the Wastelands / Commonwealth – are the main currency in the game and, especially early on, you never seem to have enough caps to buy everything you need. In order to make your life easier in the game, I have decided to create this guide and share with you some nice methods to make more caps in Fallout 4, including a really nice exploit/glitch that you should try as soon as possible – before Bethesda fixes it.

So if you want more money in the game, you’re at the right place, because we’re going to tell you how to get them. So let’s find out how to make more caps easily in Fallout 4!

1. We’ll start with the glitch that we talked about since this allows you to get virtually unlimited amounts of caps and also all the items that vendors have on sale. Which is pretty huge. Basically, it involves trading ammo to trigger the glitch and you can find the detailed guide over at Modded Vault. Pretty sweet!

2. Invest in your perks – although I don’t really recommend this. There are two perks that you can invest in to get more caps: the Cap Collector (requires 1 Charisma) and the Fortune Finder (requires 2 Luck). They can both be upgraded to increase the amount of caps that you get, but I think that the other methods presented here are way better and you should not waste your Perk points on these. But if you think you know better, these are the two perks to get for more money.

3. Learn to pick master locks – this is vital in every Fallout game, and Fallout 4 makes no exception. Being able to pick master locks means you can pick any lock in the game and you will always find amazing loot behind closed locks: from tons of bottlecaps to tons of items that you can sell for tons of caps, everything’s there and this is one of the best perks to invest in!

4. Hoard and sell. It’s true that all the junk that you can find in the wasteland nowadays can be scraped and used to build your shelters, but there’s fortunately enough junk in the wasteland to allow you to get some extra money too. I would recommend doing the following: find an area that’s full of items that you can collect, store everything you own in a separate container in a settlement and go there wearing nothing. Fill up your inventory space, fast travel to a merchant, sell everything you got. Rinse and repeat to make a ton of money. You can also sell weapons, armor and anything else – there are enough enemies and areas in Fallout 4 to allow you to do this without worrying that you will run out of materials for scrapping.

5. If you have high charisma levels, you can always try to convince the NPCs to give you more money when completing quests. This might result in you being disliked by some of the companions, so either send them home before that (difficult to anticipate, though, when you will get the option) or simply ignore that for the love of money.

6. Explore the Commonwealth: simply hopping from quest area to quest area is usually good enough to give you a lot of caps eventually, but if you decide to do some exploring on your own and move away from the regular routes, you will have a lot of pleasant surprises as there are a ton of hidden goodies out there. Caps, items to sell for caps – you will find a lot of greatness by simply exploring the map and checking out anything that looks at least vaguely interesting.

These methods will guarantee you a ton of bottlecaps in Fallout 4 to buy all the crazy weapons and home decorations that you need. Do you have other methods for making quick caps in the game? Let us know by commenting below!

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