Mafia III Reveal Trailer Preaches About The Importance Of Family

One of the more surprising Gamescom reveals for me this year, Mafia III has been announced for 2016 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Mafia III stars Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam vet with a passion for family and revenge.

I must admit that I did not expect Mafia III to be anything like this. Kudos to Hangar 13 for trying something new in a sea of Italian mafia movies, games, and TV shows, but I’m not sure how I feel about any of it.

The main character seems to act more like a despicable villain than anything, and while yes, men in the mafia are generally horrible people, the endearing thing about a story around such men is that they somehow manage to be like-able.

I guess I’ll see how much I care about Lincoln when the game drops next year. For now, I’m hoping that Mafia III will capture the same magic that Mafia II did a few years ago, as I still think about some of the more wonderful aspects of that game to this day.

Would We See A Mafia III Announcement Soon ?

Mafia III

Mafia III

Take-Two registered 4 domains with the name Mafia III in all 4 of them. Mafia II was a decent game when it released back in 2002 but had a lot of repetitive missions and even the not-repetitive missions were boring. Now after more than 13 years after Mafia II, it is highly likely this hints a near announcement for Mafia III.

The domains were “,” “,” “,” and “”.  The post was made by a NeoGAF user Ekim that showed a pic of DailyChanges‘ report on Take-Two’s activity and that they were all registered last week on June 25.

For now, this isn’t solid evidence that we will see the video game or an announcement anytime soon so hold your horses and keep your hopes low since these kind of things happen all the time and some of them never even get announced.

Tell us if you are and amateur of this video game and if you are excited about a new Mafia installment in the comments section below.