Rogue State Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Beat the Game & Survive Farouk

I’ve been playing a lot of Rogue State lately and I loved every failure of mine more than the previous – but that kept me playing over and over again, trying to counter my brother Farouk, gaining the trust of my people and building the country up. It’s not always a breeze, it’s not always easy – on the contrary, but it’s doable. And I am here to help you get better at the game and be the ruler/president or dictator (whatever you want to call yourself) for longer and even beat the game. For that, I have prepared some Rogue State cheats and tips for a complete strategy guide.

The game is extremely complex, despite the initial thoughts you might have on it when you start playing. Therefore, there might be a lot of the more advanced strategies and concepts that won’t be covered here, but the basics and tips to win will be here. And if you won’t win, yow will at least last longer as a president and get a better score. So let’s not waste time and let’s check out below some Rogue State tips and strategies!

How to choose the right ministers/cabinets
Every time you start a new game, you must select four out of five cabinets – and place Farouk in one of them. Farouk will sabotage you so no matter where you place him, he’ll try to do some harm. I would personally suggest placing him as the Intelligence minister, which will reduce your chance of Breakthroughs to 25%. This is the best bad effect possible, maybe seconded by the Financial Minister which will cost you 5M per turn. Getting money is relatively easy in the game too so the 5 million won’t really make a difference, but they can count. So I always go with the Farouk as the Intelligence minister.

Export, don’t import!
Every time you start a new game, random resources/goods will be generated: you will always have two, and the three neighboring countries will always have two. Some resource combinations result in different bonuses and you should check them out at all times to know that you have the option to get to them (if you actually have that option), but otherwise I would suggest to focus on exporting your goods and importing nothing. The money you spend on trade is better used to rebuild your country and the bonuses and boosts you get are, usually, not worth it. The best part? If your country’s resources can pair up and give you a bonus, you will still keep it even if you export your goods.

How to make more money in Rogue State
One of the most important things you have to worry about is having a ton of money on your hands. There are a lot of ways to make more money and the building-related ones require some planning. There are also taxes which can be used to give you a boost (or not) of income: tax rates can go up to 19-20 percent without having a huge negative impact on the population and they can even go up to 25-27 percent if you really need some extra money, but there will be a big penalty. The good news is that the penalty will change over time, so the negative effects will be lower after a few turns and you can counter them at least partially by lowering taxes after a few turns.

Taking advantage of the capitalists will also guarantee a lot of money. I found that keeping Capitalists happy is the easiest in the game, and if you can reconstruct and build the Global Shipping Giant feature, you’ll get a ton of extra money each turn if you keep the Capitalists happy. And that does help a lot!

The Policies
Paying attention to the policies and being able to crack them is the key to victory in the game (combined with smart money-making). It’s really difficult to tell how exactly policies work because there’s clearly more to them than what you can see in the game info screen and they affect the game more than just in terms of raising or lowering your people’s approval ratings. They also influence possible events and how things are going in the country. And remember: you can’t keep everybody happy, just make sure you don’t get them too low or they will start rioting and it will be really difficult to recover from that.

I have a strategy regarding the policies and some of them are always set to the following values to help your country’s overall events and a bit with your ratings:

Police force: level 4 (remember, you’re just coming after a revolution)
Courts: level 3 (you have to keep things under control!)
Disability and Homelessness: level 4 for as long as possible

The other things should be played with based on the ratings of the different groups. Liberals are the most difficult to please, so stop dreaming about having them too happy – this would most likely mean that everybody else will hate you. Focus on keeping the Capitalists up for the aforementioned bonuses, as well as the Patriots. Having the Fundamentalists too high will not be appreciated by the US who can really be your friend and help a lot!

The events and public speeches
Every turn, there will be a random event triggered and they are completely random. You can try to remember the effects your choices have – because eventually you will get them again in a new game – and follow common sense when making a decision, as most of the decisions you can make are pretty obvious in terms of whom they will upset. I found out that the EU is the one you shouldn’t really care about, so you can sabotage them as much as you want to. If all possible choices seem to result in penalties, it’s usually wisest to go for the ones that affect a category that you have a high score with.

Your yearly speeches also matter a lot. You won’t be able to get them in the green unless you go for the +++ stuff, but that will prove expensive and difficult to do in the long run: any or most of the promises you make will turn back to bite you if you don’t respect them. I usually go with the easiest things, never impress anyone with my promises but never have to deal with events based on my unfulfilled promises that return in large penalties.

There is a lot that Rogue State throws at you, so the more you play, the better you will get. Always thing and strategize – you’re a leader and you have to do this if you want to win!

Do you have other tips and tricks to share with fellow presidents? Let us know by commenting below!

Rogue State Review

So, you think that building a democracy – or being the ultimate jerk / dictator the world has ever seen is a breeze? Hahaha (that’s my evil laughter here). You know nothing! Not when your own brother is trying to sabotage you and install his behind on your chair and send you to meet your maker. And you can’t even assassinate the poor soul, because the people love him and you need the people to rule. Not to mention money, resources, great relations with your neighbors, the US, the EU, the fundamentalists, the liberals, the capitalists and those pesky journalists who have the guts to remember that you promised modernization of the education system – and remember that exactly when you have no money left to do it.

This is Rogue State. This is fun!

If my first paragraph made absolutely no sense, let me try to clear things out: you start the game as the revolutionary leader and new president of a fictional middle eastern country and it’s up for you to rebuild the great nation of Basenji, gain the love and trust of the people, build up the relationships with your neighbors through democracy and keep your brother, Farouk, from throwing you off your chair and install himself as president. Rebuild infrastructure, intelligence agencies, adopt and change policies and do everything you can to keep on playing. Because in the “democracy” you’re building, you will eventually fail. Eventually!

rogue state review 02

This political simulation game with a big dose of humor (one of the neighbor states, for example, is ruled by a chicken!) proves to be extremely complex and offers so much depth that every new playthrough will feel like a brand new experience – and you’ll love to see that you’re getting better and better.

A turn based game with each turn offering you the chance to perform four actions, Rogue State surprises and amazes even though at first it might seem a bit too difficult and random. Your main role in the game is to find the perfect balance in the policies you adopt (and there’s quite a few of them) to try to keep your people happy. You have liberals and fundamentalists, capitalists and patriots as the four distinct categories in the countries: and you must keep them all happy otherwise they’ll start rioting and eventually overthrow you. This is done by adopting the right policies, but also by building special infrastructures for your great nation. Also, special events are triggered every time you end your turn and the way you decide to handle them will have different effects on your people, neighbors and nation’s partners. The fun part? You can’t really know what the effects will be until you’ve made your choice. And that’s fun!

On numerous occasions, I found myself comparing the game with Democracy 3 and it does have common points. However, I found Democracy way too random and boring, while Rogue State delivers better quality, seems to make more sense and adds a few visual elements that make everything a bit more enjoyable (even though the graphics are far from perfect). But there’s something about this game that really makes you care about it, challenges you, pushes you to try again to do better: things that make sense and events that can sometimes help, not just try to destroy you over and over again. It’s a lot of randomness here as well, but there are also so many beautiful cause-effect connections that increase the complexity, your strategic approach and offer so many gameplay options that you will never feel bored.

For example, raising the taxes quickly will have a major effect on the mood of all your groups, but the drop in morale will get lower and lower each turn – which makes sense, as more people will accept the new situation. The same goes with dropping the tax rates: people will get really happy for a short while, but then there will be no extra bonus from that, because it will feel normal. Will you raise the wages? The Capitalists won’t like that, but other people will. Will you ban religion in schools? Fundamentalists will hate you, but liberals will love you. Every thing you do in the game will have an effect (and the beautiful thing is that some only have an effect several turns after your actions) and your main goal is to find the perfect balance. You can’t keep everybody happy, you must align yourself with one or two particular groups, but you can’t ignore any of them if you want to be the ruler.

And as a ruler, you have a lot more options on hand: you can and should rebuild the nation by spending money on infrastructure. Each building comes with extra boosts and bonuses, and a good strategy here is required too. Your ministers will have requirements from you every now and then, and you should make them happen if you want to keep your relations in good standing. Your neighbors are always around and you can trade with them or even build a military and attack them. Hell, you can even go completely mad and start a nuclear war if that’s what you want to do!

Then, there’s the humor: sometimes crude, sometimes nuanced and barely visible. We have a country that’s being ruled by a chicken who can’t be understood, there’s the US to whom you don’t have direct access, but can be impressed if you have oil (and they bring you no “freedom” for it) and you have the newspaper that never runs out of puns and jokes. It’s brilliant!

rogue state review 05

Rogue State does have its limitations: it’s an indie game with a lower budget and there are some things that get boring after a while, the most frustrating being the constant need to adjust policies based on the groups of people in your nation. The graphics won’t blow your mind either, but this game still manages to deliver so much fun in its small package that it’s almost unbelievable. And I certainly found it more fun than Democracy which has more polish, but not as much appeal and power of attraction.

So if you’re up for these kinds of games, head over to Steam and get yourself a copy of Rogue Nation. You’ll find out just how fun it is to constantly fail as a leader!