Game of Thrones A Telltale Game Series Release Date Pushed Back a Little

Game of Thrones

Originally announced for release during the Fall 2014, the Game of Thrones game created by Telltale Games got pushed back just a little bit, and now its release date (for the first episode, at least) is mid-December 2014. We’re not sure if it was the regular “spit and polish” that the game requires or just the fact that everybody will be crazy to get the game for the holidays, but we’re certainly upset about this delay. I’m aching to play a Game of Thrones title, really!

Even though actual details are extremely scarce on this release, we do now that the Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series will take place during the time of the TV series (or book series), even though you might not be directly involved with the throne wars and instead exploring other areas of Westeros. However, it’s a huge world and I am sure there will be some characters from the series that will make at least cameo appearances in our games. Tyrion, please?

Dan Connors, co-founder and CEO of Telltale Games said about the upcoming Game of Thrones game: “We’re just really getting into it right now and thinking about the right characters, and who has the most at stake, and who has the most to do, and who has the biggest impact on the world. ‘Cause, you know, we’re so much about consequence, and Game of Thrones is so much about big consequence.”

Sounds really exciting and even though we have nothing yet to feast our eyes with, I am sure that every fan of the show is eagerly awaiting to play the game. And they’ll be able to do so sometime in mid-December. Such a long wait!

New The Walking Dead Screenshots Build Hype


Telltale released the first screenshots for the next episode of The Walking Dead this morning, and the hype metre on my anticipation scale is going into the red!

Even though the screenshots themselves show the usual zombie killing, helpless protagonists, and conflict-ridden world that Robert Kirkman so beautifully crafted, it is the idea that Episode 2:  A House Divided left us on such a terrifyingly suspenseful cliffhanger that really gets the hype going.  Couple this with the fact that these screens are a stark reminder that you’re never safe in The Walking Dead, and you have gone from hype to “I’m ready to mail Telltale a basket full of tasty treats to get any details I can.”

If my gift basket is a success, you will be the first to know. In the meantime however, take a gander for yourself, and let the hype boulder chase you gracefully through a cavern of conveniently placed traps.

TWD_KeyArt_NoLogo TWD_203_Hoard TWD_203_Carver TWD_203_Captured

&What do you think about the new screenshots? Don’t they make you want to play the game like… right now?