How to Make Football Manager 2015 Run Faster

I must admit that in terms of performance, FM 2015 seems to run a bit better than FM 2014 on my not-so-great laptop, but things can get worse quickly and especially during the matches, it starts to stutter and become annoying. I realized that I might not be the only one suffering from this problem, so I’ve decided to share with you a few tips and tricks on how to make Football Manager 2015 run faster. That’s only if you are indeed having problems with the game during the matches and/or when in regular play.

Of course, the best option to start with is to upgrade your laptop. If you think you can do this, we have a really handy list of great gaming laptops under $1,000 – so check them out. If not, try the tricks below:

Start with as few playable leagues as possible
I know that the level of the simulation won’t be ideal, but you won’t spend ages waiting for that to happen either. So reduce their number knowing that you can, at any time, to add playable leagues if you think that the game’s running too fast for you.

Enable caching
If you’re having trouble with the game’s speed, go to the game’s Preferences, then select the Interface tab. Make sure that you have the “Use caching to decrease page loading times” option checked – and this will improve the game’s speed. However, some mods and add-ons require it unchecked.

Match engine
If the problems appear mostly during the match simulation, things are a bit easy, but not necessarily pleasant: you will have to tune down your graphic settings and remove extra goodies like sky, scenery, crowd and weather effects. Try removing these first before going to extremes and reducing the graphics quality, since usually that’s enough.

Load less players
I know that most FM 2015 owners want to have as many players loaded as possible, but playing with a huge database and tens of thousands of players takes its toll on the game’s overall speed. And the truth is that most of these players are pretty crappy ones too, so unless you’re managing in the lower leagues, there’s not much need to have them all loaded. So before starting a game, set your Database straight and only load players above a certain reputation – or customize as you see fit to increase your game’s speed

Additional measures
If you’re playing on your laptop, make sure to plug it in and run on the High Performance option which greatly increases the game’s performance too. Also, make sure that you turn off all programs running in the background while playing, from antivirus software to internet browsers and music players.

I really hope that these tips and tricks will help you make Football Manager 2015 run faster so you can rush to get that title!

Best Clubs to Manage in Football Manager 2015

football manager 2015


Every year, when the latest version of Football Manager launches, I take a short break from everything and lock myself in a room, managing a strange (or not so strange team), buying players, trying to find perfect tactics and enjoying the greatest football management simulation game that ever existed. I usually prefer to start with underdog teams in not so popular divisions, and I really love the challenge of rising a low profile club to greater glory.

However, no matter what your play style is, I have decided to write a short article here with my take on the best clubs to manage in Football Manager 2015. This is for those who like a bit of a challenge and try something different, because otherwise things would be extremely easy and I would say: go with Real Madrid! But for those looking for a challenge and an interesting game, let’s see the best clubs to manage in Football Manager 2015:

The fact that I am a huge Newcastle fan helps a bit in choosing this side for a “Best club to manage in FM2015” spot, but also the fact that, despite having a good squad, they haven’t managed to win a single match in the Premier League so far this season. They are always a great side to manage and, despite their problems, in the game you should be able to take them forward and in a few to several years, turn them into Champions League contenders. Can you do it?

Don’t go for the classic – Ajax – and instead turn your attention on PSV. They have a great squad this season with great youngsters. But will you manage to hold on them until they ripe and give the most for the club? Can you build a club that removes Ajax from its throne and become a challenger in European competitions? This is a real Football Manager 2015 challenge, and a great overall team to manage.

Atletico Madrid
In every Football Manager game, managing a side in Spain – one that is not either Barcelona or Real Madrid – is usually proven to be a real challenge. This year, Atletico has a good team with Mandzukic replacing Diego Costa, and some nice prospects, too. But getting the title from the Titans will be a real challenge, one that I am sure you’ll find lovely.

Steaua Bucuresti
If you’re looking for a real challenge, then choose the Romanian underdogs and make it your goal to turn them into Champions League champions. Getting them to the Finals would be an achievement, too. In the national league, they should be a breeze to manage as they have a strong squad by Romanian standards, which should allow you to focus entirely on creating a perfect team for European competitions. But with budget limitations, top players unwilling to join and few competitions to keep the players fit, will you be able to make it? Give it a try this season and you’ll find out!

So these would be my suggestions for the best clubs to manage in Football Manager 2015. Of course, you might have made your mind already based on personal preferences – but why not try something different this year and go for a real challenge?