Gaming convention PAX expected to reopen doors in 2021

PAX East return

If you’re invested in the games industry then you’ve probably heard of PAX. PAX is a gaming convention that was previously known as the Penny Arcade Expo. It consists of three main sub-events, PAX East, West, and Unplugged. East is hosted in Boston, West in Seattle, and Unplugged in Philadelphia.

Last year’s Unplugged was canceled due to the ongoing COVID epidemic. But with plans for a vaccine finally coming together and the epidemic slowing down, this could change soon. The event organizers are targeting a June 2021 return with full crowds in attendance.

The return of PAX

PAX event shot

Both PAX East and Pax West should take place next year dependent on the COVID-19 epidemic improving. However, smaller events such as South and Australia will likely not return until 2022. If approved, next year’s conventions will invite several content creators, developers, and publishers to take part.

Unlike many other gaming conventions, the focus of PAX isn’t to announce new games. Instead, it’s a festival of sorts created to celebrate gaming culture as a whole. It first began in 2004 but has since grown exponentially. Last year just one event recorded almost 53,000 attendees. That makes it the second-largest gaming convention in North America after E3.

If this sounds exciting and you’re eyeing up a potential trip, keep a few things in mind. For one, this isn’t official yet by any means. Although event organizers are hoping this goes ahead, COVID is unpredictable. We still don’t know for sure if vaccines are safe and distributing them in the US, where national healthcare doesn’t exist, is going to be tricky.

Regardless, we can only pray that this means we are reaching the end-game. If all goes well and the vaccine works as intended, other events should start opening up too. If 2021 can bring back PAX, E3, and Gamescom then it’ll already be on track to be a better year.

Scalebound – Xbox One Exclusive Gameplay Revealed

Scalebound is the next game from developer Platinum Games, responsible for fast paced high octane action such as Vanquish and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. After first being revealed at E3 in 2014 with a slick looking CGI trailer, the first look at gameplay was presented at Gamescom 2015.

You can see from the gameplay video below that this game will feature melee based combat, reminiscent of Devil May Cry, and a giant dragon that you control to do your bidding. The similarities between Scaledbound and Devil May Cry don’t stop with combat, the main character seems to have been inspired by the series. He has a cocky attitude, mysterious powers and a love for putting on headphones before a battle. Much like Nero’s demon arm, the main character has what appears to be a scaled arm which I am sure will play a pivotal role in the story.

What was not shown in the trailer is whether the dragon is a playable feature or a simply an ally that is commanded to complete certain actions. This is certainly a feature that everyone wants to see and could be what distinguishes this game from other third person action games.

What did you think of the Scalebound gameplay reveal? Are you as excited to play it now the gameplay has been revealed? Let me know in the comments below.

ZHEROS – In Space, Nobody Can Hear You Brawl

Rimlight Studios has announced that upcoming 3D brawler will be ready for release on Xbox One via the [email protected] self-publishing program.

ZHEROS is a stylised sci-fi action game combining frantic fun, crazy creatures and monstrous mechs! Set in a futuristic and colourful landscape you take control of either Captain Dorian or Mike punching, kicking and shooting your way through robotic enemies to stop the evil plan of Dr. Vendetta. Think the over top heroism from Captain Qwark in the Ratchet & Clank series.

The game can be played solo or via local co-op, you and a friend can battle through various enemy types using unique and engaging combat.

ZHEROS looks like a fun light hearted break from the gritty realism of most new releases, to see the game in action check out the gameplay video below:

ZHEROS will be playable at the upcoming Gamescom event. What other [email protected] games are you looking forward to seeing? Let me know in the comments below.

Xbox And Their Current Gamescom Situation



Now that E3 is over, Microsoft has already started planning their next big event, Gamescom, which will be elapsing from August 5 until August 9. It will be located in Cologne, Germany.

Microsoft promises to bring their “greatest games lineup in Xbox history” into the event, thou their primarily focusing in the Xbox One. They have already announced that they’ll be showing Scalebound, Platinum Games next adventure game, the Demo from the time travel shooter Quantum Break, and more details about Crack Down.

Microsoft has already stated that they’ve purposely saved some games announcements and content from E3, so that they could then show it on Gamescom.

The show will be open to the public and if you visit the Xbox booth, you will be able to play a lot of their upcoming AAA titles, just like Halo 5: Guardian, Forza Motorsport 6 and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Microsoft is also planning in doing an “Xbox FanFest” this year.

Sony, Microsoft’s biggest rival, will actually give Microsoft a break, and skip Gamescom this year, as they will be focusing more on the Paris Games Week, which will only be happening this October.

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Rime Is Back With A Glorious New Trailer


Rime was an incredibly beautiful and nostalgic game. One that captivated everyone watching Gamescom in 2013. It’s great then, that Tequila Works offers a new trailer for Gamescom 2014, and it’s even better than the last.

It has Wind Waker and ICO written all over it, and that is never a bad thing, is it?

Check out the glorious Rime trailer below and prepare to be very, very excited!

This is one of my most anticipated titles for the Playstation 4. This game seems to perfectly capture atmosphere and tone with its beautiful cel-shaded graphics and simplistic soundtrack, and it scratches my Wind Waker itch that no game has come close to touching before.

Please let this game come out already! The excitement can hardly be contained any longer.

Until Dawn, Horror Reinvented?


After having Sony tease “horror reinvented” for a week, everyone at Gamescom expected something big. What we have received, is ‘Until Dawn’.

If that title sounds familiar, it’s because it was being shown off a PS3 title years ago, but has since gone dark. Supermassive Games has kept quiet for quite some time, however …

Now, with a fresh coat of paint, we’ve been given a trailer detailing just what Until Dawn has become. Check out the viedeo below to see for yourself:

I must admit that I find little interest in this title. It’s not that it looks particularly bad, just that with a tagline like “horror reinvented”, you’d expect something that shies away from one of the biggest horror clichès of all time. It is a story of 8 teenagers staying in a cabin, and of course, as you and everyone else expects, a deranged killer is on the loose.

The only interesting part of this trailer in my eyes is that everyone can die, or everyone can live. This seems to suggest that choices will be a massive part of the story in Until Dawn, but until we see more, I’ll remain skeptical.

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Reveal Trailer Looks Exhilarating

Call Of Duty

Activision has revealed the multiplayer aspect of Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare in prep for Gamescom, and does it ever look like frenetic fun. With a new engine, added mobility, and the idea of reinvigorating a dying franchise, Advanced Warfare seeks to seduce newcomers and long-time fans alike.

This new trailer demonstrates every reason you should be hyped up for multiplayer once again, especially after Ghosts, which was a let-down in every regard.

I, despite having a vendetta against yearly released franchises that do little to improve the formulae, love Call Of Duty. Games like Modern Warfare and Black Ops were loads of fun to play, with re-playability that kept the game fresh for months. Ghosts came out as a disappointment to most, and it seemed that the infamous IP was finally losing its audience. That is, until Advanced Warfare was shown off.

The game is set to on next-gen and current-gen platforms on the 4th of November, and I cannot wait to sink my teeth in.