Mario Kart Tour multiplayer finally goes live

When it released last September, Mario Kart Tour quickly became one of the best mobile games on the market. It was everything fans loved about Mario Kart tucked away into their phones. Well, almost everything. Unfortunately, at release the game had no support for multiplayer.

That will no longer be the case going forward. In an update released yesterday, Nintendo officially greenlit the racing game’s online play. As with the core platform titles, players will be able to play against their friends or compete worldwide. All online races support up to eight different players.

Mario Kart tour race

Mario Kart Tour

There are a few steps to take before you can jump online. You’ll need a Nintendo Account set up and be connected to the internet. Alternatively, mobile data is fine but be cautious as Mario Kart Tour can use up data quickly. Once your Nintendo account is linked, all your friends added on Switch will appear automatically.

The Global Multiplayer uses constantly rotating cups to determine an active track list. Every 15 minutes the active cup will change, meaning learning all the tracks is crucial for winning. As with single player, winning will net you tons of position points. You’ll also earn various base points and bonus points based on what you do during races.

mario kart tour drift

Despite this update, there are still concerns over Mario Kart Tour’s monetization. Many complaints have focused on Nintendo’s $4.99 a month Gold Pass service. For $60 a year you get a watered-down battle pass, access to Gold Races, some in-game badges, and the 200CC category.

Even worse, Mario Kart Tour has many of its karts and racers locked behind a greedy gacha system. This means that you throw money at the game for a chance at landing the racer you want. Given how bad your odds are, it’s far more likely you just end up short on cash. Hopefully, the addition of multiplayer means that Nintendo are taking Tour more seriously, and improvements to its business model will be made in the future.

New Battlefield 1 Campaign Footage Is Filled With Dread


With Battlefield 1 creeping up on us, it is a bit surprising the amount of effort put into only the multiplayer aspects of the game thus far. We’ve seen almost nothing on the campaign which, to be fair, has a lot to prove.

Battlefield games, in general, aren’t remembered for having great campaigns. However, judging by the recently released gameplay, maybe things have finally changed for the better.

Here are twelve minutes of Battlefield 1 gameplay.

The most interesting part of this is how it seems that dying doesn’t yield some arbitrary game-over screen, and instead, swaps you to another named soldier to continue the fight. Whether or not this is representative of the entire game is at the present time, unknown.

What is known, though, is that the Frostbite engine looks utterly phenomenal. It never ceases to amaze me with what is possible right now. Battlefront before this looked breathtakingly beautiful on both PC and consoles, and Battlefield 1 seems to be no exception.

I also find it quite interesting that they’re potentially opting for a more serious, mature version of war. The pure grit of this game is quite fascinating. Especially when you see a tank gunning down enemies that are shellshocked. Few games before this ever attempted to demonstrate that side of these unnecessary conflicts.  While we won’t know until launch whether they’re committed to this or not, it seems to be a good sign.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Director Talks Multiplayer, Why They Don’t Want a Thrid-Party Dev

Developer Eidos Montreal is taking charge of the latest Deus Ex installment, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, that was revealed at E3 2015 and now gameplay director Patrick Fortier talks in the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine about how they didn’t want to implement a multiplayer mode since the game’s single-player already has a strong narrative.

Patrick commented about the success that BioWare did with Mass Effect 3 in featuring both a strong narrative and player-driven story along with a fun multiplayer mode. He also stated that if they want to take the multiplayer approach in a Deus Ex game, they will have to make it the focus point of the game.

“Mass effect 3’s multiplayer is a very good experience,” he said. “It’s proof that it can be done. I’m not saying that we can’t do it, but you know [BioWare is] in the fourth iteration [of its game] now, almost, whereas we’re only on the second of ours. There’s a lot of learning we need to go through! In the future, I think if we were to go in that direction it would have to be the topic of the game itself. The way we’re applying the formula, in the sense of the narrative component [impacting] all across the different disciplines, I think it would have to be that it makes sense story-wise.”

Patrick sees that employing a third-party developer won’t help in this kind of game since “It has to be fundamental right from day one.”.

“I don’t think it’s something that can be tacked on and supported sufficiently well through a third party developer, out of the office,” adds Fortier. “It has to be fundamental right from day one that you’re trying to do that. You have to have the right idea and the right vehicle.”

Deus Ex Mankind Divided is expected to release in mid-2016 on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

Rainbow Six: Siege Will Not Feature Squad AI on Single Player

Rainbow Six

For those who don’t know, the Rainbow Six series has long been an important name in the genre of tactical shooters. But as longtime fans of the games know, with each release, the newer versions become less and less like the original Rainbow Six (1998, Red Storm Entertainment). Whether or not Ubisoft’s newest take on the franchise turns out well or not remains to be seen. But according to a recent interview with Rainbow Six: Siege‘s animation art director Scott Mitchell, we already know it will be different from the other games in one (potentially) key respect. There won’t be AI teammates in any of the single player: neither for the campaign, or the iconic ‘terrorist hunt’ mode. Specifically, Mitchell said:

When you’re playing through single-player there are no supporting characters…But you can play as a lone wolf, as well as play the game’s whole story campaign. That said, it is more difficult. We do offer difficulty settings, but the AI has access to all of the options you do.”

This represents a departure from previous games in the series, which incorporated AI squad tactics centrally into the offline game design. That being said, if Siege’s online mode emphasizes teamwork and coordination, it might make up for this change up.

Following up on this quote, a Community Manager on the Ubisoft official forums had this to say:

“Just to let you know there is a single player experience which is done through Missions. These pre-set scenarios expose the player to the content and mechanics of the Siege and are specifically designed to be played solo as a Lone Wolf, but can also be played cooperatively with up to four friends.”

As fans of previous Rainbow: Six games know, you’ve always had the choice of playing through the game in “Lone Wolf” mode (i.e. without AI companions). Yet that made the game quite difficult, since every Rainbow Six game’s levels are designed around the principle that you have an entire squad behind you. It seems the idea here is to make Lone Wolf mode a more viable option; and thus provide players with an experience unique from that of online, as well as reducing the potential for some of that infamous bad companion AI these games have sometimes been accused of.

Rainbow Six: Siege will be available October 13th.

Gear Up Because Battleborn is Going to Blow You Away


With seven characters announced and more to come, I can’t tell you how excited I am for the upcoming game : Battleborn. This game has 25 playable heroes and no hero is even close to being the same as they are all geared up with unique weapons and powers. There is even a leveling up system where you can level up your hero and fully unlock your hero’s true power. The game overall looks like a better Borderlands. Don’t get me wrong. I love Borderlands but to have more choices to pick from when it comes to characters, well that’s a major gaming fantasy.

While a trailer and a few gameplay videos has been released for this game, it is enough for me to write about it and pre-order the game. Not only is the art stunning but you can play competitive multiplayer with up to 10 players online. Multiplayer has three different types of battles to choose from such as :

A base defend mode where you must defend your base from the waves of minions while still trying to destroy your opponent’s base.

A capture-the-flag type of game as players go head to head in a death match while capturing and holding objectives on the map, to secure a win.

Players protect their minions and guide them to the middle of the map where points are scored by the minions throwing themselves into an incinerator. The team with the most points takes the game.

Not only is there multiplayer but there is a story mode that can be played with friends online or splitscreen.

Needless to say, there are a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to Battleborn. From the gameplay, to the co-op, to the characters, I can’t wait to get my hands on this game and review it.

Check out the official Battleborn site for any updates or news on this thrilling upcoming game.

How to Make Titanfall 2 Great


Developers Respawn have officially announced that a multi-platform sequel to the shooter is in development. This may polarise some gamers opinions, whilst Titanfall was well received on the awards circuit many gamers felt let down by the launch title game.

Here are some thoughts on how to make the sequel a great game:

  1. Single player/Co-op campaign

It is impossible to discuss Titanfall without mentioning their unique take on the campaign, or lack of! The campaign ran exactly the same as each of multiplayer modes with some radio chatter added in to give the illusion of a story. It was hard to be invested and after completing it from both sides I couldn’t tell you any of the important information or even the characters names.

With games like COD that dominate the charts with a large number of players ignoring the single player aspect completely Respawn’s decision seems justified, but I know I am not alone when I say I care about the campaign!

When you have a game where the mechanics work beautifully and most importantly are fun it is such a shame not to include a single player or even co-op element. Much like the added “Frontier Defence” a co-op storyline would be so much fun. The planets we visited throughout the online modes have abundance of interesting locations and wildlife that I want to explore! Think Avatar with both warring factions having access to robot machines of death, I want to care about the characters and the struggle of the militia but as it stands I just don’t!

  1. Custom Titans

This one is self-explanatory, much of the marketing material for this game continued to make the point that it is you and your Titan. So why can’t I customise it?!

Whilst changing the voice and emblems are available now the customisation does not go nearly far enough. I want my Titan to be completely unique as it drops on to the battlefield, there needs to be more physical customisation to alter the appearance of my Titan.

The prestige challenges could also unlock hard to gain items giving  more incentive to keep hitting those challenges. EA if you are listening…this does not mean we want microtransactions!

I haven’t mentioned the distinct lack of Titan types as full point as it goes without saying, we want more than three classes of Titan!

  1. Strategic Frontier Defence

Frontier Defence as I mentioned earlier was a great addition to the game modes, thoroughly enjoyable and if you haven’t played Titanfall in some time I recommend you give this mode a try.

What I envision with a strategic version would be a much larger map. You would still have four pilots defending with another four attacking. The gameplay would be as it is now that the defenders have to protect the reactor until the attackers run out troops. The defence team would be given access to limited equipment to aid them. The obvious starting points would be turrets that players could control and pitfall traps that would be able to doom a single titan.

It would be an interesting game mode as the attacking team would have control over the attacking force, combining strategy and fast paced gameplay would easily make this the best game mode on Titanfall.

So there are three things I want to see in Titanfall 2, what do you think? Has single player gameplay had its day? Let me know in the comments below.

Is Levelling Up/Upgrading One Of The Most Important Things In Games?


A lot of games these days implement a form of levelling up or upgrade system within them. These could vary quite often too, such as Call of Duty enables you to level up in order to get new weapons, perks and the ability to prestige so you can start over your levelling up again, whereas Destiny allows your to level up your character to make them stronger and upgrade your weapons and gear too. Would people still be playing these games if levelling up/upgrading wasn’t a part of it? The desire to have the highest prestige badge on Call of Duty or the strongest weapons and highest level in Destiny really drives and pushes gamers on to keep playing, even if what they are playing is largely the same, no matter how fun it is.

Even single player games include upgrading systems too, such as The Last of Us. It has a crafting system which allows you to create molotovs, increse the amount of times you can use your shiv, health packs and bombs. There are workbenches where you can upgrade your weapons, and supplements which allow you to increase your crafting speed, maximum health, listen mode distance, healing speed and decreases weapon sway. This however, is a minor part of the game considering it’s story and something that most certainly doesn’t keep you coming back, but you certainly feel happy when you come across a crafting table to upgrade your weapons, that’s for sure.

However, some games don’t include levelling up or upgrading in them at all, look at Telltale’s games as an example. Playing through The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones and you wouldn’t even think about upgrading because the story is so strong and gripping. The most important thing in them games is the story and the choices they give you to make.

It’s certainly an important part of many games, and doesn’t play a role in others. I think it’s merely circumstantial, it depends on the type of game you’re playing that decides whether a levelling up or upgrade system is needed. It certainly plays a large role in multiplayer games though, and many would be worse off without it. I personally however, love levelling up in most games, it gives me a sense of accomplishment from playing the game.

What do you think? Are they important or not needed? Or merely circumstantial like I said? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Dragon Age Inquisition Has Multiplayer, Debut Trailer Released

Dragon Age

Despite Bioware having teased it months ago, the official announcement of Dragon Age Inquisition‘s multiplayer is still a shock. This week, the Xbox Youtube channel as uploaded the first reveal trailer of the co-operative multiplayer mode that the game will offer.  With a focus on unique classes, mini-campaigns, and customization, this mode appears to be very entertaining, but don’t take my word for it.

Say what you will about Mass Effect 3 and it’s multiplayer mode. At the end of the day, it was a surprisingly polished, balanced and enjoyable experience. Nobody wanted it, and nobody was excited when it hit, but the community was booming and the action never stopped.

If Bioware manages to make this mode even half as close to as fun as Mass Effect 3 was, I think it’s safe to say that we’re in for a treat. This is especially the case when you consider how few high fantasy games actually offer any sort of online experience.

Below is the mode in action; prepare yourself for the first taste.

Say what you will about Mass Effect 3 and it’s multiplayer mode. At the end of the day, it was a surprisingly polished, balanced and enjoyable experience. Nobody wanted it, and nobody was excited when it hit, but the community was booming and the action never stopped.

If Bioware manages to make this mode even half as close to as fun as Mass Effect 3 was, I think it’s safe to say that we’re in for a treat. This is especially the case when you consider how few high fantasy games actually offer any sort of online experience.

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Reveal Trailer Looks Exhilarating

Call Of Duty

Activision has revealed the multiplayer aspect of Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare in prep for Gamescom, and does it ever look like frenetic fun. With a new engine, added mobility, and the idea of reinvigorating a dying franchise, Advanced Warfare seeks to seduce newcomers and long-time fans alike.

This new trailer demonstrates every reason you should be hyped up for multiplayer once again, especially after Ghosts, which was a let-down in every regard.

I, despite having a vendetta against yearly released franchises that do little to improve the formulae, love Call Of Duty. Games like Modern Warfare and Black Ops were loads of fun to play, with re-playability that kept the game fresh for months. Ghosts came out as a disappointment to most, and it seemed that the infamous IP was finally losing its audience. That is, until Advanced Warfare was shown off.

The game is set to on next-gen and current-gen platforms on the 4th of November, and I cannot wait to sink my teeth in.

Ubisoft Reveals Rainbow Six: Seige


Rainbow Six

Ubisoft closed their press conference this year with a re-branded Rainbow Six. Rainbow Six: Siege so far features two teams of five going against each other in a fight over a hostage. After two years since any word from Rainbow Six: Patriots, the new game direction comes as a surprise.

The way players talk during the trailer makes it seem like the game may only feature one map, and with five player teams it immediately draws MOBA comparisons. But the game also borrows from other genre’s, allowing players to board up windows and doors, shoot through cover and plan out entry and exit tactics. The brief match showed what a tactically minded team could accomplish, and kept the series signature difficulty and zero room for errors.

Watch the trailer below, and come back soon for our analysis.

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