Upcoming Update Brings Checkpoints and More to Super Mario Maker

A free update has been announced that will bring five major additions to Super Mario Maker.  The most important change is the addition of checkpoints into the game, which has been the most requested feature by players since the game launched in September.  Simply shaking an arrow sign will turn it into a checkpoint flag that will save your progress in a level once you touch it, and a maximum of two can be placed in any stage.  Checkpoints will make difficult stages far more manageable and allow creators to be more daring with their designs.

The new update will also give makers the ability to combine Super Mushrooms and Fire Flowers in a single ?-block and only one will come out based on the state that the player is in.  Small Mario will receive a mushroom, while big Mario will get a flower.  The third addition will be a new, more challenging difficulty for the secret Gnat Attack minigame.  This minigame won’t be an asset for level creation and is simply a bonus for your own amusement.  Next, an official courses section will be added that features all levels designed by Nintendo employees.  Finally, a section for Event Courses will be added that includes levels surrounding special events.  How these events will be organized is currently unknown.

The update is scheduled to release on November 4th.  You can check out the announcement trailer here.  What are your thoughts on the new content coming to Super Mario Maker?  What do you still want to see added to the game?  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic Updated


Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic, humorous name puns aside, is a light-hearted RPG from The Bitfather released earlier this year onto Steam. Whilst it received positive reviews, and a lot of fan support, a few issues tarnished the game experience. Luckily for us however, The Bitfather has released its first update and nearly everything wrong with the game (which  was interface based feedback and long animations) has been fixed. Here is a quick breakdown of the changes:


– Framerate limited to max 60 fps. Will no longer fry your graphics card!
– On Linux, the game now starts in Windowed Mode. Hopefully fixes the problems with dual monitor setups under Linux.

New Features:

– Custom hero renaming feature (must be unlocked by achievement).

New Content:

– 11 new achievements.
– Several new overland travel events with new enemies.
– Some new items.

Gameplay Changes:

– Treasure rooms internal mechanic changed; displays the success chance; deals less damage; damage non-relative to HP.
– Confusion mechanic change: now has 75% chance of hitting allied party and 25% chance of hitting the enemies.
– Fist damage mechanic changed. Will help not getting stuck in endless battles.
– Enemies’ names and condition are displayed in battle. No condition info on bosses.
– Battle Log persists through a complete dungeon. Note! The Log does not get saved.
– Bleeding now does minimum 1 damage.
– Gold amounts changed. Will loot much less gold in battles. Item buy/sell values changed to the player’s disadvantage.
– Several speed-ups, including walking speed, death animations and several other things.
– Inventory button on the shop interface. Allows direct switching between shops and inventory.
– Clicking on textboxes will no longer cancel the animated text but instead make it appear completely.
– Several bugfixes

As you can see, this is more than a hot fix, this add content, improves performance and helps with quality of life. Bitfather, I salute you.