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  • What Other Settings In History Could Assassin’s Creed Visit?

    World War One? Assassins in trench warfare? I dunno. i am sure they could make a better game out of that than they did with Unity. Could be fun.
  • Everyone Should Keep a Free-to-Play Checkbook

    There is nothing worse than Free to Play ideas being shamelessly exploited in full retail games. I do not want to pay people money for the luxury of not playing their intentionally tedious games. That being said, Free to Play as a concept is brilliant. Countless MMO's have become popular due to the practice, offering hundreds of hours for little, to no investment. Lord of the Rings Online is always a game that comes to mind when I think of things like this. It was not QUITE good enough to be worth the sub, but addictive enough to sink a...
  • Top 10 Characters We Want To See Added To Super Smash Brothers

    I know right? I salivate at the idea of Monster Hunter's Monster Hunter being added to Smash.
  • Is The Witcher 3 Overhyped?

    I didn't say I didn't like The Witcher. I merely stated that the game is flawed, and what those flaws were. The article itself is not ANTI WITCHER, it is merely something to remind people of what the Witcher is actually about (or at least what I think the Witcher is about), which ultimately is the characters. Speaking of Baldur's Gate though, I own it several times now. Still have my 1000000 CD original copy XD
  • Wii U E-Shop Goes Dual Screen and Retro

    I hope so. From what I remember of Pandora's Tower, it got a warm reception. I personally enjoyed the game a great deal, so the more people who can play it, and judge it for themselves the better.
  • Wii U E-Shop Goes Dual Screen and Retro

    Unfortunately the announcement was for the EU E-Shop, and as far as I am aware these games have not been given a NA release date. Sorry.
  • 5 Reasons Why Super Smash Bros Is Amazing

    There is something innately funny about stealing peoples hats 😀
  • Should Sonic Retire?

    I can see why multiple playable character would appeal to certain audiences, especially younger gamers, and I do like Knuckles in a few games (although his latest design is...questionable). If you want a game that mixes old and new, then check out Sonic Generations on the Xbox 360 or PS3. It is literally half classic sonic, half modern. It is a pretty fun game.
  • Should Sonic Retire?

    Thanks 😀 It is a real shame, Sonic was an Icon back in-the-day, but for the most part he is a laughing stock. The best thing Sonic related I have played recently is the cash grabbing IOS runner. Could this be the future of our hero?
  • The Order 1886: Short Length Explained through Hybrid Genre

    The problem with the Order is that despite its length, they didn't actually do anything of note with the time they had. Literally nothing happens until the end, and that alone leaves a sour taste. "Buy our short game, at a premium price, so you can witness us doing nothing new and teasing you with a sequel that will be better, we promise" - AAA Devs everywhere. Should all games be long? No. A short game, like Portal, can hit all the right notes, and be gone in a heartbeat and leave you satisfied. But honestly, I feel like games...