Hearthstone: League of Explorers Third Wing Delayed

The next section of Hearthstone‘s ongoing adventure expansion, The League of Explorers, will be delayed one week.  The third wing, The Ruined City, was originally going to release on November 26th in the Americas and November 27th in Europe and Asia.  Instead, it will now launch on December 3rd in the Americas and December 4th in Europe and Asia.  Consequently, the fourth and final wing of the expansion, Hall of Explorers, will launch the following week on December 10th in the Americas and December 11th in Europe and Asia.  The delay is most likely due to American Thanksgiving taking place on the same day as original release date for The Ruined City and the development team wanting to take a vacation for the holiday.

The Ruined City will add 11 new cards to the game, mainly focusing on murloc decks such as the Shaman spell Everyfin is Awesome and the Paladin spell Anyfin Can Happen.  To obtain these cards, players will first have to assist Sir Finley Mrrgglton in finding the final piece of the Staff of Origination, the Pearl of the Tides.  To get to the pearl, you’ll have to go through several fearsome bosses, including the naga warrior Lord Slitherspear (pictured above) and the wild murloc Giantfin.  Those playing on a budget will likely breath a sigh of relief for the delay as the new expansion was only one week before the first wing released.  This will give players more time to save up gold and catch up with the expansion.  Those who have already prepurchased the full adventure, on the other hand, are likely to be annoyed by the delay.  What are your feelings on the delay?  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

The League of Explorers Announced for Hearthstone, Launching Next Week

With how much The Grand Tournament expansion resembled the Argent Tournament event from World of Warcraft, everyone was expecting the next Hearthstone adventure to be based on Icecrown Citadel and the battle against Lich King Arthas.  Instead, players will be joining up with the famous Brann Bronzebeard and his Explorer’s League to trek through the untamed wilds of Azeroth in search of ancient treasures.  The League of Explorers promises a wide variety of PvE challenges as players journey to various exotic locations with the titular explorers coaching them all the way.

For the explorers, there is obviously the prestigious dwarf Brann Bronzebeard of the regal Bronzebeard brothers.  Brann is one of Azeroth’s greatest explorers and archaeologists and has done his fair share to save the world in various major events in World of Warcraft.  Joining him on this new quest are three new explorers being introduced with the expansion.  There’s the genius night elf Elise Starseeker, the brash human Reno Jackson, and the dignified murloc Sir Finley Mrrgglton.  Of course, these renowned adventures will be joining your collection of cards as new legendaries, such as Elise Starseeker being a 4 mana 3/5 that adds the Map to the Golden Monkey card to your deck.  Map to the Golden Monkey is a 2 mana spell that draws a card and adds the Golden Monkey to your deck.  Once you finally get the Golden Monkey, it is a 4 mana 6/6 with taunt and the most insane battlecry in the game to date: Replace the cards in your hand and deck with random legendary cards.  While the randomness might not make it a competitive card at the highest levels, especially for any combo deck, it’s certainly not a bad card and will be a must-have for any joke deck.

There are plenty of other cards to obtain in the new adventure, such as the new Hunter spell Explorer’s Hat.  For 2 mana, you can give a minion +1/+1 and a deathrattle effect that adds another Explorer’s Hat to your hand.  It sounds like a great deal, but that 2 mana can be a serious toll on your tempo given how little impact it makes on the board.  It will certainly be a good card for control decks, but it looks too slow to improve aggro decks.  The expansion will also add a new keyword into the game called ‘discover’, which generates three random cards following a certain condition and lets you select one to add to your hand.  For example, the Jeweled Scarab is a 1/1 beast for 2 mana that discovers a 3 mana card.  These cards aren’t taken from your deck, but can be any neutral card or any minion or spell from your class.

There are plenty more cards being spotted at demonstrations during Blizzcon, such as Brann himself being a 3 mana 2/4 that causes your battlecries to trigger twice and a new Paladin secret called Sacred Trial that destroys a minion played by your opponent if they already have three or more minions on the board.  Amazingly, The League of Explorers is right around the corner with the first wing releasing next Thursday.  What are your thoughts on Hearthstone‘s latest adventure?  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.