Best Possession Tactic in Football Manager 2017: Download Here


I’ve recently shared with you my best attacking tactic for FM 2017 and I still love it and consider it great, but the truth is that sometimes I want to see my players play possession football a bit more and when I play top teams like Barcelona, for example, the tactic doesn’t work. I need possession combined with attacking power and I need it badly.

But no matter how much I tried to tweak my existing tactic to improve my possession without losing the offensive edge, I wasn’t able to. There was always something that didn’t quite tick there and it was driving me crazy. I actually started thinking that it’s impossible to get a solid possession tactic in Football Manager 2017.

And then I headed to the community which proved to be insanely helpful at all times and my prayers was finally answered: I found an amazing possession tactic for FM 2017. The bonus: it also uses a 4-3-3 formation, so switching from my attacking tactic to it and having players adapt to it is really fast!

The tactic, created by The Reckonist is available for download here and you should download it right away. All you have to do is to hit the Subscribe button and the tactic will be automatically downloaded by Steam. Launch FM 2017 again and you will be able to load it into your game – it’s that easy!

You have all the details for the tactic on Steam and it works just great with those defaults selected. However, in my case, since my team was playing a very narrow passing game, I tweaked down the passing a notch and made it shorter. I have no complaints about this tactic with the small change I made and I am happy that I finally have a solid possession tactic to face the more difficult opponents with.

Let me know if you download this tactic and manage to put it to good use as I did. And for scoring goals, don’t forget to create my Scoring Machine tactic and enjoy using it as well. These two work well in combination as they have many common grounds, so you can easily switch from one to another when the situation requires it!

This Is the Best Attacking Tactic for FM 2017: 4-3-3 Scoring Machine

Everybody loves playing an exciting game where your team scores a ton of goals and you have a lot of things to be proud of. And even though getting a great attacking tactic in Football Manager 2017 isn’t as easy as it was several years ago with the cheat tactics (anybody remembers the Diablo tactic from back in the days?) you can still get some amazing results with what you have.

And I believe that I have managed, after testing and tweaking for a little bit, to find the best attacking tactic for FM 2017: a 4-3-3 tactic that will see your team score a ton of goals. It works great for big teams as well as mediocre teams, but you will need a few great players in a few positions in order to make it work as it should. But I have all the details here and we’ll make it work together!

Best attacking tactic for Football Manager 2017

One thing you must note before trying this tactic is that your players have to get used to it, as it might not work as soon as you implement it. But work on it and get your players familiar with it and it will work like a charm!

So, here are all the details for my 4-3-3 scoring machine tactic:

First of all, we’ll start with the team instructions. We will want to play an extremely aggressive game where we’ll try to dominate the opponent from start to end. This works both on home and away matches, so don’t worry about the high offensive settings! You can’t score goals if you don’t try to. So here are the team instructions:


If there is something that you’d like to tweak a little bit, you are free to try, but the only things that might not change this tactic from a very offensive, goal machine type of tactic, would be: reduce the tempo down a notch (also useful later in the game when you are leading comfortably) and reduce closing down a bit as well. Anything else will just reduce the offensive flow of the team!

Now regarding the player position and roles, here they are:


I think it’s pretty obvious so far to see which are the most important players in your team: the wingbacks have to be extremely solid and with great passing/crossing in order to make the tactic work. They are, in my opinion, the most important piece of the puzzle. The central striker is also very important as it will be your main source of goals. You can even switch him from Deep Lying forward to something even more offensive and the tactic will still work. Most of the game will be pretty fun to watch: the wing backs will pass into space for your deep lying forwards, who will then work the ball into the box for your central striker and goals will keep coming! This is an amazing tactic!

I didn’t even go for specific player instructions (because I am that lazy and the tactic works without them) but you can do some extra tweaking if you want and make it an even better offensive tactic for the game.

One thing must be repeated though: don’t touch and don’t change anything until your players are fully accustomed to playing this 4-3-3 Scoring Machine tactic for FM 2017!

Football Manager 2017 League Download: Gibraltar League

For some reason, just like in last year’s game, Sports Interactive is not including the Gibraltar League in the full game, but quickly release it as an official downloadable league that is available for free to all players. I have no real idea why this is happening, but I will always take up on the challenge of testing my skills in lesser known regions and I always love playing the Gibraltar league. So if you want to, I am here to share with you how to download the Gibraltar League for Football Manager 2017.

In order to be able to do so, you first need to have Steam installed and play the Steam version of the game. The league is available here (click to visit) and you should hit the Subscribe button when you get to that page. Next time you start the game, Steam will have automatically installed the league for you.

However and unfortunately for those who are already late in their game, you can’t add the Gibraltar league to a saved game in Football Manager 2017, so if you want to have them in your game, you will have to start a new one. But if you’re up for the challenge and you want to turn Gibraltar Utd into the next super power in football (or any other team in the league), I am sure you will have a great time.

SO… what do you say? Will you download the Gibraltar League in Football Manager 2017 and play as a team there or you don’t like playing in the lower leagues?

Football Manager 2017: Download Real Player Facepacks, Badges & Logos

Football Manager 2017 has been launched for a short while now and, just like with all previous iterations of the game, due to legal issues, most of the players in the game don’t have a real photo. Also, badges, logos and even match kits are not the real ones and we’re here to help you fix that.

In this article, we will share with you the download links for Football Manager 2017 real player facepacks, as well as FM 2017 badges, logos and kits downloads so you can really take the game to the next level and enjoy it with a level of realism that has never been seen before.

I know that most people only care about the FM 2017 faces pack, so we’ll start with it! So here is how to download and install the facepack for most players in the game this year:

Head over to SortitoutSI and download the Cut-Out Faces Megapack. This is, in my opinion, the best possible face pack for Football Manager 2017 players and staff as it comes with an impressive amount of images: 177,246! We’re talking about an impressive download of over 8GB, but the good news is that all updates that they release for this facepack are released also as a separate download, so you can easily keep it up to date!

After installing the Facepack, Go to Documents – Sports Interactive – Football Manager 2017 – graphics. Copy the Facepack folder to the Graphics folder (if you don’t have a Graphics folder, create it). Next, launch the game, go to Preferences – go to Interface and tap the first two options at the bottom:

– Use caching to decrease page loading times
– Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences.

Save the options and click the Reload Skin button at the bottom (you can also click the Clear Cache button above the options, but that’s usually not necessary)

Football Manager 2017 badges, logos & kits

Have in mind that installing the new graphics I will link to here will be done just as you did with the facepack (basically, all you have to do is copy them in the Graphics folder and reload the cache in the game).

Here is where to download the best FM 2017 logos & badges pack: click here.
Here is where to download the best FM 2017 kits pack: click here.

There you have it! Now you have managed to increase the level of realism and the overall feel of the game quite a bit. Now go out there and get the best players for your team and start winning trophies!

Best Laptops for Football Manager 2017 (UK / Europe)

Football Manager 2017


That time of the year is very close: a new Football Manager game is about to be launched and everybody’s getting ready to take their favorite club to supreme glory. But some of us might have postponed investing in a laptop that handles the game flawlessly for a couple of years now and it’s time to change that. Even though our favorite football management game doesn’t require a lot from a laptop, it doesn’t hurt to have a good one that offers a great performance. And in order to help you get there without spending a fortune, we’re here to share with you the best laptops for Football Manager 2017.

We’ve looked mostly at 17.3-inch laptops because the larger screen size is to be preferred when it comes to FM 2017, but in case you prefer a smaller one, we have the best option under £1,000 for you as well. The good news? All the recommended laptops below are under £1,000 (most of them way under) so you don’t have to spend a fortune. Even better, it’s very likely that if you get a laptop that we recommend, you won’t have to change it for at least a few years for new versions of the game.

These being said, let’s check out below the best laptops to play Football Manager 2017!

MSI GP62 6QF Leopard Pro


If it’s a 15.6-inch laptop that you’re looking for playing FM 2017, look no more as we have the perfect one for you! Powered by a 6th generation Intel processor – the i7-6700HQ – which runs at 2.6 GHz and is 20% faster than the i7-4720HQ, this laptop also boasts 8GB of RAM and the more than decent NVIDIA GTX 960M Graphics Card with 2GB of RAM. It also offers a ton of storage – 1TB HDD as well as a 128GB SSD. All in all, it has some great specifications, well above the recommended system requirements for running Football Manager 2017 so you should have no problem running the game and experiencing it at fast speeds. As I said, if you’re looking for a 15.6-inch laptop for the game, one that’s not too expensive, this one is the perfect choice!

Click here to find out more & buy it on Amazon



I said that I think it’s best to go for 17.3-inch laptops and from now on, that’s what we’re going to recommend. This one is the cheapest of the bunch, but one that still delivers a pretty solid punch! It can handle Football Manager 2017 really well thanks to its Intel Core i5-6200U processor, 8GB of RAM and the NVIDIA GeForce 940M graphics card. It’s not ideal, indeed, but still well above the minimum system requirements for the game, which means that we don’t anticipate long waiting times or problems watching the matches in 3D. It also offers a lot of storage space thanks to its 1TB HDD and even though it can’t give you Full HD resolution, as it only goes up to 1366 x 768, it’s still a pretty good laptop for its low price.

Click here to check it out & purchase options

MSI GP72 6QE Leopard Pro


This is actually a laptop designed for gaming and even though it’s not one of the latest generation, it’s a very solid one. Powered by the 6TH Generation Intel Core i7-6700HQ Processor, 8GB of RAM and offering hybrid storage options: 1TB of HDD / SSD combo, this is a good choice for a large gaming laptop. The dedicated graphics card is an GTX 950M with 2GB of RAM – in other words, a card that can easily handle all the matches in FM 2017. It also offers full HD resolution at 1920 x 1080 and comes with Windows 10 installed. A good choice for a fair price!

Click here to check it out & purchase options

GIGABYTE 17.3-Inch Gaming


This laptop is almost the same thing as the one above, but it costs a bit more. However, I am listing it also because the previous model sells like crazy and the stock might run out. This one is also powered by the Intel Core i7-6700HQ Processor, has 8 GB of RAM and comes packed with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M graphics card. It also comes with Windows 10 installed, offers Full HD resolution and its manufacturers claim that it has slightly better battery life than the MSI (5 hours on average use).

Click here to check it out & purchase it

There are better (and more expensive) gaming laptops out there, but there is little point in spending more if you only or mainly play Football Manager 2017, since the ones we’ve recommended above will do an excellent job at giving you a flawless experience. If you don’t mind the smaller screen, the 15.6-inch model we’ve recommended is extremely good. If you want a larger screen, you have three other options to choose from based on your budget.