Battlefield 2042 specialists rework planned says developer

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An employee at DICE has confirmed that specialists will be receiving a rework in Battlefield 2042. The confirmation was posted on Twitter by Frederik Drabert, a game designer at the Swedish based studio. He claims that these changes can be expected over “the course of this year.”

The tweet was posted in response to a Battlefield fan who asked if specialists would be removed. Drabert doesn’t think this will happen but a rework is in the works. Battlefield fans will be happy to hear this. It isn’t exactly what was wanted but knowing that there are plans to fix the game’s issues is uplifting.

What exactly this rework will look like is unclear. Several fan proposals on Reddit tried to categorize the specialists by traditional Battlefield classes. Some examples include Casper as a Recon class option and Maria as a Medic class option.

However, any potential rework for the Battlefield 2042 specialists probably won’t look like that. Drabert continued to say that implementing a system of this nature “is not that easy.” He claims that the specialists are heavily integrated into the game design and a lot of work would have to be done. Even so, Drabert doesn’t outright say that this idea is out of the question. Just that it would require a lot of time and resources to implement properly.

It’s a long way back

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For many Battlefield 2042 was a break of trust. Franchise fans were promised a love letter but were instead given something beyond recognition. Rather than build on past instalments to create a definite Battlefield game DICE tried something radically different. It didn’t work.

Now it is faced with the daunting task of amending its past mistakes. The one positive is that it some seem eager to do so. Too often have we seen developers run away and start over with a new project. But DICE isn’t abandoning Battlefield 2042. At least not for the time being.

Star Wars Battlefront Vehicle Spawning Mechanic, Flying the Y-Wing and More Revealed

Star Wars Game

EA’s DICE highly anticipated Star Wars game, Star Wars Battlefront, had some details that people still wanted to know and EA has answered some of the community questions on their blog especially ones concerning the vehicle spawning mechanic, if the Y-wing will be player controlled or not and if the PC version of the game will feature split-screen.

Also the single player part of Star Wars Battlefront won’t affect your multiplayer progress so no matter how much you play single player, your multiplayer career experience won’t increase but it will grant you credit to buy unlocks.

Q. How do vehicles spawn in Walker Assault?

A: In Walker Assault, vehicles are tied to the power up system. When you find a vehicle power up on the map, you will need to activate it, which immediately spawns you inside the vehicle.

Vehicle power ups specifically must be used within a certain amount of time. This is a design decision to allow more equal distribution of the vehicle power ups amongst all players.

Q. Can I fly the Y-wing?

A: Y-wings are non-player controlled vehicles.  They are a support vehicle that you can call into battle within certain game modes.

Q. Is Split-screen available on PC?

A: Split-screen will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One only.

Q. Does experience within Missions apply to Multiplayer progression?

A: Playing Missions does not grant you multiplayer career experience, but it does provide you with credit rewards you can spend on buying unlocks.

Being unable to actually fly the Y-wing is an actual bummer but I think it’s still a great feature to call them during the battle and see them come and rain fire on your enemies.

Star Wars Battlefront will launch November 17 for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

DICE Guarantees Battlefront “Replay Value To Be Very High.”



DICE had made a Q&A Reddit post where you can ask the team any development related questions as long as they are allowed to answer that question.

A Reddit user had asked a question regarding the game’s single-player mode replay value a month ago and just yesterday Level Artist Daniel Cambrand answered in a convincing way since they play the game themselves to see who is better “over a case of beer”.

Personally I have found the replay value to be very high. We have had an internal competition at the office where we battled over a case of beer, who would get the best time on the Tatooine Mission that was shown on E3, and we have been playing that Mission over and over and over. It is really fun, changing your tactics slightly every time and trying new ways, especially when you start to compare round time with your friends and colleagues.

As for our internal competition, I came in 2nd after Vehicle Artist Joel, who snagged that case of beer 🙂

Star Wars Battlefront will feature single-player, that can be played solo or co-op with bots online and offline, and multi-player modes. The game’s main goal was multi-player as DICE’s General Manager Patrick Bach has said when he was with Gamespot.

To be honest, single-player was never in the plan. It was never the concept. The concept for us was always that we wanted players to re-live the battles. We wanted them to play the battles from the original movies. And DICE, coming from its Battlefield background, knows how to make awesome battles in that context.

We were also thinking about the Battlefront franchise, which has multiplayer at its core.

I get it though, you also want a parallel Star Wars narrative experience. That is not what we’re building. But we are building these small missions too. If you like our world and mechanics, but you don’t want to play with strangers on the internet, then you can still enjoy this game.

Star Wars Battlefront will release on November 17 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The Latest Battlefield Hardline DLC, Criminal Activity Released For Premium Users

Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield Hardline

DICE’s Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity has been released for the Premium members of this video game and since Premium members get to have a 2 week head start so the release of the DLC for normal Battlefield PC players will be on July 6. The announcement came through the Battlefield twitter and the Battlelog blog. Criminal Activity was supposed to release earlier on PC but was delayed due to technical issues and DICE has rewarded the Premium players with “a Gold Battlepack as a thanks for their patience.”

“As you may know, the Premium release of this online video game: Criminal Activity for PC was recently delayed. It is now up and running for all Battlefield Hardline Premium members on all platforms, but the delay will mean that the PC release for non-Premium players will be moved to July 6.” the announcement reads. ” We are doing this in order to give Battlefield Hardline Premium members their promised 2-week head start with the expansion after their release was delayed.”

Are you a premium member of this interesting video game? Tell us if you are excited to playing it and what are your thoughts if you have tried it. Please use the comments box below to put your opinion.

DICE Finally Fixing Rubber Banding In Battlefield 4


DICE has released a statement that claims a permanent fix for the infamous ‘rubber banding’ problem is on its way. Although this is undoubtedly good news, I have problems with it. The following are quotes from the original text.

As you know, we’ve been looking into resolving the “rubber banding” that some players on certain platforms have experienced with Battlefield 4 after the recent release of Naval Strike. 

I find it irksome that they conveniently leave out the part where rubber banding has been happening since launch. Their neglect of the issue for an entire six months makes me feel ambivalent towards DICE and their apparent understanding.

We’ve found that the root cause of the issue was a configuration of certain hardware types dedicated to 64-player matches.

That’s wonderful news, but DICE does understand that the players (myself included) have been telling them on their message boards that the rubber banding is most prevalent on 64 player maps, right? That Obliteration is almost entirely fine, as is Rush? It’s almost as if they don’t listen to anything their community tells them. Six months to figure out the root cause is inexcusable.

We have invested in new hardware to resolve this issue and deployed new higher-performance servers this week. In preparation, we conducted a significant amount of testing before installing the new servers to ensure they would correct the issue. We are already seeing performance improvement with 64-player matches and expect this to continue.

I hate to bring up the length of time again, but it took this long to think of trying new hardware when only your biggest game-types are having rubber banding? It’s as if the janitors are taking over for DICE as they celebrate the sales of the game.

While the process took longer than we would’ve liked, we wanted to be 100% sure it was done right and that the long-term solution was properly in place. Our objective is to deliver the best player experience possible. We feel this solution helps us deliver that to you. Stay tuned to our official channels for more information.


I don’t want to doubt the sincerity of DICE when they say that they want a great experience for their fans,  but a culmination of confusing post-launch press statements and the game’s obvious lack of polish are making a persuasive argument.  EA’s blatant disregard for quality makes me want to opt out of any future games in the series either way.