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Implications of Identity Chips Implanted Under the Skin

Identity Chips

Identity Chips

Technology is the key element to change the world and it has been reshaping the world for a long time. It has entered in every field of the world like education, medicine, industry and defense systems etc. That is not just it; technology is still altering the way we live. To remain updated with the changes technology is bringing in the world you need to have a seamless internet connection from ISPs like optimum services.

However, to write the history, technology has entered into human skin in 2017. Yes, you read right! With the help of technology, human beings have finally created a microchip called Identity Chip.

What are Identity Chips?

An identity chip is a small circuit device or a radio frequency identification (RFID) enclosed in special silicate glass. It is placed under the human skin carrying the information like blood group, date of birth, gender, list of diseases one has or had, the medications taken for diseases and allergies to medicines etc. It comes with an RFID scanner that can be run over the identity chip and all the information about the person carrying it would pop-up on the screen.

The same technology was used to pets some time ago and now with some advancements, it has been offered for humans. Though some experts believe that it is dangerous for human beings but many other experts believe that it is not dangerous at all rather it is beneficial.

Benefits of the Chips

As the fact states, everything has its positive impacts as well as negative impacts. The opponents of identity chips have stated a lot of reasons that show that the use of these kind of chips is less beneficial but more dangerous for us. But the supporters of it believes that it is one of the best innovations in the history and that it can help humanity lose its burden to a great extent.

Here are some of the pros of embedding identity chips under human skin.

  • Leave the wallet at home: Identity chips can store all the information that you carry around in your wallet. It can save your debit/credit card numbers, phone book, library card and transport card etc.
  • Publically clear: It even eases your life by saving your national identification number, passports, and even licenses.
  • Medically safe: It is the best solution for the people who need to carry their medical reports around just to be safe in case of any medical emergency. It saves all of your medical record and health details.
  • Full control over devices: With identity chips embedded under your skin, you would be able to control a wide range of devices like phone etc.

The list of the benefits does not end here. You can read about some other benefits as well by clicking here.

Implications Regarding  the Chips

As humans are habitual of forming opinions and implications about anything and everything that surrounds them, there are some implications that surfaced as soon as the idea of identity chips was introduced. Until now, many implications have been formed for the identity chips and we are mentioning a few here for you.

  • No MRI- The people who would carry identity chips would not be able to pass through MRI machines because of the risk of getting burnt at the place where the chip is embedded.
  • Privacy Concerns- Since it uses the technology, which is easy to break in, people find it hard to put their privacy at the stake.
  • Risk to Health- People believe that using identity chips can pose different types of dangerous threats to our health for the components it is built from would react differently to different radiations.
  • Less Freedom- Some people think that having an identity chip under their skin would limit the amount of fun they have in their lives. They would not be able to do any work against the law or ethics as their every step would be recorded via the identity chips.
  • Weapons Under Control- As the technology is progressing each day, some experts believe that future weapons could be controlled with identity chips. In case the weapon gets lost or gets robbed, the owner would be able to stop the thief from using it.

The list of the implications people have formed to welcome identity chips goes on and on. To read more about the identity chips you can click here. But before you head towards any other page to conduct more research be sure you subscribe to Optimum Deals to have speedy internet. In case you find any issue in using your internet connection, you can always contact Optimum Service Support.

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