Top 10 Characters We Want To See Added To Super Smash Brothers


With Nintendo announcing the Smash Fighter Ballot, the gates have been open for the millions of Smash fans to have their say on who they want added as DLC. Nintendo has one of the richest libraries known to gaming, so our choices are almost endless. Here are our top picks that we think will make Smash even better. As a cheeky side note, it would also give Nintendo some extra brownie points with third party developers resulting in the ultimate win-win.

Banjo and Kazooie

Before Rare moved to Microsoft and made a string of questionable decisions, they made Banjo Kazbanjo-kazooie-introooie. As one of the pioneers of 3D Collect’em Ups, Banjo Kazooie is fondly remembered by those old enough to have owned an N64. They even made a brilliant sequel Banjo Tooie, before eventually breaking our hearts with the complete abandonment of Banjo Threeie. Ignoring all that however, Banjo and Kazooie have a number of sick moves at their disposal when platforming and fighting enemies making them ideal candidates.


Ok, ok this will be the last Rare character I throw into the pot, but not only was Conker an incredibly

controversial game on release, it was also bloody brilliant. Whilst its underlining gameplay was similar to Banjo, the games felt very different and Conker himself is quite the character. Another relic from the N64, it wouldn’t hurt too much to have a bit of juvenile humor thrown into an already ludicrous title such as Smash.

Monster Hunter’s Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter is a massively popular game, and games as massive and popular as Monster Hunter should make an monster-hunter-3-ultimate-wii-u-screenshot-2appearance. Whilst having roots on Nintendo consoles, recent titles have been outstanding, arguably the best in the series being the latest iteration of the series: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. What makes the idea even more mouth watering is the ways they could implement such a character into the game. Having such a wide variety of weapons, you could either go the “Link Route”, essentially being able to pull weapons out on the fly to suit certain situations or go the “Mii Fighter Route” whereby you can choose a weapon pre-match to suite your style. Probably the hardest character to implement,  but certainly one of the most interesting

Simon Belmont

Castlevania is one of those iconic titles in gaming, with Simon Belmont being up there as one of the most recognizable Vampire Hunters around. Brandishing a 10ft whip of darkness-destroying-holy-righteousness, that can be swung in 8 directions and attach to ledges gives Simon incredible range, coverage and manoeuvrability. Sub-weapons such as the boomerang cross, holy water and throwing axe would make him more of a item user like Link, or Pac-man with a leathery, leathery twist. Considering what they did with Mega Man, I can only imagine how true to form Simon will be when he makes his appearance.

Ryu Hayabusa


Wielder of the fabled Dragon Sword, and slayer of demons, Ryu is probably King of the Ninjas. Another classic from the NES and long-time fighter in Dead or Alive, Ryu would fit right in with the current cast of characters. His mastery of sword play, acrobatics and martial arts as a whole make him a deadly opponent, and with a variety of special weapons at his disposal, there would be plenty of interesting combos to pull off.

Wonder Red + Friends

Wonderful 101 was an interesting game released on the Wii U by Platinum, and whilst it got some well deserved criticism (mostly directed at the controls), Wonder Red and his 100 Wonderful friends would give a sweet spin on the classic Olimar formula. Being able to morph into whips, fists and even the mighty Valiantium Blade, this is another character with heaps of potential. Whilst having 101 characters on screen at once might be a bit much, it is certainly an idea for their Final Smash, and having a handful of main characters on screen would certainly wet anybodies appetite.

Solid Snake

A solid character from Brawl, Snake was painfully missing in the latest iteration. Whilst his inclusion in the game might MetalGear_THUMB-1414797368613cause some minor heart ache for the Phantom Pain not being a Wii U title, but Metal Gear has appeared on Nintendo Consoles, and Solid Snake is already a proven brawler. A simple addition to the game, and one that should never have left.


Making his debut on the GBA in 2002 as the main character of Golden Sun, and also making an appearance as an Assist Trophy in Brawl, Isaac would be an interesting, if somewhat “from the left field” pick

for a character. Being the lead in an RPG, he certainly has plenty of moves at his disposal, his most prominent ability being his use of Djinns and his Master Hand-like environmental control. Nintendo are not against obscure characters considering Ness has been around since the beginning…a character who only recently saw a European release.


Bayonetta is probably one of the most controversial characters in gaming history. Despite beinbayonetta2g designed as every man’s dream lady, but proportioned in such a ludicrous way you cannot help but be amused, Bayonetta is probably the strongest female protagonist in history. Add to this, she is one of Nintendo’s newest IP’s, and comes from a series of games that excels at high flying brawler action, why was Bayonetta not included in the first place. I want to see Mario get shot in the face via heel-mounted shotguns and thrown across the stage only to be eaten by a demon dragon conjured from hair. Nintendo, make it happen.

So those are our top picks for the Smash Fighter Ballot, do you agree? Who would you want to join the roster, and why? Let us know in the comments. Happy Smashing.

A New Challenger Approaches!

Super Smash

Super Smash Bro’s was the fastest selling game on the Wii U last year, even managing to trump Mario Kart 8, which is a pretty impressive feat. During todays Nintendo Direct a lot of things were announced in regards to Nintendo’s premium Brawler, the biggest being new characters. Despite Smash’s ginormous roster of characters, fans from accross the globe cried for more, and Melee Veteran Mewtwo has been on everybodies list for what seems like an eternity. Nintendo, in their infinite wisdom as granted our request and Mewtwo will be added as DLC to Smash for both Wii U and 3DS on 30th April.


But that is not all, a surprise reveal was…well…revealed. Lucas, one of the most popular characters from Brawl will be joining the crew. Much more than just a pallet swap of Nes, Lucas will bring more Earthbound/Mother action to Smash. He does not have a set in stone release date, but he should be due sometime in May. New additions to the Mii Fighter are also inbound, with a handful of classic character designs to outfit your Mii with. These range from a Link inspired tunic, to Megaman X, although my personal favorite has to be the inclusion of Protoman from the classic megaman classic games. Each costume comes in at around 90p which is a fair price for some sweet swag.

The biggest shock of the show however, was Nintendo‘s dedication to pleasing Smash fans. They are opening a “voting” service, allowing you to submit your ideas for the next Smash character to be released. I for one will be putting in a vote for Castlevania star, Simon Belmont and Nintendo’s newest IP: Bayonetta, but I am a fan of vampire killing whips are creepy hair magic. For a company who has never really “done” DLC, Nintendo are quickly becoming the best of the bunch. Hopefully this trend continues well into 2015.

6 Game Characters that had Unexpected Reactions


Sometimes, you just can’t predict how people are going to react to something.  Game developers create a character with the expectation that players will have one reaction only for them to go the opposite route.  For example, look at Teemo from League of Legends (pictured above).  He was obviously designed to serve as an adorable mascot character for the game.  While he’s had his share of success with that, many know him better as the single most frustrating assassin character in the game and has garnered the apt nickname of “The Devil Himself”.  This list will be looking at six characters that had similar reactions that must have caught their designers by surprise and looking into why they received the responses they did.

great fairy

6) The Great Fairy (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

With her long hair, heavy makeup, and distinctly un-Nintendo attire, there is only one thing that comes to mind when thinking of the Great Fairy: NIGHTMARE FUEL!  Early 3D games were a time where the uncanny valley ran rampant and character models would often just look off.  I’m guessing the reason that survival horror games had such a renaissance during this period is because it was the best time to make something look disturbing.  Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask generally used this to their advantage with truly horrifying models and animations for their enemies.  However, when the team tried to design a character with the opposite intent, the result was the most unsettling monstrosity in the entirety of either games.  Not helping matters is the fact that she lets out a blood-chilling banshee wail every time she appears.  Hyrule Warriors recently tried to update her appearance (pictured above), but the damage has already been done for many and she shall always remain a living nightmare.


5) Silver the Hedgehog (Sonic ’06)

I honestly feel bad for Silver.  In any other circumstances, his telekinetic powers could have been revolutionary and he might have warranted his own spin-off series.  Instead, he made his debut in one of the most infamous games in the Sonic franchise and became the poster-boy for most of the game’s problems.  His post-apocalyptic time-travel backstory remains one of the greatest examples of a narrative trying far too hard and yet not nearly hard enough.  What truly sealed his fate as one of the most hated characters in the series was how much Sonic ’06 failed to deliver on the concept of his telekinetic powers.  This resulted in some of the worst controls in a game already built off of terrible controls.  Well, the telekinetic powers do get a chance to shine, but it’s at the worst possible time with the incredibly cheap boss fights you have against Silver.  Sega has kept him around and has tried to make him a mainstay of the cast, but the damage has already been done and IT’S NO USE!


4) Villager (Super Smash Bros for Wii U)

The Villager from Animal Crossing was originally considered to be playable in Super Smash Bros Brawl, but he was dropped early on because the idea of seeing such a cheerful and carefree character getting involved in a fight just seemed too ridiculous.  Cue his inclusion in the latest installments on Wii U and 3DS and everyone immediately labels him as a crazed axe-murderer.  People took one look into his lifeless, doll-like eyes and saw nothing but the soul of a bloodthirsty monster.  Maybe he just wasn’t included in Brawl because the developers feared the unholy terror that they were bound to unleash.


3) O’Neal (Aliens: Colonial Marines)

Everyone hates escort missions.  We can accept when we fail due to our own mistakes, but failing a level simply because the friendly AI that you’re stuck baby-sitting did something stupid is the worst punch in the gut that a game can give you.  Everything from Daikatana to Epic Mickey 2 has been largely undone by the inclusion of these digital parasites that call themselves your friends.  I could have filled this list with frustrating computer companions that only prove to be a greater threat than any actual enemy, but I’ve decided to focus specifically on O’Neal from Aliens: Colonial Marines.

O’Neal is your typical giant teddy bear-type of character; he’s big and gruff, but has a heart of gold underneath.  He’s supposed to be the best friend you could ask for when facing done ravenous xenomorphs.  There’s just one problem: he’s in Aliens: Colonial Marines, a game so historically awful that Sega and Gearbox were actually taken to court for daring to release it on the unsuspecting masses.  O’Neal follows suit with being horrible at everything he does.  Worse aim than a Star Wars stormtrooper?  Check.  Standing in narrow hallways for no reason other than to block your path from critical objectives?  Check.  The worst part is that you can’t even turn him off by having a second player like in most other games that stick you with an AI partner.  Even in co-op, O’Neal will still insist on being the third-wheel and getting in the way of both players.  Don’t you ever wish you could turn on friendly fire and knock the stupid out of these guys?  Well…


2) Dino Baby (Conker’s Bad Fur Day)

While escort missions are notoriously hard to get right, good ones aren’t entirely unheard of.  For example, look at the section of Conker’s Bad Fur Day that has you escorting an adorable newborn dinosaur.  Not only is he invulnerable to damage, but he’s actually more capable in a fight than the character you’re playing as.  While Conker’s frying pan has a long wind-up and only stuns enemies, the dino baby can easily gobble up anything that comes near it.  Yeah, he gets stuck on corners every now and then and generally slows you down, but that’s a small price to pay for essentially playing on godmode.  If anything, he’s escorting you.  Actually, can we just ditch the drunken squirrel and play as this champion instead?

Alas, it seems Rareware underestimated their own abilities and expected people to react to the dino baby the same way they do to most escort characters.  At the end of the level, you are forced to lead your superior onto a sacrificial alter and watch him meet a gruesome end in order for you to progress.  It’s the one point where the game’s dark sense of humor actually goes too far.  Whenever I think of the cruel choice that this game forced me to make, I feel a little less bad about the fact that Rareware is now doomed to make Kinect minigames for the rest of eternity and license out their IPs to more capable developers (like the people who made the Battleship shooter).


1) Foxy (Five Nights at Freddy’s)

You can never truly anticipate how people will respond to fear.  Some flee while others fight, and others still merely embrace their fate.  And then you have the truly bizarre reactions that can best be described as an extreme form of denial.  Nothing may be a better showcase for this than the Five Nights at Freddy’s series.  Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy’s is your biggest threat in the game as he’s the only  one that doesn’t rely on catching you off-guard in order to get you.  He can charge directly into your office and attack faster than you can react.  The only way to keep him at bay is to constantly check your cameras and make sure he stays behind his curtain, which makes you vulnerable to all of the other haunted animatronics.  If it wasn’t for this one threat, each night wouldn’t nearly be as difficult as they are.

Strangely enough, Foxy has become one of the most popular, if not the most popular, characters in the series.  Several fans of the series, rather than recognize Foxy as the menace that he truly is, have crafted theories that Foxy is actually a good guy whose just checking in on you if you don’t check in on him for too long and that you just die from shock rather than him attacking you.  There is also a plethora of fan art out there that I dare not link you to nor attempt to describe.  To each their own, but you’d think people wouldn’t be drawn toward a screeching serial killer en masse.

What other characters had public responses that surprised you?  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.  Depending on the response we get, your suggestions may be featured on a follow-up article in the future.  Until then, keep your eyes peeled for that Villager.  I don’t trust that guy.

How the Wii U Modernised Nintendo


Nintendo‘s latest home console, the Wii U, has had mixed reactions. Sales have been uncharacteristically low and its hardware is on quite on par with the other Next Gen titles. But despite the initial problems the Wii U had, sales are rising, it has an amazing library of games that overshadows its more powerful cousins and more importantly, it has brought Nintendo into the modern age. Here is how:

Games are pretty important to a console, I mean without them you cant really do much. Nintendo have always had games of course, but their ties to 3rd party studios has not always been great. If you wanted to play the big titles of last year, you had to either have a different console, or a PC. The Wii U has Mass Effect 3, Assassins Creed 3 & 4 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. This might not seem like a big deal, but those games are a HUGE step forward for Nintendo, despite their age nowadays. The fact that we can play these massive AAA titles on a Nintendo console is something that people would just laugh at 5 years ago. Heck we even have Watchdogs! Oh and course, let us not forget about Bayonetta 1&2. Who would have imagined something so…mature…would appear on our Gamepads.

The Wii had terrible online. Friend codes, abysmal servers, lag, disconnections, lack of voice chat, they all just added up to make for an uncomfortable experience. The Wii U actually has a robust online package, with silky smooth performance (we can finally play Smash!) and even voice chat in some games. Again, to people who have played Xbox or Playstation, such things might seem trivial, but to Nintendo fans, this is a massive change, and something that opens up new possibilities on the platform.

DLC. Nintendo have always been against DLC, and as a result you have never seen a Mario Kart game with new tracks. You get what you get on the disk, and that is it. This is no longer the case. Super Luigi U, 2 large DLC packs for Mario Kart, a dozen packs for Hyrule Warriors etc. DLC is ripe on the Wii U, and what is even better, it is possibly the best DLC money can buy at the moment. For a low price, you get a lot of additional content. A few dollars gets you new characters, karts and tracks on Mario Kart, a whole new game for New Super Mario Brothers U and the variety of content Hyrule Warriors has is too much to list. Either Nintendo have not realized that DLC can be used to scam people out of more money, or they are genuinely trying to release value content, it is something I approve of.

Finally, creative use of their brands. Since the Wii U released, we have had 2 possibly groundbreaking titles. Games that could herald massive changes in how Nintendo uses their IP’s. Captain Toads Treasure Tracker and Hyrule Warriors are 2 games that are completely out of the realms of classic Nintendo. A Zelda game without puzzles and purely about hack n’ slash combat? A Mario game without jumping? These 2 games were massive risks for Nintendo. Both Mario and Zelda are synonymous with quality, so gambling their reputation like that was certainly risky. It paid off however, as both games received critical acclaim, and sold well. This reaction from consumers will hopefully give Nintendo the confidence to push the boat out a bit more.

The Wii U, for all of its early faults, has certainly proven its worthiness of being a Next Gen console. The fact it has dragged Nintendo, a company who has been around almost since the dawn of gaming, into the 21st Century in such a big way is testament to that.

5 Reasons Why Super Smash Bros Is Amazing

Super Smash

Nintendo‘s Smash series has spanned 4 generations, starting on the N64 as a way of combining Nintendo’s biggest names and allowing them to duke it out in an all or nothing deathmatch. Of course, with such a strong premise, the series is immensely popular. No other game has so many legends in 1 place (we don’t talk about Sony’s attempt…). Where else can you have Sonic, Sega’s super fast mascot, go toe-to-toe with Samus Aran, the legendary Metroid hunter? Here are 5 reasons why Super Smash Bros is amazing.

5) Massive Roster

Lets be blunt, Smash has a massive roster falling just shy of 50 characters. Its size, and scope is only matched by its diversity. Every character in Smash 4 feels unique, and adds its own set of challenges to the mix. Having so many characters, with the vast majority of them being unlocked from the get go, allows you to experience something new and different every time you load it up. Of course, this is not taking into considering the expansive stage selection, all of which having an “Omega” version for a true test of skill.

4) Accessibility

The beauty of Smash is that literally anyone can pick it up, and have a good time. With only 2 attack buttons, a shield and a grab you can learn the basics in about 5 seconds. That is the level of accessibility Molyneux wanted for Fable…done right, and done much, much earlier. Despite the simplicity, you feel fully in control of your avatar, every move is responsive and lightning fast. With every controller imaginable supported, and every button, and stick, completely rebindable, you have PC level of control optimization, so Smashing always feels comfortable.

3) Content

Fighting games are notorious for having very little content. You have you arcade mode, a team mode of some sort, some online functionality and usually, that is all you get. Like its predecessors, Smash 4 is full of unlockables, collectables, secrets and crammed with stuff to do. On top of your basic 4 man smash, you have Arcade, Event, All Star, 8 Man Smash, Conquest, Smash Tour, Ranked, and Unranked Online play, Master Orders, Crazy Orders and full Amiibo support. There is also a Level Editor, a music area where you can make your own playlists from unlocked tracks, which contains some of the best music in gaming, and a trophy room where you can get trivia on some of the most obscure things from Nintendo’s past. Oh, and an incredibly difficult Challenge List pushing you to your absolute limit if you want to complete all of them. In short, there are hundreds of hours of game.

2) Online

As I mentioned, there is Online in Smash 4. Unlike Brawl however, Nintendo has really stepped up their game, and we finally have a proper online suite in order to play Smash against people from around the world. Whether you want to play intense 1v1 matches in an all or nothing ranked mode, play team modes or just go for the classic free for all, Smash Online has you covered. It has taken long enough!

1) Depth

Smash may be one of the most easy to learn games on the market, but it is also one of the hardest to master. It is a common misconception that Smash is casual, simple and button mashy, however this is not the case. Since Melee Smash has had a massive following in the Pro scene, with tournaments all over the world, and with the dawn of E-Sports, you can see the amazing things people can do with only 2 buttons. This is the real reason Smash has stayed so popular over the years, and why people beg for sequels. The games simplicity is a ruse, a cunning disguise, something to hide the truth, and that is that Super Smash Brothers is a hardcore fighter that requires incredible reflexes, planning and skill to come out ahead. To put it plainly, it is one of the most satisfying experiences in gaming. Well played Nintendo, you had us all fooled.

The Supply and Demand of Amiibos


Nintendo’s line of near-field communication figures, amiibo, has consistently been making headlines since their debut late last year for their ability to sell out in the blink of an eye.  Even the upcoming Super Mario line of amiibos set to release next month sold out on preorders the same day they were made available.  That’s pretty impressive considering that they are essentially reissues of the most common amiibos from the Super Smash Bros line with less dynamic poses (with the exception of the Super Mario line exclusive Toad).  This has made them the new hot-ticket item in a speculator boom as people rush to pick up the rarest amiibos and then resell them to desperate collectors at absurdly inflated prices.  Many might think that amiibos will have their value increase over time like rare comic books and are a lucrative investment for the future.  However, the truth is quite the opposite and consumers should exert much more caution in the business of buying and selling these figures at the moment.

Let’s look over one of the most famous speculator booms in modern history, the comic book boom of the mid-eighties and early nineties, and consider what it tells us about the ongoing amiibo boom.  The comic book speculator boom started when copies of classic comics, such as Superman’s debut appearance in Action Comics #1, began going for absurdly high prices.  Stories of people getting thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars for comics that they bought for nickels as children became commonplace and hopeful investors flocked to comic shops expecting to one day see the same kind of return for popular titles.

What people were neglecting with this boom was the vast difference in the market between the time those old titles sold and the present.  No one ever expected Superman or his peers to evolve into landmark American icons and the comics they debuted in were only seen as simple children’s books in their time.  Copies of these books were left to grow tattered and destroyed over time as their stars slowly grew more and more in notoriety.  They became rare and valuable because no one expected them to become valuable.  The comics released during the speculator boom, on the other hand, were so widely produced and preserved that their value never went up.  This isn’t the only case of a sudden boom and bust, either.  Baseball cards, Beanie Babies, and all manner of mass-produced collectibles have ultimately collapsed in on themselves after having a large rush for them.

The amiibo boom is bound to burst just like the comic boom did before it.  It’s all just a matter of supplies catching up with demand.  Nintendo has been slow to release more copies of rare amiibos, but that’s only because it takes time to negotiate a new manufacturing deal even when the assembly lines for the figures are already set up.  It’s not like Nintendo just has a room full of 3D printers and can produce more figures whenever it strikes their fancy.  It will take time, but it will happen.  Before this year ends, the amiibo sections in stores will go from barren wastelands to overstocked shelves like their predecessors, Skylanders and Disney Infinity, did.

Conversely, if you are one of the lucky few to have gotten your hands on one of the bizarre defect amiibos that have popped up, that is something worth hanging on to.  Defect figures like the double-cannon Samus and the legless Peach have higher value because they were never meant to be made.  As such, they will never see additional production and will always be one-of-a-kind.  Just remember to keep them mint in their boxes as that is a vital to their value.  Not only does that increase their rarity, but it also eliminates suspicions that you just tampered with the figure yourself.  Limited edition items, like the Majora’s Mask 3D Collector’s Edition, also go by a different set of rules.  These are made with the intention of only having a limited run and are less likely to see further production.  It’s not impossible for more Skull Kid statues, but you shouldn’t hold your breath over it.

The amiibo figures are designed for mass production and the amount of demand that they have been seeing early on is going to result in more being put on the market.  Nintendo has already stated in an official financial briefing that they are planning to address the scarcity of certain amiibos.  If there is a rare amiibo that you’re interested in getting, just wait for the supplies to replenish and pick it up at a reasonable price.  If you already have a rare amiibo and are willing to part with it, now is the time to sell while the iron is still hot.  Just remember to see these toys for what really they are and don’t get too wrapped up in the current rush.

‘Super Smash Bros Wii U’: Gotta Get That Glory!


Here I am at Smashaholics Anonymous, ready to admit I have a problem. Yep, I’m addicted to For Glory mode.

I’ve never played the original Smash Bros., but I certainly fell in love with Melee and Brawl. In both games, I’ve clocked up an absurd amount of playtime, and ventured into just about everything they had to offer. These are huge titles, in collectibles terms, and I worked my fingers into tiny, pointy stubs of worn-out pain to get every trophy and sticker I could.

For the lone player, the replayability doesn’t lie in the selection of modes. It’s fairly sparce there. Instead, it’s a matter of completing Classic, All-Star and Adventure as each member of the huge cast individually. This alone is quite a feat. But as far as learning the characters and getting specific rewards goes, it’s necessary.

So, yep, I did that too. Those sweet, sweet character trophies were collected. But with the advent of Super Smash Bros 3DS and Wii U, my progress has stalled. And why? Because I’m addicted to glory hunting, that’s why.

Smash Bros Wii U 2

In an effort to make the new game’s online options a little more robust, they’ve been divided into two categories: For Fun and For Glory. In the first, you’ll engage in demented free-for-alls with items, stage hazards and Final Smashes going off all over the darn place. The latter dispenses with all of of this, offering up itemless matches on completely flat, Final Destination clone stages. Glory, then, is as close to ‘competitive’ as Smash Bros has yet come.

In some ways, it’s completely against the essence of the series. Many detractors will whine that this is a party game through and through, and perhaps it isn’t strictly a ‘fighter’ after all. But it’s not entirely skill-less, and certainly not with all of the chaotic shenanigans turned off. Even in four player matches, I’ll always play with items off, and one on one matches in For Glory are right up my street.

In the 3DS installment, I played very little of the other modes. I ventured into All-Star and Classic, just with a favourite character or two, then dropped it entirely. It was very much unlike me. Having owned the Wii U game for weeks now, the same is true.

Whenever I power up the game, that one on one button beckons. I still have no clue how that Wii U exclusive mode works, because I haven’t chosen it yet. I mean to every time, but

Is ‘Super Smash Bros’ the Biggest 3DS Game Yet?

Super Smash

The 3DS, as we know, had a fairly humble beginning. Words like ‘disastrous’ and ‘reputation-mangling’ could be used, and there were many nervous Asian businessmen in Kyoto for a while there. What with the price, and rumours that the 3D super smash effect was made by the devil himself and will melt your eyeballs in their sockets, things were looking bad.

Three years later, the console is almost unrecognisable. After its price cut and that Ambassador business, its fortunes improved. Today, the enterprising handheld sports a generous crop of great titles, and is doing really rather well for itself.

And now another sure system seller joins the ranks: Super Smash Bros. 3DS.

For many of us, the fact that this is a portable Smash installment is all we need to know. That’s an exciting concept, right there. This is the first of the dual 3DS/Wii U releases, with the home console equivalent hitting this holiday season. But this is no stunted port.

Veteran Smashers know what an event a new series release is. This is hundreds of hours of ridiculous entertainment, and what many consider to be the greatest party game ever devised. It’s a fighting game with a brilliant Nintendo twist, and a heaping helping of fanservice thrown in. The hype train had been steaming alone the rails for months, and this was perhaps the most eagerly anticipated installment yet.

Smash Bros 3DS 2

That’s an absurd amount of pressure for a handheld to bear, and it does so with aplomb. As I’ve said, you’d probably expect all kinds of concessions to make this work. But there simply haven’t been any.

The full roster of almost fifty characters are here, and some eccentric new choices there are too. Just in case they’re still considered spoilers at this point, I shan’t mention them, except to say –in some cases– what the hell? The 3DS version has its own exclusive stages, a Tekken Force-esque mode that won’t appear in the Wii U edition, and a different crop of collectibles.

The game may not be as feature-packed as its predecessor, Brawl, but that’s not an issue. Some of the extraneous additions from the Wii game have been removed simply because… they sucked. Those 50 second demos of the original Zelda or F-Zero were a nice little touch, for instance, but nothing we’ll really miss. In this way, we’re able to focus on the core experience, which is what we love and what we’re here for after all.

Smash Bros. 3DS truly is the full Smash experience in miniature. There’s an extensive list of trophies to collect, some new minigames, and the return of the usual series favourites. Multi Man Melee and Home Run Contest are here. There are far too many challenges to beat, for those achievement addicts. The online modes are rather simple but perfectly formed, with separate modes for competitive play (an item-free, Final Destination type affair) and the crazier side of Smash.

In short, this probably would be the biggest release on the console so far, in all kinds of ways. It’s a huge package, certainly, yet it’s also simply the most significant game the handheld has seen to date. Not everybody is a fan of Smash Bros, of course, but unless you’re really averse this is nothing less than an essential purchase.

Splatoon Full Match Gameplay


Splatoon, one of the most surprisingly unique games of 2014’s E3, has finally had a full match shown off in the form of a toaster-esque video from the floor. The game shocked everyone for its innovative design and light-hearted fun.

It looks like an absolute blast to play and being able to witness a full match in progress is a nice touch. Nintendo’s showing was a great start, but an edited multiplayer match disguises the flow of the game, so for the first time, fans can see how the game truly plays out.

While this game looks absolutely bonkers, it still has an argument to make about longevity, as it could very well be a title people put down after only a few short hours. They need to give us a reason to keep coming back, and I haven’t seen it yet.

This cannot be the last we see of Splatoon however, so keep your eyes peeled!

‘Mario Kart 8’ and the Koopaling Controversy: What Do You Think of the Roster?

Mario Kart

Mario Kart 8 has been plying its trade on Wii Us the world over for a couple of weeks now. Shells, banana peels and fancy new boomerang flowers have been flying all over the darn place. As has a heaping helping of profanity. This is Mario Kart after all, and a dose of ragetastic is compulsory.

In the midst of all the sweet, sweet ridiculousness, a question has been posed. The same one that has been floating about the series for the last few installments: What the balls? What kind of character selection is that?

Now, if we’re being pernickety, that’s actually two questions. But we aren’t, so let’s move swiftly on.

Mario Kart Wii added those toontastic simpletons, the Miis, to the roster. While driving as yourself was a nice little novelty (albeit a tiny, lumpen, makes-stupid-honking-noises-for-no-reason-at-all version of yourself), there are some purists who think the series should be strictly Mario-character-only. Delving all over the place is really more of a Smash Bros. thing, with Sonic, Snake, Pac-Man, Mega Man et al.


But that gives rise to a separate issue. Which Mario characters? With such a large repertoire of crazies to choose from, and limited slots, there are bound to be some craptastic choices. Kamek has been repeatedly called for since he was unseated by Wario for Mario Kart 64, as have all kinds of weird and wonderful souls from the archives.

But do you know who nobody ever wanted? Super Mario Galaxy’s Honey Queen, that’s who. Why this was an actual thing that happened, I’ve no idea, but there it was. The 3DS installment also brought us oddities like Wiggler, and the controversial Metal Mario. As we know, if there’s one thing that’ll cause the Nerdsassins of the Internet to spit blood (blood of PURE RAGE AND FURIOUS FURY), it’s palette swaps. That, or ‘wasted slots.’

So what do you make of Mario Kart 8? Is Pink Gold Peach really the hideous abomination from the depths of the devil’s underpants that some of us claim? Was a full complement of Koopalings really necessary?