Best deals to grab before the GOG Summer Sale ends

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The GOG Summer Sale ends on June 27. That means that you only have a few days left to purchase some of the best DRM-free games at a discounted price. But it can be tricky to decide what games are worth picking up with over 3500 games on sale. So here are the best deals to grab before the GOG Summer Sale ends.

Those looking for some AAA action should consider Cyberpunk 2077 at 50% off. Alternatively, The Witcher 3: Wildhunt is just £5.00 at 80% off. Considering that Wildhunt has a 93 score on Metacritic and is considered one of the best RPGs ever made, that’s an absolute steal. Another great AAA recommendation is No Man’s Sky at 50% off. It was once a meme but Hello Games’ sandbox has come a long way and is now well worth playing.

When it comes to indies you are spoiled for choice. Some highlights include FTL: Advanced Edition at 75% off, Gris at 75% off, Stardew Valley at 20% off, Banished at 66% off, and Hollow Knight at 50% off. All of these are staple indie games that define their respective genre. You would be missing out if you didn’t try them all at least once.


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All of the best deals available in the GOG Summer Sale are DRM-free. DRM-free games come with a download link with no strings attached. Once a DRM-free title is purchased you are free to use it as you wish. It’s not restricted to one platform or device.

Some people prefer this as they have more control over what they own. When a game is purchased on Steam or the Epic Games Store, you don’t necessarily own anything. Instead, you are simply buying a license that gives you the right to play that game. But a DRM-free game is yours to keep forever.

You can get Borderlands 3 for free on the Epic Games Store

Right now, the Epic Games Mega Sale is live offering hundreds of great titles for affordable prices. To celebrate the sale Epic has teamed up with Gearbox to offer a great deal. From today until May 26 Epic Games Store users can pick up Borderlands 3 for free.

Borderlands 3 is the latest mainline game in Gearbox’s signature looter shooter franchise. At launch, it received mixed reviews with some critics feeling as though its story wasn’t as well-executed as its predecessors. Even so, it is mechanically speaking the best game in the series. Those looking for a more fun looter shooter than this will struggle to find one.

The only catch is that this is only the standard version of the game. That means that you get access to the vanilla product’s content but none of its additional DLCs. Although given that Epic Games is offering Borderlands 3 for free it’s difficult to complain. The extra content would have been nice but the base game still has a twenty-hour plus story. Add on the post-game to that and you’re looking at between fifty and seventy hours for each character.

If you’re interested then all you have to do is boot up the Epic Games Launcher. This can be downloaded on the official Epic Games Store website. Once it’s loaded log in to your Epic account, search for Borderlands 3, and click ‘Get’. Once you’ve added it to your library Borderlands 3 is yours to keep forever.

There’s more to come!

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This is only the first week of the Mega Sale. Three more weeks are coming which will all bring with them a variety of new sales and free games. We don’t know what free games are coming yet but it’s worth keeping an eye out. If the first of four was as big as Borderlands 3 don’t be surprised if something even better is on the horizon.