Five Unbelievable Uncharted Moments

With the recent release of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and the approaching fourth entry, what better time then to bring together the finest moments from Naughty Dogs biggest franchise. From 2007 to 2011 we were treated to some outrageously outstanding set pieces that puts the series in a league of its own. Following in the foot steps of Marco Polo, Lawrence of Arabia and Sir Francis Drake, Nathan’s adventures are both extraordinary and surreal.

After all this is done and dusted though, what are the main points that really stick with you. The parts that you love to revisit time after time. Here I try to diagnose the five strongest moments that define the Uncharted series. Warning spoilers for the entirety of the series:


Train-Wrecked (Uncharted 2: Among Thieves)

If you know the series you will have seen this one coming. So fun you experience it twice. Debatably one of the greatest video game opening levels see’s Drake covered in his own blood hanging for dear life to a wrecked train off the side of a mountain. You ponder how have things got this bad? What has he done to get into this situation? The next essential hours are spent building up to this astronomical cliff-hanger.

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Second-Story Work (Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception)

Who would have thought playing as Drake when he was a mere teenager could be so much fun? Fleeing on foot from a number of mysterious agents, Drake’s escapades see him leaping over rooftops. In great movie style the chase is fast and unforgiving. You need a perfect run to make sure your not caught. Jumping from building to building before a detour through a residents flat in the shadow of Mexican Vihuela strings compliment the level perfectly. All leading up to the final stance of Drake having to make a choice whether or not he actually shoots one of Marlowe’s agents. Thankfully its a choice he never has to make with a timely save from Sully

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The Yeti Shadow (Uncharted 2: Among Thieves)

Somewhere in Nepal you scour icy cliffs following a villager for some unknown reason to yourself. The snowy perches are a stunning sight to behold as they shimmer in the light. From nowhere the camera zooms outs ever so calmly. The shadows suddenly start to move thus revealing pale white eyes and snarling teeth. The dark figure disappears leaving me in disarray. What the hell was that? Every next step, you take lightly.

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Supernatural Twist (Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune)

The original supernatural twist is a moment I will never forget. After spending hours upon hours searching for El Dorado you discover that that the treasure is cursed. Transforming humans into mutated beings with super speed and strength, you realise for the first time that Drake might be out of his depths. Fighting alongside rival Eddy you begin an all out onslaught on the dozens of enemies coming your way. Tension mounts as Elena scrambles to find some way of helping you escape. Shooting the last of the beasts Eddy smugly taunts their dead corpses off the side of a ledge before suddenly being grabbed and pulled to his death. Now your all on your own to defend. Overlooked too much for my liking, Drakes Fortune has tremendous moments like this that are unappreciated too often.

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Plane Crash (Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception)

Like the train-wreck its impossible to leave this sequence out. Serving as the antepenultimate After becoming a stowaway you are suddenly caught by enemies which results with a fist fight on the open ramp of the plane. Very similar to the final showdown in Air Force One except here Nate ends up hanging onto loose cargo off the edge. Gun fight ensues whilst you scramble back up to safety. Things then go from bad to worse as an engine fire rapidly destroys the airplane before sucking everyone (including Drake) out into the air. Falling out of the sky you somehow manage to grab hold of a crate before pulling the safety cord to release the parachute. As improbable as it is, the level is still incredible.

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So there you have five unbelievable Uncharted moments that have made the series a phenomenon. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is fast approaching with expectations high lets hope they will bring us some more surreal moments. What moments stand out for you? Leave us a comment below to tell us why.

Why the Uncharted Collection is Smart

Naughty Dog have come a long way from their days of sporting a Bandicoot of as their Mascot. Today they are one of the most popular gaming studios in the world. Not only this but are considered among many as PlayStation’s Flagship Developers and their flagship series is the Indiana Jones esque series Uncharted.

Having played through the epic adventure of Nathan Drake in Uncharted 2: Amongst Thieves. I have always wanted to visit the original before eventually moving onto the third entry. Now with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End on the horizon I feel I have no time to get into the series. I like 20 million others are lucky enough to own a Playstation 4 console. Now that I have this, I only seem to want previous released titles updated to the most current graphics.  So you can imagine my delight when the Uncharted Collection was announced.

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Video Games that perform like movies are becoming more and more common. The action-adventure, third person shooter that is now synonymous with the Uncharted may not have been one of the first to attempt this but it is certainly one of the first to perfect it. Having the chance to own the complete trilogy on the newest generation of console in preparation for the newest release is simply great. It’s Sony listening to its fans. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is ideal for anyone trying to break into the series.

Generally for anybody lagging from the delayed release of the fourth entry (Due for release around the first or second quarter of 2016) this is a great way to revisit the gigantic adventure Nathan takes on before possibly taking on his last.  The HD collection has been promised that it will be available in a gorgeous 1080p resolution with 60 frames per second which according to Sony, “makes a huge difference”. One thing to not forget is that this bundle only contains Drake’s solo efforts so unfortunately Multiplayer is exempt. I however don’t think this is a necessity as the main draw is obviously the story. That said the multiplayer is quite underrated yet as long as it returns in A Thief’s End i’m more than happy.

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The price is worthy of appraisal too. Most video games released today are around the £40-£50 mark so I was honestly expecting the trilogy to cost about £60. To my delight the price was revealed at £54.99 ( and at the time of writing this has dropped down to £46.85, basically the same as one game. I realise this is a re-release but there’s no doubt that you are getting bang for your buck especially if you are yet to touch the franchise.

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Sony are no doubt winning the console race. Decisions like this are only going to contribute to their lead. Never before has there been more Xbox owners that have swapped sides to Playstation. All of these players have never had chance to experience Uncharted and until this was announced were unable to (unless they bought a Playstation 3 as well). So to give these new Playstation owners the chance to play through the entirety of their biggest franchise just in time for the release of the latest title is a really smart move. Genius too. It may seem obvious to some to create this trilogy but what you need to take into consideration is that there are always obvious choices for a company. Most of these obvious choices never come to fruition so when they do I think they need applauding. In terms of pleasing the fans and a business decision this hits the nail right on the head.

I have my pre-order. Do you have yours? What’s your view on the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection?

Leave us a comment below to tell us why.

Uncharted Movie Gets Delayed

Uncharted Movie Gets Delayed

Uncharted Movie

The Award Winning PS3 and soon to be PS4 series has had it’s film adaptation Uncharted Movie delayed due to the departure of Director Seth Gordon. The Title was originally going to hit theaters on June 10, 2016, but the new release date is now unknown. Though this isn’t the end for this film. Sony chief, Tom Rothman, has said that the Uncharted film will be undergoing some creative changes. Rothman has also decided to do the film on a smaller budget. Sony wanted this action-adventure movie to be the next Indiana Jones, but instead may be more like Resident Evil.

The film was suppose to start filming earlier this year which didn’t happen. Sony is still in search for a big-name actor to play Nathan Drake in this film. Chris Pratt has, according to reports, passed on the offer. Gordon has said, prior to his departure, that “I want it to be a great actor” He then goes on to say “There’s no way we’d do the inverse of that where it’s somebody famous who can’t [act].”

Fans believe the film is to be delayed a few more years until the studio is able to find the right actor. Is this the end we will hear about this film adaptation, or possibly just the beginning? Let us know in the comments below!

Star Wars Game from Visceral Will Look Like Uncharted

Star Wars Game


Voice actor Nolan North spoke about a new Star Wars game from Visceral Games. At a panel at Metrocon 2015, anime convention that happened in Tampa – FL, he mentioned that Amy Hennig (from Dead Space franchise) is moving to EA and is working on this video game, as mentioned in NEOGaf.

In his own words: “If you’re a big fan of Amy Hennig with her styles of stories, the big thing about her is that she’s gone to EA and is going to reboot a brand new Star Wars franchise in the style of Uncharted and I happen to know a lot about it and it’s gonna be awesome”.

Most information about this Star Wars video game is unknown, as the focus is aimed at Star Wars Battlefront, which will be releasing on November 17 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

What do you think about Star Wars video game? Please leave your opinion in the comments box below.