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Dark Souls II Tips

If you frequent VgamerZ (which you should), you’ve probably seen me posting about Dark Souls II tips or something relating to the franchise as a whole. Nearly half of my articles on this site relate to or reference the Souls series in some way or another and it is my favorite series of all time. I consider myself a Souls veteran, though most would call me a fanboy, and I’ve learned many things throughout my difficult times in Drangleic, Yharnam, Boletaria, and Lordran.

I am here today to provide you with twelve Dark Souls II tips that will help newcomers and veterans alike. I hope that it might enable you to have an easier time in the difficult and unforgiving opening hours of one of the hardest games on the PS4. Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin.

Dark souls 2 dragon heide

I – Melentia Is Your Friend

This decrepit woman carrying way too much on her brittle back might have you doing a double-take to ensure that you didn’t just turn your back on a foe, and I get that. However, you should definitely keep your sword sheathed so that you may have a lovely and harmless conversation with a woman that is almost too eager to sell you her wares.

she provides extremely useful items like Life Gems, Pharros’ Lockstone, a key to unlock the blacksmith in Majula, and numerous others that will eventually become unlocked as you progress throughout your journey in Drangleic.

You should spend some time at the beginning of the game earning enough Souls that you can purchase the aforementioned items, as they will all help you greatly. better yet, run through her entire dialogue tree and she’ll appear in Majula when you’ve cleared out the first boss!

II – The Way Of Blue Is The Only Way

Once you’ve picked your jaw up from the floor after witnessing the beauty that is Majula, you’ll notice a few lively NPCs to converse with. The crestfallen (heh) man sitting at what appears to be some sort of obelisk near the ocean is Saulden, and he has a very important Covenant for you to join if you so desire.

The Way Of Blue is a covenant that essentially protects newcomers from invaders; hostile players that can jump into your world to slaughter you in a vicious and generally humiliating fashion. It functions by automatically summoning a friendly player from the Blue Sentinels Covenant to fight alongside you as you face off against the red bully on the other side of the screen.

III – The Best Effigy Is A Burnt Effigy

Another way to protect against invaders is by burning a Human Effigy. If you want to be left alone, simply visit the Bonfire that surrounds the area you’re in, and hit the ‘burn’ option. When you select your Effigy, it prevents any sort of co-operation.

Be warned. You are no longer able to summon either, so use this at your own discretion.

IV – Vandalism Has Its Perks

If you are a new player, you might not know that you can leave messages for other players to see in their worlds. Whenever you run across some orange symbol on the ground, it’s usually a player leaving a message to either guide you, or throw you off to be that guy. You can do this too by accessing it in your drop-down menu, and it has a nice benefit.

If someone likes the message you’ve written, they can leave it a good rating and you will instantly receive full health. While it’s certainly not useful all of the time, it can be a life safer when you are low on healing items.

You also get the added bonus of helping someone who might be more inexperienced than you that is already having a rough day, so be a nice guy and you’ll be rewarded for it.

V – Smooth, Or Silky? You Decide

If you go to Things Betwixt and visit that bird’s nest, you’ll hear voices talking about their desire for something smooth or silky. It’s a very cryptic message at first, but it all becomes clear as you play through the game. Smooth and Silky Stones are random items of no use, or so it seems. Drop one of them on the bird’s nest and suddenly you’re given an item.

The item you get is always random, and it comes from a pool of multiple potential items, so your chances of getting something good are slim. That said, it’s still highly recommended that you frequently return to drop the stones, as you could find yourself with a rare weapon or a nice ring. Just remember to drop one at time, as dropping multiple at once will not work.

VI – Something Petrified

When creating your character, you’re given the option to pick a starting gift. They all seem really random and some seem downright useless, but one amongst them stands as my ultimate favourite starting gift, and it’s probably the one you’d least expect.

Petrified Something is a seemingly pointless item, but like many things in Dark Souls II it has a hidden use that you’d probably skip. Drop that item on the bird’s nest that I previously mentioned and it gives you a random item from the aforementioned pool. The great thing about Petrified Something is that it is the best item you can drop for the birds, so your chances of getting something good are increased.

I’ve had many runs where I’ve received a nice ring or some upgrade materials that I could use immediately to raise my weapon’s stats, so it’s worthwhile to choose this gift over the others.

VII – Champions Are Overrated

When you first venture into Majula, you’ll be tempted to explore every single nook and cranny that won’t result in your demise. You’ll also be tempted to talk to every NPC and engage in as many dialogue options as possible for their potential rewards and quests. If you make your way to the highest point in Majula, you can find a stone tablet that allows you to join the Covenant of Champions.

While it sounds like an intriguing and fun covenant to align yourself with, be wary, as joining it results in the game becoming permanently harder. It’s the equivalent of being in New Game Plus on your first play-through, and it is definitely not a pushover.

Furthermore, joining this Covenant will prevent all types of jolly cooperation, so forget about ever taking part in an invasion or having a friend join you for a boss fight.

VIII – Jack And His Trades

Most players that will venture through the game will find that they adopt a weapon that feels most comfortable to them. It’s nice because regardless of play style, there will always be at least one weapon that feels perfect for you.

The problem is that with Dark Souls II, Fromsoftware took the idea of weapon durability to an entirely new level. Instead of it slowly wearing down over time, it now drops drastically as you fight. It’s made worse by the fact that the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions of the game all have a durability bug that drops it even further, so this entire idea of favouring a weapon is no longer valid.

You will want to swap weapons consistently throughout each stretch. Find two or three weapons you like and level them evenly (or make one a dominant weapon, it’s your choice), as you will never have enough durability to successfully explore the entire map and take out the boss in one fell swoop.

IX – Backtracking? Maybe Just This Once…

While your natural instinct will be to push forth and seek the king, you would be wise to backtrack to a specific area for an item that could help immensely with invaders and enemies.

The area? Things Betwixt. The loot? The Stone Ring. The way? Start at the Bonfire and trek through the house. Once you reach the bridge, cross it and head through the little gap in the rocks on the right. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see footprints in the dirt. Swiftly end the life of that disgusting cyclops and the ring is yours.

The Stone Ring is a ring that buffs your poise, a stat the is centred around staggering your foes leaving them open for combos. It is a fantastic ring to equip early game, as it adds a considerable amount of poise to your character and practically ensures that any small enemy you encounter will face the wrath of a good stun-lock.

How early you go is up to you, but I generally go the moment I get done making my character.

X – Parry Is Gonna Get Back Stabbed

Dark Souls II, like the other Souls games, holds two unique attacks that you can utilize to exploit almost any foe the game throws at you for massive damage.

The first move, the back stab, is rather easy to pull off and rewards you with a combo that both destroys the enemy’s HP, and leaves him begging for mercy on the ground. Simply walk behind an enemy (as the name implies), and plant your sword in his back by means of the R1 button. You have to almost perfectly align yourself with the back, so practice it well.

The second move, and the more challenging to master, is the parry. To parry an enemy, you must hit L2 to smack the weapon of your opponent away with your shield as he is just about to land his blow. It is very tricky to get it down, but when you do, it gives you the opportunity to follow up with a crushing riposte. Just tap the R1 button directly in front of the enemy when he is stunned, and you will be watching his corpse fade away into the wind.

XI – Classes Aren’t For Schmucks

Picking a starting class is a unique experience in the Souls series. Most RPGs cement you into your class and force you to play by the rules of that specific class, but in Dark Souls II it’s different and you can find it in these dark souls II tips.

You can choose any class and come out of it using any weapon or spell, depending on how you decide to build your character. That said, it’s still vital that you choose a suitable class to start the game with.

I personally like to choose the Knight, as it offers me enough Strength to wield any early-game strength weapon and enough dex that if I add a few points to it, I can also wield any dex weapon I find. It offers great vigor and enough vitality that you can wear most medium armor with the exception of the Drangleic set.

How you build your character is up to you, so consider what you want to be doing and choose accordingly.

XII – Team Playin’ Is The Best Kind Of Playin’

If you find that you’re struggling with a particularly frustrating area or boss, it might be wise that you summon help. Furthermore, if you require souls but hate the idea of grinding them, you can always place yourself in another player’s world to aid them in their time of desperation.

To summon a player, you must be in your human form. You can check this by looking at your health bar to see if it has it’s maximum health reduced, or by the colour of your character’s skin. If you aren’t human, defeat a boss, successfully help a player, or pop a human effigy. Once you’ve done this, you’ve met the only requirement to summoning for help.

Look for a white or yellow sign on the ground, as they are other players or NPCs that will join your world to fight alongside you. Simply walk up to it and hit X and you will be on your way to victory in no time.

If you value helping others, take a trip to Forest of Fallen Giants and find an NPC named Mild-Mannered Pate. He can be located after the Pursuer optional encounter, near the ballista room. Talk to him and follow his advice, but be warned, as he leads you into a difficult trap and you must successfully escape it to be rewarded. When you become victorious, talk to him again and he’ll award you the White Sign Soapstone. Place this item on the ground near a boss or Bonfire, and you’ll be summoned into the world of another player.

Dark Souls II tips 12-vGamerz

Hopefully, these tips will aid you in your struggle with the opening hours of Dark Souls II! If you’re looking for more tips to ease your pain, check out my Bloodborne Tips & Tricks guide. It is also a Souls game so you can apply Dark Souls II tips.

Good luck and praise the sun!

The Beauty Of: Dark Souls II

Dark Souls

Dark Souls II had an unfortunate pre-release tease that displayed graphics unlike anything we’d get in the final product. When the fans got their hands on the game, it left many feeling disappointed and lied to. What we expected was the dynamic lighting and an absolutely suffocating darkness that the game’s early looks depicted. What we got instead, was a washed out and dull world that had only remnants of the trailers, and it was very disheartening.

Despite all of this however, Dark Souls II as its own game, has some absolutely gorgeous locales. There are many specific scenes that just captivate and shock me with their beauty or atmosphere.

I decided after looking at some of these places, to spawn a series. I will take a game and traverse the world end to end in search of the most beautiful or artistic moments. HD PVR in hand, I capture them for the fans. My first target: Dark Souls II. 

Things Betwixt
Things Betwixt – The simplistic beauty of this scene, with the intentional light offering a sense of hope in an otherwise dreary world struck me immediately.
Between Betwixt and Majula
The Path to Majula – I love the way that you traverse a dark cavern, and after nothing but hopelessness, you begin to see a glimmer of light shining through the cracks… What you see next is awe-inspiring.
Majula Sunset
Majula – Majula’s sunset, and the way it glistens on the water is truly one of the warmest, calmest vistas I’ve seen in both the Souls series and games in general. My PS3 does this art no justice.
Forest Of Fallen Giants
Forest of Fallen Giants – This area is an expansive introductory level, and while it has a massive castle to explore with secrets hidden all around you, this simple resting area contains more beauty and atmosphere than the entirety of the forest and castle combined. I love the way the light hits the bloody statue, and the trees that have seemingly taken back their land from the pillars and stone that make up the room.
Tower of Flame (3)
Heide’s Tower of Flame – Despite my capture card refusing to get a brighter image, Majula’s sunset combined with the blue and red hues of this area offers another calming and gorgeous vista. This time, however, you see the ruins of what was once an ancient, beautiful city.
No Mans Wharf (2)
No Man’s Wharf – It proved difficult to get a perfect image of No Man’s Wharf, as its darkness, lighting, and the complex design of the cave caused me to consistently shift to new areas, looking for the best angle. Despite these problems, No Man’s Wharf is always a sight to behold. The remnants of great ships hanging from the stalactites, the makeshift houses carved and built into the rock itself, and the rickety boardwalks leading no-where all build this area up into one of the most unique experiences in Dark Souls II.

2014_9_11_3_20_0 (2)

Huntsman’s Copse – It was very difficult to choose which area best represented the Copse as a whole, but I found the answer to this the moment I arrived in the Copse for the first time many months ago. This vista captures everything that makes Huntsman’s Copse a joy – and nightmare – to traverse.

Undead Purgatory
Undead Purgatory – This is another prime example of how the layout and overall design of a singular room can prove to be more chilling than an entire labyrinth. I cannot get enough of this area. This room gives off many vibes with its blood-splattered walls, dark hallways, candlelight, and of course, the grotesque creature to the right.
Shaded Woods (2)
Shaded Woods – This area is one of the most brilliant areas in all of Dark Souls II, and yet it contains nothing but fog and trees. Dark Souls, in essence, is about the darkness itself. They have wanted to make you feel squished and suffocated by the darkness and the world, and the fact that they can do exactly that without a single hint of black in Shaded Woods is commendable. You feel anxious just stepping two feet ahead, especially considering you are constantly surrounded by nearly invisible foes.
Drangleic Castle (2)
Drangleic Castle – You knew this was coming. The Souls franchise is famous for its castles, and Drangleic is no exception. It proved impossible to get a shot of the entirety of the sprawling towers and twisting corridors. Despite that however, the intimidation this castle gives off while you climb the stairs is a unique experience to say the least. The way the rain reflects on the objects in this area and the constant flickering of lightning helps build atmosphere.
The Gutter (2)
The Gutter – This is by far my favourite area in Dark Souls II. The Gutter is brilliant in that it is entirely black and full of creaking, broken walkways made of wood. As you go through, you light torches in the level that not only mark your progress and give you makeshift way-points, but build the level itself. Each torch lights up another piece of this intricately designed city, with the fire illuminating new pathways and traps, and the fact that you are the one doing it makes it an experience that is unforgettable. I dread and anticipate coming here every time.
Dragon Aerie (2)
Dragon Aerie – This scene will be recognized by any that watched the initial Dark Souls II footage, as it is literally impossible to look away. Wobbling bridges, dragons gliding through the sky, the castle resting on the peak of one of a nearly endless supply of giant rock columns. These are all examples of what make this area beautiful and memorable. Dragons have never felt more majestic than in this area, and I love every second of it.

Shulva (2)
Shulva – This is an extra image, as it is technically not from the base game. That said, Shulva’s creepy vibes and wondrous towers and pyramids cannot go unmentioned. The intricacy of this area is nearly unmatched in all of Dark Souls II, and the emphasis on feeling lost and confused adds to the emotion you feel while traversing the seemingly endless labyrinth.

Top 3 Dark Souls II Bosses

Dark Souls II Bosses _ vGamerz

Dark Souls II Bosses

In my anticipation of Dark Souls II bosses, I made a list detailing the top 5 bosses in the Souls franchise. It is quite predictable then, that I’d make a top list for the newly released game. While many bosses in Dark Souls II are fantastic, I could only justify three for such a list. To make the cut, they really had to have something that made them unforgettable.

Without further ado, I present my 3 favorite Dark Souls II bosses and their fights.

Lost Sinner


Lost Sinner, much like Artorias, is a very straightforward boss in design. Even despite this, she still manages to transcend a lot of the other bosses. Lost Sinner is simply a warrior who has punished herself for past sins. Like Artorias, her attack patterns are what you’d expect out of a straight-up brawler, and she manages to make the duel one of the most intense and heart-pounding fights in the game. She is unrelenting in her attacks because she’s either swinging her gigantic sword at you, recovering from an attack, or preparing to use sneaky tactics and surprise you from behind.

The pace is like a shot of adrenaline, as the entirety of the fight has you so occupied with her merciless nature that you can hardly fit in time to heal. It also doesn’t help that she blows out all of the fire before the fight begins, so you also have to attempt to keep track of her movements. It’s very easy to lose track of where she is, and it makes the anxiety all the worse.

The Pursuer


The Pursuer is a unique boss in that he not only appears multiple times, but actively stalks you throughout your quest. The first time you see him, he catches you off guard and swiftly dispatches you, reminding the player that they can never feel relaxed in the world of Drangleic. He evokes a sense of paranoia as you progress through the game, and often makes you wonder when he’ll make another appearance.

What’s more, his attack animations are some of the most graceful and polished in the franchise. Every attack he does feels like a dance, and the fact that he hovers above the ground solidifies the idea. Precise timing and near-flawless execution are required, as one single hit can shave off half of your health, leaving you only few precious seconds to drink Estus. He is persistent, ruthless, and intimidating, and he is absolutely unforgettable.

Demon Of Song


Demon of Song is, in my opinion, the most unique boss in the list of Dark Souls II Bosses has to offer. With the departure of Miyazaki, some of the subtle things that made Demon and Dark Souls so great are gone. Demon of Song, however, feels like Miyazaki himself pulled the entire fight from his imagination.

Demon of Song has the most bizarre and creative boss design in the game, and its vulgar and grotesque nature is even more enforced by an absolutely perfect theme. The track uses low chants, deep piano keystrokes, and brass instruments to add depth. The most brilliant aspect of this track, however, is the low guttural sounds and a variety of dissonant noises that feel as if the frog or the creature residing within is making them.

Beyond this, his attacks are very avoidable and with the exception of his ground smash, you can predict most of his move-set. That said, pattern memorization and risk-taking are still the keys to success here. The fight itself is not entirely challenging, but that might be because the walk to him is utterly infuriating.  It’s a nice balance that is very reminiscent of Sen’s Fortress.

Honorable Mentions: Throne Watcher & Defender, Ruin Sentinels, Skeleton Lords, Executioner’s Chariot.

How to Fix Dark Souls 2 PC Crashes, Black Screen and Freezes

Dark Souls

The PC launch of Dark Souls 2 didn’t go as well as Namco Bandai might have anticipated: a ton of gamers found it impossible to play the game because of crashes, black screen problems and other issues. They are flooding now the official forums in demand for fixes and apologies. We are here to help you out a little bit, if possible, with some tips and tricks on how to fix the Dark Souls 2 crashes, freezes and other problems that you might encounter when playing the game on your PC.

Unlike other developers, Namco Bandai hurried to offer an official response to all the problems that the players are reporting. They are listing a lot of possible official fixes on the game’s Steam page, so make sure to check it out here as well. But until then, here is what they have already posted on how to fix the Dark Souls 2 crashes, freezes and performance issues:

How to fix Dark Souls 2 crashing on start-up

– If you are an AMD user, you should try to enable GPU scaling (go to AMD control center – Properties (Digital flat-panel)
– If you are an nVidia user, you should do something similar: go to the Nvidia Control Panel – Adjust desktop size and position – Set “Perform scaling on” to “GPU”
– If you are using multiple screens, disable one of them to hopefully correct the issue

This potential fix has been listed on Steam, it’s worth checking it out:

– Select Dark Souls 2 in Steam.
– Unplug your HDMI/DVI/VGA Cable
– Hit Enter (this will start the game)
– Plug it back in.
// Using this workaround the game is locked to windowed mode 1280×720
// After setting your resolution and Fullscreen mode in the options menu, restart the game using the same technique. For some people this will allow the game to be played at their desired resolution and in fullscreen mode.
// As a result of this workaround, there will be no sound sent through your HDMI cable.

How to fix Dark Souls 2 Controller problems

Some players are having trouble playing the game with a controller on their PC. Here is what you should try: open up your Device Manager and go to Human Interface Devices. Right click and disable the HID game controllers (including virtual game controllers). Also, if you have a G13 joystick from Logitech, disable it too.

How to fix Dark Souls 2 Keyboard and mouse problems

One potential fix that Steam users have found involves downloading a free software called Autohotkey. Check out hot to do it here.

What to do if you can’t play Dark Souls 2 online

This appears to have something to do with the VAC – if you’ve been banned on VAC previously, you might not be allowed to play the game. This is only temporary and although there is no known fix at the moment, Namco Bandai is working hard to solving this issue.

There are some other things you should try, even though they are more generic. But if none of the fixes shared above solve your problems and Dark Souls 2 crashes, gives you the black screen treatment or freezes randomly, you should give them a try:

– some players have had success by downloading and installing the K-Lite Codec Pack on their computers. You can check them out here and see if it works (it’s a free download).

– update the Graphic card drivers to the latest version.

Finally, all we can do is wait for Namco Bandai to do what they were supposed to do in the first place and fix this game. Maybe they fix the console-related descriptions: who knows what A, X or Y are when they’re not related to keys on the keyboard?

Do you have problems with Dark Souls 2 crashing or not working? Have you managed to find a working fix? Let us know by commenting below!

Best Games of March 2014 (Rankings & Sales)


March 2014 was definitely a month of giants. Many mainstream and highly anticipated games were released and the result couldn’t be better. The gaming charts filled up with thousands of sales all over the world and the gaming media had plenty of quality content to review. But which games were the best? And which ones sold the most? Here’s a detailed list with accurate information from VGChartz, N4G, GameSpot and IGN.

Titanfall1. Titanfall (PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Titanfall has absolutely conquered the hearts of FPS players all over the world. With more than one million copies retailed in just one month, Titanfall was the true king of sells during March. And because quality has always been a priority for Respawn, Titanfall was one of the top ranked games of the month. At least, the huge hype wasn’t in vain and Titanfall is now a worthy opponent for popular FPS franchises like Battlefield and Call of Duty.

Released On: March 11th, 2014     Genre: FPS

Developer: Respawn Entertainment     Publisher: Electronic Arts

Global Sales: 1,11M     N4G Average Score: 8.4     GameSpot Score: 9    IGN Score: 8.9

dark souls 2 boss fight guide2. Dark Souls II (PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)

The ambitious Dark Souls franchise came back with a second story in March and as expected, the quality and difficulty of the series has been maintained. Dark Souls II was the best ranked game of the month with impressive scores from countless gaming media. However and despite this stunning performance, the game was not able to sell proportionately to its score, reaching a bit less than 700,000 copies sold.

Released On: March 11th, 2014     Genre: Action-RPG

Developer: From Software     Publisher: Namco Bandai Games

Global Sales: 0,68M     N4G Average Score: 8.9     GameSpot Score: 9    IGN Score: 9

inFAMOUS: Second Son 3. inFAMOUS: Second Son (PlayStation 4)

The PlayStation 4 giant inFAMOUS: Second Son came to dominate. The game was released at the end of the month but nevertheless, it was able to achieve stunning results. It sold more than 700,000 copies in a bit more than a week, which might indicate that the retail number will keep rising in the first weeks of April. inFAMOUS: Second Son has also attained impressive scores among gaming media all over the world.

Released On: March 21th, 2014     Genre: Action-Adventure

 Developer: Sucker Punch Productions     Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Global Sales: 0,71M     N4G Average Score: 8.2    GameSpot Score: 8     IGN Score: 8.7

South Park: The Stick of Truth 4. South Park: The Stick of Truth (PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)

The famous South Park series brought another hilarious story that fans wouldn’t want to miss. Despite the general positive feedback, the game obtained quite divergent scores from gaming media. Probably because the game involves basically every race out there and the story isn’t as cohesive as it should be. Anyhow, South Park: The Stick of Truth was able to sell a bit more than 300,000 copies.

Released On: March 4th, 2014     Genre: RPG

Developer: Obsidian Entertainment & South Park Digital Studios     Publisher: Ubisoft

Global Sales: 0,32M     N4G Average Score: 8.7     GameSpot Score: 7    IGN Score: 9

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes 5. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes features Snake in another thrilling adventure. This is the first act of the fifth series and a prologue for the upcoming The Phantom Pain. Despite all the hype and expectations, the game didn’t show any spectacular results. Reviews have ranked Ground Zeroes as a decent game and the global charts expose a bit more than 200,000 copies sold in two weeks.

Released On: March 18th, 2014     Genre: Action-Adventure

Developer: Kojima Productions     Publisher: Konami

Global Sales: 0,23M     N4G Average Score: 7.4     GameSpot Score: 8    IGN Score: 8

how to fix thief crashes stuttering6. Thief (PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Thief was released at the very ending of February, hence why the scores and chart numbers being made public during March. Eidos Montreal’s reboot of Thief wasn’t that impressive, at least that’s what most of reviews state. On the other hand, the game was able to sell fairly well considering the mediocre evaluations. Hype effects or not, it managed to sell nearly 400,000 copies during March.

Released On: February 25th, 2014     Genre: Stealth

Developer: Eidos Montreal     Publisher: Square Enix

Global Sales: 0,38M     N4G Average Score: 6.7     GameSpot Score: 6    IGN Score: 6.5

Dark Souls 2 Guide: How to Beat Nashandra / Final Boss Fight Guide

Congratulations for making it this far in Dark Souls 2 and finding yourself face to face with the last boss of the game: Nashandra! Obviously, it’s not the easiest boss around and if you’re not really careful, she will destroy you immediately. But fortunately we are here to help you a bit with our Dark Souls 2 guide on how to beat Nashandra, the final boss fight of the game.

Extremely important when you get here is to summon two AI characters to help you in battle and make things a lot easier. If you can’t summon two because you haven’t talked with all the NPCs in their instances and rushed through the game, at least summon Benhart of Jugo. It will be extremely helpful!

While your companions will attack Nashandra, you will have to pay attention to three of her dangerous attacks: the laser beam which is a long range attack (just watch her when she lifts her hand – that’s when the laser attack is about to happen – just keep the distance or run away from it!); the second attack is the “basic” one where she swipes her weapon around and that should be easy to avoid if you’re not near or at least block it with a shield. Finally, there are the “fountains” around her which curse the player if you enter them and take a bit of health.

The key to beating Nashandra in Dark Souls 2 is to be extremely mobile. Basically, you should create and follow a pattern: move all the times, attack from close range, retreat, avoid her attacks and attack again. Usually she will go for the axe swing which should be just avoided, and when she goes for the laser attack it’s when you should take advantage: she stands still for the entire duration of the attack, so keep slashing and cutting until you eventually bring her down.

And this is it! You have managed to beat Nashandra in Dark Souls 2 and I hope you had a great time playing the game!

Dark Souls 2: How to Beat Throne Watcher and Throne Defender (Boss Fight Guide)

We continue our trip through the Dark Souls 2 bosses with a brand new one today: the Throne Watcher / Throne Defender bosses, one of the most challenging fights in Dark Souls 2 and clearly one of the most dangerous duos in the game. So if you’re having trouble getting past them, this Dark Souls 2 guide on how to beat Throne Watcher and Throne Defender will hopefully help you progress without a problem!

The most challenging part of this fight is that you have to kill both bosses pretty soon one after another, otherwise the one that lives will resurrect the other one, with the result being an endless fight that you can’t really win. So here is what to do: bring down both the Throne Watcher and Throne Defender to about one third of life then destroy the Throne Defender first (since he’s more heavily armored) and then quickly go for the remaining boss.

In order to make the fight easier, you should summon one AI character to help you with the fight – Benhart of Jugo for example, who deals tremendous amounts of damage with his sword. Also, paying attention not to close to the pits surrounding the battle arena is a good idea, otherwise the fight might end prematurely.

Regarding the attack strategy, there’s not much to say: keep the distance at first and let Benhart draw in the heat, then attack from the sides and back making sure that you don’t focus on a single boss from this duo. The Throne Watcher is easier to kill but has a slightly more powerful attack and is more agile so he will be the one to look out for. But if you apply this strategy, you won’t have too much trouble bringing them both down in time and continuing to the final boss in Dark Souls 2.

Dark Souls 2 Cheats: How to Earn Souls Faster and Level Up Faster

Dark Souls

Leveling up in Dark Souls 2, as you probably know, is not the fastest process in video games history and I know a lot of people who want to earn more souls in the game and level up faster. If you’re one of them, I have some great news for you: we’re here to share with you a Dark Soul cheat on how to earn souls faster and, automatically, level up faster.

Actually, it’s not really a cheat per-se, but it is something you might not be doing unless you know about it, so let’s not get lost in technicalities and let’s see what we have to do:

The trick to increase your souls gained in Dark Souls 2 by 49% (so instead of 90 souls per enemy, you will get 134) is to kill a couple Merchants in the game. Here they are:

– The Traveling Merchant Hag Melentia by the Cardinal Tower bonfire – drops the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring which gives you 10% extra Souls in the game. A good idea would be to purchase all the Human Effigy items, Pharros’ Lockstone & Miracles before sending this merchant to better places.

– The Armor Merchant in Manjula – drops Tseldora Cap, Robe, Manchettes & Trousers. This equipment set increases the number of souls you earn up to 49% extra combined with the previous ring so from now on you will earn 134 souls per each kill and level up faster.

Have in mind that killing these NPCs might have consequences in the game (like not being able to get better items from them from that moment on) but the boost of souls is really worth it early on in the game so you might want to go for it.

Will you apply this trick to get more souls in Dark Souls 2 or you’ll remain old school and let the game and your levels progress naturally?

How to Beat Flexile Sentry in Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls

Uh, this Flexile Sentry guy is really an interesting boss fight in Dark Souls 2 – a double fight in one, with few possibilities to attack and with a room that gets filled with water as you fight, making fast movement more difficult. We are here to share with you how to beat Flexile Sentry in Dark Souls 2, a really challenging boss that it’s best to deal with from afar.

This being said, our suggested approach is by the use of magic: stay away from all the action, running and jumping to the sides, waiting for the boss to attack, then sending a soul arrow his way. You risk losing the least health by going with this method and you will easily beat the boss, avoiding all direct contact which can prove lethal.

But if you are a warrior by heart, you will want to go close with melee attacks against this two headed monster and here is where the most fun will be, but also the biggest challenge. In order to beat Flexile Sentry, you should pay close attention to his moves and especially rest habits. The trick is, since he’s a two sided fighting machine, to attack from the side after an attack. So always be on the move, trying to create a circle around this boss, and when he’s resting after an attack, rush in and start hitting. It will take you a bit longer than the magic approach, but you will probably have more fun too.

Here is a video showing the head to heads approach to beat Flexile Sentry in Dark Souls 2:


I hope that you found this guide useful and managed to beat this boss easily after reading it!

How to Beat Old Dragonslayer Boss in Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls

I believe that Old Dragonslayer is the first challenging boss fight in Dark Souls 2, and a welcome change after The Last Giant and the Dragonrider we’ve talked about earlier. I am here to share with you the easiest way to beat Old Dragonslayer in Dark Souls 2, in our growing Boss Fight guide for this great title. So let’s get this started!

As I said, beating Old Dragonslayer is a bit more difficult than the other two bosses because he does have a bigger number of attacks, he’s slightly faster and moves a lot. Which is exactly what you should do: always be on the move and stay away from his frontal attacks, trying to get at him from behind and strike him with your sword. Be extremely aware of his special attacks, like the lightning jump and those quick forward attacks, they can drain some life power from you! And always when you enter the area for the fight, he will swipe at you with a powerful attack, make sure you get out of the way!

Take advantage of his attacks and the fact that he stands still after performing the heavy ones. That’s the moment to rush at Old Dragonslayer and show him your blade. Combine this with permanent movement from your side, blocking all the attacks that you can’t run away from and you will eventually defeat this boss – the first true challenge of the game!

Here is a video on how to beat Old Dragonslayer if you prefer watching it, coming from TheNinjaBlade77:


Did you like the Old Dragonslayer boss fight? Let us know by commenting below!