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FFXIV: Job Stat Point Allocation

Bonus stat points are awarded upon leveling up, for a total of 35 that can be spent. This is individual across all jobs so whatever you put into Paladin will not be transferred to Black Mage. The only exception to this is Summoner and Scholar as they share the base class, Arcanist.

New players, and even veterans who are swapping jobs for the first time, may not know where to allocate these points. Quite frankly, it can be a bit daunting especially for a new player. If, at any point, you need to respec, you can buy the item ‘The Keepers Hymn’ from your Grand Company.

Just be sure to use the Keepers Hymn on the job you’re wanting to respec.

Tanks are the heart of the party. Their job is to keep enemy attention upon them and stop the weaker party members from being attacked. Tanks have two major stats, Vitality and Strength. Vitality increases their health, allowing them to take more damage while Strength allows them to do more damage and hold enmity a little bit easier.

Taking and maintaining aggro isn’t too difficult so you should only go Strength if you’re overgeared or if you’ve reached the health needed to survive even the biggest hit. Otherwise, go Vitality.

Dragoons and Monk benefit most from Strength while Ninja benefits most from Dexterity.

Bard and Machinist benefit most from Dexterity.
Summoner and Black Mage benefit most from Intelligence. There is a bit of an exception with Summoner so read below.

White Mage, Scholar and Astrologian all benefit most from Mind. Scholar is a bit of an exception at times so read below as to why.

Summoner and Scholar are the only job that is different and so it’s a little bit more confusing, especially if you plan on playing both. If you’re going strictly summoner then put all points into Intelligence. If going strictly Scholar then put all points into Mind. If going both, put all points into Intelligence because Summoner will benefit more from the points than Scholar will.

Unlike White Mages who are raw power, Scholar’s heal as well as helping to mitigate damage via shields. So missing a few points isn’t all that detrimental to a Scholar.

Hopefully this alleviates any confusion! Feel free to comment below if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to answer.

As always, happy playing in Eorzea!

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