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Uncharted 4 trailer creeping up on us at a rapid pace. It is fitting that Sony has, via their official PlayStation Youtube channel, published one final gameplay trailer to continue their colossal hype train straight on ’til May 10 when the game is finally released to the public.

While this Uncharted 4 trailer isn’t particularly chock full of new things and borders on being a teaser in length, the fast-paced arrangement and the crazy over the top action definitely hit the spot for keeping us interested.

Check it out the Uncharted 4 trailer in full below.

With Uncharted 4 being the last game in the franchise, it is great to see that we’re seemingly receiving the best effort yet for Nathan Drake. With a darker tone, new interesting characters, and the anxiety-inducing subtitle of A Thief’s End, Naughty Dog clearly wants us to remember this as the true end of an era for them.

According to Wikipedia about Uncharted 4,

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is a 2016 action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is the fourth main entry in the Uncharted series. Set several years after the events of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, players control Nathan Drake, a former treasure hunter coaxed out of retirement by his presumed-dead brother Samuel. With Nathan’s longtime partner, Victor Sullivan, they search for clues for the location of Henry Avery’s long-lost treasure. A Thief’s End is played from a third-person perspective, and incorporates platformer elements. Players solve puzzles and use firearms, melee combat, and stealth to combat enemies. In the online multiplayer mode, up to ten players engage in co-operative and competitive modes.

Development of Uncharted 4 began in 2011, soon after the release of Uncharted 3. It was led by creative director Amy Hennig and game director Justin Richmond. Development was hampered in 2014 due to Hennig and Richmond’s departure from Naughty Dog; they were replaced by Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley. The team sought to incorporate elements of open-world gameplay, with larger levels to encourage free-roaming exploration and combat. The relationship between Nathan and Elena was central, and Naughty Dog attempted to humanize them more than in previous games. A Thief’s End was released in May 2016 for the PlayStation 4. It was the first Naughty Dog game developed specifically for the PlayStation 4. The team took advantage of the hardware to process larger dynamic environments.

So close, yet so far.

The Making Of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Is Definitely Worth WatchingThe Making Of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Is Definitely Worth Watching

Sony has, for the last few weeks, begun uploading promotional videos for the ever popular Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, detailing the incredible design process from the beautiful people at Naughty Dog.

While there are only a few at the moment, I’m sure more are on the horizon and these are most definitely a fantastic start.

Here is part one of the video on how they’ve tackled the PS4 and all of the new hardware. The level of detail on display here is jaw-dropping.

…And part two.

If you’re like me and you just can’t get enough, I’ve added the rest of the currently available episodes in order of release for your viewing pleasure. Just make sure to check out the official PlayStation Youtube channel for upcoming episodes.

What do you think?

Uncharted 4 Story Trailer Drops Jaws

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has been nothing but a consistent tease for the last year. We’ve been given small gameplay demonstrations, and there was that closed beta a while back, but until now, we haven’t really had a chance to see the narrative of the game.

Thankfully, for those of us still chewing our nails waiting for any new details before it releases on April 26, Naughty Dog has dropped a meaty story trailer for our visual consumption.

And here she is.

I am repeatedly astounded by how amazing Uncharted 4 looks. The visual fidelity on display here is almost unrivaled, and this trailer is possibly the best demonstration of how good Naughty Dog is at creating beautiful worlds to date.

Couple that with all these subtle story threads and intriguing new characters, and I am more anxious than ever to devour this game the moment I can. Though, I think the original trilogy needs a dusting off first.

Top 11 Games Of E3 2015

E3 2015

From fifteen-year-old reboots to unexpected remakes to little red dolls made of yarn, E3 2015 has been nothing short of surprising. Everyone boards the annual hype train as dozens of new games rear their heads at one of the biggest conventions around.

 Everyone is excited, that much is certain, but what excites each individual person most is another topic altogether.

 These 11 games are games that intrigue me beyond all others, and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a daunting task to actually place these in some sort of specific order.

11 – Shenmue 3

This might be the strangest way to start off a list about games I’m excited for, considering I’ve never played a Shenmue game in my life. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the franchise and how it helped define what we now call the open-world game, but as for experiencing it first hand, I have not.

You might wonder why I would be excited enough that it’d make the cut. While I can’t say I’m anticipating continuing a story I’ve never heard, just seeing the reaction of the fans got me vicariously hyped.

I want to play Shenmue. I don’t have a Dreamcast and I don’t have an original Xbox, and as a self-appointed hardcore gamer, it’d be silly not to play such a revolutionary and inspiring franchise.

I anxiously await my first trip into the world of Shenmue and hope that it lives up to the other games in the series, not for myself, but for the fans that never gave up hope that they’d see the end of their story.

10 – Star Wars Battlefront

I am a ridiculously huge Star Wars fan, and with the murder of LucasArts, I was devastated at the thought of not getting another excellent game set in the Star Wars universe. I wanted a developer that understands the franchise to make an experience that I won’t soon forget, with meticulous detail to capture the feeling of Star Wars.

When it was announced that DICE would be creating the next game in the Battlefront series, I couldn’t be more excited. Say what you will about the launch of Battlefield 4, but DICE absolutely understands how to make an incredibly rewarding first-person shooter with deep multiplayer. Pair this with the fact that DICE adores Star Wars, and we should be in for a treat of a game, right? Right!

There are a few concerns I have such as the AT-AT being on rails and the smaller player count, but if anyone can pull it off now, it’s DICE.

9 – Fallout 4

While Fallout 3 or New Vegas didn’t really jive with me, the seemingly overhauled gameplay, a renewed sense of humour, and a new focus on a ridiculous amount of customization has me really curious if Bethesda can finally immerse me in their game.

Fallout 4 says goodbye to brown and embraces colour. It says goodbye to the typical melodrama associated with post-apocalyptic settings in favour of some dark humour, and it says goodbye to the past and moves forward with a new look at how the apocalypse happened and a fresh coat of paint on Boston as a setting.

Overall the game looks fantastic, but I’m still nervous that it will be fetch-quest heaven with stiff and lifeless characters. We’ll see when it drops though.

8 – Starfox Zero

When I first got my SNES, I was absolutely blown away by Starfox. It had impressive polygonal graphics, unique and memorable characters, and insane combat that relied on your ability to react in a swift manner. It was such a unique concept to me at the time – especially with space bunnies- and I played it ritualistically for months without ever getting bored of it.

After the original Starfox though, the next game I got to play was Starfox Adventures. It is a great game in its own right, but it was a complete spin-off that didn’t satisfy my urge to soar an Arwing through rings while dodging blaster fire.

It has been over a decade of waiting for a new console Starfox game that adopts the philosophy of the original, and it seems that despite some huge changes like the motion controls, we’re finally getting a proper sequel.

I can’t wait to see what Nintendo does to improve on such a meticulous formula, and I’m anxiously awaiting my binge sessions where I scour each level searching for hidden secrets.

7 – Nier 2

Nier was a game that I always wanted to try but never could. I spent three or more years trying to find a copy in my area to no avail, and it seemed that no matter what stones I upturned, I’d never be able to play the game.

I got lucky recently and bought an extremely cheap copy on the PS3 and after spending two weeks playing through the adventure, I wanted nothing but more Nier.

The timing couldn’t be better, as mere weeks later Nier 2 is announced. Furthermore, having a developer like Platinum Games handling Nier’s weakest point, the combat, could not be a smarter idea. We already have all the assets to make a wonderful experience, we just needed someone with the right skill to flesh out the gameplay mechanics.

We got it.

6 – Horizon Zero Dawn

A lot of developers, Bethesda included, seem to want to flock to post-apocalyptic earth as a setting. It’s becoming so frequent now that I’m feeling burnt out on the idea. Game after game has you surviving a harsh wasteland torn apart by war and conflict, fighting off mutants or zombies with a variety of guns and melee weapons.

It’s formulaic to say the least, and most games that adopt such a setting don’t stray far from what I’ve described.

Horizon Zero Dawn may be a post-apocalyptic wasteland that has you battling enemies with a variety of guns, but replace the typical zombies with robot dinosaurs. Replace the typical Mad Max styled brutes and The Warriors styled gangs with tribes of primitive hunters using advanced crossbows and spears to do their hunting. Replace a dull brown wasteland with a vibrant and gorgeous landscape filled with colour and unique sights to behold.

All of this makes me excited to play Horizon. I just hope it can add an interesting narrative to the mix and keep things interesting without relying too heavily on dragging out the game’s length for ‘content’.

5 – Unravel

Whenever EA gets on stage I expect a ton of typical buzzwords like “innovation” while they just show off tons of bland sports games and unending sequels of broken buggy messes that everybody is sick of. What I absolutely didn’t expect was to see some shaking young man with a little red doll made of yarn.

 What sold me before the game was even shown was the man himself. From speaking about taking photos of his Yarnie doll in the woods for level ideas to his trembling hands, nervous laughter, and utter gratefulness to be on a huge stage at a massive event, I was completely taken aback by how genuine and sweet he seemed.

When we finally cut to Unravel though, what we see is an endearing, gorgeous, and interesting platformer with what seems to be some interesting mechanics at the core.

There is no doubt in my mind that this game will be solid and the ideas fully fleshed out, I just don’t know if I’m ready to cry at another video game so soon.

4 – Uncharted 4

Everyone who follows Naughty Dog knew that Uncharted 4 would rear it’s head at E3, but the manner in which it would do it was very much up to debate. After seeing an exhilarating car chase and some incredible technology on display, it is no surprise then that I seriously cannot wait to get back into the shoes of Drake as he finishes up his final adventure.

With a graphics engine to blind the viewer, a new sense of speed and chaos, a focus on verticality and non-linear level design, Uncharted 4 should be on everyone’s radar, as it is going to be the summer blockbuster game we need in our lives.

I never get sick of hearing Sully and Drake’s banter.

3 – Cuphead

When you look at the world of video games, it’s hard to come up with a completely unique idea and turn it into a game that nobody has ever done before. Unless you’re Studio MDHR that is.

With all the distinct art-styles we see in games, not once have we been able to actually play through a classic 30s cartoon from start to finish. Cuphead says that we need to, and it offers us a Mega Man-esque platforming action game with an art style that is almost shockingly similar to such wonders as Mickey Mouse or Popeye.

The game looks incredible and the design so well articulated that you’d be fooled not to think it’s based on some ancient source material.

That it is not, and wait I cannot.

2 – The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian is a game that I consistently feared had been scrapped. Year after year I’d prepare for E3 with my annual anticipation of seeing more on the game, just to have my dreams crushed as the game went unmentioned and neglected year after year.

I grew cynical and negative as the years went on, and I didn’t think I’d ever have my dream of being able to play The Last Guardian come true. E3 2015 proved me wrong by showing me that the game is not only still alive, but is coming along beautifully.

What a wonderful concept; a boy and his creature. Both escaping a perilous locale, using teamwork and intelligence to stay alive and flee what we can only assume is a vile enemy. The demo starts with the boy ripping spears out of the beasts dying body, and from there a bond is built that I cannot fathom never being able to take part in.

Please give me The Last Guardian. My heart has had a hole in it since I completed Shadow of the Colossus.

1 – Final Fantasy VII as Top E3 2015

Though my top choice might not be surprising, I’d say it’s justified. I got into gaming because of a little game known as Final Fantasy VII. I had dabbled and enjoyed my fair share of shoot-em-ups and platformers on the retro consoles, but nothing had ever fully immersed or grasped me until I went into a pawn shop one day and purchased Final Fantasy VII on a whim.

 The game blew me away. The pre-rendered backgrounds were astoundingly beautiful to me, the music was entrancing and ethereal, the writing and narrative deep and complex, and the characters lovable and varied. I had never seen a game with such depth, and I’d spend my nights either playing it or leaving my game on to fall asleep to the incredible soundtrack that Nobuo Uematsu crafted.

These types of memories will never leave me, and the impact of the game cannot be nullified. With that said, I’ve been wanting to re-enter the world of Final Fantasy VII in 3D for years, and the prospect of a full remake coming blows my mind.

 Picture Midgar fully traversable in 3D, picture Uematsu’s incredible score re-imagined with an orchestra and picture the gameplay tweaked and enhanced to feel right at home in 2017. That is what we’re getting if I have it my way, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Who is Sam?


The upcoming addition to Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series has left it very open for what’s to come for fans of the franchise when they revealed their gameplay presentation at Sony’s Playstation Experience event back in December. Fans continue speculating the various possibilities and obstacles that Nathan Drake will have to endure and overcome on what is potentially his final journey.

One thing that we do know from watching the preview is that Drake is re-united with older and previously thought to be dead brother, Sam. This has led to a series of speculations and theories questioning just who Sam really is and what his roll is here in Uncharted 4: A Thief‘s End?

Although originally cast as Todd Stashwick, the role of Sam was later addressed to the very talented Troy Baker, who is no stranger to the Naughty Dog kennel after his outstanding performance in The Last Of Us. Baker has claimed that re-casts happen on projects all the time, the choice to alter this isn’t a reflection on another actor but the character and story have been said to go in a different direction than initially planned, thus leading the developers to reconsider the character’s performer.

So what do we know about Sam? In all honestly, not a lot. We know he is roughly five years older than Nate, it has also been mentioned that his disappearance on Nate’s abandonment as a child is the crux of Nathan Drake’s motivation to pursue a life as a treasure hunter. The gameplay preview establishes that the reunited brothers travel to Libertalia, a mythic colony of Madagascar, founded and claimed by pirates. This is only one of the showcased locations of the game but its certainly a great place to kick-start their journey.

Both actors Nolan North (Nathan Drake) and Troy Baker (Sam) discuss the relationship of the brothers here. Sam is said to be slightly jealous of his brother’s accomplishments which is sure to cause a bit of a sibling rivalry as they re-familiarise themselves through the course of their journey. Troy Baker discusses and briefly touches on their time spent away from each other and how that has impacted them throughout their lives, “The younger has become the elder and the elder has become the younger.”

One popular theory suggests that Sam is potentially the antagonist of the story due to Stashwick’s initial narrative coverage over the teaser trailer:
“Some chains can never be broken. I lost fifteen years, buried alive, erased. You left me, rotting in that hell-hole and never looked back. But you can’t outrun the past. And when it catches up, when all your lies collapse around you, I’ll be there, sifting through the wreckage. You owe me.”

Could this dialogue be referring to Nate himself? We will never really know the truth until the release of Uncharted 4. We must keep in mind that there is also the possibility that due to the supposed change in character and story elements, this early tease of dialogue may no longer play a part in the final product. Only time will tell as we wait to hear more about the Drake brother’s relationship in the highly anticipated Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Uncharted The Movie: Will We Ever Need It?

Uncharted The Movie - vGamerz

Uncharted The Movie

I love Nathan Drake. He’s the wise cracking drinking buddy I always wanted; the one who’s always got a story to tell. Uncharted The Movie, is a story that’s often cut short as the local authorities, or a band of Egyptian pirates, burst into your quaint drinking hole and chase you through the streets. Boxes scattered, pool cues broken, QTEs failed- you know, just an average Friday night on the town with friends.

My love of Naughty Dog’s universe has me, like many others, very ready for anything with the characteristically sand-covered Uncharted The Movie attached to it, yet recent developments have given me doubts about the franchise’s foray into film.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the scheduled 2016 Uncharted The Movie. The last update announcing a change of director from David O’Russell (Anchorman, American Hustle, Three Kings) to comic director Seth Gordon (Identity Thief, Horrible Bosses). Despite the mixed reactions to the presence of a comic director on a film which is, essentially, an action/adventure title, I think the question of who directs the film should come second to ‘do we need the film?’

Let’s face it, so far the Uncharted games are exemplary works of storytelling matching that of any feature-length movie, and the interactivity of the video game format is in many ways the key to the narrative experience. There’s also the story to consider. If an Uncharted The Movie recreated the narrative of one of the games, there’d be questions as to whether the attempt could do the source material justice. On the other hand, if the film put the characters in a new scenario fans of the series could disregard the narrative as non-canon.

A recent article from reported one of Naughty Dog’s lead character designers stating in an interview that Uncharted 4’s game quality is “really close to film right now.” This was pretty evident on the trailers that have been released but to have an update that months down the line saying the quality is still up to such a visual standard is great news for series fans, but bad news for the film, considering that its main benefit is realism.

Despite the graphical competence of the next generation, there’s another critical reason why a movie adaptation of an Uncharted game is an exercise in redundancy. With most video game tie-ins the promise of a live-action film is the promise of turning fantasy elements that are easily capable in a game and interpreting them in a live setting with real people. This interpretation is part of the fun. Much like with the Harry Potter films, the excitement comes from the mystery of how they are going to recreate the scenes we know and love. Aside from Uncharted’s subtle and eerie supernatural twists, most of the games present real people in (semi)real locations, meaning that people don’t really have to use their imagination, it’s already there for them on screen in full HD.

With the graphical update of the PS4, a movie version of this beloved series becomes even less appealing. Uncharted The Movie gives us more than enough character development, fantastic set pieces and emotionally charged scenes to enjoy without needing to watch a Hollywood re-master. Just ask yourself a question, would you want Victor (God damn!) Sullivan any other way?

Thoughts on the Uncharted The Movie or Uncharted 4? Which video game movie tie ins are you waiting for? Comment below.

Uncharted 4 Gameplay | A Thief’s End Gets First Footage

Uncharted 4 Gameplay footage - vGamerz

Uncharted 4 Gameplay

Sony has revealed the first footage of the highly anticipated Uncharted 4 gameplay via Playstation Experience, and it is a delicious return to form.

Being the heavy hitter that they are, Sony has provided a whopping 15 minutes of debut gameplay. From improved melee combat to a glorious firefight, you are bound to pump your fist at all of this glory.

Behold… Uncharted 4 gameplay footage is here;

With each new Uncharted game that is announced, you always know what to expect. Improved graphics, new player mechanics, and a handful of new one-liners that somehow avoid grating on your nerves in provided in the Uncharted 4 gameplay. What I didn’t expect, however, was such an emphasis on verticality and movement. This trailer of Uncharted 4 gameplay has blown me away with the amount of chaos that happens during any given firefight.

In the previous games of Uncharted, many of the firefights would go down with you simply finding cover and waiting for enemies to flood in. In Uncharted 4, it seems – so far at least – that enemy AI is more dynamic, and enemy placements are much more meaningful. Drake is constantly climbing, hiding, running, dodging, and shooting, and it all seems much more fast-paced and hectic than ever before.

Wikipedia described the characters of Uncharted 4,

The main character of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is Nathan “Nate” Drake (Nolan North), a veteran adventurer and explorer who, following the events of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (2011), has retired from fortune hunting alongside his wife Elena Fisher (Emily Rose), a journalist, to a more normal life, and taken up employment with a salvage company in New Orleans. The game introduces Samuel “Sam” Drake (Troy Baker), Nate’s older brother, who was presumed dead. Drawn back into his old life of adventure by his brother, Nathan is aided by his long-term friend, fellow adventurer, mentor, and father figure Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Richard McGonagle). Their journey to find and recover the long-lost treasure of pirate Henry Avery brings them into conflict with wealthy and dangerous businessman and treasure hunter Rafe Adler (Warren Kole), his partner Nadine Ross (Laura Bailey) who runs the private mercenary group Shoreline, and drug lord Hector Alcazar (Robin Atkin Downes). The child versions of Nate and Sam are portrayed by Britain Dalton and Chase Austin, respectively.”

Whether this segment is representative of a majority of the action in Uncharted 4, or simply a heavily scripted one-off, we will have to wait and see. I am feeling quite positive, however, as Naughty Dog never disappoints.