How to Fix Dark Souls 3 Crashes and Freezes (Including Bonfire Crash Fix)

Dark Souls 3 has finally been launched and I am sure that there will be millions of new ways that the game will brutally destroy us and drive us crazy, but at least one of them is not part of the plan. Dark Souls 3 crashes and freezes are driving many people crazy right now – especially a crash that happens right at the beginning of the game at the Bonfire. The developers are aware of that particular crash and are working hard to quickly release a fix, but until then we have fix for the Bonfire Crash, as well as more fixes for Dark Souls 3 crashes and freezes that might prevent you from getting the entire experience.

So let’s not waste a single second and let’s see how to fix Dark Souls 3 crashes, freezes and other problems – make sure to read all the fixes and try them even if they are not listed for a problem you are having as they might work for multiple problems.

The Bonfire Crash Fix

Right now, this seems to be the most popular crash that people are getting and even though it will be fixed in the future, right now it’s killing us. However, there are some temporary fixes that work and you should try any or all of them to get past this stage in the game and experience a crash-free DS3. One of the least invasive ways to fix this crash is to unequip any shield you might have and go to the bonfire – this strangely works in many cases! If it doesn’t, setting Lighting Quality to Low. Finally, some players believe that the crash might be fixed if you pick a specific class, which is the Knight. It might be a coincidence, but those playing or switching to Knight have not experienced the Bonfire crash or other crashes, so it’s worth trying if the others don’t work.

How to fix Dark Souls 3 Crashes

For other non-specific crashes, try the following fixes:

– Download and install the latest graphics card drivers. Apparently most crashes are related to the graphics cards, so having the latest drivers will do the trick
– Try the Lightning Quality – Low setting for other crashes as well. This does fix a lot of problems!
– Turn the graphics quality to lower settings overall to improve the game’s performance and to reduce the number of crashes.
– If you already have the latest drivers installed for your video card and the game is crashing or stuttering, try reverting to the old version of your driver – as strange as this might sound, this was a fix for many players.

If you want to play the game with a controller, there might be a problem, especially if you are trying to use your PlayStation’s Dualshock controller – many people report that they can’t play with a DS either, because the game apparently doesn’t recognize it. The fix for this is to go to the DS4 Window settings. Tick the first option, “Hide DS4 Controller” and it should now work.

If you are using an nVidia 500 Series card (or other older cards), there is a strange fix that improves the game’s performance A LOT: download the the 314.22 Nvidia driver here and install it. For some reason, it works like a charm and you should see a massive frame rate increase, even with newer models, so try it even if you have a newer model and you want better performance.

For now, these are our suggested fixes to Dark Souls 3 crashes and performance issues. If we manage to find more useful tips and fixes, we’ll make sure to update this article. If you managed to find any, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.

Here’s How You Should Get Caught Up For Dark Souls III

Dark Souls 3..

Dark Souls III is launching in North America in so little time that I can hardly type this sentence without feeling moonlight butterflies in my stomach. The anticipation is at an all-time high, and while that’s great, it might be the perfect time to get a nice refresher on all the events in previous games.

The problem, however, is that the Souls games are a good forty to sixty hours in length each, and both have such complex lore and an incredible amount of hidden flavour text that it is most likely unrealistic to play through them entirely.

Thankfully, MoonlightButterfly, an active Souls-centric video producer has made four incredible movies for everybody to watch.

He has not only managed to capture all of the important events of each game with such skill that it puts some actual films to shame, but he also managed to make them into truly cinematic experiences by reenacting key moments with characters and bosses. He even utilizes things like the in-game camera to give action sequences or conversations a dramatic touch. Overall incredible work when you consider that he did all of it in the confines of the game.

Without further ado, here’s the original Dark Souls in full.

And for those of you who want to check out Dark Souls II.

If you still need more, head on over to his channel for Demon’s Souls: The Movie and Bloodborne: The Movie, as they’re of equal quality!

Dark Souls III Shows Your True Colours In New Gameplay Trailer


Bandi Namco has released a brand new gameplay trailer for the social life killing Dark Souls III today, and boy is it ever haunting.

Set to the tune of ‘True Colors’, a song I’ve certainly never heard of, this trailer seems to want to emphasize the straight-up slaughter you will be involved with when the game launches on April 12th in North America.

What are you waiting for? Check it out below and prepare to be amazed forever!

The sheer amount of enemies and bosses displayed here is almost upsetting. I used to pride myself on the fact that I went into these games as blind as possible as to not spoil the designs of enemies and the locales you’ll visit throughout your journey, but trying to resist a new Dark Souls III trailer is like trying to resist sour gummy worms. I can, but I don’t want to.

Dark Souls II had some truly strange trailers, but the melancholy nature of True Colors seems to capture some of the thick and oppressive atmospheres that the Souls games are known for. Dark Souls III, an odd fit, but a fit nonetheless.

Dark Souls III Network Test Giving Eligible Players Trouble

Dark Souls III’s network test is upon us. Starting October 16th and ending on the 18th, we have mere moments until we can sink our teeth into this delicious specimen… Except that many people – myself included – are facing difficulties when registering for the test.

Some users are reporting that despite getting chosen for the test, they were given no option to even register their PSN ID. An act that would presumably ensure that they’ve been properly registered for the network test.

Furthermore, many other users and I have been told our entry codes are already used, meaning we can’t actually enter them on Playstation Network to download the client.

After some scouring the internet for answers, it seems clear that anyone who downloaded the client when Namco Bandai accidentally released it a few weeks ago has essentially bricked their codes.
Whether these issues will leave eligible players out of the upcoming beta remains to be seen, but with no acknowledgement from From Software or Namco Bandai, it seems like we’ll have to wait until Friday to find out for ourselves.


The official Dark Souls Facebook page has released a statement about one of the issues listed in this article. Here is the quote in full.

“Selection emails have been sent to participants of the upcoming Dark Souls III Network Stress Test. Recipients who have been chosen to participate should get instructions to register their PlayStation Network name. That will be necessary to participate in the Test.

If you have downloaded the client previously, you may get an error when using the code provided, that is expected. Just be sure to register your PlayStation Network name.”

If we receive any other information it will be posted here.

Project Beast First Gameplay Leaked

Project Beast First Gameplay Leaked

Software’s upcoming Project Beast, rumored to be a Playstation 4 exclusive, has had its first gameplay leaked this fine evening. Though this seems reminiscent of the first screenshots that were shown, this is high quality and comes in video format. The images prior to this didn’t really do the game much justice, but praise the sun, as this is looking like it will be a gorgeous video game. ‘Bloodborne’ Is Project Beast, From The Creators Of ‘Dark Souls’. According to Forbes,

Bloodborne is the new title from Hidetaka Miyazaki, the director of both Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls. Watch the debut trailer for the game below.

Footage for the game was leaked online recently under the moniker ‘Project Beast.’ While that footage was low-resolution, it showed gameplay distinctly reminiscent of the Souls games, as well as the brand ‘From Software.’ Certainly it didn’t appear to be a fake, and it wasn’t.

Though the youtube link is nice, a higher quality version can be found here. I’d definitely recommend hitting it up if you want the ultimate viewing experience.

I can’t even express my excitement for this game. Dark Souls II was a fantastic experience, and I am hardly able to wait until E3’s hopeful showing of the video game. Also, shotguns.


Project Beast Chronology