Bound by Flame Guide: How to Romance Male Companions


Romance is one of the several options that Bound by Flame has to offer with its interactive companion system. To romance male companions, you need to play a female hero and you need to complete a series of personal quests. Also, talking to them frequently and taking their side will be crucial to awake their interest. There are three male companions but one of them, Mathras the immortal undead, is a mere observer and he can’t be romanced. However, the other two, Randval and Rhelmar, are two viable possibilities. Learn how to romance them.

bound by flame randval

1. Randval Romance

Side Quests Required: The Duel (Act 1); The Recruitment of Randval (Act 1); Randval The Loner (Act 2); A Knight in Distress (Act 3).

Romance Quest Chain: The Lion’s Den (Act 3, Chapter 1, you must choose Randval when he requests to join you on the hunt) > The Witch Hunt (Act 3, Chapter 2, defeat all the concubines and the Guadian with Randval).

Determinant Decision: Take Randval with you during the Witch Hunt (Act 3, Chapter 2).

Bound by Flame romance

Randval is not a demanding person. All he needs is a bit of attention and loyalty. If you take him into battle with you during the four Concubine boss fights, he will declare himself to you if, of course, you have done all his side quests before. You can’t refuse him when he requests to go with you on The Witch Hunt and you must kill all the deities with Randval on your party. If by any chance you return to the camp and take someone else with you, Randval will feel betrayed and he won’t romance you anymore.

bound by flamr rhelmar

2. Rhelmar Romance

Side Quests Required: Idea for Traps (Act 1); Camp Security (Act 2); The Souls of the Elves (Act 2); The Soul of a Prince (Act 3).

Romance Quest Chain: The Assault (Act 2, Chapter 3, support Rhelmar and his ideas against Edwen) > The Soul of a Prince (Act 3, Chapter 1 and 2, pick the middle talk option while approaching Rhlemar at the Sewers).

Determinant Decision: Pick Rhelmar’s side to save the elven army during The Assault (Act 2, Chapter 3).

Bound by Flame romance

Rhelmar is a bit more complicated to romance than Randval. He has strong values and he will not tolerate betrayal. To gain his trust, you must support him during The Assault. even if the cause is lost, you must take his side over Edwen’s. Else, he will abandon you and return later to kill you for your supposed betrayal. Then, you must unlock his romance quest during the Sewers by discovering the prince’s body among the thousand dead bodies around. To finish this quest you must advance the story a bit. It’s only during The Witch Hunt that youcan continue Rhelmar’s romance quest. You don’t have to take him with you to kill the Concubines. However, when you kill the Creator, you must return tot he Sewers with Rhelmar to finish The Souls of a Prince. During the last part of the quest, while releasing the soul essence, you must pick the middle dialogue option to unlock Rhelmar’s romance scene.

bound by flame rhelmar randval

3. Randval & Rhelmar Simultaneous

It’s possible to have two lovers at once in Bound by Flame. All you have to do is please them all along by insistently talking to them, complete their personal quests and follow a specific order during the third chapter. First, you need to make sure you get Rhelmar instead of Edwen at The Assault, at the end of Act 2. Then you need to initiate Rhelmar’s romance quest during your adventure in the Sewers. When you approach the giant pile of bodies at the center, Rhelmar will mention a body, get closer until a cut screen shows. After that, you need to advance by yourself until you get the chance to defeat three Concubines. Before going on The Witch Hunt, you need to take Randval with you instead of Rhelmar. If you leave the warrior behind during any of the boss battles, he will be disappointed and won’t romance you. Upon killing the two closest Concubines (the Stalker and the Creator), you must go back to the camp and party Rhelmar. Then, head to the Sewers to complete his romance quest. First, approach the prince’s body and collect his soul essence. Therefore, you must move to a quiet location and release the essence, that’s when Rhelmar will romance you if you pick the middle answer. To romance Randval simultaneous, you need to continue your hunting mission with the great warrior. Defeat the Watcher and the Guardian and that’s about it, Randval will finally declare himself to you. You will also unlock the dialogue option to refuse him by claiming you have someone else.

Bound by Flame Tips, Tricks and Strategies


If you want to get the shiniest horns ever in the Bound by Flame history, you might want to check out our tips, tricks and strategies article below where we share some… uhm… Bound by Flame tips and tricks for all the players out there, from how to build your character and put those skill trees to good use (and not become a useless tank, like many do) to how to beat the final boss in the game. Pretty much everything you need to know to get you started and running!

1. Don’t rush to become a demon! I know that I said something about shiny horns in the intro, but that also prevents you from wearing a helmet. Becoming a demon also reduces your ice resistance (and defense in general), so it might not be the best suited route to take in the first place. It’s true, your fire spell abilities will increase, which helps a lot. Probably going for the Rogue – demon combo is the best option.

2. Don’t be afraid to go Rogue. Playing as one, with all the stealth abilities and the demon combo is extremely exciting. This opens up the possibility for multiple approaches and the dual daggers are really fun to play. Still, you need to think your build for the final boss battle, otherwise you will have a really tough time there, since Rogues generally have low health and damage resistance.

3. Become an expert fire spell caster. You really need to max out all of the fire skill tree and reap the benefits. And have in mind that if you want to play the Hero, you can (and should) still max out the fire spells, as this is not what turns you into a demon, but the in-game choices.

4. Understand the character builds. To put it short, Warrior is tank, Ranger increases damage per second and Pyro goes great for support on all builds. So focusing solely on your Warrior tree will make it very difficult to play later on, as you will be able to absorb a lot of damage, but cause little. My suggested build is 45% Pyro, 30% Ranger (or Warrior, whichever is your favorite) and 25% the secondary style. Choose the right traits, find out what works best for you and try to balance things as much as possible.

5. Dodge is your friend. This is basically the right approach to any type of battle, including all the bosses. Learn the attack patterns of your enemies and dodge at the right time. If you manage to combine this with keeping your character permanently on the move, you will be able to easily flank opponents and take them out quickly.

6. Increase your health. You will need it, despite knowing how to dodge, despite being a great player. The bosses get more and more difficult, trust me, so you will need all the health you can get, as well as resistance from the Warrior tree. Go for Tough and Colossus or at least one of those to make your life easier.

7. Long range attacks are your friends, too. Always have some crossbow bolts with you and learn how to fight from a distance. Not manly enough, I know, but it will save your demon’s behind on numerous occasions. And you never know when you need some extra bolts to put to good use…

Need more? We have more: How to Make Gold Quickly, How to Defeat the Concubine Bosses, Final Boss Guide and more. Just stay tuned with us as we’re producing more Bound by Flame content to help you out with the game!

Bound by Flame: Randval Quest Problems (Solved)

Bound by Flame


Bound by Flame has been criticized by many as being a buggy and glithcy game, and one of the problems that many of the gamers playing this title comes with the Randval the Loner quest. This is a side quest, actually, that requires you to have Randval recon the area, but no new dialog options appear to make it happen for some players and it’s apparently impossible to complete this quest.

However, the the Randval quest in Bound by Flame is not bugged – you just have to wait a little bit and progress through the main story – let him go and when he appears once again, he will have the new dialog option. If he still doesn’t have that option, just play a bit more – head to the main camp and return – and he will have this new option.

HOWEVER, the main quest will become bugged if you don’t do the Randval the Loner quest before visiting the Elf City. It’s pretty twisted, I know, and waiting for the guy to come back when things should happen faster makes little sense, but that’s how it has to happen in the game and now you know.

Hopefully this will help you with the Randval the Loner quest problems and keep you going in the game!

Bound by Flame Final Boss Guide: How to Defeat Him Easily

The final boss fight in Bound by Flame is almost impossible, especially if you don’t have a solid strategy to approach the demon/dragon combo that is probably driving you crazy already. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who thinks that the final boss in the game is insanely difficult, but you’ll surely not be one of those who can’t beat him/it either because we have here the Bound by Flame final boss guide and we’ll tell you exactly what to do to beat him easily.

Probably the most important thing to know when dealing with this difficult boss in the game is that you really need a strategy and you need to stick with it all the way to the end. It also is better if you have your magic pockets full and a nice stash of crossbow bolts.

So here is how to beat the final boss in Bound by Flame easily:

– Keep your distance. Going all melee is pure suicide, so try to avoid it as much as possible. Stay away and send fireballs his way. It will take a lot of them, but it’ll get the job done!
– Another good strategy is to shoot the final boss with crossbow bolts. You will need around 150 of them to do the job, but in the end, even if you have just half that amount, it’s still good if you follow them with magic attacks.
– Make sure you have a decent stack of health and mana potions. Probably 20 of each would be enough for most fights.
– Fire resistance is key. Therefore, if you have the resources, enhance all your armor with fire resistance. You won’t be needing anything after the battle is over, so spend everything on getting ready!

Finally, learn the attack patterns and learn to avoid them. When his weapons start to glow, this means that he’s about to rush towards you – make sure you dodge this one out correctly, and hit him once or twice while he’s open. Melee also works good in this instance, but don’t stay close for too long in order to avoid the weapon combo.

Also, there’s one more powerful attack, when he surrounds itself with light balls and starts shooting at you. This is when “keep your distance” goes into play: run, dodge and send crossbow bolts his way.

If you’re having trouble with the dragon too, you should change your strategy a bit in this case: simply go close to mid-range and melee or fireball at the dragon’s legs, running away when he starts breathing fire close by. Then return and spam-attack the monster again. If you have enough crossbow bolts and mana, these work well too to get the job done.

Here is a YouTube video of a guy beating the final boss in Bound by Flame, using most of the tips that I shared with you above:

In the end, you will see that it’s not that difficult (at least not impossible) to beat the final boss in Bound by Flame, even though it’s a pretty frustrating fight during the first few tries! But that’s how boss battles should be: very difficult! And if you’re having difficulty with the ones early on, we also have a guide on how to beat the Concubine.

Bound by Flame Guide: How to Defeat the Concubine Bosses

In Bound by Flame, the Concubine monsters are a set of powerful bosses presented at the end of Act 3. In order to infiltrate Blackfrost’s palace and slay the ruthless Ice Lord, players must defeat his most loyal guardians, the concubines. However, to slay the main Concubine known as the Guardian, Vulcan has to kill her minor daughters, the Creator, the Stalker and the Watcher. The combat style for all of them are quite similar, what differs is each boss attack damage and health. Learn how to take down these promiscuous deities.

Bound by Flame concubine1. Position Yourself for Melee Combat

When the battle begins, you should position yourself for a close range combat style. Get close to the Concubine but not close enough to get hit or disabled. You should definitely fight at a melee range for two main reasons, first because your specialization is either warrior or ranger, both melee classes, and secondly because the Concubine excels at magic, which means she’s less efficient at melee combat.

Bound by Flame concubine2. Find the Battle Rhythm

The Concubine has a very peculiar battle rhythm, especially at melee combat. She will basically do one attack type repeatedly with a few cast variations. Once you learn her rhythm, it’s easier to dodge every single hit and consequently counter-attack. Sometimes, she uses magic spells while in close range. This will certainly disrupt the rhythm but don’t panic. Just dodge it and try to engage her in close combat once again.

Bound by Flame concubine3. Avoid Ranged Combat

You must avoid range combat while fighting any of the Concubines. Why? Well, they are expertise mages and their spells hurt a lot. Besides, if you adopt a distant position you won’t be able to do much damage. Also, if you keep a medium-long range distance, the Concubine will spam various magical skills, in whichsome of them are particularly strong and hard to dodge.

Bound by Flame concubine4. Don’t Let Your Health Bar Go Down

To ensure you’re not going to die from a minor mistake, such as a failed dodge or a poor positioning move, then you should keep your health bar above half at all times. This way you won’t have any unexpected surprises. If you take a lethal blow while having your health bar substantially up, then you’ll still have the chance to immediately drink a potion and recover. Otherwise, you’ll just die.

Bound by Flame concubine5. Dodge Magical Abilities

The key success to survive the Concubines is to dodge their magical skills at any cost. The best option is to move around or dodge/parry their skills entirely. If you don’t manage to dodge the skills, you won’t last long since some of them can basically one shoot you. Others might seem a bit less efficient but sometimes the Concubine executes a flame combo chains that will consequently lock your character into the ground, resulting in a frustrating death.

Bound by Flame concubine6. Use Orb of Fire as Much as You Can

Using Vulcan’s fire ability, the Orb of Fire, is a great tactic against this enemy. It’s not just about the decent amount of damage it inflicts. This spell also has a chance to burn the Concubine, leading the monster into enter a state of deep flame suffering for a few seconds. This will allow you to get close and free hit her during the current time. Note that this chain tactic is capable of tremendous harm if executed correctly.

Bound by Flame concubine7. Adopt a Frontal or Sideward Approach

When fighting this monster at close range, remember to always go for her sides or front. If you choose to be sneaky and attack her from the rear, then you’ll get immediately kicked out. The Concubine has several pairs of legs and one of them is set in her very back; it works as an anti-rear attack protection. Remember that getting slammed into the ground can become a huge problem if the deity casts another disable or magic spell while you’re still not on your feet.

Bound by Flame concubine8. Don’t Rely on Your Block Ability

The last tip for this boss fight is to never rely on your block ability. Blocking works perfectly against trash mobs. However, when it comes to bosses and mini-bosses this skill becomes useless and it’s nothing more than a time-sink mechanism. You can’t block the Concubine’s projectiles, so don’t waste anytime clicking the block key. Instead, try to dodge, parry or simply move in a different direction to avoid the hit.

The Concubines have different strength levels depending on the game difficulty you choose. However, their mechanics remain the same. To defeat this deity, you only need to learn her battle rhythm and thoroughly accompany her frontal combat dance in order to flame dodge/parry and counter attack. In between, you should deny all her magical hits and keep your health bar filled. Once you repeatedly do this, you won’t have many issues to slay all of them.

Note that you need to defeat the Concubines by a specific order. Else, you’ll need to face two at a time. Kill the Stalker first (the one closest to the camp on the left side), then you’re clear to go for the rest of them.

If you’re having trouble with the final boss, we’ve also published a guide on how to beat the final boss in Bound by Flame.

Bound by Flame Guide: How to Make Gold Easily and Quickly


Bound by Flame is the new action-RPG from Spiders and Focus Entertainment and it presents four difficulty game modes, each one with a very specific game style. In the first two modes (Recruit and Hawk), gold appears to be quite worthless. However, when things get more complicated in the Buffalo and Captain modes, gold becomes one of the most important elements in game. Here’s an extensive guide unveiling the best ways to make tons of gold easily and fast.

Bound by Flame ss1. Selling Items You Don’t Need

One of the best ways to make money in Bound by Flame is to sell everything you don’t need. The most efficient way to do this is to sell lower armor equipment and weapons that don’t match your specialization. For example, if you’re mastering ranger, then two-hand and ranged weapons won’t be of any use to you, which means it’s totally safe to sell them without risking regretting it later.

Bound by Flame ss2. Looting Everything

Looting enemy corpses and environmental treasures is a reliable source of gold. When looting potential gold sources, you’ll have the chance to loot much more than just a few coins. Equipment, weapons, components and potions are just some of the countless items that you can find during your Bound by Flame journey. It’s a bothersome task but it’s more than worth it, especially when you unlock certain feats.

as43. Exploration Feats

To increase your chances of finding more and better items, you should master a few exploration feats: Lucky, Snooper and Mule. The first two will increase your chances of finding superior items by 60% altogether. Additionally, the third feat will allow your hero to carry +50 in weight, which means you’ll be able to carry more items without getting any weight penalties.

Bound by Flame ss4. Replaying the Same Zone

In Bound by Flame monsters respawn innumerous times. To access this feature, all you have to do is to re-enter the zone. By replaying the same zone over and over, you won’t just gain additional experience, you’ll also get more loot, which can be sold to merchant NPCs or used to craft superior items worth even more.

Bound by Flame ss5. Completing All Type of Quests

It’s irrelevant to say that main quests usually give generous rewards since everyone will get them. On the other hand, side quests generally have substantial rewards too but they’re not mandatory. However, accepting and finishing this type of quest is not a bad idea, especially if you’re looking forward to get all the gold you can.

Bound by Flame ss6. Exploring Around

Exploration is not an extensive feature in this game but it does exist, so you should consider taking it to your advantage. Most zones have hidden chests placed in unexpected places, so keeping an eye on the map won’t hurt you. Also, you should always stare at the ground and look for lootable stone piles; they usually contain random craft components.

Bound by Flame ss7. Crafting & Components

Crafting and upgrading is quite useful in Bound by Flame. It doesn’t just make your character stronger, as it can make you richer. Crafting items you don’t need will reveal itself useful once you find a merchant to sell them. If you don’t feel like crafting, then you can always sell all the ingredients you have. Some of them sell for a surprisingly high amount of gold.

If you follow all the tips and tricks suggested in this guide, then you shouldn’t have any issues with gold during your adventures in Bound by Flame.