Top 5 3DS Classic eShop Games

I have nothing to play. One of the most common quotes about the typical gamer. I’ve used it myself on multiple occasions. Luckily if you own a 3DS/2DS you have a tremendous amount of games at your disposal.

So to make life that little bit easier I have created a list of must-own, classic games from the Nintendo 3DS eShop. These are perfect for the hand-held device if you have never experienced them before and should certainly try out. Alternatively, if your looking for a nostalgia tour, you should invest in these 5 first.

Note: I have discounted all games specifically designed for the E-Shop. This list primarily is dedicated to titles previously released that are now available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Enjoy:

Super Mario Bros Deluxe

Expecting the original? Yes I could have easily picked Super Mario Bros, however, for the same price you get the privilege of not only sprinting your way through the original 32 iconic levels, but you get a heap of challenges and extra content to keep you occupied for weeks. Revisit every level whilst hunting for 5 red coins and a hidden Yoshi egg and trying to beat the set score. There is also 32 advanced levels that you gain upon completion of the original 32. Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned Boo races…

Image 1


Sonic the Hedgehog 2

You’re too slow. He may have fallen on hard times more recently, but the blue blur has some superb titles waiting on the eShop. What better way to revisit his glory days then to go with the best of the bunch; Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The game improved upon every feature from the first, making it vastly superior. It also introduced Sonic’s sidekick, the ever lovable Miles ‘Tails’ Prower. Here the duo sprint through the best 2D Sonic levels still available all these 23 years later. You have the Chemical Plant, the Aquatic Ruins and the unforgettable Casino Nights stage. Running through these vibrant, colorful levels with some of the best music to date. Flawless.

Image 2


Megaman 2

Sequels are popular. Again the blue blur, ahem, I mean the blue bomber came storming out of the gates in 1988 with debatably his greatest ever outing. Oh, how we would love a new entry like this. Anyway, in the mean time we have the stunning audio and gameplay of Megaman 2 that was cutting edge for the time. Take on Dr Wily and his army of robots in this difficult platformer. Warning: this is not for beginners that are new to the platforming genre. Megaman 2, like any of his titles, is unforgiving and require lots of practice, but if you are willing to sacrifice the time you will be well rewarded.

Image 3


Super Mario Bros 3

It’s impossible to leave off either of Mario’s greatest platformers. Super Mario Bros 3 introduced the Frog Suit, Hammer Suit and the unforgettable Tanooki Suit. There are exceptional levels still seen as gaming at its peek. Ice, sand and even a giant land (including giant Koopa Troopas!), whats not to like? Oh, right, that frustrating sun that constantly stalks you throughout the duration of the stage. Curse you!

Image 4


For never-ending puzzling fun, you just can’t go wrong with the timeless Tetris. It’s been more than thirty years since the original release, yet it still remains one of the most popular puzzlers around. On top of this, it was announced that Tetris is the best-selling paid downloaded game of all time. I think you’ll agree that, for the money, you could do a lot worse, especially considering the game is endless. Nostalgic heaven.

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So, there you have it. The top 5 eShop games available on the Nintendo 3DS. Do you agree with my list? Leave us a comment below to tell us your top 5.


Pokemon – Still On The Pokeball

In 1996, Game Freak introduced the Pokemon game franchise into the gaming community, a game franchise that even today revels in high demand and levels of enjoyment spanning over a variety of age groups. The franchise possesses a simple yet addictive objective of catching various monsters known as ‘Pokemon’ in order to befriend them, train them up and battle against other Pokemon trainers.  The franchise has adapted over the evolution of Nintendo consoles, becoming more intricate, gaining better graphics and deepening the content upon each release of a new installment. Originally, there were only 151 Pokemon and today we presented with now over 700. It is apparent that even after so many years that the demand for this game refuses to slack, so the ultimate question is, why are we still relentlessly trying to ‘catch ’em all’ after so much time?

still on the pokeball 1


Pokemon Is In Our Hearts 

The beauty of Game Freak is they know how to capture the hearts of a mass of age groups and they do well to maintain their interest in this beloved franchise. By expanding Pokemon further than just the main game series, Game Freak have allowed Pokemon to not only maintain fans, but also to gather more.

One of the first spin offs within the Pokemon game franchise was the Pokemon Trading Card Game (Gameboy). This targeted the fans more interested in the physical Pokemon Trading Cards, allowing them to build and alter decks and compete in game.


still on the pokeball 2



Some spin offs became a series in themselves, taking the Pokemon Ranger series for example. It allowed players to indulge in a different perspective to the Pokemon games in which you do not catch Pokemon as such but take care of them and see they coincide with the humans in the world. The games are quite hands on in regards to battles as opposed to the turn based  style of the main series and again allows the opportunity for different types of players to indulge in the Pokemon franchise. Then there’s the Mystery Dungeon which series allows players to play as a Pokemon themselves. Again, another expansion to the franchise to cater for another different type of player.


still on the pokeball 3


More recent spin offs have targeted specific addictions in the gaming industry. Pokemon Shuffle is a puzzle game quite clearly aimed at the mass of Candy Crush Saga addicts. So whilst remaining to be a fun game for younger generations it can also snatch up some older generations who like to play puzzle games when they get a little free time on their hands.

The greatest part is the spin offs not only engulf new fans but it is also fun for the more general Pokemon fans that love the series as a whole. The diversity within the Pokemon franchise is truly one of the reasons it is still standing strong today.



There is always a distinct feeling of despair when you finish a game as although feeling accomplished for beating the game, there is a hint of sadness in respect to the fact it’s over. Game Freak however, like to ensure that there is still plenty to do upon finishing a Pokemon game. Even after beating the Elite Four (a selection of the best Pokemon trainers in a specific region) and completing tasks only available post-game, there is always another Pokemon you can train differently or a new battle you may partake in.

In recent installments Pokemon has become more competitive. In being able to battle and trade with players worldwide, it has opened up an inlet for more strategic and focused Pokemon training. Players now train highly planned teams of Pokemon that have been bred to perfection in order to battle with players all over the world. There are also tournaments in which players may win prizes for doing so. This is a lovely addition to the Pokemon franchise as although aimed at more dedicated and competitive gamers, it doesn’t take anything away from the franchise itself. It is a fun, addictive addition that allows players to continue their journey in a more sociable and competitive manner.


Pokefans Speak

I asked some Pokemon fans to tell me what they thought kept the Pokefire burning, Pokemon-personalities from Tumblr wrote:


tumblr answer 2 why pokemon lives on


It is true, Game Freak are now adapting recent installments and remaking older games in order to not only expand the series further, but to also keep the fans of the older generations hooked and excited about the franchise. Game Freak understand their audience and the whole ideal that ‘it wasn’t as good as the originals’ can be overcome in some shape or form by incorporating the old into the new and engaging every part of their ever growing audience.

Also from Tumblr, Perditus-bliss writes:


tumblr answer why is pokemon lives on


This point does highlight how the uniqueness to the series appeals and is important to fans. It also draws attention to the fact Pokemon may be hitting adults in the sweet spot, the part inside of them that wants to relive their youth and it is truly heart-warming and moving that this video game franchise has the power to do that.


One Of A Kind 

The whole ideal behind Pokemon is extremely unique in itself, as well as being every child’s fantasy. A world in which from a young age you are given a Pokemon partner and allowed to journey the world, free of parents, no school (except Trainers School which actually sounds rather fun) being able to decide what you want to do and where you want to go. This concept is radically different to any game out there and therefore will always remain to be intriguing.

A game that started with a choice between three cute little monsters has transpired into one of the most successful and indulgent game franchises to date. Game Freak has the profound ability to snap up fans old and young and also maintain them. This is evident in their immense sales and the fact that the vast majority of Pokemon installments will hardly ever lose their value. I know the Pokemon franchise remains to be a video game I am emotionally attached to, and I’m sure that it is a common feeling among ongoing fans of the series.

still on the pokeball 4

What do you think keeps the Pokeball rolling? Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion. 

Gamestop Helps You Upgrade To The New Nintendo 3DS

From now until July 26th, you can trade in your 3DS XL, 3DS, 2DS, or PS Vita for a $100 credit towards the purchase of the NEW Nintendo 3DS. This means you can buy the upgraded system for only $100. (The system typically retails for $200.) Now, why would I do this if my 3DS works just fine, you ask?

The New 3DS has updated facial recognition that will actually follow your movements to optimize the 3D wherever you look. Remember that pesky sweet spot that you had to hit perfectly so that your eyes didn’t burn? That’s gone now. The updated system gives players a reason to slide that 3D back on.

The new system also has a second, smaller control stick on the right side of the machine that helps a great deal with the pesky cameras in the rebooted Legend of Zelda games.

The Start and Select buttons have moved to a more convenient location just under the character buttons, which feels more appropriate for a Nintendo device, and there are additional bumper buttons at the top that, at this point, don’t serve an exclusive purpose, but will likely be utilized in the future.

Another thing to consider moving forward, if you’re still not convinced to upgrade, is that Nintendo will soon optimize some of their games to run only on the New 3DS. So, if you’re a big 3DS player looking forward to whatever they have in store, you’ll be left out of the mix in the near future if you don’t take advantage of it now.

Side-scroller Snoopy’s Grand Adventure Release Date Announced

Snoopy's Grand Adventure

Activision has recently announced a Snoopy game based on The Peanuts Movie called The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy’s Grand Adventure and they have announced its release date. Snoopy’s Grand Adventure is coming to PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS on November 6. Weirdly enough, the game won’t be featured on the PS3.

The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy’s Grand Adventure is developed by Behaviour Interactive and published by Activision. The game’s description reads:

“In The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy’s Grand Adventure, Snoopy explores the fantastical worlds of his imagination to track down Charlie Brown and his friends in an intricate game of hide-and-seek. As he follows their trails, Snoopy will acquire new costumes (based on his many alter egos) that provide unique abilities for overcoming obstacles and reaching new levels, including flight stages that let him take off as the Flying Ace. From the jungle to Paris to the moon itself, each environment is painted gorgeously in the same visual style as The Peanuts Movie to bring to life every colorful detail of Snoopy’s wild daydreams.”

They also released a trailer of the game and there are some special costumes that grant the beloved character, Snoopy, the ability to fly while others just make him look good.

The Gameplay and story details from Wikipedia;

Gameplay | Snoopy’s Grand Adventure

The player plays as Snoopy and can play as Woodstock in co-op to help find Charlie Brown. In order to do this the player must go through several levels, each one ending at Snoopy’s Doghouse. Along the way the player will collect Jelly Beans, use various costumes, and find members of the Beagle Scouts. The player is able to customize Snoopy and Woodstock.


Charlie Brown and his friends play hide and seek in his backyard while unintentionally leaving a trail of jelly beans. Snoopy finds the trail and follows them in order to locate the gang.

The video game is launching on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS on November 6. ( Credit: Videogamer )

Binding of Isaac Rebirth Xbox One, 3DS, Wii U Release Date Announced

Isaac Rebirth

Nicalis Inc., the developer behind the hit dungeon crawler The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, have announced officially though its twitter that the game will be coming “to Xbox One, Wii U and new 3DS in North America July 23rd!”.

The game was released on November 4 for the PS4 and PC and since then the developer promised an Xbox One, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS release. There was some controversy around whether Nintendo’s platforms will be getting a complete version of the game or a cut version but it has been confirmed that it will be getting a normal complete version of the game.

The announcement came with a picture showing the game’s layout on a 3DS device.

Isaac Rebirth

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth will release on July 23rd for the Xbox One, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

OP Or Not OP, That Is The Question: #4- Mega Kangaskhan

Mega Kangaskhan 2


How times change. Kangaskhan has long been relegated to the forgotten, craptastic tier of Pokémon, completely outclassed in every possible sense. The mama ‘roo simply didn’t exist in regular competitive battles, and hadn’t been seen since the days of Red and Blue, where it loved to be a pain in the butt to catch in the safari zone.

With the advent of Pokémon X and Y, a simple mega stone turned this thing into an absolute monster. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it crushing Tokyo into spam alongside Godzilla and his buddies. So what the hell happened there?

Mega Kangaskhan happened, that’s what. Hold on to your underpants, we’re taking a closer look.

At first glance, Big Mama’s House doesn’t sound all that fearsome. She gets a nice all-round buff to offensive and defensive stats, but nothing that sounds excessive. A jack of all trades, if you will, well-rounded in both areas but not excelling in either. Or so you’d think.

The kicker here is the almighty ability it gains. Parental Bond adds a second hit to Mega Khan’s attacks, with 50% of the power of the first. This, essentially, is a free Choice Band, without the downfall of locking it into the first move chosen. But it’s more powerful than that. Two seperate hits make strategies involving Focus Sash and the Sturdy ability useless, and give Kangaskhan an extra shot at a critical hit. It’s just not fun at all.

In addition, it gives it a damaging Swords Dance in the form of Power-Up Punch, will will hit twice and get the attack boost both times. By so doing, this ‘mon can become completely terrifying in a single turn.

Mega Kangaskhan

It isn’t the fastest, true enough, and shares a speed tier with a lot of common ‘mon. It is also, as a predominantly Normal/Fighting attack user, very iffy versus ghosts. But for the most part, it can circumvent both of these issues with powerful priority in Sucker Punch.

Despite all of this, its OPishness is kind of a grey area. In singles battles, certainly, it’s one of the most dominant forces the series has ever seen, and was swiftly banned by Smogon. In that environment, there’s little doubt that it is OP. But doubles matches are a completely different issue.

In VGC, the format used in official doubles tournaments, Mega Kangaskhan is very much allowed. As a general rule, only mythical Pokémon and box legendaries are not. The faster pace of these matches, along with the possibility of double targetting and Khan’s lack of resistances, makes it much easier to handle.

2015’s ruleset allows a whole variety of new threats to it too. Most notably Terrakion, which will outspeed and one-shot it under normal circumstances. Sucker Punch will do little in return, being resisted, and will even grant the rock warrior an attack boost (twice) via Justified. Then there’s the common Rocky Helmet item, which will drain health twice from Kangaskhan and quickly take its toll.

Read more about online games.

In sum, as incredible (and so incredibly common) as Mega Kangaskhan is, it is managable. It is also a bit of a judgment call, as it can be OP and can not be depending on your perspective.