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Check Out the Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain Ending Here (True Ending)

I guess this should go without even saying, but here you have it: Warning – Spoilers Ahead!

The “real” or True Ending of MGS5: Phantom Pain is considered by most gamers I’ve heard extremely disappointing – and one of the reasons to get this unwanted achievement is that you lose one of the best buddies in the game – Quiet (fortunately, we have a guide on how to keep Quiet as a buddy in MGS 5).

So there are three different scenarios in which you might be extremely curious to find how Konami envisioned the real ending of Metal Gear Solid 5 – you either can’t find the time to complete the game, you are simply way too curious to find it out or, most likely, you want to keep Quiet in the game and care about nothing less. Well, thanks to the power of YouTube, you can now check out the Metal Gear Solid 5 ending – the real ending after completing secret mission 46 below:

What do you think about the “True Ending” of the game? Is it indeed disappointing, as most other gamers say or you personally enjoy it? And if the game’s crashes or other problems are preventing you from getting to the end, make sure to check out our guide on how to fix them!

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