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Fallout 4 Mission Guide: Road to Freedom

One of the most interesting, but also extremely difficult missions in Fallout 4 is Road to Freedom, a mission that plays out a lot like a puzzle, and one that requires you to explore a large area of the Commonwealth. I am here to share with you a complete Fallout 4 mission guide for Road to Freedom, with detailed screenshots showing you exactly what to do and where to go in order to reach the place where you have to be and see what the Railorad is all about.

But before getting there, you should load your weapons and get ready to explore a lot. The good thing: you will unlock a ton of new areas in the game and you won’t have to battle all the enemies along the way – so you can return later and clean up everything. So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below Vgamerz’ Fallout 4 mission guide for Road to Freedom!

NOTE: Normally, you should find all the markers and the clues along the way and inspect them to find the code that will be required at the end of the mission. You don’t have to do that if you don’t want to as I will, of course, share with you the answer in this guide. So if you found already the Old North Church, just go there and use the code at the end of this guide!

1. In order to start the mission, you need to travel to the location indicated below:

road to freedom mission guide 01

Read the sign, investigate the first sewer lid and talk to the robot:

road to freedom mission guide 02
road to freedom mission guide 03

From now on, the red trail on the ground will mark our way, but it will sometimes disappear under the rubble. No worries, I have the exact indications on where to go when that happens!

2. Although entirely optional, since you are there, you can go to the small patio that has a lantern and get the Grognak the Barbarian magazine. You might have to battle a boss, Swan, if you haven’t done so already:

road to freedom mission guide 04

road to freedom mission guide 05

3. Move forward and you will reach the Massachusetts State House. In front of it, there’s a new manhole cover with another clue.

road to freedom mission guide 06

4. Go back to the starting point and turn right. Move forward and pass the graveyard. Fight the ghouls there.

road to freedom mission guide 07

5. The trail will disappear under a pile of debris, but you should keep moving forward towards the red building that you can see in the screenshot above and you will see the trail again. Follow it to the next clue, then go left through the rubble and you will reach the Old Corner Bookstore. Have fun the the enemies waiting there.

road to freedom mission guide 10

6. Keep following the trail to the right, go up the stairs and you can completely avoid the raider camp in the screenshot above if you want to. There will be some raiders waiting there anyway, so take them out, then move forward until you see the square in front. You will have to battle some Mutants there, I personally got some legendary dogs to make things more interesting.

road to freedom mission guide 11

7. Follow the trail to the right of the building, then go left (basically going around it). Continue following the trail (there’s a subway station you’ll pass by, not marked on the map, no enemies inside, just goodies – go in if you want to!). Keep on going until you find the house in the screenshot below, there will be some mutants waiting for you:

road to freedom mission guide 12

8. After taking out the mutants, keep on following the path and you will soon reach the area in the screenshot below. Behind the statue, there is the Old North Church. Enter it.

road to freedom mission guide 13

9. Take out the ghouls inside (there’s a lot of them so poor Piper couldn’t handle the pressure), then go to the basement of the building (enter the room to right of the entrance, it’s under the stairs and marked with a lantern sign).

road to freedom mission guide 14

10. When you get to the end (more ghouls to kill!), you will have to solve the puzzle on the right. Simply rotate the letters until you reach the right one, then interact with the middle of the sign. You need to spell: RAILROAD (you get all these letters by looking at the clues along the way, but you don’t really have to interact with all manhole covers in order to be allowed in):

road to freedom mission guide 15

11. Enter and meet your new friends:

road to freedom mission guide 16

And this is it! You have now completed the difficult Road to Freedom mission and more adventure awaits! Stay tuned with Vgamerz for even more Fallout 4 guides!

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