Geoff Keighley’s New Gaming Show Is Better Than Expected


Geoff Keighley, the man behind The Game Awards and many other ventures, has recently come back into the spotlight with a surprisingly great live show on YouTube. The focus? All things gaming. From interviews to exclusive trailers, each episode contains multiple segments that vary in topic and quality.

For the sake of relevance, I’m dropping the latest episode here. The older ones will be at the bottom of this post for those of you who are interested and lazy.

While Geoff is known for being an extremely passionate gamer before anything, it’s all too easy to write him off, as he is a huge industry figure that has been in hilariously over the top marketing campaigns with big publishers. That said, it’s nice to see his hot takes on the current controversy. The honesty with which he addresses specifically No Man’s Sky in episode one, a game he had large stakes in when it was originally announced, is a breath of fresh air in what could be a potentially questionable environment.

Beyond that, segments like live DeadLock debates and Dear Bosman help to make the show an entertaining watch every week, and the addition of audience interaction is equally rewarding to boot. My favourite thing thus far, though, is the interview with Fumito Ueda on all things The Last Guardian.

As promised, here are the others in ascending order for your viewing pleasure. Also, note that the season finale will take place on November, 17th, for those of you who want to watch it live.

What do you think about his new gaming show?

No Man’s Sky: How to Find Great Planets for Exploration

In one of the previous articles we have written for No Man’s Sky, we covered how to make more Units in the game. One of the things that you have to do in order to increase your chances of getting rich or just finding a lot of amazing stuff is to find a great planet to explore in the game. However, with 18 quintillion planets out there – how do you know which one(s) to explore? I am here to share with you some tips and tricks on how to find the best planets to explore in No Man’s Sky depending on your needs.

Finding the best planet varies from person to person and it is usually based on what you need in the game: for example, if you are looking for minerals, a planet with a lot of flora and fauna doesn’t help much. On the contrary, if you’re just looking to explore and discover amazing animals and hidden gems, then you will need a great planet to support life.

So let’s talk about each of these planet types and what you have to do to increase your chances of finding that gold mine – no matter if that means making a ton of Units or having a lot to explore!

How to find the best planets with life forms and goodies
Although you can get lucky on any type of planet, those that have most life forms and hidden secrets are the planets that are similar to Earth. Look for solar systems with more planets, ideally over 6 and choose one that is neither too close, nor too far away from the sun. That planet will have a ton of life forms, it could have water and its caves will hold incredible treasures. These are the planets that are most likely to hold intelligent life forms, so in my opinion these are the best planets in No Man’s Sky and the ones you should focus on exploring.

How to find the best planets to get rich
This is a bit more difficult, but usually the best planets in terms of rare resources – especially minerals – are those that are either very close or farther away from the sun. These are usually barren planets with few life forms, but with immense riches over and under ground. So if you are looking for minerals, including rare ones, go for planets that are very close or far away from a Galaxy’s sun.

Another important indicator of how rich in resources and goodies a planet is, is the presence of Sentinels: when landing on a planet, you will be told how many there are. If there’s a lot of them, you struck gold so make sure that you thoroughly explore it because there are a lot of goodies to be had there.

Finally, as you travel towards the center of the galaxy, you will start stumbling upon more and more planets and systems already discovered by other players. Scan them and you might have an easier job at finding a great planet to explore because many name the planets based on their richness. So if you find one called “Emeril Farm” or “Calim Here” make sure to explore and get ready to get rich!

However, based on my own experience, I can guarantee that even if you don’t try to find an amazing planet, you will stumble upon a great one eventually just from playing the game. Further more, some hidden gems can still be found on planets that initially seem to be not that good, so explore, explore and then explore some more!

No Man’s Sky: How to Get Atlas Pass V1, V2 and V3


If you are like me, you spent hours exploring and getting everything discovered on your first planet, then repeated the thing on the next two-three planets as well. Maybe you’ve come across a Space Station, maybe you’ve learned a bunch of alien words… but you still haven’t got a clue on how to get the Atlass Pass V1 that’s required to open all those tasty looking crates out there or the doors that will remain forever locked. And I am here to help, because there’s no need for frustration in No Man’s Sky.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s find out below how to get the Atlass Pass V1 in No Man’s Sky, as well as its siblings, the Atlas Pass V2 and V3. It’s not going to be super easy, but it’s totally worth it!

First of all, let’s find out what these passes do and why you need them!

Atlas Pass V1: you can use it to open two things: random storage containers you find on planets and extremely useful Space Station doors, which will almost always have some sort of upgrade for your exosuit or/and multitool.

Atlas Pass V2: this pass opens the locked doors on Colonial Outposts or Factories, as well as more advanced storage containers. The rewards vary, from extremely useful items to story-related findings.

Atlas Pass V3: there are more advanced doors inside Space Stations that you can open with this pass, but for now I have no idea what can be found inside.

Now let’s see how to get each of these extremely useful passes in the game!

How to get the Atlas Pass V1 in No Man’s Sky

In order to get this one, you will have to follow the main story of the game (by choosing to follow the Atlas Path early on in the game from the Red Orb near your ship) and eventually, while following the path to the center of the galaxy, you will find your first Space Anomaly. There, you will find a Space Station where you will meet an alien that will give you the recipe for the Atlas Pass V1. That’s all you have to do, but in some cases it might take a long while if you don’t follow the main story line. My advice? Follow it until you find the Atlas Pass V1 because your life will be a lot easier once you do!

How to get the Atlas Pass v2 Atlas Pass v3 in No Man’s Sky

Things are a bit more random, apparently, when it comes to getting these two types of passes. They are not given for following the story and there are various opinions on what one has to do to get them, from randomly receiving the recipe from exploring the universe to completing the game by getting to the center of the universe.

It also appears that luck might not really be a factor and you can find them, especially the Atlas Pass V2, in Operations Centers that are scattered on planets everywhere. Apparently, you have to visit several of them before getting the chance for an Atlas Pass V2. Then, you will have to visit several more in order to get your V3 – but you won’t get them unless you already have the V1 pass unlocked!

So this would be it on how to get them. If you managed to find the V2 or V3 passes using a different method, please share that info with us in the comment section below!

No Man’s Sky: How to Save Your Progress

No Man’s Sky is a beautiful & brilliant space exploration game that you can play for hours in a row without even feeling that time passes by… just to encounter a bunch of enraged Sentinels or huge animals that kill you and you’ll have to start over from your previous save point. That’s not really fun, so I am here to tell you how to save your progress in No Man’s Sky in order to keep your inventory safe and your sanity above the line. Plus – it’s pretty easy!

There are multiple methods to save your progress in No Man’s Sky:

1. Just enter and exit your starship. Each time you exit your ship, the game’s progress is saved automatically.

2. Use the beacons at Outposts that you find scattered on each planet. They are indicated by a question mark and they’re usually positioned in such a way that you’ll always be close to one and ready to save your progress.

3. Also, each time you leave a Space Station, your progress is saved.

These are the only methods, so far, to save your progress in No Man’s Sky, but you don’t really need more in most occasions.

The option to save your progress is also extremely important and not just for when your character dies (which will happen on rare occasions as you progress and upgrade your suit and gear). However, you could get stuck somewhere or get completely lost in a cave – it has happened to me and it was frustrating. The best option in this case is to simply hit the Escape button and reload your latest save. This does lose you all the items you have collected since saving, but it’s also better than spending endless hours in a maze-like cave trying to find a way out.

Don’t forget that if it happens for your character to die, in order to get your items/inventory back, you will have to travel to the place where the bad thing happened and collect the inventory that’s left there. It will be easy to spot, though, as The Atlas will leave a beacon there, making it easy to follow.

So this would be how you can save your progress in No Man’s Sky. Pretty easy and extremely useful!

No Man’s Sky: How to Make More Money Fast and Easy


No Man’s Sky is huge and amazing, with so many great things in store for us that you can never get bored. But if you are really unlucky, finding a series of horrible planets with little things on them, you might end up having no money in the game. Or you could end up finding an amazing ship you’d like to purchase, just to find out that you don’t have enough units to purchase them. To make sure that none of these happen to you, I am here to share with you a complete guide on how to make more money in No Man’s Sky: fast and easy.

The truth is that there are a ton of things that you can do to earn money, some easier than others, but in this article we’ll focus on what is easy and makes you a ton of money. It’s true that you can spend a lifetime on a planet, harvesting all the carbon there is and then selling it – but that would take an eternity to make you rich. Here are some faster methods to make money in No Man’s Sky:

First, take advantage of what each planet has to offer. It’s true that some are richer than others and some have a bigger potential to make you rich fast, but most of the planets out there have at least some opportunities for you to make easy money. However, the game has a way of telling you if there’s something really valuable there: Sentinels. The more there are on a planet, the more good resources you are bound to find – so don’t rush to leave when you find a Sentinles-infested planet, on the contrary!

Even if there are no actual resources to harvest, you can still get a ton of coins from Save points scattered around any planet. Each has those Cargo drop boxes (the green boxes) that sometime hold extremely valuable items. Make sure you find all those Waypoints on a planet (they’re marked with a question mark and you can see how many there are/ how many you found in the options menu on each planet) and you can leave the planet with 100,000 units or more.

However, the resources on each planet can be extremely valuable. The game randomly generates the planets, so it’s difficult to tell you what exactly to look for, but you will know when you get there: there are plants that produce something that looks like pearls and sells for a lot, there are planets that are huge Emeril mines… anything can happen on a planet that you find out there in the Universe, so always be on the lookout for valuable things and interact with everything!

But you can make a lot of money from very common stuff as well. For example, Plutonium and Iron are extremely easy to find and, even though they can’t make you much money if you sell them as individual units, you can use the crafting menu and get rich. For 10 units each, you can craft a Bypass Chip which sells for around 3,000 units. That’s easy money as long as you are near a trade station and have your inventory filled with Iron and Plutonium!

An even easier method, if you have some time on your hand, is to simply scan everything on a planet: it’s not just the animals that you can scan with your multitool and name, but also plants and even mineral deposits. Just use the multitool on all plants on a planet and name them and you will get a lot of money. If you don’t have all the names with you, you can simply keep the names generated by the computer: you still get the money for discovering and naming them! Plus, if you manage to discover everything on a planet, you get a nice bonus as well. It’s time consuming, it’s true, but it’s also fun and rewarding!

Commerce in the Space Station is another great and easy method. This involves finding a Space Station and checking out their trade items. Usually, each Space Station has about three items that they will pay a load of money for. Note those items and go to the docking station, where your ship is waiting. Every now and then, merchant ships will arrive there. Just talk to the aliens running them and buy the items that the Space Station is paying a lot of money for. Using this method, it’s not uncommon to find an item to buy from the ships with 20k and sell it for 40k or more in the Space Station. That’s really easy money!

Sell all the extremely valuable items (like Vortex Cubes and whatever Charms and Artifacts you discover) but hold on to your Atlas Stones. I don’t really want to spoil the game for you, but know that Atlas stones are extremely important and it might be better if you kept them instead of selling, even though they can give you a ton of money.

Finally, mining asteroids can prove to be extremely profitable. Just find a Space Station that buys the minerals you can get from Asteroids at a high price and do runs for them: go out there, destroy asteroids, collect a ton of minerals, come back, sell. Rinse and repeat and you’ll make millions in no time!

These would be some of the easiest methods to make a lot of money fast in No Man’s Sky. Do you have other methods to share with us? Let us know by commenting below.

No Man’s Sky: How to Scan Flying Creatures


I used to hate it when I saw flying creatures in No Man’s Sky! I thought that they are impossible to scan and identify, therefore making it impossible for you to get that nice money bonus from discovering everything on a planet. In some cases, it’s even more frustrating than the No Man’s Sky crashes and problems that we talked about earlier today. I remember that early on I spent over an hour searching for their nest, climbed on mountains and cursed at them using the little Gek language knowledge that I had… but nothing seemed to work.

Until, eventually, I found out how to scan flying creatures in No Man’s Sky and identify them easily, then name them Annoyance #1, Annoyance #2, Big Annoyance and so on. Ahem…

So, without further ado, here is how I use to scan and identify flying creatures in No Man’s Sky (there might be other ways to do it, but my method never fails!):

Shoot the suckers down!

Yup, that’s not really the first rule in the book of interplanetary travel and discovery, but it does work like a charm. Aim at one of those alien birds and shoot them down! Your multitool can easily scan corpses as well, so there’s no problem about that!

The only problem might come from the fact that you might need some upgrades to your multi tool in order to have the required range to bring them down. Alternately, you can spend some time finding a high enough point (there should be some sort of mountains or hills around somewhere) and shoot them down from there.

I know it’s not an ideal method, but it works!

Another method that works well when it comes to identifying flying creatures in No Man’s Sky is trying to identify them from a distance. If you are far away from them, the crazy movements they make will become less of an annoyance and you will be able to spend enough time focused on them to warrant you the discovery. So just get a bit farther away from them and zoom into them once or twice. With a bit of luck, you will identify them the peaceful way.

If this doesn’t work, shooting always does. Guaranteed!

Did you find a different way to scan the flying creatures in No Man’s Sky? If so, let us know how you did it by commenting below!

How to Fix No Man’s Sky Crashes, Low FPS, Blurry Visuals and More

No Man’s Sky has just been launched and everybody’s been playing it like crazy, discovering new planets and forms of life, following the Atlas path and wondering what’s at the center of the galaxy. But some people were not as lucky as the rest, as they had trouble with No Man’s Sky crashes, low FPS, blurry visuals and other performance-related problems that managed to take away some charm or simply made the game unplayable.

If you’re one of the gamers who can’t fully enjoy No Man’s Sky because of these problems, we’re here to help and share with you some fixes for No Man’s Sky crashes, low FPS issues, graphical problems and more. So let’s not waste any second and let’s get this started: the universe is out there waiting for you to explore it!

We’ll start with some tips and suggestions on how to fix No Man’s Sky crashes

– Systems running on an older AMD Phenom processor are reportedly experiencing numerous crashes at start-up. It seems that, for now, there’s nothing you can do but change your processor or wait for Hello Games to patch the game (or try the method below):

– Install the experimental patch. This could do more harm than good to your game, but it could also fix the crashing problems. This solution works in August 2016 – it might not work in the future. However, in order to try it now, right click No Man’s Sky in Steam and select Properties. In the new window go to Betas and enter the code 3xperimental, then select the experimental build in the drop-down menu. This will give you access to the experimental build which has solved many of the crashes for gamers worldwide.

– Try the regular potential fixes that work for any game out there: verify the game’s integrity on Steam to make sure that there are no missing or corrupt files and make sure that you have the latest graphics drivers installed.

– Some of the crashes were fixed after changing the screen resolution of the display. Make sure that you use your monitor’s native resolution if you are having problems and they might disappear!

– Trying to run the game in windowed mode (borderless window) has also been reported by many gamers as a possible solution to the random crashes.

– Finally, there might be a problem with the game’s settings file. In most cases, checking the game’s integrity works great when it comes to fixing it, but if it doesn’t, there’s a Reddit user that described what you have to do. Check out the detailed instructions here.

If you are getting poor FPS and/or blurry visuals in No Man’s Sky, here is what you can do to fix that:

– Lower some of the game’s visual settings. Most importantly, disable anti-aliasing and Vsync in the game, from the settings menu: this does wonder to FPS rate.

– If you feel comfortable about editing game files, do it! Make sure you backup the files first, then go to your game’s install folder: No Man’s Sky\Binaries\Settings and open the TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS.MXML with notepad or any text editor and find the Gysnc line. Turn that to false and FPS rates should improve a lot.

– running the game in borderless window mode will improve the frames per second, just as it does help with the in-game crashes.

That would be it for now in terms of potential fixed for No Man’s Sky crashes and FPS problems. If you have other potential fixes or suggestions, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below!

No Man’s Sky Base Building Incoming & I Can’t Wait for It

I’ve been playing No Man’s Sky like crazy in the past few days and I have already discovered and explored a bunch of planets, named a gazillion animal species and plant life and became pretty fluent in Gek. The game is indeed amazing, but the whole crazy solo-explorer thing could get a little boring every now and then and a bit of diversity never hurts.

The good news is that the development team behind No Man’s Sky agrees with me (without directly knowing it, of course) and they’re planning to bring a much expected feature in an upcoming update: Base Building. The announcement was briefly made during the listing of the update changes brought by patch 1.03 and most people completely ignored it.

Here is what Sean Murray, the Managing Director at Hello Games had to say:

“Next up we’re adding the ability to build bases and own giant space freighters. Temporal AA and my new cloud rendering tech should be coming soon too. It will really change the game again, and enhance it visually.”

Yup, base building is finally coming – sooner or later – to No Man’s Sky and I am extremely excited about that! The implications of base building and the amount of extra content it could deliver are limitless. Just imagine building huge planetary bases to store all the items that you collect on planets, maybe bring in a few of the zaniest animals as pets and have a place to call home… on each planet that you build! Owning giant Space Freighters is also great news, but right now it’s the base building thing that makes me happy.

No Man’s Sky is an amazing game and it was built to be an exploration game. However, as I said earlier, things can get boring if you just explore and roam around and then explore some more: the scenery is pretty much the same, the caves all look pretty much the same, the animals and plants are pretty much the same. Base building would offer a welcomed break and the best news is that it’s not something you will be forced to do if you don’t want to. But I am sure it will prove to be an instant hit.

Too bad that no extra details have been given regarding the option to build bases in No Man’s Sky, but I expect the feature to be pretty basic when it’s launched (whenever that happens) and for it to become bigger and better with future updates. If they add to the list potential player interactions and meetings, then we will indeed have a stellar game on our hands!

Delays, Death Threats, And Gamer Entitlement

With the recent announcement that No Man’s Sky would be delayed for one measly month, a small group of internet psychopaths has once again demonstrated why gamers continue to get a bad rap from both the older generation and the media.

The news broke a few days ago on the official Sony blog, where Managing Director Sean Murray explained that, in order to get the game where he wanted it in terms of polish, they’d need to delay it for a little bit longer to make sure it’s at the right place upon release.

While sane human beings would understand this logic, thereby accepting it and moving on with their lives, a few of the salty polyps that sadly grow on the undercarriage of the internet happened to react differently.

What is the big deal with a game being delayed?

Truthfully, it isn’t a big deal, which brings me to my first point. Who cares? I get that we’re all excited to play No Man’s Sky, but a delay of only one month is not a huge deal. We’ve already waited this long, so what is one more month? I remember back in 2006 seeing the reveal of Final Fantasy 13 Versus, which would take another 10 years to come to fruition. I bought my PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles for that game, and even then, I didn’t feel the need to threaten Square-Enix employees over it.

Hello Games is under no obligation to release the game in June unless they’ve agreed to. Judging by the delay, I’d say that Sony is perfectly willing to wait, and so should you be.

Delays are a good thing!

I never understood the negative reaction to delays, as it generally means that the developer and/or publisher is more concerned about quality than hitting some arbitrary deadline for what I presume to be anxious investors. It is true that some delays end up helping nothing in the end, but by and large, they are for a noble and honest cause.

Hello Games deciding that No Man’s Sky needs more time in the oven is a fantastic thing because it means the product we all want will be a better game when it drops. We will have a smoother, more polished version of the game. Really, that is what is most important, not the day it comes out.

To those of you slinging insults and making threats, I ask this: Would you prefer a buggy, unfinished or unpolished game over having to wait one more month? This sort of reaction reminds me of spoiled children and how they must have what they want right now, even if it means that they will miss out or suffer for their impatience.

 Death threats? Really?

While I completely understand wanting a game when it is supposed to release, is sinking to a level where you sign on to Twitter or Facebook or whatever to send a hateful or threatening message to a person who is just trying to do their job, really the best course of action? Why do you feel so angry about this? Why is there such an overwhelming feeling of resentment?

Hell, if you just insist on voicing your concern, why can you not, like other normal human beings, voice it in a constructive manner? I do not ever understand why some gamers have this hot-headed or entitled approach to things.

Sonic has longer, thinner legs now?! Better threaten Sega. Diablo III looks too colourful for a Diablo game? How about a boycott, a petition, and some death threats? Dante has dark hair now? let’s attack Ninja Theory about it, just because!
It is this type of behaviour that makes us look like spoiled, entitled little brats, and I’m sick to death of outsiders viewing us as such. Maybe, just maybe, next time you feel like threatening someone over something so benign or so unimportant, you instead assess your actions and take a less hostile approach.

Top 5 Games That Will Make 2016 Sublime

A new year brings a new set of hotly anticipated games to look forward to and top 5 games in particular. 2016 is already shaping up to be an exciting one with Sony and Microsoft continuing their fight for dominance as they pursuit to outdo one another. This is alongside Nintendo who will start to lift the lid on their latest console; The mysterious NX. All this with a heap of third-party and indie titles plus VR finally becoming a reality. So I think it’s fair to say it’s going to be one hell of a year.

Below I have brought together the top 5 games I am most excited about for various reasons which I will go into. All you need to know is I realize there are many more games than what’s on show however it’s impossible to talk about them all. The games need to at least look likely to release this year so sorry Last Guardian. Lastly, it’s my own opinion so if you disagree that’s fine. Enjoy

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (Playstation 4)

Is this the end for Nathan Drake? Everyone’s favorite treasure hunter is coming out of retirement for one last adventure and oh boy does it look good. Destined to be the largest project undertaken by the much-respected Naughty Dog, The winner of 25 E3 awards is easily Sony’s biggest release of the year. Can it match its predecessors though? Most importantly how will Nathan Drake’s story end? All I know is tears will flow. This is first in our list of top 5 games.

Image 1

Cuphead (Xbox One)

This is the reason I play video games. Every once in a while something brilliant is shown from absolutely nowhere. Two Canadian brothers part of Studio MDHR have come together to make a platformer in the style of a 1930’s cartoon. Straight from the announcement, Cuphead stood out. It’s beautiful, It’s interesting, It’s new. What this industry demands more for is freshness and that is exactly what Cuphead is. Last year proved that indies can compete with triple-A games, Cuphead looks to continue this trend.  A must for any Xbox One owners and 2nd in from top 5 games.

top 5 games - Cuphead -vGamerz

Telltale Games: Batman (PC/MAC)

Now that Rocksteady has completed their take on the Dark Knight, Telltale is taking over the mantle to give their own take. Recently announced but promised for this year Telltale storytelling mechanic is one that may be wearing for some yet throw Batman in the mix and people perk up. Are we going to see more time spent with Bruce Wayne and detective work becoming a key part? Unlike Rocksteady’s version of the Bat, it is more likely you will have to use your brains over brawn.

Image 2

Legend of Zelda Wii U (Nintendo Wii U)

Will we finally get a real open-world experience set in the majestic world of Hyrule? With Nintendo in a period of transition, there’s a reason for concern that their hottest property will enter a ‘Twilight Princess’ state being released on both the Wii U and NX. Whatever the outcome the newest Zelda looks to marvel surely set to take the gaming world by storm. That is if we can trust early footage.

Image 6

No Man’s Sky (Playstation 4)

Imagine having the opportunity to explore the entirety of the universe, well that’s what studio Hello Games are promising. Understandable if currently, you are a bit pessimistic,  nevertheless if this is executed right it could become one of the greatest exploration video games ever. No pressure.

top 5 games-No Man's Sky (PlayStation 4)-vGamerz.

So there you have the top 5 games to look forward to this year. What video games are you most looking forward to? Leave us a comment below to tell us why.