Deep Down Gets Futuristic Gameplay Trailer For TGS 2014


Deep Down

One of Capcom’s most intriguing games, Deep Down, has received a new trailer courtesy of TGS 2014. The trailer displays a different picture than previously given, with an emphasis on the future aspects of the story and setting.

Up until now we’ve seen mainly dungeon crawling, so this change of pace is surprising.

Here is the full trailer for you to dissect.

I’m not entirely sold on it, and this trailer hasn’t swayed me much. Seeing more info on a potentially unique and satisfying experience is never a bad thing however, so I will remain cautiously optimistic about the future of Deep Down. If we’re lucky, it will avoid tropes that other free-to-play experiences rely on.

Final Fantasy XV TGS Trailer Confirms That The Hype Is Real

Final Fantasy

When Final Fantasy XV didn’t show up at E3, nobody was impressed. After a fantastic showing in 2013, people craved more footage of the game in action. Our patience has been rewarded, as Square-Enix has released a new trailer for TGS 2014, and it looks delicious.

The last fan festival for Final Fantasy 14 wrapped up in Frankfurt, Germany over the weekend. It was here that fans like myself were treated to the final bit of information concerning Final Fantasy 14’s Upcoming expansion. You can find more depth coverage in this article from Nova Crystallis. There is a lot of information to cover from all three fan fests so buckle up. Stormblood is coming and here are some of the details for FF14’s upcoming expansion.

The approximately two and a half minute trailer, displays how the player will traverse the world beyond walking on foot. It details one of presumably several vehicles at your disposal, and how seamless the dialogue will be while you do such activities as monster hunting and joy riding.

Though not as impressive as the E3 2013 showing, the clever dialogue towards the end that breaks the fourth wall, combined with the consistently fluent combat and beautiful world make for quite a showing. I can only begin to imagine how this game will turn out, but the more we see, the more I get excited.

TGS 2014 Bloodborne Trailer Was Born From Nightmares

Bloodborne Wallpapers


Tokyo Game Show is happening right now, and with Japan’s best at the show, it’s no surprise that Bloodborne has received new gameplay, watch Bloodborne trailer. Comprised of entirely new gameplay footage, the trailer is full of gothic horrors, creatures spawned from the pits of hell, and bloody, visceral combat that looks more impressive each time it’s shown. You have all you need to get hyped.

This is not all, however, as FromSoftware has released the first images of the Collector’s Edition. What’s more, the game is coming to North America on February 6, 2015.

Here’s the Bloodbone trailer in its entirety.

Every time we see Bloodborne in action, it surpasses expectations that were built using previous teases. The game never ceases to both excite and terrify me, and every moment is rife with material that even the best in horror fiction would strive for.

Review about Bloodborne Trailer

Wassn Soun said in his review on Youtube, “Another FromSoftware dark, masterpiece awaits!!! Hopefully, it’s not the same co-op style as in Demons/Dark Souls. I would just like to join and help my friends as I please lol”

ISetYourFaceOnFire reviewed and said, “As always….anything Miyazaki touches doesn’t need hype. The proof that it’ll be great is right here. Quite beautifully terrifying by the amount of enemies that the character was fighting. I mean they were huge.”

Guybrush Threepwood remarked, “Sony had another treat for Bloodborne PS4 fans as Cyberland has reported that Bloodborne PS4 would run at 1080p 60fps as FROM software has made some significant improvements to the game engine allowing them to surpass their target 30fps gameplay.” Thank you, FROM Software, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.”

Scarecrow Metal commented, “Oh my goodness gracious is that a hammer I saw? YES, I was worried hammers would not appear in the Bloodborne trailer. GIVE ME THIS GAME NOW! FromSoftware is easily the best dev company today; their games are pure art…poetry…and music put together.”