Battlefield: Hardline Gameplay and Release Date


EA and Visceral talked today about this years Battlefield entry. In the first yearly Battlefield entry, players will be taking the place of both Police and Criminals as they try to plan and foil heists.

The team showed off a 32 multiplayer match in which the criminals took down a few armored vans. The action escalated when police arrived and at the scene and an intense battle began. The traditional Battlefield experience took over from there, as helicopters, cars, bikes and mobile arsenals began to run together.

In the later parts of the match new features began to become clear, like gas trucks that act like mobile bombs and some new tools for users. Check below for the full match, and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

And stay tuned with us as we’ll be bringing you some exclusive Battlefield: Hardline gameplay footage really soon!

New Mirror’s Edge 2 Info


Mirror’s Edge 2 just got a whole lot more interesting! While before we were grasping at straws for any understanding of what the game was, we now know a lot more as to where it is headed.

The new developer-focused trailer showed off how Mirror’s Edge 2 is being made. From adding a suite of real parkour moves to the past games move set, the new entry should feel just like the last except with even smoother movement. The trailer shows off how combat will now be a puzzle, with pathways to knock everyone out quickly and efficiently. The games signature white, black and red aesthetic returns as well, along with the first games themes and message.

The game still looks a far way off, but exciting none the less. Check out the trailer yourself below:

What do you think about it?

New Criterion Game is Open World Traveler


Criterion games took the stage during EA’s press conference to talk about their newest project. While the project was called “very far away”, it has a very clear conceptual design that merits discussion.

The team is basically creating a game in which almost any type of vehicle, a helicopter, boat, ATV, car, dune buggy, dirt bike and more. While all this is going on, the team wants the experience to be online as well. And if you know anything about Criterion games, then you know they have a legacy of excellent crash models.

The team emphasized that the game’s target is for ‘fun’, and they will do whatever is needed to achieve that.

What do you think about the video? Looks like something you’d like to play?

EA shows off Bioware Properties


EA kicked off it’s press conference with footage of Dragon Age: Inquisition. The sizzler reel featured some stunning vistas and a lot of pretty character models walking around, but nothing in the terms of true gameplay. They then discussed how the new entry will bring see the return of a deep party system, customizeable characters and a semi-open world. Next the team showed off some actual gameplay, which revealed that the tactical mode, in which players can freeze time and plan team movements is coming back.

Next the team revealed a new entry into the Mass Effect series as well as a brand new IP. The new Intellectual property looked to be set within a post-apocalyptic world based on one piece of conceptual work. The Mass Effect entry appears to be a less story driven experience, instead focusing on discovery and exploration. They assured that characters would still play an important role in the game. The conceptual images will soon be added to the piece so you can judge for yourself.

The Division gets New Gameplay


The Division got it’s first gameplay trailer since last E3 during  Microsoft’s press conference. As a reminder, the games story revolves around a world in which a massive disease is released on Black Friday, and populations around the world are crippled. The ensuring mayhem is what The Division revolves around, using the rough atmosphere to it’s advantage. The game still centers around cooperative play between bands of survivors, and how they can interact with other groups.

The trailer looks amazing, and hopefully that same look can be transferred to the actual game. The Division continues Ubisoft’s foray into building new and different multiplayer experiences, and it gets me excited for how the game turns out.

Unfortunately, the game is still a year away at best, so for now we just get trailer. Check out the gameplay yourself below, and check back soon for more details after Ubisoft’s press conference.

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Fable Legends Detailed at E3


Lionhead Studios detailed the story, setting and gameplay for it’s upcoming Fable’s Legends. A quick opening cinematic showed an opening village and some NPC characters. The trailer then went into some gameplay, which looks like really quick, really action oriented Fable. The online co-op gameplay saw characters blending their skills to take down opponents.

But that’s not the only type of gameplay available, as players can choose to be the villain and design levels for hero’s to try their hand at. The strange ‘dungeon master’ element sounds like a new type of game that hasn’t really been tried before. The other elements that define Fable, character interaction and signature RPG trademarks, haven’t made an appearance yet.

The game is set for 2015, with a beta beginning this summer. Check out the video below to find out more about it:

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Sunset Overdrive arrives in Style


Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive revealed a suite of info on Xbox’s big stage.  In addition to a new trailer and gameplay, an October 28th release date became final. The game also got a new online mode- dubbed Chaos Mode -allows up to 8 players to take on the city together. All of this was wrapped in one of the best E3 presentations I can remember. The trailer was funny, playing on first person shooter tropes and breaking the fourth wall just a bit. The game’s color palet continue to impress me, and when paired with the mature cartoon themes and in game jokes I can’t help but wonder if this will be my game of the show. It makes me wonder if the zany visuals and crazy weapons are going to be the perfect combo for a killer app, as it appeals to a gigantic crowd.

Check out the video below for the full shenanigans, and let us k now your thoughts in the comments below.

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Assassin’s Creed Unity to add Co-op, New Gameplay

Ubisoft revealed today, during Microsoft’s E3 press conference, that next-gen exclusive Assassin’s Creed Unity will be the first entry to feature co-op. You and two additional friends can now sleuth around revolutionary France coordinating for complex assassinations.  The gameplay followed four assassins sneaking into a mansion in order to disrupt the guards, allowing the rebels to kill a local aristocrat. The game looked gorgeous. and featured some new mobility features that appear to make the gameplay even more fluid than before. For the first time in the series complete buildings enter the world, with complete floor plans that can be used to cut through a building.

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Turn 10 talks DLC and Forza Horizon 2


Turn 10 Studios and company took the stage during Microsoft’s press conference Monday to talk a bit about their upcoming projects. To begin, a brand new track will be available for free to Xbox One Forza 5 owners starting later today. The world famous Nurburgring is one of the more notable racing tracks, and die hard fans have been asking for it’s inclusion. Moving on to the newest Forza game, Forza Horizon 2 is set in the same engine as Forza 5, meaning that players driveatars will carry over, a new day-night cycle will be added, and the roster of cars is over 200. The game keeps the offshoot series signature open world and looser racing feel, along with thee music festival setting. Instead of racing across Colorado like in the original, players now take to the roads of southern Europe. The  Xbox One exclusive races to consumers on September 13th.

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare New Trailer (With Analysis) and Release Date

Call of Duty

Opening the Microsoft press conference, developer Slegdehammer games revealed a new trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The trailer followed past Call of Duty E3 coverage, as a live developer played through a segment of the upcoming shooter. A number of new to the franchise features were seen, ranging from major to minor.

The game now has a release date of November 4, 2014 for PS4. PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U.

The gameplay begins with a very Call of Duty action sequence as a team fall to earth in a drop pod. The new updates begin immediately thereafter, as the player jumps from a drop pod and  lands without fall damage. Numerous times throughout the gameplay the soldier leaps and falls with a soft air cushion catching him, presumably shrinking the impact fall damage has in the series.  As the character moves in and out of environments it becomes clear that a serious overhaul has taken place. Lighting and detail within destroyed city blocks look many times better than past entries, and the near-future tech lent the game a more unique visual style than other Call of Duties. Around 5 minutes in, the player is assaulted by a swarm of droids, and grabs a nearby car door for cover. It’s unclear if this is a new mechanic or simple a one time action, but interactive cover like this would go far in spacing up the traditional gameplay. From here the gameplay skips ahead, we reappear and see some new combat tech. In a quick sequence around 5:40, a new grenade type that highlights enemies and a shockwave shotgun. Immediately after that a new dash move is displayed, as the character dashes back around five feet. The quick movement making Call of Duty even faster seems cool, hopefully ridding the round a corner and get shot loop in multiplayer. Instead of getting mowed down, players may be able to dash back through the door and determine their next move.

Next a new laser weapon is showcased, and it also teases a change for the franchise as well. Lasers may become the new favorite weapon, as they seemingly have no kick and infinite range. It also sets a new president, as two of the three guns seen so far DO NOT fire regular bullets. If Sledgehammer goes the non-traditional route with all of their weapons it may make the game more interesting by far. In the environment there are shields that will lower when you aim own sights and raise after you fire, taking the work out of cover in and making the space feel more ‘futuristic’. While behind the cover, the main protagonist pulls out a grenade, which he then selects a mode on. He cycles through a number of modes before settling on a mode where the grenade flies into the air and targets enemies. Having a single grenade that can fill the slot of traditional lethal and frag seems like another simplification that fits with the futuristic settings.

The trailer ends with another typical Call of Duty setpiece, but with another interesting twist. Instead of the usual power fantasy Call of Duty panders to this cutscene features our soldier not being able to rescue a fellow and then being hit by debris. It ends with the protagonist being rescued at 7:45 that showcases some more beautiful lighting. After the scene fades to black a sizzler plays that really only shows a new hover bike that assumedly only appears in the campaign, but we can hope it appears in multiplayer as well.

All the changes compile into a more seamless, fluid Call of Duty than we have seen in years. I like the world and narrative, along with the chance that the story might be a bit darker. We still have a few months until it launches in November, but this gameplay has made me more excited for Call of Duty than I have been in years.

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