New Dragon Age: Inquisition In-Engine Screenshot Is Breathtaking

Dragon Age

BioWare are offering us just bits and pieces on the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition – a character here, a character there – and today they decided to brag a little bit with what the game’s engine can deliver and released one (JUST ONE!!!) in-engine screenshot. A beautiful one, I might add.

Looking more like a well made painting or just a photo of a serene area somewhere in the world, this new Dragon Age Inquisition screenshot clearly shows the best trees in video game history, plus an insane level of detail. And since everything has been brought to life by the game’s engine, we have all the reasons to be happy about the upcoming release. Check out the in-engine screenshots below:

dragon age inquisition in engine screenshot

Of course, there are doubts regarding the actual quality of the graphics in the game itself. The engine might be able to produce such eye candy, but probably we won’t get something identical during the gameplay. At least not the huge majority since you probably need a super computer to run the game at insane levels. But we’ll see when the game hits the stores – or even sooner if BioWare decides to give us more than bits and pieces and launches a full in-game gallery for our eyes to feast.

Jagged Alliance: Flashback Alpha Stage Starts, Early Access Coming Soon


One of my favorite games as a kid was Jagged Alliance (well, all the titles in the series) and I always hoped that somebody will bring back some “back to the basics” game that will make the series proud, unlike the games launched recently that had little to do with the Jagged Alliance concept and gameplay.

Full Control took on this goal and apparently I was not the only one waiting for a real new game in the series: Jagged Alliance Flashback managed to raise over $350,000 on Kickstarter and is now getting closer and closer to becoming reality. It’s so close actually that it just entered the Alpha Stage, and those who Kickstarted it can already play it (if they went for the right tier, of course).

The even better news is that Jagged Alliance: Flashback will also be launched as an Early Access title on Steam sometime during the second quarter of 2014, with the full launch being expected sometime by the end of the year. I am extremely excited about this, just like Thomas Lund, CEO of Full Control, who said:

“We are happy to announce that Jagged Alliance: Flashback is finally in Alpha, with Steam Early Access close on its heels. Fans of the franchise will be excited about the return of the beloved turn-based action of the original game, and we can’t wait to get feedback from our Kickstarter backers and the rest of the community when Early Access on Steam begins. So go ahead, talk to us! We want to make this game as great possible for the fans of the franchise, which is also why we have chosen to focus heavily on the modability of the game.”

The developers also launched a dev diary to celebrate the alpha stage of the game and we can see a bit of the editor at work:

So don’t forget, in case you didn’t kickstart Jagged Alliance: Flashback: Early Access is starting on Steam in the second quarter of 2014, and the full game is out by the end of the year.