Crash Bandicoot: 5 Reasons Why It’s The Best Platformer

Naughty Dog has taken the spotlight recently due to gaming marvels like The Last Of Us, The Nathan Drake Collection and the upcoming (and much anticipated) release of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. With all the praise and excitement received on behalf of these unquestionably awesome titles, it is almost as if we’ve forgotten that some time ago now, The Naughty Dog team presented us players with the greatest, most memorable platformer of all time, Crash Bandicoot.

The game’s aim was all but a simple one, ”beat the bad guys”, and yet Crash Bandicoot proceeded to go down as legend, a wonderful Playstation Classic. Here’s 5 very plausible reasons as to why Crash Bandicoot is in fact the best platformer game.

1. The Game Is Wack!

To summarise Crash Bandicoot generally, the game is extremely whacky. The foundations for this general feel to the game are laid at the very first level, Crash’s home N.Sanity beach (an obvious play on the word ”insanity” for the more oblivious reader). As soon as Crash, Naughty Dog’s anthropomorphic rendition of a bandicoot, gets swept up onto the sandy shores of the island, the craziness begins to unfold as he has to traverse through evil crabs and tortoises in order to complete the level. Snapping plants and lily pads, hostile mammal wildlife including bosses Ripper Roo (a mutated kangaroo in a straight jacket) and Koala Kong (an over grown, body-building koala) and strange unpredictable settings all contribute to the whacky atmosphere the player will be subdued to as they play eagerly through this platformer’s painfully addictive levels.

A game series released more recently with mildly comparable wackiness was Rayman Origins and it’s sequel Rayman Legends (Ubisoft). Despite it’s vibrant, crazy settings and the games general incoherence, it still struggled to compete with our Crash Bandicoot classic.

crash bandicoot 4


2. Crazy Yet Cute

Nothing makes a game more memorable and enjoyable than a downright awesome character stealing the leading role. Crash Bandicoot, the games protagonist, achieves this criteria exceptionally, mostly evident in the fact he is the face of the more classic side to Naughty Dogs releases and generally in Crash Bandicoot’s overall success as a game.

Crash is eccentric, crazy and cute. Upon playing this game in it’s prime, I found myself spending countless occasions being inactive and leaving Crash to his own devices, watching him fail at juggling apples. These animations were funny and gave Crash the character he couldn’t portray verbally (he doesn’t really speak aside from his emotional outbursts after completing a level or boss battle). Furthermore, Crash’s slapstick death animations and end of level summaries (given boxes are missed during a level) are incredibly comical also as he must stand on a pedestal and take the boxes he missed to the head. Crash is not all comedy however, he is actually rather adorable and as the player more or less tortures him during a playthrough they will no doubt grow to pity the poor soul.

Crash is a well developed starring role to this legendary platformer and it is hands down one of the reasons Crash Bandicoot remains to be the best platformer ever.

crash bandicoot


3. Superb Soundtrack 

Although not immediately a noticeable contributor to the awesomeness of Crash Bandicoot, the soundtrack accompanying the madness within the game plays a huge part in the overall tone and enjoyment of the game.

The music for each level in Crash Bandicoot is fun and bouncy, maintaining the general feel of the game whilst still remaining suited to the specific tone and setting of each individual level. If we take one of the levels titled Slippery Climb as an example, we can see more literally how the soundtrack contributes.

The level itself is relatively dreary and dull, however, the soundtrack for this particular level somehow manages to capture this but twists it to be somewhat catchy and bouncy, maintaining the collective pace and ”feel” of Crash Bandicoot.

In certain levels, the rhythm and beat incorporated within that levels soundtrack actually provide some aid in level completion. For instance, in levels The Lost City and Sunset Vista the rhythm of the soundtrack coincides and matches up with the speed of the interchanging platforms within the level that Crash must jump between, making the level considerably easier to get to grips with.

Crash Bandicoot’s original soundtrack is not only key to generating the fun, bubbly feel of the game, but also poses to be helpful too. It definitely adds up in making Crash Bandicoot the best platformer.

crash bandicoot 3


4. Crash Caters For All

I quite vividly recall the first time my mum sat me down, Playstation One controller in hand, ready to play Crash Bandicoot. After some swift tutorials from her on which button did what, how to tackle the crabs, the first notable enemy of the game and some insight into the Aku Aku mask that hovered beside me, it was safe to say I became addicted. Now, the best part about that little anecdote is the fact that 14 years on from my first playthrough, I am still undoubtedly addicted to Crash Bandicoot. The fact that this game can be appreciated over a span of age groups is what in fact makes it such an outstanding game. It has the profound and valued ability to appeal to the adult with a love for addictive games and too much time on their hands whilst also being able to devour the attention of youngsters attracted to the games vibrancy and simplicity. Crash Bandicoot can even manage to engulf a nostalgic fan as if it were their first playthrough.

crash bandicoot 2


5. Adamantly Addictive

Lastly, yet most importantly, Crash Bandicoot harnesses the profound addiction factor expected from a platformer. No matter how many times you fail on a level or become infuriated as Crash stands on that pedestal in humiliation as the one or two boxes you missed drop shamefully on his head, you will always continue to play. Crash Bandicoot almost taunts you with its simplicity and being a seemingly straight-forward platformer and, in doing so, continues to draw in players. Furthermore, Crash Bandicoot’s incredibly fun levels are almost impossible to turn boring or repetitive, allowing you to indulge time and time again.

All in all, a combination of its catchy original soundtrack, simple game dynamic, strange characters and unquestionably lovable protagonist is the reason Crash Bandicoot remains to be so darn addictive and in turn the best platformer.

crash bandicoot 5


The legendary platformer

Crash Bandicoot will always be the best platformer in my eyes. It harnesses each and every aspect to a successful platformer and will always stand as my means of comparison for any more recent platformer as I just don’t think it can be topped. 14 years after my first playthrough, I can still sit there happy as Larry playing this awesome game for hours upon hours and, to me, that makes it the best platformer.

The Order 1886: 5 Reasons Why This Game’s Story is Too Predictable

the-order-1886 gameplay is predictable-vGamerz

The Order 1886 is a greatly anticipated action-adventure game coming out this February. But most of the anticipation might be in vain. Recent information contained in the freshly released story trailer reveals that more than obvious, The Order 1886’s narrative is way too dull and predictable. Here are five reasons why this game’s story won’t be able to amaze anyone.

5. Deadly Supernatural Creatures

The-Order_-1886_Deadly Supernatural Creatures-vGamerzEvery game has its own bad guys and it’s well known for a while that one of the main enemy factions will consist of deadly “half breeds” or in other words, werewolves. But these are not ordinary werewolf creatures, they’re as fast as lightning and as deadly as thunder. It’s a somewhat strange, yet lethal combination that will (hopefully) bring a certain degree of challenge to the game. Or maybe not, with the amount of high-tech weaponry in-game and the common action game difficulty standards, they’ll most likely remain the strongest in cinematic scenes.

The-Order_-1886_Inner Circle Disputes-vGamerz-4. Inner Circle Disputes

The Order appears to be a strong organization from the outside. However, not everything is the way it looks like. The Order’s weaknesses are immense and its integrity will shake when conflict scatters over the inner ranks. But that was something already expected, wasn’t it? The good old stories of boys following strict orders forever and ever have become part of the past, at least in the video game dimension. Also, things become way more exciting when your supposed friends backstab you. Unfortunately, it’s hardly a story nowadays if drama and conflict are not present.

Reasons to play The Order 1886 - The Mission3. The Order’s Mission Will be Jeopardized

For some reason, the main character, Grayson, will oppose his associates, including the Order’s master and he’ll do anything to jeopardize The Order’s plan, whatever that might be. Finding compromising data about The Order might change the whole picture… Nevertheless, the expectable drama keeps on going in a seemingly ordinary way. Would it even be any interesting if no one opposed the rules? Besides, victory tastes better when it’s hard to get or in this case, when it gives further content to an extended and obvious storyline.

 2. Grayson’s Thirst for Vengeance

The old sweet touch of individualism normally comes by the name of vengeance. Just in the last year, we had several popular action games using this type of narrative, take for example Watch Dogs and Thief. Now, why would Order 1886 be any different? It’s a type of story easy to come up with and unfortunately, it works just fine. So, Grayson will pursue his individual quest for revenge. What remains unknown is what type of revenge is it going to be but that’s probably something concerning family or a loved one (isn’t it always?).

reasons to play The Order 1886 - Enemies United 1. Enemies United

Having one enemy faction is tedious, having two enemy factions is usual. However, having both enemy factions united is somewhat bizarre. At first glance, it would seem like an epic challenge coming to life but that doesn’t seem the case. Aside from pure conspiracy, uniting enemies is nothing more than a failed attempt to turn a mediocre story into something impressive and enigmatic. Truth be said, uniting the lethal half breeds with the fearless rebels would create an undefeatable force but we all know that in the end, that’s not what’s going to happen. Because… this game sweats predictability and obviousness.

The Sims 4: 5 Reasons Why This Game is a Huge Flop


After five years, Electronic Arts has finally released a new Sims game but the reception hasn’t been the best so far. Gamers and reviewers are extremely disappointed with the functionality and content of the game. But some go even farther claiming that The Sims 4 is a huge failure. But why exactly? What’s so wrong about Maxis’ new game? Here’s five reasons why The Sims 4 is a huge flop and most likely, the worst of the Sims series so far.

5. Aging Controversy: Teen, Adult or Elder?

In The Sims 4 age seems to be rather meaningless in terms of aesthetics. Whether your sim is a teen, young adult, adult or elder, their height doesn’t change at all and their physical appearance remains pretty much the same all along. Isn’t that a bit controversial? In previous games, teenagers were smaller than adults and elders used to have noticeable wrinkles and body changes, which made them look visibly older. Now, we got a slightly eternal-look system that disregards aging at every level. For some reason, EA now thinks that white/gray hair is all that matters when it comes to create an elder character. So much for a perfectionist life simulator… that’s really not the way in my opinion.

the-sims-4-jobs4. Professions: The Snobbism Effect

Everything in The Sims 4 seems unrealistic and magical, starting by professions. For some reason, all the basic/primal professions have been removed and most of these activities do not exist in game anymore – policeman, fireman, medic, teacher, lawyer and businessman are no longer part of the daily life. And even if the criminal job still exists in this fourth game, thieves do not. Now, we have a list of elitist professions. Hail the snobbism effect: Astronaut, Chef, Criminal, Entertainer, Painter, Secret Agent, Tech Guru and Writer are now the new promising careers. I think we’re getting too far away from reality here. Way too far. But it gets even worse with the inexistence of physical work places. The setback is real and it’s not going anywhere.

sims-4-exercice3. Improvement: What’s New, Really?

The new builder is quite amazing, it’s really intuitive and easy to maneuver – creating houses and decorating them have never been so natural. The new personality system is also reasonable but besides that, what’s new? Nothing really. Innovation and improvement were surely not taken in consideration during the creation of The Sims 4. The whole game looks like a short version of the previous one, The Sims 3, with way less content of course. On the visual side, the graphics are basically the same, nothing stunning or surprising. Finally, the in-game activities are less than before and hobby places like the cinema, theater and stadium are gone, as well as many stores and facility buildings, like the book and grocery stores, the hospital and the cemetery. Déjà vu, anyone?

sims-4-repairr2. Content & Features: Is This a Demo?

The Sims 4 feels like a demonstration. Maybe because I’ve played all the other Sims games before but still, there are so many things missing that it’s quite unbelievable. For example, simple and mundane things like pools, dish washing machine, cars and toddles are not existent in-game. Fires get auto extinguished, broken objects get auto repaired, social services are instantaneous and tax collectors are invisible. Everything happens as pure magic, as if the game was made in a rush and there was not enough time to implement features that have been part of the previous three games. The city panorama was also affected. Now, sims can only visit a few places such as the Park, Lounge, Museum and Gymnasium.

sims-4-park1. Unrealistic World: Peace and Love Baby

I would say that The Sims 4 was created based on a single slogan: “Peace and Love Baby”. Why? Well, with so many things missing the new virtual world is not just unrealistic, it’s like a fantasy world put into a life simulator, where crime only exists if you choose, where bad things are stopped by mystic powers, where primary jobs are part of the past, where swimming is only a dream and where death and sickness are barely extant. Everything is chilled and ordinary, filled with snobbism, glamour and the utopia of a perfect world. In other words, it’s boredom at its best, not realism.

5 Reasons Why Watch Dogs Hacking Can’t Convince Anyone

Watch Dogs Hacking

Watch Dogs is almost out for the amusement of most gamers. However, not everything is perfect about this game. One of the weakest aspects of the Watch Dogs hacking system, which allows players to hack basically anything in the surrounding environments, including technically non-hackable objects. Besides that, the game’s protagonist, Aiden Pearce, is some kind of god who can simply invade all networks without much trouble. And of course, all this without getting caught. Check out why Watch dogs’ hacking system can’t convince anyone at all.

1. Express Hacking: One Click is All You Need

Who would say that hacking in the near future would be as fast and easy as one single click? In Watch Dogs hacking and phreaking have nothing to do with the real thing. Time boundaries are completely renounced, hacking techniques are basically inexistent and the very hacking tools resemble automated casual applications. If hacking would be as easy as in this game, then we would be currently assisting to the downfall of modern society. Good for us, most computer exploit techniques still require some time to be properly executed. And unlike Watch Dogs, one click is certainly not all that is needed.

2. Paranormal Hacking: Mechanical Devices Shall Not Escape

Breaking all the rules of modern hacking wasn’t enough for Ubisoft, so they decided to prove that nothing is impossible in the world of Watch Dogs. Whether it’s an unintentional lapse or a leap of faith, the truth is that mechanical devices can be hacked in Watch Dogs. It might seem cool and rather convenient to hack a huge variety of things in the surrounding environments but how can a physical object with no electronic circuits be hacked? It’s beyond unrealistic, it’s quite pitiful. But it gets even worse with the hacking ability of mechanical devices that require pure strength to be lifted, which naturally challenges the laws of physics and evokes a sense of magic or supernatural.

3. Divine Hacking: Aiden Pearce, the Omnipotent

Watch Dog - Divine HackingAs players progress in Watch Dogs, they’ll be able to unlock new and more powerful hacking abilities until the point that the whole Chicago city will be at its knees. With so much power in his hands, Pearce inevitably becomes a living god capable of performing all types of imaginable things. He can virtually get anywhere, anytime, anyplace. But let’s be honest, even elite hackers nowadays would be jealous of this virtual character. For someone who spent a good while in prison, Aiden is extremely paired with reality. In fact, he manages to outsmart everyone with his hack, showing that he’s either a god among the living or then it proves Chicago has close to zero defenses against cyber-crime.

4. Ghost Hacking: Detection is Hardly a Problem

Watch Dogs Ghost HackingThe typical hacker on the run is perfectly portrayed by Aiden Pearce in Watch Dogs but the thing is, he is never caught, just as in the good old heroin mainstream movies. He does not only have flawless solutions for every unexpected incident, as he is able to hack any network without ever getting detected. No matter how many times he might hack the same networks or the same type of objects, he will just go on unnoticed. Once again, it’s the power of seeming divinity. Even in the worst-case scenarios, Aiden doesn’t need to panic because upon detection it’s extremely easy to run away through the countless weapons proportionated by the dynamic environment system.

5. Shameless Hacking: The Perfect Future for Cyber Criminals

One of the things that Watch Dogs show us is that the future will be amazing for cybercriminals but what’s confusing is the incredible level of unrealism. Aiden can hack all citizens and freely acquire their personal data. Isn’t there anyone at all who has a decent security system able to detect hacker attacks? How can governmental networks not notice all the strange anomalies happening all over the city? Worse, why can’t they do anything efficient about it? Doesn’t Chicago have an anti-cybercrime police department? After so many bizarre aspects regarding Watch Dogs’ hacking system, I can only conclude that cybercrime is prompt to be shameless and unstoppable in the future, at least according to Ubisoft.

The Elder Scrolls Online: 5 Reasons Why This Game is Already a Failure

The Elder Scrolls online - Main

The Elder Scrolls Online

As expected, The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) is being reviewed as an average game. It’s not fiction. It’s reality. There’s nothing new or special about this game and the flaws are endless. For starters, the game lacks what’s truly essential. Instead of featuring Tamriel as a massively multiplayer experience, it presents a standard MMO with The Elder Scrolls as its main theme. And it gets worse, as nearly every system seems to be either incomplete or totally non-intuitive. Instead of becoming a legend among MMOs, TESO has become a despicable disappointment. Here are the top five reasons why this game is already a failure among gamers.

1. Next-Gen: Lack of Interactive and Innovative Content

The Elder Scrolls online - Next-GenFor an MMORPG releasing on next-gen consoles, I think it’s natural to expect the game to include next-gen features. But that’s not the case. In fact, most of the features in TESO are nothing more nothing less than existent concepts from old MMOs. High-quality gorgeous graphics? Checked. Lore questing and dungeons? Checked. Massive PvP? Checked. Extensive customization and crafting systems? Checked. There’s absolutely nothing original in this game. Besides the whole system is quite anti-social and it forces players to journey by themselves, which is completely unbelievable for an MMO title. The user interface is also too alternative and it lacks usability at several levels. Finally, the whole idea of having a classless combat system is probably the most original aspect of the game but even that has been explored before.

2. PvP System: Extremely Massive and Imbalanced

elder1The PvP system in TESO is an incredible tragedy. It has been a while since I saw a paid MMO without any kind of structured PvP system. I think the last one was Aion, five years ago. Now, the only PvP option in this game is a huge map called Cyrodiil, where the three factions in Tamriel can massively engage each other in order to obtain further land and bonuses. It seems exciting and fun at a casual level. But anyone who enjoys player-versus-player knows that this is simply a measure of entertainment and leisure. There’s too little skill or tactics involved. And the most successful strategy is gathering the largest army possible – numbers are everything in this super-massive battlefield and it generally leads to victory.

3. Economy: Completely Devastated by Exploits

The Elder Scrolls online - EconomyTESO hasn’t even celebrated one full month of existence yet and its economy has been devastated by a duping exploit. The bug was so easy and simple to use that a normal player could do it accidentally. Evidently, this unleashed chaos in-game, since farming and item creation lost most of their purpose. And even if Zenimax/Bethesda has already dealt with the issue by fixing the bug and punishing most of the abusers, the result of their actions is still visible in every realm. The gold generated from the duping allowed many to purchase or craft items that subsequently originated other superior pieces. There’s simply no real way to track all the “illegal” production cycles that have been creating tremendous deviations.

4. PvE: Back to the Old Days

elder2The old days where mass grinding and eternal solo leveling were part of any MMO seem to be back with The Elder Scrolls Online. Apart from dungeons and PvP, it’s basically impossible to group up and quest together. Why? Well, The Elder Scrolls Online features an instanced system where players must do a great part of their quests by themselves. Even if they’re in a group with players doing the same quests, they won’t be able to share it because this instanced single-player domain inside the global multiplayer world won’t allow them to interact with each other. Also, quests can’t be repeated, which means players can’t help their friends with quests that they’ve completed before. So ultimately, what’s the point of going online if you can’t even quest with other people?

5. Pay-to-Play: The Bold Gold Mine of 2014

The Elder Scrolls online - Pay-to-PlayI think the most bizarre thing about TESO is the fact that you need to pay so much to experience everything the game has to offer. First, you need to pay 60$ to purchase a copy of the game. Secondly, if you wish to unlock all the features in the game, including the Imperial Race and the Imperial Horse, then you need to spend an additional 20$ to buy the Collectors Edition. Lastly and because The Elder Scrolls Online is a subscription-based game, players will have to pay 15$ a month just to be able to log in. I am sure gamers wouldn’t mind paying all this and much more for a game worth it, a game with distinguishing content, next-gen features, and remarkable gameplay. But the TESO Zenimax/Bethesda has presented us is nothing but a shadow of a game that never came to be, which inevitably, became a failure and a huge disappointment for everyone.

5 Reasons Why You Should Pre-Order Blackwell Epiphany

Blackwell Epiphany


On April 24, 2014, Wadjet Eye Games will release the fifth and final installment of the Blackwell series, the graphic adventure series that brought Wadjet Eye into the light as a stand-out independent game developer.

The Blackwell series began in 2003 with a game called Bestowers of Eternity, a free downloadable game that can still be found in the AGS Archives. The free game garnered a surprising amount of attention, and Dave Gilbert, the creator of Bestowers of Eternity, decided to revamp the game and re-release it as a polished, commercial product. And so, in 2006, Dave Gilbert founded Wadjet Eye Games, releasing The Shivah and the first game in the Blackwell series, The Blackwell Legacy, in the same year. The subsequent Blackwell games were released as follows: Blackwell Unbound released in late 2007, Blackwell Convergence released in the summer of 2009, and Blackwell Deception released in the fall of 2011. All of these games can now be purchased through the Blackwell Bundle on Steam and

And now, after eight years (eleven, if you count Bestowers of Eternity), the Blackwell series is coming to an end. It’s sort of a bittersweet feeling, being excited for the final installment of such a beloved franchise, but knowing that after that, it’s the end. And so, in honor of this week’s release of Wadjet Eye’s The Blackwell Epiphany, I want to share my top five reasons for why you should get excited and pre-order the game. I’m telling you, this Thursday is going to be great!

1. The Blackwell Series Is Great

No, really, I’m serious! For those of you who love graphic adventure games, such as Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers or the Monkey Island games, the Blackwell series is the perfect addition to your PC-gaming collection. And what other game can you think of in which you get to play as a struggling writer in New York City who just happens to be a medium, and then alternatively play as her mystery-solving partner, who just happens to be a wisecracking ghost? When I first started playing, I was a bit skeptical, but after a while, I fell in love with the series. I found the characters charming and believable, even falling in love with Joey, the ghost who can be crass, but truly has a heart of gold. I found the puzzles difficult enough to cause a hang-up or two, but never had to resort to looking up the solutions in an online guide. And the overall story of the series is just wonderful. It’s hard to put into words how well-written this series is, but these games really do have genuinely good stories.

Still not convinced that the Blackwell series is great, and that you should own not only the upcoming Epiphany, but the rest of the series as well? Well then, I’ll just leave this trailer here for you to peruse, and perhaps you’ll change your mind.

2. The Trailer Is Awesome

Seriously, for a graphic adventure game, the trailer is pretty cool. I know I’m pretty pumped for the game after watching it. Wadjet Eye is definitely sending Rosangela Blackwell and Joey off with a bang, and this is just what the fans need to get excited for the final, and hopefully best, Blackwell game.

3. The Pre-Order Exclusives Are Worth It

Let’s face it, if you’re going to go through the trouble of pre-ordering a game, chances are you want a little extra incentive to do so, right? Well, never fear; Epiphany includes some fancy exclusive content for those who choose to pre-order. No, it’s not extra levels or character skins or whatnot. Instead, Wadjet Eye is including exclusives that will resonate more with fans of the series. Pre-order customers will have access to video interviews with Abe Goldfarb and Rebecca Whittaker, who voice Joey and Rosa respectively, in which the two will talk about their work over the course of the entire Blackwell series. Another exclusive video will feature creator Dave Gilbert as he gives a video tour of the locations in New York City that inspired locations in the Blackwell games. Those who pre-order will also be able to download the Epiphany soundtrack, will be able to download a DRM-free version of the game, and will receive a free Steam key for the game as well.

However, the most exciting pre-order exclusive for The Blackwell Epiphany has got to be the “virtual invite to the Blackwell Epiphany launch party” that the game devs will be streaming on Thursday night. The launch party will be streamed straight from the apartment of Dave Gilbert, and will include a “hangout” and “Q&A session” with the developers. For fans of the series, and fans of Wadjet Eye in general, this particular exclusive is a wonderful opportunity for fans to ask questions and talk with the developers who put so much effort into the series over the years. And honestly, these “exclusives” are a lot more unique and meaningful than the “bonus content” cluttering most pre-orders nowadays.

4. You’ll Be Helping Out An Independent Developer

Let’s be honest here, Wadjet Eye Games is not a triple-A development studio. The main team is made up of only four people: Dave Gilbert, his wife Jane Gilbert, Miranda Gauvin, and Ben Chandler. In order for these four people to continue making fun, high-quality games, they need to make a bit of money to pay actors and buy equipment and so forth. And personally, I can’t think of a better development team to contribute to. The people at Wadjet Eye are probably some of the nicest people in the gaming industry. I have personally had the pleasure of speaking with Miranda Gauvin, who also acts as Wadjet Eye’s customer relations rep, and found her to be very charming and helpful. I really want to see these wonderful people go on to be successful in their future projects and endeavors, and by pre-ordering Blackwell Epiphany, or just buying it once it launches, you can help them out tremendously.

5. Come On, It’s Only $14.99!

Sure, you could pre-order some big triple-A title like Watch_Dogs for around $59.99 to $69.99. Or, you could save most of that money and get The Blackwell Epiphany instead, for only $14.99! Plus, Epiphany is coming out much sooner than most of those big games anyways, which means you’ll have something to play while you wait for the next big game to come out. Who knows, you just might enjoy the cheaper game more than you would expect…

The Evil Within: 5 Reasons Why This Game Can’t Scare Anyone

There are numerous games that fail at the most diverse things, yet there aren’t as many failing at their own genre. The Evil Within seems to belong to this restricted group, where games seem to lose their initial essence in the wonders of content production. Labeled as survival-horror, The Evil Within should be delivering an enthusiastic next-gen experience capable of revolutionizing the genre. However, the recently launched trailer at PAX East indicates that more than failing at horror, this game doesn’t seem to scare anyone at all.

asd1. Detached Protagonist

One of the most incoherent features in The Evil Within is the fact that the main character, Sebastian Castellano, does not fear death. The protagonist goes through most of the story wondering if he’s dreaming or if he’s actually part of a living hell. Sebastian is normally detached of emotions and his facial expression is generally hollow and indifferent. Even when the most terrifying enemies approach, he doesn’t seem to have any danger perception. He is not concerned for his mortality, therefore how or why should players be worried about anything at all? The empathy is simply not there.

ew32. Surviving is Utterly Easy

Surviving is the core feature of this genre but in The Evil Within the treat level is rather tragic. Sebastian is able to defeat all kind of enemies with just his weaponry (guns, rifles, crossbows) and the worst part is that it only takes a few shoots to take down the supposedly horrifying creatures. How can there be any type of fear if dying is not a problem at all? Horror and safety just don’t go along and in this case, things are too simple and easy.

ew23. Old Fashioned “Scaring” Tricks

Old scaring tricks used to work marvelously back then but with time and experience players inevitably become tolerant to these same tricks. This happens because the human brain develops involuntary defense mechanisms that won’t allow the same techniques to trigger a similar amount of amusement and fear that it used to. Besides, the surprise element is completely gone. Delivering the same horror features over and over in different contexts does not generate the intended horror sensations. In fact, it can generate opposite feelings such as fun and boredom.

ew44. Repetitive Horror Techniques

In The Evil Within, the supposed scaring techniques are used and abused to exhaustion. The most common one is the out of nowhere monster spawning. It’s surely frightening at the first times, however after a while you’ll always have in mind that wild abominations can appear behind you, so whether they appear or not, it won’t surprise you anymore. Besides, in this game players can simply run away and close a door behind and they’ll be safe. Now, a horror game that allows this kind of maneuver can’t expect to scare anyone.

The Evil Within5. Enemies are Hardly Convincing

The last reason why this game can’t scare players lays on the aesthetics. The general environment visuals are quite gorgeous but when it comes to close range, more specifically characters and monsters, the panorama is very different. Monsters, in general, lack detail and quality, thus realism. The effects are not astonishing as well, which makes the whole in-doors environment a bit rough and hardly convincing.