3D Artist Releases His Own Pip-Boy Accessory To The Public

In a recent interview with Gamescom regarding Quakecon, Bethesda’s marketing VP – Pete Hines – revealed that they won’t be able to make anymore more Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Editions due to lack of resources and time, but don’t worry, as we might not need Bethesda in the end.

Yvo de Haas – gamer and fan of the Fallout franchise – was kind enough to release his 3D plans of how to make a Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV, a.k.a. that phone holder that everyone wants.

This version of the Pip-Boy, like the one from Bethesda – was designed to house a smartphone, meaning that you’ll still be able to communicate with Fallout 4 through a mobile app as your arm will serve as its supporter.

Though the Pip-boy 3000 Mark IV will have its differences from Bethesda’s official model, like the lack of any bell and whistles, but will have a couple of orange leds and will be accepting tapes but they’ll still do nothing.

Yvo de Haas is now trying to create a Pip-Boy version more like the game’s version but won’t be compatible any smartphone so the Pip-boy can have a size more authentic.

This isn’t the first Pip-Boy recreated by Haas, as his was the Pip-Boy 3000 from Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

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Bethesda And Fallout 4 Special Edition’s Current Situation

As we all know, Fallout 4 Collector’s Edition will come along with the iconic Pip-Boy’s accessory, and because fans of the franchise are constantly cleaning the stock for the pre-order of the product, Bethesda had to admit that they’re too busy to keep its production.

At this weekend’s QuakeCon, Bethesda’s marketing VP – Pete Hines – revealed to Gamescom, when asked about the situation with these special Collector’s Editions of Fallout 4:

“We reached a point where we’d go back to the factories and they were like, ‘guys, this is it, sorry. This is as long as we can run the lines and as many of them as we can make.'”

Hines explained that the manufacturers extended their pipeline to make more Pip-Boys but it cost too much, and the company had to move on.

“We’d go back to [the factories] and say, ‘Demand for this is insane, we’ve got to make more, And they’d move other projects off or shift stuff to other factories and it just came to [them telling Bethesda], ‘Final answer: sorry, this is as many as we can make.”

And to conclude, Hines stated:

“We made a s**tload of Pip-Boys, I think we did more of these things than we did for any collector’s edition we’ve ever done.”

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