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Darksiders 2 Preview: All the Details So Far


Darksiders 2 is one highly anticipated game expected to hit the stores in August and probably the most anticipated game of that month. Not to mention the fact that it’s the game that has the power to keep THQ above the sinking line and act like their life vest.

And why not admit it, Darksiders 2 is a really exciting game – a game that already started to get preview copies sent to big name websites out there. I am sure you are very curious to find out more about the upcoming game, so check out a list of all the details known about Darksiders 2 so far, list made by The Gaming Advisory. It’s pretty impressive:

– Everything in Darksiders 2 is bigger and more refined than in DS1 (for example, each of the 4 areas in Darksiders 2 is as big as the world of the original game)
– 25+ hours for main storyline, with crapton of sidequests and sidejobs.
– It has an upgraded engine that has more user-configurable options and can show much more on the screen (especially on the PC version)
– Great mix of agile combat [no block, only dodging], agile traversal [much faster than in DS1] and puzzles
– Storyline that will greatly expand upon the lore of DS1, new & old chars. Story is running in parallel with DS1 during majority of the game, far away from Earth and War.
– Expanded character building options – fully featured skill trees, and fully customizable gear.
– Because of all the new loot announced for the game, all animations are this time rendered in-game.
– You get rideable horse from the start of the game
– Bad news: NO multiplayer, NO co-op modes
– Xbox 360 version of the game officially confirmed as one disc only.
– There is a Nightmare Mode in the game which means that if your character dies, you lose all your progress in the game and have to start over. For the hardcore players.
– Trading of items between players is announced as an option of the game.
– Fast Travel, again is available in Darksiders 2.
– In addition to traditional weapon combos, your secondary weapons can be chained-in for their “signature attack”, Scythe has its own rhythm-based/delayed-button press combos, and legendary weapons have their own special attacks.
– Re-spec of tech trees is possible!



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