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StartPlaying Games: Your Full Guide to Find Games & GMs


StartPlaying stands as the leading digital hub where gamers connect with tabletop role playing games and experienced game masters, catering to all game systems and virtual tabletop preferences! Whether you’re eager to engage in online D&D sessions or discover a virtual Pathfinder 2E group, our guide walks you through the process of locating games and skilled game masters, as well as securing and handling payments for your gaming experience.

How To Find GMs & Games on StartPlaying

If you’ve landed on Start playing games, chances are you’re on the hunt to join a game or snag a GM for your friend circle. No matter your goal, our search filters make it easy to find the exact game you’re after.

Finding StartPlaying Games as a Single Player

To effortlessly discover a game as a single player on StartPlaying, utilize the search feature. Click on the “Find Games” on the website’s home page to reveal the search bar. Input the specific module name, a general TTRPG system, or your favorite platforms like Discord or Foundry. To refine your search, use the filters for game systems, available time or date, length, age, pricing, and more.

A standard game listing provides information on the number of signed-up players and the maximum allowed. Almost full target games (e.g., 3 out of 5 players) for quicker participation. There is no need to worry about a desired game being full; the search removes full games. Upon signing up, your GM will reach out, possibly through individual a session 0 and interviews, using various tools to ensure everyone has a great time together.

Finding Games as A Group on Start Playing Games

When it comes to finding a game, a group of players can utilize the search function, much like a single player. Interestingly, a single StartPlaying account can get many seats in one game, allowing you to sign up on behalf of your entire group.

Another option for a group to secure a game is by directly approaching a GM. Clicking on the “Find Games” at the top right reveals a “Find GMs” option. This displays a list of GM profiles, with default sorting for those hosting games in the very near future. Utilize the drop-down menu to filter GMs specializing in your preferred game system or communication software. Once you identify a suitable GM, you can send them a message them to learn more about availability or directly book their services.

When you scroll to the center of the homepage, there’s a handy “Request a Game” button. Clicking on it lets you shoot a message to Start Playing support. Simply share details like the number of players in your group, your availability, and any other pertinent information about your request. We’ll then assist you in connecting with a GM who perfectly fits your needs!

Use StartPlaying to Find an In-Person D&D Game

Feel free to tap into the “Request a Game” button to specify your desire for an in-person GM in the Notes section of your request. If you’re located in a prominent US city, explore the “Cities” section on Start Playing to craft a more personalized request tailored to your local area.

Booking Your Game and Paying for It

Many StartPlaying GMs enjoy introducing newcomers to the fun of TTRPGs. If you’re new to TTRPGs or trying them online for the first time, here’s what you should know to begin your adventure.

How To Book Your Game?

To find a game or GM, check the sections above. Once you choose, you’ll see a GM Profile or game listing. Game listings have a blue “Request to Join Campaign” or “Join Game” button. The latter involves sending the GM a note about yourself. If Instant Book is on, no approval is needed; you join instantly after providing payment.

Booking a GM from their profile is similar but needs more details. Besides payment, share your game preferences and party availability. Further discussions with the GM usually happen through chat.

How to Pay?

StartPlaying Games currently accepts payments solely through Stripe. When you sign up for a game, you must provide valid Credit/Debit card information.

Game prices are determined by individual GMs based on various factors, charging on a per-session, per-player basis. They collect the payment at the start of each session. If you anticipate missing a session, it’s advised to inform GMs in advance. Refunds are easily accessible in emergencies, and there’s a 24-hour cancellation window before charges apply. To skip a session, go to “My Adventures” on your StartPlaying user dashboard, select the game, and choose the “Skip Session” option for the desired date.

For refund requests, contact [email protected], stating the reason and the game date. StartPlaying will verify with the GM, so notifying your GM can expedite the process. If the GM is the reason for the refund, inform Support, and Start Playing will refund you, offering a new game with a different GM at no cost.

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