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Tekken 8 Review Based Off Metacritic

Tekken 8 Review Based Off Metacritic

The Tekken series is perfect for a fighting video game, the series has found acclaim from infamous entertainment and critic-based websites, such as Metacritic, IGN, and PlayStation, whether you play Tekken 7, Tekken 8, or any of the video games from the series for a few consecutive years, you are bound to learn new moves, combos, and different ways to counter-attack. This chain goes on forever until you master each character. Inevitably Tekken 8’s arrival is bringing life to the iteration of Tekken’s usual mechanics. But above all the questions, the one that perplexes most people is how good Tekken 8 really is. Let’s compare the video game to its predecessors and rival series, and dwell in the world of Tekken.


Tekken 8 is the eighth and the latest entry in the legendary fighting video games franchise, The Tekken. The video game was developed and published by Bandai Namco, and it is available on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows. Inevitably, the video game’s high-fidelity graphics are designed for modern systems, showcasing the impact of every move incredibly beautifully. The video game offers a variety of content for single-player, such as new modes, and in-depth character customization for characters and avatars.

The video game offers realistic gameplay with high-quality graphics and stunning visuals.

Movement, attacking, blocking, and counter-attack in the series remain as vital as ever.

Narrative and Gameplay

This may be the first time in Tekken’s canonical franchise that recoverable health plays a great part in matches, avoiding the opponent or their attacks won’t benefit you with anything, to regain your lost health you have to go for offense and penetrate the opponent’s health.

There is a new “Heat” system in Tekken 8 that is above every gameplay aspect, the “Heat” system is a special ability that a character uses, it’s kind of similar to Kratos’ rage mode. In this unique mechanic, players gain extra properties for a limited period. It is available on every character.

There are two ways to enter the heat mode, the first one is called “Heat Burst” where you can go all out showcasing your abilities and displaying your skills as a formidable opponent only for 10 seconds. The other crucial form of the “Heat” system is the Heat Engager. Which can only work once in an entire round. To sum up the “Heat” system, Heat Burst can be used numerous times without any special effects surrounding the player or camera intensely shaking or zooming. The Heat Engager is much more pivotal. Each player has a separate special move that activates upon a successful hit.

There are loads of advantages to using the Heat mode, you can inflict damage even if the opponent is blocking. Every character on the character roster unlocks power buried inside them and the combos extend to a larger extent. People on Metacritic also share the same feelings about Tekken 8.


Three newcomers Victor Chevalier, Azucena, and Reina Mishima are Joining the classic roster of everyone’s favorite fighters, and more than anyone, their voice actors deserve the praise. The characters are flashy and aggressive make and come with tens if not hundreds of combos. Certainly, these characters play an important role in the video game’s narrative.

The video game includes the returning characters, some of whom were the spotlight of attention and people are familiar with their personalities, moves, and combos.

Animation and Graphics

The video game boasts flashy moves and impressive and realistic next-gen particle effects. The fast and fluid movement leaves a trail of beautiful colors. This sensational video game is coming up with tiny to huge updates. Which optimizes players’ experience as well as brings uniqueness to the video game.

The voice synchronization, character expressions, and beautiful faces are mind-boggling to absorb. Nevertheless, the lacking aspects of graphics from the previous installments are complete in Tekken 8, making it a natural and complete game.

Tekken 8 Reviews on Metacritic

Initially, critics and registered users on Metacritic had bitter thoughts about Tekken 8. People were dropping reviews based on how badly the newly released games were performing before January 2024. But the new year brought 3 to 4 massive titles, and the reviews of those video games were certainly immaculate. The video game came to multiple platforms on 26th January, and uncoincidentally, Tekken 8 had favorable reviews. Out of 100 Metascore, the critics rate Tekken 8 a whopping score of 90. And the Userscore isn’t too bad either, It has got a solid 8.6/10.

A satisfied critic wrote “Tekken 8 is a Masterpiece of a video game, it is a title that deserves to be in every fighting game fanatic’s library. With larger-than-life story mode, and its involvement in the thrill of combat. Tekken 8 is a heavy milage game as it’s from a series that comes back from time to time.”

A user praising its premise said “The story is a significant step up from the previous game, and the offline content is better than what most initially expected, there is a whole new offline mode. The roster is brimming with returning and newcomers.

Conclusion: Tekken 8 Reviews Based On Metacritic Perspective

Tekken 8 without a doubt is the best game in the series so far. Whether it is Metacritic, IGN, or Steam, everyone rates the video game with due respect. The video game not only has introduced new game mechanics and visual quality, but it also prioritizes the offline content. So far players haven’t found any bug or game-breaking glitch that makes them quit the video game. To simply summarize our review, Tekken 8 definitely is the biggest game yet from the franchise. A large fraction of the video game is yet to be discovered. And our review is based on our perspective of the first 10 minutes of the video game.

We are eager to know your thoughts on Tekken 8. Does this game make you feel a rush of adrenaline? Now, before you comment make sure to check our Facebook and Instagram, where we publish game news, reviews, recommendations, and all things games.

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