The Latest Battlefield Hardline DLC, Criminal Activity Released For Premium Users

Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield Hardline

DICE’s Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity has been released for the Premium members of this video game and since Premium members get to have a 2 week head start so the release of the DLC for normal Battlefield PC players will be on July 6. The announcement came through the Battlefield twitter and the Battlelog blog. Criminal Activity was supposed to release earlier on PC but was delayed due to technical issues and DICE has rewarded the Premium players with “a Gold Battlepack as a thanks for their patience.”

“As you may know, the Premium release of this online video game: Criminal Activity for PC was recently delayed. It is now up and running for all Battlefield Hardline Premium members on all platforms, but the delay will mean that the PC release for non-Premium players will be moved to July 6.” the announcement reads. ” We are doing this in order to give Battlefield Hardline Premium members their promised 2-week head start with the expansion after their release was delayed.”

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7 Tips on How To Prepare And Defeat Any Witcher Contract

Witcher Contract

Witcher Contract

We all know that Witcher contracts is the essence of the game after you finish the storyline and you only have them, the side quests and Treasure hunts. Witcher contracts can sometimes be tricky to fulfill and defeat that lurking monster menace that threatens the whole village nearby.

Tip 1: Check The Notice Board In Each New Town You Enter

Notice boards are almost the source of every witcher contract in the game with just a few that are obtained through having a little chat with the town folks. So take care and go to the notice board once you discover a new town.

Tip 2: Repair Your Weapons Before Every Battle

Even if you have already set on your way to slay that beast, look around for the town’s blacksmith or armorer and if you can’t find any, just stop at any nearby fast travel sign and fast travel to the nearest town with a blacksmith or an armorer and have them repair everything that you have equipped to 100% to ensure your swords deal the maximum damage and your armor protects you from the monster’s deadly blows.

Tip 3: Prepare Some Bombs Witcher Contract

This can be accessed through the menu, you will find it to be the last one to the left called Alchemy, choose it and start crafting some bombs. In my opinion the most effective bombs to use are:

  1. Dancing Star: produces a wide spread and random fire explosions in the area the bomb was thrown (Normally used to destroy Monster Nests)
  2. Devil’s Puffball: results in a toxic green cloud that is very effective against human enemies but this isn’t our target here but you can use Igni and cast in the area with the toxic cloud and it will lead to a powerful explosion that can deal quite moderate damage to the monster. ( Most effective on Relicts, Vampires and Cursed Ones not that effective against Drowners though so don’t waste it)
  3. Dimeritium Bomb: blocks any magic attacks and monsters’ magic abilities ( Most effective on any Elemental Monster such as Earth Elementals, Fire Elementals, Gargoyles and Djinns. )
  4. Grapeshot: Offers one magnificent huge explosion ( Most effective on Draconids and Hybrids )

Tip 4: Frequently Upgrade Your Skill Trees

If you have any un-allocated points, the wisest skills to spend them on is the Signs skill tree, especially Igni, Quen and Yrden and the Combat Skills tree especially Fast Attack, Strong Attack and Battle Trance. Also the best Mutagens are the Green Mutagen, grants you +50 Vitality aka Health and it increases by 50 everytime you link it to a green skill which are from the Alchemy Skill tree and the Red Mutagen which gives you +5% attack power and increases by 5% everytime you link it to a red skill which are from the Combat Skill tree.

Tip 5: During Combat, Use Quen then Igni then Quen then Igni then….

Since I just mentioned upgrading the signs, using them efficiently might be a bit hard as you have to know what to use and when. Always apply Quen first then switch to Igni  and have it equipped and cast it in between sword attacks. If you get attacked and the Quen protection breaks then switch from Igni to Quen immediately and apply it then switch back to Igni and do as previously illustrated. Fighting Wraiths is a bit trickier since the Yrden sign enters in the mix. Wraiths are known for disappearing and appearing again out of nowhere to attack you, knocking you to the ground and to your eternal doom. Well it’s not that dramatic but high-leveled Wraiths are hard to fight and casting Yrden creates a magic radius around Geralt that if the Wraith enters, will be changed into material form and can be attacked and it can’t disappear as long as it is in within this magic circle. So to summarize, Normal monsters use Quen and Igni and with Wraiths Yrden, Quen and Igni in this written order for each type respectively.

Tip 6: Equip or Craft The Best Silver Sword In Your Level

I do this personally every time I take on a new witcher contract, I open my inventory and check that I don’t have a better silver sword laying around in my inventory unused or if I have an empty Runestone slot in my silver weapon and have an extra Runestone so I equip it to my sword. Following this check, I go to the crafting menu, check every silver sword, steel sword, armor, boots, gloves and trousers that are available in my level and compare them with the equipped ones. If I find I can craft something better, I gather the necessary items to craft it and as mentioned before, go to the nearest Blacksmith or Armor depending on what I want forged. Also try to do some Treasure hunts in between the main quests as they can give you some really powerful and strong swords or armor.  Do this before each battle to have the best gear equipped and prepared for battle.

Final Tip 7: Best Fighting Strategy Is BE A COWARD

Once the fight starts, there is no running away from it so you have to stand and slay that beast BUT you can always roll around like a clown who just joined the circus. All you gotta do is dodge and dodge in circles till you are behind the monster or you are sure that you are not in a position where you can get attacked then deliver some damaging blows and once it turns around to face you, roll around it again. This has been my technique since the beginning of the game and till now, I think it is working out well and helped me kill some powerful higher-level beasts.

Finally, some random tips that weren’t worth mentioning on their own:

  • If you are playing on lower difficulties which are “Just the Story!” or “Story And Blood!”, then when you feel you are near to fighting the beast, meditate for one hour to regain full health before the battle.
  • Save every  2-5 minutes, just in case you never know what might happen. Let me tell you a story, I was in a middle of a really challenging contract and I literally had like 2 or 3 blows till it dies while I had Quen applied and under half of a health bar which was enough and then the surprise, the lights went out and I didn’t save the whole contract progress since I started it so yeah, learn from my mistake fellow beast slayers.
  • Apply Oils to your sword depending on what you will face.

I wish you had fun reading this tips article and it helps you defeat every witcher contract you tackle.

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Paint With a Snake While Dodging Bullets, You Can Do That in Soft Body

Soft Body

Soft Body

Soft Body is developed by one person only and he’s called Zeke Virant. The game is an odd mix of genres as it is supposed to be a twin-stick shooter and an action-puzzle game at the same time. Weird combo but it is worth a try. The announcement came through the PlayStation Blog.

Soft Body allows you to control two snakes each with one analog stick, that’s why it’s called twin-stick after all, and you swerve around the screen painting the blocks while dodging bullets and enemies that try to stop you. It sounds a lot of fun and a type of game we haven’t seen in a while.

Check it out:

The game has 2 modes, Soft mode and Hard mode. In the soft mode, you will control a two-in-one snake that is said to contain a Ghost snake in it that won’t appear unless you move the second analog at the same time and if you leave the analog to rest, the Ghost snake will return to the Soft Body.

Hard mode is a bit trickier and more difficult to master since you will always be controlling two snakes and if either of them dies due to bullets or attacked by an enemy, you will lose and start over.

This video game will release on PS4 and PS Vita later this year.

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Batman: Arkham Knight Gets Its First PS4 Patch

PS4 Patch

PS4 Patch

Developer Rocksteady Studios released the new PS4 Patch to fix the reported issue of the broken leaderboards. The issue was mainly that they don’t appear. The announcement of the patch was announced by director Sefton Hill on twitter.

The patch is supposed to work within 24 hours of applying it. Batman Arkham Knight is having more trouble on PC than it has on consoles and Rocksteady is working had on releasing the necessary patches to fix the PC version.

“Rocksteady is leading our team of developers and partners as we work on the PC performance issues that players have been encountering,” Warner Bros. announced “The work is significant and while we are making good progress on improving performance, it will take some time to ensure that we get the right fixes in place.”

Batman Arkham Knight launched last week and it became No.1 on the UK charts surpassing The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt’s first week sales.

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King’s Quest Will Release On July 28th

King's Quest

King’s Quest

The announcement came through Sierra Game’s twitter account accompanied with a trailer that at the time of writing was private.

It’s official: your quest begins on July 28th. #KingsQuest#adventuregames

— Sierra Games (@SierraGames)

King’s Quest is developed by The Odd Gentlemen and it is a remaking of the original Kings Quest released way back in 1984 which was a hit title at that time. The game will be an episodic saga that will allow you to relive the moments of King Graham of the original Kings Quest. Sierra said they will remain dedicated to the main storyline of the earlier Kings Quest while still adding their own brand new chapters to the game.

“Old and grey, King Graham – the hero made legend in the original King’s Quest games – shares the extraordinary stories of his youth with his curious granddaughter, Gwendolyn, taking players back to the feats that shaped a kingdom.” The game’s description reads. “And so begins an episodic saga that honors the core characters and familiar storylines of King Graham’s early adventures, setting up new chapters tied to – but independent of – the series that helped define Sierra and the adventure genre.”

King’s Quest now has a confirmed release date of July 28 and it will release on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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PS’s European Chief: “We’re working really well with Activision”

European Chief

European Chief

VG 24/7  recently conducted an interview with PlayStation’s European chief Jim Ryan and a question about their new acquirement of earlier access for Call of Duty‘s DLC was asked. It was stated that this move was of a huge significance for them during E3. So Jim Ryan clarified this statement and said that it was both significant in terms of revenue and in terms of what the gamers want. Acquiring this deal from Activision, which has been in partnership with Microsoft for the Call of Duty franchise for almost 8 years now wasn’t an easy thing to do but Sony’s involvement with them while working on Destiny, made it a bit easier to agree on terms.

“I think probably both. You can’t have the latter without the former in the long run. We’re working really well with Activision. We have a great partnership on Destiny, and that continues.” Jim said. “We’re not stopping with that. Call of Duty will obviously be available on a number of platforms, but having the partnership and the benefits that it offers to PlayStation gamers is something we’re very happy to be able to offer, particularly in the UK, where last time round we struggled. We’re doing massively better now, but this will help us build on that.

Call of Duty Black Ops III will release on November 6, 2015 on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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Shadow Warrior 2 Announced

Shadow Warrior

If you could not get enough of the wise cracking, sword slicing assassin, Lo Wang then you are in luck! Shadow Warrior 2 has been announced for a PC and console release in 2016 with a host of new features.

The images released shows some very intriguing new weapons added to the arsenal, alongside Wang’s classic katana and duel UZIs we can see a bow & arrow, minigun and some kind of Wolverine claws!

This sequel will support procedurally generated landscapes in the levels adding to the replay value but the real selling point is that the sequel will feature four play co-op! That’s right this time you will be able to shred through demons and bask in the glory of bullets, blood and jokes with your friends.

Here are the images we were talking about:




Click here to see Wang and his new friends in action in the announcement trailer.

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Good Idea, Bad Idea: Cars in Fallout 4

This past week at E3 Bethesda announced the next in their line of critically acclaimed role playing games – ‘Fallout 4’.

Assuming the mantle of a denizen of Vault 111, living all the way from your idyllic family life before the nuclear warheads ravaged the land to your re-emergence in the newly the shattered, fractured landscape of Boston, Fallout 4 looks set to introduce a whole new array of features in it’s own right.

At E3 Bethesda proudly displayed a whole bevy of innovations to the already hit-franchise. From expansions on the weapon modification system to a very tantalizing take on player-house that had many stalwarts to the series watering at the mouth at the prospect of building their own defensible haven in the wastelands – it seems no expenses were spared when it came to marking Fallout 4 as a notch above the other inclusions to the series.

One feature was not truly brushed upon, though, and the savvier fan can’t help but think it may be because Bethesda may be leaving it as one final trick up their sleeve – one last card to pull at a closer date to the game’s eventual release. Arguably the most hotly-debated and discussed subject pertaining to the Fallout series.

Will they include cars?

The notion has been both opposed and adored by fans – clamored for and vehemently rejected in it’s concept, but could such a thing actually work? Is it reasonable and feasible to be cruising around the Wastes in a 50’s style automobile without a care in the world or, more importantly, harming the overall feel of the game?

That’s the first rebuttal brought up in response to cars – would they harm the atmosphere? The atmosphere being very important to Fallout, it’s one of trepidation-starved adventure, a trek throughout vast wastes, visiting unexplored locations completely clueless as to what, or who, you may find. It’s clear to see how buzzing around at god-knows-what miles per hour past all these wondrous sites best properly explored with an attentive eye on-foot may do it’s part in detracting from this experience.

So how do you counter this? Using these cars only in vast, sparse and empty stretches of highway between locations better seen on-foot? Doesn’t that just seem like a lazy stand-in for fast-travel, though? How about areas of the map dedicated solely to them? Maybe even confine vehicular usage to its own mini-game?

Each way they decide to go about it seems to have 50 pros and cons to it – one thing’s for sure, it may be a feature Bethesda could benefit tremendously from cashing in on.

With so much organic fan-buzz having accumulated about this subject over the years, crossing over seamlessly with the years of excitement and anticipation about Fallout 4 that Bethesda has finally cashed in on, cars – coupled with the sheer immensity of the new-found customization in Fallout 4 – could be a huge selling point for a game that, frankly, doesn’t need any more selling points.

But if it means some Mad Max style vehicular warfare, would it really hurt to have a few more?

VGamerZ’s GameZ of 2015: #8- Batman- Arkham Knight


Oh, Arkham. You’ve been singlehandedly dragging the reputation of licensed games out of the gutter since 2009. With one fell swoop, Batman: Arkham Asylum erased all of our terrible Superman 64 memories, and that’s a beautiful thing. Rocksteady are doing the impossible, right here.

‘Good for a licensed game?’ Sure, that’s plausible. But among the best action games of recent times? Nobody saw that coming. But we’re glad it did, and now the Hype Train is cruising along at full speed for the latest in the series.

Batman: Arkham Knight hits PS4, Xbox One and PC on June 23, and picks up one year after the events of 2011‘s Arkham City. It introduces a Gotham City in greater danger than ever (and if anyone knows freaking danger at this point, it’s Gothamites), as the Scarecrow launches an attack that causes a mass evacuation. Batman, natch, isn’t amused by this sort of behaviour, and sets out to stop the sack-headed loon.

Along the way, he is joined by the freshly-created-for-the-game character Arkham Knight, whose all-consuming grudge against the Bat leads him to unite with Scarecrow. If you’ve played Arkham Origins, you’ll be familiar with where this is going: the dastardly duo plot to gather Batman’s greatest foes in an endeavour to finally kill him. It’s just a bad day all around for Bruce Wayne.

From everything we’ve seen of Arkham Knight thus far, it’s a refinement of a familiar formula. A third-person action game, of course, with an emphasis on stylish combat and a hefty dose of stealth. As usual, Batman’s legendary detective skills come into play often, allowing him to analyse the situation and determine the best way to utilize his gadgets to neutralise enemies and achieve objectives. Sure, there’s a whole lot of goon-punchin’ to do, but Arkham games have never been simple brawlers. They’re a little deeper than that, and it’s this balance that makes them so beloved.

Batman- Arkham Knight 3

Still, though. There’s a time to be calculated, methodical and logical, and there’s a time to barrel around at 150mph in the Batmobile and wreck tanks with huge freaking missiles. Yep, the Batmobile is truly ‘playable’ for the first time, and damn is it heavily armed. Vehicle combat has made its way to the streets of Gotham, and there are a lot of Scarecrow’s war machines to mangle. It’s like an even deadlier cross between Arkham and Grand Theft Auto, and that’s an offer you just can’t refuse.

Elsewhere, our dreams of a truly free-roamy Gotham are getting closer to being realised. There’s a greater emphasis on freedom this time around, with more opportunities to eschew missions and story progression and just wander. It’s all very Grand Theft Auto in this regard too, which is something I think is fantastic for the series.

In short, then, Batman: Arkham Knight is very much evolution over revolution. With a critically acclaimed series like this, that’s probably the best way to go, and it’s very eagerly awaited for it.

Why Bloodborne’s Patch 1.04 Is Fundamentally Damaging

Bloodborne Patch

When patch 1.04 for Bloodborne was being hinted at , I was ecstatic to see my favourite game of 2015 so far being given careful post-launch support. The game was was a masterpiece of design and atmosphere, but despite everything it got right, there were a few things that needed fixing.

I never would’ve expected however, that the patch would not only fix some problems with the game, but single-handedly sabotage the entire design philosophy of the series. It was shocking and disheartening, and I actually wondered if it was a practical joke.

It isn’t a practical joke, and I am having trouble even coming up with a cohesive explanation to why From Software would do such a thing to their own baby.

Summoning Is Sacred

I must admit that I am tempted to simply post this video and leave it at that, as it perfectly encapsulates one of the main problems with this patch – the ability for any player of any level to summon any player of any level.

If you have played Bloodborne or another Souls game, you’ll know that the games are based on what is essentially a glass floor of balance. They’re so carefully crafted that the way in which you take on foes and bosses is beautifully executed, offering some relief when you can gain a few levels, while always challenging you despite how good you become at the game.

This among many other things that I will discuss later are disregarded when you can simply have your high-leveled friend join your game with a maxed out Ludwig’s Holy Blade and some spells to five-shot any boss you’ll encounter.

Furthermore, the fact that you can summon anyone so long as the boss isn’t killed means that you can literally have someone smack their way through the majority of the game with you, doing literally nothing but following on auto-pilot as they reign down chaos.

While some might think that this only affects those who choose to utilize this feature, there is still an inherent problem with the very idea.


 We’re In This Together

 When I say this, I don’t just mean through jolly cooperation, I mean as a community at large. We all play the Souls games and Bloodborne for differing reasons, but we are all privileged enough to feel the intense satisfaction of overcoming our fears, weaknesses, and ignorance to defeat the game’s toughest challenges, and that is an idea I cherish.

 When I’m struggling through a hard area, I can think to myself that there are many other people in the same situation as me. We’re all in this together and we’re all toughing it out to be granted the endless enjoyment of such a unique franchise.

 Except that this all counts for nothing when the game is reduced to what I will call Casualborne. A game where you can steamroll every single hurdle through what is now the equivalent of a ghost writer.

Where is the satisfaction in summoning help in the form of an extremely high leveled player? Where is the sense of achievement you’d earn by completing a nefariously designed area? The truth is that if you utilize this feature, you will experience none of this and it’s a damned shame. It goes against the basic design philosophy of this series: overcome through patience and perseverance.

 As someone who not only supports this series wholeheartedly, but also wishes to preserve the essence of what makes this series such a stand-out in an age of absolutely tepid triple A titles and pre-order culture, I cannot just watch it happen and accept it.

 You should be proud that you are amongst a small group of gamers that enjoy such a masochistic and skill-demanding experience, and you should not let your precious memories of this franchise vanish into nothing but memories of having a friend do everything on your behalf.


 We’ve Only Just Begun

 I don’t want to give you the wrong impression that this only impacts the single-player experience, as this is also potentially catastrophic to the online experience, and that is where my true worry comes into play.

Bloodborne, like the games before it, has a unique online feature that allows a player to jump into the single-player world of an unsuspecting victim so that the invader may slaughter him and earn some precious echoes.

 This mechanic is one that has been fully embraced by the community since Demon’s Souls, and it is a mainstay feature in this series. This patch ruins it too.

 Picture this scenario if you will. You as an honest player spend dozens of hours enjoying Bloodborne and learning the mechanics. After a while you decide that you want to go head to head with someone in the form of PVP, but when you ring your Sinister Resonant Bell and find yourself in the world of another, you come to a sad realisation… it’s been set up.

 You join the world of a player your level, and as you go forth weapon in hand, you see that he has a friend (or three) that are not only incredibly high leveled, but possess the advantage of having home field and preparation on their side. You quickly get ambushed in what can only be called a pre-planned ganking scenario, and you find that you are completely helpless to the overwhelming power of these foes.

 That is exactly the scenario you will be seeing more and more of as this patch becomes more and more exploited by a community that thrives on ganking montages and yoloswaggin’ PVP videos.

 I’d be foolish to think that this is the first time players have summoned friends to mess up unsuspecting invaders, but at least before we had fair-game in the form of level and item restrictions… mostly. This is made even worse when you consider how many exploitable bugs Bloodborne had that allowed any player who so chose, to immediately glitch their way to enormously high levels with unlimited currency.

 It’s a big amoeba of small problems that form into one hideous entity that even Miyazaki himself couldn’t have drawn on paper.

Bloodborne Werewolves

 Of Pandemic Proportions

 If you were under the impression that these kinds of scenarios would be reserved for only small groups of friends, you’d be sorely mistaken, as even those who hate this patch can still be directly involved in it. I’ll explain how with another hypothetical scenario.

You want to experience the world of cooperation and so you think to yourself “I’ll ring my Small Resonant Bell and help someone out on my favourite boss so that I can have a repeated viewing”. After waiting a brief moment, you find yourself pulled into a world that at first seems normal. When you reach the boss fog however,  you realise that you have a friendly summon who is so powerful that the boss music doesn’t even get to start before the creature is dead and you are on your way out. You, who is a sucker for challenge and likes to experience the grind of slowly whittling away at a boss’s health until he finally collapses cannot enjoy this, because even you are thrust into the new-found community of boss cheesers. Something I don’t believe is far and few between, by the way, especially when you consider how Reddit has been behaving since the patch hit.

It hasn’t even been a single week and the Bloodborne subreddit already has threads and comments popping up with people asking for specifically high-leveled players to help on bosses.

 There are even community-based passwords in place on Facebook, Reddit, and the Bloodborne Wiki that enable you to instantly summon the help of anyone who is also using the password in the community. It’s no longer about finding a summon of equal strength, but now just a waiting game until an obligatory tank comes in and slaughters everything for you.

 The idea that we have entire communities set out to cheese a game that is meant to be legitimately overcome makes my blood boil, but I can’t really do much about it.


 A Little Bird Told Me

Beyond everything I’ve talked about, what is perhaps the most discouraging thing of all is the response to this patch. It has been overwhelmingly positive from what I and some close friends have witnessed.

 It seems that amongst the fans that I have encountered and several articles that have surfaced covering the details of the patch, most people welcome this change, claiming that it’s now a more social experience like they had hoped it’d be.


 Since when was a single Souls game about social play? Do you not remember how you couldn’t use any form of party chat on Xbox 360 with the original Dark Souls? Do you not remember how before Dark Souls II’s horrific voice-chat, the only way to communicate in the game would be via gestures? Do you not remember the purposeful design of camaraderie through the conquering of bosses, not through direct interaction? Do you not remember the ‘prepare to die’ slogan the encapsulated the type of experience you’d be in for? Do you not remember how Hawkeye Gough had the only items that could even allow you to directly speak to a player but only by means of a few key phrases? All of this was done deliberately, and this patch again destroys the idea and the design.

 The idea of Dark Souls and especially Bloodborne more than all, is to be absorbed in a world and thrust into scenarios that would make anyone quiver in fear. You are meant to be scared, isolated, alone, confused and lost. These emotions make it much more rewarding when you tackle a difficult stretch, and they would all be irrelevant if this were a directly social experience.

You aren’t thinking about the atmosphere or the labyrinthine design of the castle you’re in, if all you’re doing is teasing your friends while you casually swing your swords with your brains off, steam-rolling even the toughest of foes without blinking an eye.

 It’s almost as if nobody wants to play a Souls-like Souls game any longer. It’s like they want the title of ‘I beat an extremely difficult game’ without actually having to put in any work, and that is discouraging to say the least.