Minecraft – Best modpacks to play in 2020


Arguably gaming’s most iconic sandbox ever made, Minecraft has become a natural hub for talented mod makers. From gameplay redesigns to lore expansions, the world of Minecraft modpacks is truly vast. The question is, which ones should you be using? With there being so many to pick from, it can be easy to get confused.

To install and play modpacks you’re going to need to own a copy of Minecraft Java Edition as well as have the Twitch app downloaded. From here, you can head over to the mods tab, click Minecraft, and then finally browse modpacks. Pick whichever one you fancy and wait for the installation to finish.

All the Mods 3

atm3 custom house modpackLet’s kick off with an easy one. All the Mods 3 effectively does what it says on the tin. It adds pretty much every major mod. This is an intense modpack that can stress lower-end PCs but is a great way to get into modded Minecraft.

The full mod list can be read here but the highlights include Mekanism, Forestry, and Tinkers. Thanks to the sheer number of mods, players are free to pick what they want and run with it. You can do science, magic, farming, or animals. Anything really as this modpack accommodates all kinds of playstyles and interests.

The only downside is that it can be a little overwhelming for beginners who don’t know how each mod works. ATM3 fails to provide the appropriate tools to help the player choose a starting mod. Your best bet is to stick with the fan favourites and follow online guides as to not get lost.

Despite this not being the most up to date version, I would recommend ATM3 over both 4 and 5. This is because both of those versions are on newer Minecraft clients that support fewer mods. Minecraft 1.12 might not be for everyone but there’s no doubting it’s the go-to version to play the best modpacks.

SkyFactory 4

sky factory 4 modpackDespite claiming to be a survival sandbox, Minecraft doesn’t actually do a great job of being a survival game. Gathering resources isn’t overly difficult with even the most valuable tools being craftable well within an hour of play. That’s where SkyFactory 4 can come in handy.

This modpack has you trapped on a tiny island with just yourself, some dirt, and a tree. The end goal? Creating a large nuclear reactor that can pump out millions of Redstone Flux energy to power an entire civilization. Yeah, it’s going to take you a while.

SkyFactory 4 tests your knowledge of modpacks by having its core progression tied to the creation of saplings. That is to say, you don’t get given saplings but instead have to use several mods to create them. The trees that grow will be the method to which you will farm almost every resource.

This is a great choice for experienced players looking for something more challenging. It can be especially difficult if you choose to do a no guide playthrough. Trying to figure out what to do next or how to proceed without help is seriously hard. At the very least, I had to give in and look things up.

Space Astronomy 2

space astronomy 2 machineMinecraft has you head to several different dimensions. From the Overworld to the Nether to the End, there are plenty of unique places to explore. However, what you can’t do is rocket off into the endless depths of space that lie above. That is unless you install Space Astronomy 2.

This modpack focuses almost exclusively on space travel and visiting foreign planets. The core progression will see you build various rockets and shuttles as well as an appropriate space base. When you finally reach the outer worlds, you’ll be able to colonize and begin brand new civilizations all across the galaxy.

One potential negative is just how unforgiving Space Astronomy tends to be. Messing up a landing and crashing your spaceship will result in the majority of your progress being thrown away. It makes sense but isn’t overly practical from a gameplay standpoint. Equally, dying on a foreign planet or moon over and over is possible if you run out of oxygen.

Consider this the go-to modpack for any players who love the techy side of Minecraft modding. It’s also a good choice for those looking for something akin to vanilla Minecraft whilst still adding a bunch of things to do. Even with all the new content, the idea of gathering resources and crafting with them is central to Space Astronomy 2.


tekkit space creeper modpackRecognized by many as the original modpack, Tekkit is a timeless classic that adds most if not all of Minecraft’s iconic mods. The age old overpowered mods like Equivalent Exchange are long gone with the newer versions of Tekkit being surprisingly balanced and thought out.

Tekkit is one of the few modpacks to still make the most out of quarries. These are extremely convenient mining systems that will excavate large areas automatically at the cost of fuel. It’s a shame that they’ve become increasingly rare in Minecraft given how much utility they offer.

Play Fallout In Minecraft

The announcement of Fallout 4 didn´t really come as a surprise for anyone, we all knew that the game was in the making and that it would be announced soon, and then it did. But there are more ways to play Fallout then you might think of, it is with time even going to be possible to explore the wastelands in Minecraft

The Minecraft mod “Project Wasteland” I now being developed and looks really great, capturing that Fallout magic in Minecraft, opening up the amazing world of Fallout and its wasteland to a bigger audience then any Fallout game have at this moment.

The mod comes with its own Pip-Boy and UI that you know and love from the games. But the progress on the mod is going slow, which might be expected by something of this magnitude, so there is no release date given for the mod yet. But when it is available, it will be downloadable from mincraftforum.net.

Take a look at the video below and be amazed by how different the Minecraft experience can be when mods like this appear:

What do you think about the prospect of playing Fallout in Minecraft?

Minecraft’s Minecon Sets New Guinness World Record



This past weekend, a special event was held to gather all Minecraft’s loving fans in one place and when you invite Minecraft’s fans to gather in one place, they set a new Guinness World Record for “largest convention for a single video game”. There was a recorded 10,000 fans which is the highest number of fans gathering for a single video game.

“For a multi-genre games convention to attract 10,000 fans is a big enough feat in itself,” said Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition deputy editor Stephen Daultrey on MCV Pacific.

“But for a convention dedicated to a single video-game to get that number is nothing short of astonishing. This record is testament to the incredible fandom around Minecraft and the game’s ability to unlock the imaginations of millions of gamers around the world.”

Minecraft is known to attract people of all ages and this is a milestone they should be proud of as a community. Tell us what you think about this record breaking attendance and if you wish you were there. Use the comment box below.

Minecraft’s Getting A Bunch Of New Features



During this year’s Minecon – an event that exclusively covers everything that’s coming in the future of Minecraft – Mojang (Minecraft’s creators) announced a bunch of new features that are coming for their 2009’s survival sandbox.

One of the most important of them being the dual wielding, as it now gives the players the ability to hold up to two items with two hands at the time. In other words, players are now able to, for instances, both hold a pickaxe and a torch at the same time, something that can be quite useful while exploring mines and caves. Or you could just lose your mind, and dual wield two swords, and kill every pig that dares to stay in your way.

Another big feature that was spoken in the conference were the glowing arrows, have the capability to mark the target for a short period of time, which can obviously give the shooter a big advantage in a confrontation.

But what, in my personal opinion was the biggest feature, had to be the announcement of The End City, which is by the words of the people at Mojang is “A makeover of The End”, which for those who don’t know, used to be this floating island, where the player would fight The Ender Dragon, but now promises t be fully fleshed worlds – just like the Nether – and have buildings and ladders, which obviously is a big change from what people have always been used to. It also promises o have new enemies, just like The Shulker, which will quite literally make you float by his sight, as his shooting makes you get to the top of wherever you are, which can both be helpful – as The End City will now provide some parkour stages – or utterly deadly, as your an easily fall for your death.

And for the Ender Dragon though, well, this is what Mojang has to say about him:

“The Ender Dragon right now in the PC edition is not right. You go to the end, you break a few blocks, then you hit him over the head a couple of times[…]”

And you can expect an update for the consoles as well, which – just like the PC version – will also provide these Ender Crystals that will be used to spawn The Ender Dragon.

Mojang will also update the iOS version in an attempt to balance the mobile versions with the superior ones, and they’ll now support XP and Hunger bars, which – you know – is always useful for a survival game.

And don’t forget, for more on Minecon and Minecraft related, stay tuned to VGamerZ.

Australian Government Asks Minecraft Fans To Design Park


The state government of South Australia has announced a competition for young Minecraft fans to use the game to design a national park.

The competition is open to students in year four, five, six, and seven. “Minecraft is a game that encourages creativity, letting players build in 3D in an infinite world, then explore their own creations and those of other players,” Sustainability, Environment and Conservation Minister Ian Hunter said.

“The competition is part of a wider project to ask the community what sort of facilities or services would encourage them to visit national parks more frequently.”

The Minister said some of the ideas the government is looking for include bike trails, picnic areas, public toilets, and wheelchair accessibility. But he also said students might come up with entirely new ideas. The students must submit at least fire screenshots of their design in order to be considered.

Students will work together as a class, and may base their designs on existing parks or create entirely new ones. The winners will be decided based on how well their designs are “able to be translated into the real world.” The government is after a park that is creative, practical, and sustainable.

Minecraft has been used throughout the world to visualise real-world projects, as well as in schools for education. Having students use the wildly popular game to create a national park is a Leslie Knope-esque idea that aims to encourage youth to engage with the government and the community. The project is going to be no small feat, with the government having pledged more then $10 million to parks during the last election.

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The winning class will be sent on a day-long excursion to Belair National Park.

Minecraft Set To Be Banned In Turkey


It’s been a month since the Turkish government first announced it would investigate claims that Minecraft should be banned for being “too violent”. Today, the results of the investigation are in, and it’s not looking good for the blocky sandbox.

Local sites Hurriyet Daily and Leader Gamer reported that Turkey’s Family and Social Policies Ministry has concluded that authorities should ban Minecraft because it might encourage children to resort to violence. They will begin the process of sending the report to the legal affairs’ department, including instructions to ban the game from the region. Under Turkish law, whether or not the game will be banned must be determined by the courts.

Mojang responded to the ban on GamesBeat by saying, “Minecraft is enjoyed by many players in a wide variety of ways… Many enjoy the creative freedom that’s presented by Minecraft and its tools, some are more interested by the opportunity to explore a landscape without boundaries and to go on exciting adventures with friends. We encourage players to cooperate in order to succeed, whether they’re building, exploring, or adventuring. The world of Minecraft can be a dangerous place: it’s inhabited by scary, genderless monsters that come out at night. It might be necessary to defend against them to survive. If people find this level of fantasy conflict upsetting, we would encourage them to play in Creative Mode, or to enable the Peaceful setting. Both of these options will prevent monsters from appearing in the world.”

A quote from the report stated, “Although the game can be seen as encouraging creativity in children by letting them build houses, farmlands and bridges, mobs [hostile creatures] must be killed in order to protect these structures. In short, the game is based on violence.” (via Hürriyet Daily News). The report was also concerned that the game could lead to “social isolation” in children while also exposing them to the risk of online bullying or abuse.

Turkey has banned a lot of “offensive” websites, but a relatively small number of games. Minecraft may still be in trouble, however, as the Turkish authorities see it as a game marketed predominantly at children. It’s likely they would simply block the minecraft.net domain, given their heavy use of website blocking. According to the Gamesbeat report, Turkey’s government has deemed 67,000 websites offensive, including 4chan and richarddawkins.net.

The investigation began a month ago after a journalist told the Family and Social Policies Minister Aysenur Islam that the game rewards players for killing other players by giving them points. Anybody who’s spent any time actually playing the game would know that’s not entirely accurate. It’s pretty clear Minecraft is not “based” on violence, but rather offers violence as one of many play options. And, let’s be honest, even at its most violent Minecraft is still just a human-shaped block hitting another block.