Latest Mighty No.9 Trailer Is A Masterclass In Controversy

Latest Mighty No.9

When we talk about an action-platform video game of 2016, there comes a famous name, Mighty No.9 in the mind. Comcept was the developer of this game. Deep Silver is the company that published it.

This game was crowdfunded by Kickstarter. It is also interesting to know that a heavy input was incorporated from the public for Mighty No.9. It is evident that video games are inspirations or have resemblances. Similarly, Mighty No.9 resembles the early Mega Man series. Gameplay and the character design are the main focal points. Keiji Inafune worked as project lead of this video game and is considered as a spiritual successor of the Mega Man series.

Mighty No.9 Release

Most of the time the release dates fail to fulfill. The same is the case with the launch of it. It was scheduled to be released in April 2015 but delayed. But eventually released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, OS X, and Linux in mid-2016. The versions for PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS were planned to release after its launch but could never surface.

The Gameplay | Mighty No. 9

A blend of 2D and 3D artwork and animation is found in the Gameplay but the main focus was the 2D platform.

Mighty No.9 is actually a robot named Beck whom players have to control. Beck can run, jump and shoot projectiles at enemies in his encounters. The ability to acquire weapons as well as the abilities of enemies, Beck’s defeat, is the real attraction for a player.

Latest Mighty No.9, a game so unbelievably underwhelming that most of us forgot it existed, managed to make itself momentarily relevant again with a brand spanking new trailer.

I don’t want to spoil anything, in particular, so here is the trainwreck in glorious 1080p for the few of you brave enough to withstand the inevitable pain.

While I could spend a good twenty minutes thinking of different ways to insult this disaster of a trailer,  the head of the game’s development studio, Takuya Aizu, summarized it perfectly.

After numerous delays and awful marketing, I cannot imagine Mighty No. 9 doing well when it eventually comes out. Beyond that, it’s almost laughable how much of a target it has become for mockery at this point.

Even the official Sonic The Hedgehog Twitter page had something to say about it.

Ouch. I don’t know what is more painful, that Mighty No. 9 could potentially be a phenomenal game if the studio cared enough to make it as such, or that every time people get a glimpse of it, controversy rears its ugly head.

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Konami Prevents YouTuber from Asking about Kojima, Microtransactions

Things just keep getting worse for Konami. After they pissed off the entire gaming industry by canceling Silent Hills, removing P.T. from the Playstation Store, and attempting to remove creator Hideo Kojima’s name from promotional materials for the upcoming MGSV: The Phantom Pain, they also got into hot water for trying to stifle youtube channel Super Bunnyhop’s insider reporting on the state of the company. Now, Konami is yet again attracting negative press for its attempts to prevent prominent youtuber AngryJoe from even saying Kojima’s name in an interview.

In a follow-up Vlog regarding the interview, AngryJoe reveals that he was taken aside by Konami officials prior to recording and instructed in exactly what could and could not be said. Most prominently, AngryJoe was forbidden from mentioning Kojima at all – and when AngryJoe alludes to the “heartbreak” that Konami fans have been enduring as of late, the PR man for Konami tries half heartedly to shrug it off/ignore it.

(Here’s the actual interview. The awkward ‘heartache’ question begins at 7:00)

(Here’s the Vlog where AngryJoe explains the process of being censored by Konami)

What could have possibly happened at Konami to warrant such enmity against Hideo Kojima? According to Super Bunnyhop’s inside source (see the link in the first paragraph above), it has everything to do with a personal vendetta between Konami’s CEO and its most influential creator.

The questions on every Metal Gear fan’s mind are these: what will Kojima do once MGS5 is released? What will happen of the Metal Gear franchise once Kojima is gone? Is Konami effectively pulling out of video games? It’s a shame that AngryJoe was forbidden from even broaching these topics, as this was the first time in a long while Konami was open to having one of it’s reps be interviewed on camera. MGS5 is sure to be a huge hit – but for Metal Gear fans everywhere, it will be a bittersweet ending to one of the most iconic video game series of all time.