More Tom Clancy’s: The Division Gameplay


After The Division’s gameplay trailer earlier today at the Microsoft media briefing, the game reappeared at Ubisoft’s briefing. This trailer focused more on the story side of things. It began with a time lapsed video sweeping through New York and went on to detail the games character. Beforehand, developers detailed that the player is a member of ‘The Division’, a group of sleeper agents who were activated to track down the global pandemic’s origin.

You play right after they are activated, approximately three weeks after the outbreak. As expected the world looks gorgeous and tragic as the disease has taken it’s toll on the city. The newly revealed story sounds like an interesting hook and I’m excited to hear more. Check it out below to see it for yourself:

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The Division gets New Gameplay


The Division got it’s first gameplay trailer since last E3 during  Microsoft’s press conference. As a reminder, the games story revolves around a world in which a massive disease is released on Black Friday, and populations around the world are crippled. The ensuring mayhem is what The Division revolves around, using the rough atmosphere to it’s advantage. The game still centers around cooperative play between bands of survivors, and how they can interact with other groups.

The trailer looks amazing, and hopefully that same look can be transferred to the actual game. The Division continues Ubisoft’s foray into building new and different multiplayer experiences, and it gets me excited for how the game turns out.

Unfortunately, the game is still a year away at best, so for now we just get trailer. Check out the gameplay yourself below, and check back soon for more details after Ubisoft’s press conference.

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