How to Choose the Best Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptops have been frowned upon for a long time, with diehard PC gaming enthusiasts considering it impossible to play latest generation games on a laptop – or at least very difficult to do unless you have a fortune to spend. But the past few years have given us cheaper and cheaper options when it came to gaming laptops, resulting in affordable options for most users, many allowing you to play the latest games on high resolution settings without having to sell a kidney and your parents’ house in order to afford it.

We have already shared with you a good list of great gaming laptops under $1,000 that can handle today’s games without much trouble and last year we shared some really cheap options for those on a really tight budget ($500 and under).

But what if you want to have a bit more freedom and be able to actually choose your own gaming laptop? What should you look for? What makes a laptop a great one for gaming? We’re going to answer all these questions in today’s article and teach you how to choose the best gaming laptop based on your budget. Or just check out our lists I’ve linked to above and you’re all set!

The Graphics Card

This is, in my opinion, the most important thing you have to look for when it comes to gaming laptops: they must have a dedicated graphics card, and the more recent it is, the better your new acquisition will handle current generation games. One of the better options out there – at least at the moment of writing this article is the nVidia Geforce GTX 980 M, but in case you want to have a look and always be up to date with the latest releases – or check out how recent the model you’re considering is, visit nVidia’s official page here and look at the GPUs listed under the Notebook category – the GTX ones are made for gaming, so that’s what you should be looking for.

If you want to know how good the graphics card of your laptop is, simply google the card’s name and “benchmark” (so something like “GeForce GTX 980M benchmark”) and check out the results out there – usually, you will see an easy to read chart that will show you the score of that particular card and you’ll be able to compare it to the best card on the market at that given moment. Of course, the closer it is to that top score, the better the card is.

When looking at the graphics card, check out the amount of RAM it has: the same card might come with different amounts of RAM (2, 4 or more) – always go for the higher values here, but have in mind that usually a card with 2 GB of RAM will be better than an older card with more RAM.

In the end, this should be the major selling point: the graphics card is the most important thing to look at when you buy your gaming laptop as it ultimately decides what games you can play – and at what quality! Also, you should know that normally laptop manufacturers will rarely build a poor product with a very good GPU, but on numerous occasions you could find a laptop with amazing specs BUT the GPU.

The Processor

The second most important thing to look at is the processor. Many consider it the most important thing, but that’s not the case. The processor is indeed important, but after reaching a certain threshold, it no longer matters as much as your current graphics card for gaming purposes. Of course, the better processor should always be picked, but if your funds are limited and you have to choose between two models, one with a better GPU and one with a better processor, you should normally pick the first.

When it comes to processors, Intel’s i7 series is the latest at the moment, but you can also get decent performance from an i5. If you’re unsure about the performance of the processor of the laptop you’re looking at, Google will help you once more: simply search for the following string: “processor name benchmark” and again look at the numbers. For example, a search for “intel i7 6700k benchmark” will bring up results for that particular model.

As I said before, you will rarely see an amazing graphics card paired with a crappy processor (but often the opposite), so make sure you check out both in order to make sure that you make the best choice.

RAM matters…

Well, not so much! Of course, you won’t want to go for 4GBs of RAM, but 8 is still a good number for today’s games. If you want to play it really safe and make sure you won’t have to upgrade for a long time, play it safe with 16, but anything above that is, in my opinion, too much. As long as you have an amazing graphics card and a good processor, RAM always comes in second.

Do you really need a SSD?

The truth is that SSDs are indeed faster and the better option when it comes to any type of computer, but the truth is that it might still not be a good idea to go for a SSD yet. They are more expensive than regular HDDs and you get a lot less storage, so it’s not uncommon to see 256GB options out there and maybe even lower. If you are a hardcore gamer and you have a lot of games installed at the same time, you will soon end up not having enough space for them if you opt for a SSD storage option that offers too little in terms of GBs. Of course, if you can stretch your budget and you have this option, SSDs are the better choice since they are faster than regular HDDs and therefore result in shorter load times, but unless you get a minimum of 512 GB (although I’d go for 1 TB), don’t bother or you’ll soon run into storage space related problems – even though it’s not really important to go overboard either with a HDD like the Seagate 10 that was recently revealed by our friends over at Techosaurus Rex. 1TB is still enough in most cases!

Display resolution

You’ll be tempted to choose resolutions higher than HD (that’s 1920 × 1080), but the truth is that in most cases you shouldn’t because your laptop won’t be strong enough to offer decent frame rates at such resolutions when it runs current generation games. Even a resolution of 1366 x 768 isn’t such a bad choice if you want to keep costs down, and it would result in better overall performance when gaming, so don’t be afraid to consider it as a choice when looking at your next gaming laptop!

Does size matter?

The debate that probably started centuries ago moves into the notebook area as well. I personally don’t think that you should even bother looking at anything lower than the 15.4″ diagonal and, if possible, I’d suggest going for the larger 17″ models. Gaming laptops are pretty heavy and the larger display would make them even heavier, but I always think that a large screen is better when gaming. However, if portability is extremely important to you, you should go for the smaller screen size. Otherwise, I’d go for the larger one!

These are the main things to look at when buying a gaming laptop. Anything else (like backlit keyboard, bells and whistles) is just extra icing on the cake and they should only matter if you want to spend some extra dollars. Between backlit keys and a few extra frames per second I would always choose the latter so always focus on what’s important!

Hopefully you know now how to choose a perfect gaming laptop for your needs and especially your budget, but if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask them below!

How to Fix Doom 2016 Crashes, Freezes, Performance Issues and Other Problems

The fourth Doom has been launched and it seems that this is the game that fans of the original shooter were waiting for: it’s bloody, it’s difficult, it’s absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, not all the people who bought it are able to fully enjoy the game as they are faced with some Doom crashes, freezes and other problems that make the game unplayable or difficult to play. And we’re here to try and help you out by sharing some ideas on how to fix Doom 2016 crashes, freezes and other problems you might encounter, including performance issues and even skipping the intro videos.

So if you’re having any kind of problem with the game, read on and hopefully you’ll find a solution to your Doom problems and crashes.

First of all, even though it sounds like a “is your computer plugged in?” type of solution, we have to go through this first: make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements for playing the game. If it’s right at the bottom, don’t try running the game with all the bells and whistles – and if it’s not there yet, then you know why you’re having problems! If your computer is able to run the game, but you’re still having problems, it’s time to read on and try some of the more advanced fixes. Just to keep things easy, here are the minimum system requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit versions)
Processor: Intel Core i5-2400/AMD FX-8320 or better
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 670 2GB/AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB or better
Storage: 55GB available space

If your game crashes and has performance issues, the first thing you should do is to install the recently launched drivers optimized for running the game. nVidia video card owners click here and AMD card owners click here to download the latest drivers. Make sure you have them to save yourself from a lot of trouble!

How to fix Doom Crashes

There are various reports regarding crashes in different stages or after syncing, logo and so on. Here is what you can do to try and fix that (updating the drivers as recommended above is one of the potential fixes!):

– Verify the integrity of your game files. Right click the game in your Steam library, then select Properties – Local Files – Verify Integrity of Game Cache. Sometimes, some corrupted files or files missing completely can cause the problems.

– Try shutting all the background apps that you are running, including antivirus (or at least manually add the game as an exception to make sure that it can connect to the servers).

– If you are getting the [press none to continue] Error, reset the keybindings to default in order to fix the problem.

How to fix Doom performance issues, stuttering, lag

Most of the users playing the game are reporting terrible lag during the splash screen and intro videos. Fortunately, this usually disappears after first running the game, but you can disable them completely. In order to do so, right click the game in your Steam Library and select Properties – Launch Options. “-NoLauncher -NoStartupMovies +com_skipIntroVideo 1”

Disable vSync and Triple buffering in the game’s settings in order to lighten the load on your system and improve performance.

If you are using the Evolve application, make sure you turn it off when you play the game: it has been reported by many as the current culprit for performance issues and even game crashes. It is also apparently responsible for a strange red screen problem.

These are, for now, our recommended fixes for potential Doom crashes and performance problems. If you have any other problem with the game or, even better, a solution to these problems, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below!

10 Best Stellaris Mods That You Must Try Now!

If you’ve been following Vgamerz lately, you know that I have a complete Stellaris addiction and even though I’m still enjoying the base game as it is and I still discover new amazing things, I can’t ignore the fact that the modding community is insanely active and there are a ton of great mods launched already, with some major ones in progress (like the Star Trek total conversion). Until those get released, we still have a lot of ways to improve our Stellaris experience and in order to help you get started, I’ve decided to create this list of the 10 best Stellaris mods that you should install right now.

I am sure that mode mods will be launched in the future, so I will make sure to let you know about their availability when they are released. But until then, check out below the best Stellaris mods!

best stellaris mods 01

Per Ardua Ad Astra

Stellaris is an extremely balanced game – and a complex one too – as it is, but some tweaks will never hurt. This mod updates the balance and brings some much needed changes, like new buildings, rebalanced robots and slaves, as well as balance changes for Buildings, Edicts, Ethics, Governments, Techs and Traits. Pretty interesting, I’d say – so click here to download this mod.

best stellaris mods 02

Lilim – Rei Ayanami

This one will be particularly interesting if you’re a fan of the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion (and the movies related to it), but even if you’re not, it’s still a great play! Introducing a new species, the Lilim (angels in the anime), a new government type – the Divine Matriarchal Rule (which upgrades to Divine Matriarchal Star Empire). Give it a try here.

best stellaris mods 03

Galaxies Unlimited

Did you ever feel the need of more stars in Stellaris? The current cap is set at 1,000, but with this mod you can create a galaxy with 25 to 5,000 stars. The maps all include adjusted number of empires, empire default, fallen empire/advance empire defaults, and number of nebulas. Just make sure that you have what it takes to rule these galaxies! You can download the mod here.

best stellaris mods 04

48 Empire Colors

This mod adds 28 additional colors to the base game, and it also expands the space for color selection in the custom species creation screen. This is compatible with Ironman mode and unlocking the Ironman achievement, so give it a try! Download here.

best stellaris mods 05

Honorverse: Star Kingdom of Manticore

Although playable and very cool, this is still a work in progress mod at the moment of writing – so expect it to get more and more epic. Until then, enjoy the mod based on David Weber’s book series about Honor Harrington, featuring the Star Kingdom of Manticore empire, new government, new star systems and more. Extremely high potential here, so check it out on Steam.

best stellaris mods 06

Beautiful Battles Mod

This mod completely revamps the space battles (mostly aesthetically) and everything will look better and more spectacular. Battles will also last slightly longer, so sit back and enjoy the show! Download the mod here.

best stellaris mods 07

Playable Robots

Do you want to play as Robots? You can do so with this well-made mod that brings Robots as a playable race in the galaxy, with 16 Playable Android Races and a lot of room for growing. Click here to download the mod.

best stellaris mods 08

The Blorg

This is a fun mod to try, especially if you watched the teasers Paradox had for Stellaris. This adds a new pre-scripted empire to the game, the loving (but not lovable) Blorg. Try them out just for fun and for some amazing roleplay. Click here to download.

best stellaris mods 09

Better Sector Mod

Sectors are always frustrating and time consuming. Sometimes they make little sense and they manage to get the game a lot more complicated than they should, especially since they’re intended to simplify things. This mod fixes those problems and makes sectors work as I personally believe they should. Download it here.

best stellaris mods 10

National Emblem Pack

Another mod that makes things not just more familiar, but better for roleplaying: insignia from across history and around the world, including intergovernmental organizations like the United Nations, Union of South American States, NATO and individual nations from Albania to Wales. A really good mod that can be downloaded here.

Even though it’s been just a few days since the game was released, as you can see we already have a ton of great mods available for download (and an impressive 420 available on Steam at the moment of writing). This will get epic from now on, so expect another article with game changing mods really soon. Until then, enjoy these amazing mods too!

Top 10 Most Wonderfully Worthless Hearthstone Cards

Hearthstone has plenty of crazy card effects, and none are crazier than the legendaries.  They’re the hardest cards to get ahold of and you can only use one of each in a deck.  They seem like the best cards in the game, but style does not equal substance and there are plenty of flashy cards that aren’t worth the price of admittance.  To be clear, this isn’t about the worst legendary cards, per say, but the ones that look the most tempting and deliver the most disappointment.  Millhouse Manastorm is bad, but you can see just how much of a risk he is at a glance.  These are the cards that threaten to waste your hard-earned arcane dust and leave you sobbing with regret.  They’re the cards that fall so flat that you can’t help but laugh at their expense.  These are the most wonderfully worthless cards in Hearthstone.


10. Bolf Ramshield

The idea behind Bolf is to counteract aggressive decks, which have been a notorious problem in Hearthstone.  However, flexibility is vital and he gets crushed by any other deck in the game.  Simply by going for the face, your opponent can easily kill your 6-drop without having to sacrifice any minions of their own.  Bolf isn’t even that good against aggro decks anyway because most of them will kill you before you even get to 6 mana.  Just stick to Antique Healbot or Cult Apothecary when that comes out.


9. Elite Tauren Chieftain

Here’s a card so rare that it was exclusively awarded to attendees of Blizzcon 2013.  You can still craft it in normal quality the hard way, but golden copies of the card only belong to those select die-hard fans.  Something that prestigious has to be good, right?  Well, it’s actually the opposite.  To try and keep the game fair and balanced, any cards that are awarded for specific events are intentionally designed to be elaborate jokes that can never work at high levels of play.  A 5/5 for 5 is a decent minion, but the Power Chord cards are where things become really unpredictable.

There are three different Power Chord spells that you can get off of ETC, and they’re even more randomness stacked upon randomness.  There’s “I Am Murloc” that summons a random amount of 1/1 murlocs to your command, “Power of the Horde” can summon anything from a Frostwolf Grunt to Cairne Bloodhoof, and “Rogues Do It” as the most reliable one dealing 4 damage and drawing a card.  While that’s not a terrible deal, your opponent also gets one of these spells and may end up with a better deal than you.  Nothing sets you back on tempo worse than spending 4 mana on a measly 2/2 while your opponent gets one of the best spell damage cards in the game.


8. Gruul

Gruul is the biggest and toughest guy you can find on the desolate planet of Draenor.  The towering ogres are puny servants to him, and his favorite hobby is taking members of Deathwing’s black dragonflight and impaling them through mountain peaks.  Admittedly, Gruul’s card heavily evokes his boss fight in World of Warcraft where he starts huge and only grows larger and stronger the longer the battle goes on.  Where things go wrong is when you remember that most decks run hard-removal cards like Big Game Hunter and Polymorph that will instantly shut someone like Gruul down, and those that don’t run removal are aggressive enough not to need it.  One minion alone can never be strong enough to control a game of Hearthstone, no matter how big it is.  Gruul may be bulky, but all that makes him is a bigger target.


7. Gelbin Mekkatorque

Here’s the other event exclusive card that you’re really not missing out on.  Gelbin was awarded to anyone who made a cash purchase during the game’s beta period, and he summons one of his unique inventions when played.  His Repair Bot heals a damaged character, the Emboldener 3000 buffs a minion, Poultryizer turns minions into 1/1 chickens, and Homing Chicken draws you three cards if it survives to the start of your next turn (where it automatically dies anyway).  That all sounds great except for the fact that the inventions don’t differentiate between your minions and your opponent’s.  As a result, they can easily end up helping your opponent much more than you.  It is possible to set the board up so the invention works for you, but Emboldener and Poultryizer are polar opposites in terms of tactics and getting things to swing your way is reliant entirely on blind luck.  Also, the inventions don’t have a single attack point between the lot of them, so your opponent can easily take it out even if it is working to your advantage.  When the one that intentionally blows itself up is the most reliable of the bunch, it might be time to look elsewhere for your six-drops.


6. Illidan Stormrage

Illidan the Betrayer is one of the most recognizable characters in Warcraft lore, if not the most recognizable.  He’s been the central figure of not one, but two entire expansions for World of Warcraft, with the main selling point of the upcoming Legion expansion being the ability to play as Illidan’s Demon Hunter class.  Sadly, Hearthstone hasn’t been able to capture the night elf’s awesome powers as he is one of the weakest legendaries in the game.

There was a time where Illidan was useful as the original version of the card had a battlecry that discarded three cards from both players’ hands and drew them each three new ones.  However, it turned out that removing cards from the enemy hand was too powerful an ability and Illidan had to be completely reworked.  While summoning 2/1 minions with relative ease isn’t a decent enough ability, the big problem Illidan is that his health was reduced to a meager 5 that can easily be knocked through before he summons anything.  The fact that Illidan also dies to our old friend Big Game Hunter also doesn’t do him any favors.  Now his only use is as a guinea pig in Hearthstone Science’s experiments.


5. Icehowl

A 10/10 with charge?  Amazing!  A 10/10 with charge that can’t go face?  Useless!  The idea with Icehowl is to control the board, but area-of-effect and hard-removal spells already do his job substantially better.  You can silence him in order to attack your opponent’s face, but that also removes the charge effect.  You can save the silence for the next turn, but Icehowl will most likely be dead to BGH at that point (noticing a theme, here?).  Icehowl is all bark and no frostbite (I’m sorry I’m not sorry).


4. Nozdormu

If you’re going to pay any more than 7 mana for a single card, it needs to have a stellar effect attached to it to be worth the investment.  Nozdormu can have an incredible impact, but only if you cheat.  There’s an infamous glitch with him that can steal time off of your opponent’s turn with lengthy animations.  Blizzard has tried fixing the bug several times, but it still exists in some form even to this day.  It might be best to just retire the leader of the bronze dragon flight, because he’s practically useless when he is working properly.  9 mana for an 8/8 minion is not a good deal on its own, so you have to catch your opponent offguard and force them into making bad plays for him to be worth it.  Of course, that’s assuming he doesn’t get hit by hard removal immediately and your opponent doesn’t have to worry about the time limit at all.


3. Deathwing

Deathwing is one of the most destructive beings in all of Warcraft lore.  The ruler of the black dragon flight has strength to outmatch even the mighty Gruul and single-handedly heralded in the cataclysm known as The Shattering.  He has the strongest base-line stats in the game and everything dies just from him entering the battlefield.  How can this possibly be a bad card?

I now present you with a short list of cards that directly counter Deathwing:  Assassinate, Polymorph, Hex, Siphon Soul, Humility, Shadow Word: Death, Entomb, Freezing Trap, Bouncing Blade, Tirion Fordring, Sabotage, Mind Control, Sylvanas Windrunner, Hunter’s Mark, Vol’jin, Rend Blackhand, Execute, Shield Slam, Crush, Naturalize, Mulch, Recycle, Sap, Repentance, Deadly Shot, Mirror Entity, Vaporize, Equality, Aldor Peacekeeper, Keeper of Uldaman, Emperor Cobra, Pit Snake, Patient Assassin, Doomsayer, Vanish, Corruption, Twisting Nether, Obsidian Destroyer, Hogger, Acidmaw, Eadric the Pure, Lightbomb, Kidnapper, Dark Bargain, Tinkmaster Overspark, another Deathwing, DOOM!, and, of course, Big Game Hunter.


2. Mimiron’s Head

When Goblins Vs. Gnomes was announced, this was the card that everyone had their eyes on.  Everyone, myself included, expected Mimiron’s Head to be Hearthstone‘s equivalent to Exodia the Forbidden One.  It was the card that, under the right conditions, would outright win the game for you.  The mega-windfury effect of V-07-TR-ON represents 16 damage on its own, and applying any buff (which is easy to do as your mana is completely free after summoning the mighty mech) is almost guaranteed lethal even if your opponent is at full health.  The only stipulation is that you have to be running a mech deck, those are bound to be playable with all the attention GvG gave to them, right?

Well, mech decks certainly dominated the meta after GvG and have even remained a strong option several expansions later, but Mimiron’s Head never fit into the picture.  Mech decks ended up being at their best when they were played aggressively, and a 5 4/5 was just too slow to compare with the other cards you could run.  Even if you did form V-07-TR-ON, you’d probably have more damage on the board with your ordinary minions.  Turns out a simple Mech Warper is more reliable than one of the most fearsome machines in Azeroth.


1. Majordomo Executus

And here we have what may be the single worst card in all of Hearthstone.  Other cards may put you at a disadvantage, but this is the only one that outright loses the game for you every time you play it.  Going down to a measly 8 health is a death sentence in almost every scenario.  Taking a huge risk like that might be worth it if becoming Ragnaros packed a good punch, but dealing 8 damage to a random enemy is a surprisingly weak hero power.  Often times, you’ll prefer having a 1-damage hero power that you can direct than a bigger blast that goes wherever it wants.  Well, at least you can use cards like Ice Block and Steamwheedle Sniper to work with it… Oh, wait, he can’t even do that.  Turning into Ragnaros drops the immunity you gain from Ice Block, and Steamwheedle doesn’t interact with Ragnaros at all.  Majordomo is the epitome of pay-to-lose.

That wraps up this list of the best of the worst that Hearthstone has to offer.  What other cards stand out in your mind?  I can certainly think of a few that just missed the cut, and one of their names rhymes with “Kek my beer, I’m a slug”.

Best Laptops to Play Overwatch

best laptops for overwatch

Blizzard is just about to launch their latest game to the world and most likely everybody will want to play it. And even though most people would say that the best way to enjoy Overwatch – just like any other big game out there – is by playing it on a desktop computer, if you prefer being as mobile as possible and play it on a laptop, then go for it and do it! It’s possible and it doesn’t necessary have to cost you a fortune (unless you have one to spend, which is even better in terms of game quality) because the system requirements of the game are really, really low.

And in order to make things easier for you, we have a list of the best laptops to play Overwatch on, starting from the cheapest we could find to more expensive gaming laptops that will give you the best in terms of visual quality and FPS. But the good news is, as I said, that you can play Overwatch on a laptop without spending a fortune, so let’s check out the best laptops for Overwatch below (based on the minimum system requirements released by Blizzard):

Acer Aspire 15.6″

best laptops for overwatch 01

Our budget entry is also a really solid product and I was actually amazed to see a laptop this good available for such a low price. It’s not huge at 15.6″ but it is powered by the great Intel Core i5-5200U processor and comes with 8GB of RAM memory as well, which are well above the minimum requirements and just about the same as the recommended ones. The graphics card tops them all, though, being the NVIDIA GeForce 940M with 2GB of RAM. Plus, you get Full HD from this laptop (1920 x 1080 resolution) and 1 TB of HDD space for your games. A great, great product at a very good price. The only downside of this laptop for Overwatch (but which would surely handle other more demanding games as well) is that it has no optical drive, so if you must use CDs and DVDs, stay away from it. Otherwise, grab this gem!

Click here to buy and find out more about the Acer Aspire 15.6″ laptop.

Acer Aspire E5-573G-59C3

best laptops for overwatch 02

This model is just a bit more expensive than the previous one and it would go under the “win some, lose some” rule. It basically has the same specs as the previous model, which makes it a good laptop for playing games (Intel Core i5-5200U processor, 8GB of RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 940M graphics card and 1 TB HDD). It also has a slot for an optical drive and comes with an extra 8GB SSD. The only downside here is that it’s not full HD, the maximum supported resolution being 1366 x 768 pixels. So my suggestion would be, for this price range, to get this one if you really need the optical drive or the first recommended one otherwise.

Click here to check out & buy the E5-573G-59C3 laptop.

Dell Inspiron i7559-2512BLK

best laptops for overwatch 03

It’s time to go a generation higher in terms of processors, and also work a bit on that graphics card. The Dell Inspirion has a 6th generation Intel Core i7 – at the moment, one of the best processors you can get when buying a laptop, as well as am NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M card with 4GB GDDR5. The laptop itself runs on 8 GB of RAM, has a 1 TB HDD and 8 GB SDD and runs at full HD resolution. The only downside? Yes, you’ve probably seen it coming: it has no optical drive, but it is way better than the first one we’ve recommended, so if you have a couple hundred extra dollars, this one would be the better choice in my opinion: great for Overwatch, as well as other current generation games.

Click here for buying options and more details.

Dell Inspiron i7559-7512GRY

best laptops for overwatch 04

We’re growing fast here, with this model being even better than the previous recommended laptop. We’re already talking about great specs here that everybody will love and the price is still good. The i7559-7512GRY model runs on an i7-6700HQ 2.6 GHz Processor, just like the previous model, as well as the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M graphics card. But it has a lot of other goodies in store, like 16 GB DDR3L SDRAM, 1 TB HDD + 128 GB SSD Storage and UHD resolution supported (3840 x 2160 pixels). That’s really something that can make your games look amazing (as well as everything else). This one comes without an optical drive as well but I would personally take it and consider it the best option on the list, without going to crazy price-wise.

Click here to check out the i7559-7512GRY laptop on Amazon.

Prostar MSI GT80S Titan

best laptops for overwatch 05

Probably most of us can only drool looking at this one, but I think it’s only fair to have it on the list for those who really want to invest in a state of art gaming laptop that will not only handle Overwatch like a pro, but also other current generation games – and do it in style. The price is prohibitive, that’s true, but the specs are jaw dropping. We’re talking about a huge gaming laptop here (18.4″ of pure joy), powered by an Intel Core i7-6820HK 2.7 Ghz processor. It has a whooping 64GB DDR4 and TWO 256GB Micron M.2 MSATA M600 Series SSDs and a regular 1 TB HDD. The graphics card is also just as impressive: the Dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M with 8GB GDDR5. Full HD resolution, a Matte-type screen and the Blu-Ray Writer/Reader round things up for this amazing gaming laptop. This beast is really expensive, but if funds are not your problem, just go for it and you’ll enjoy gaming on a laptop with specs better than those of many desktop PCs out there.

Click here for buying options and more details.

So there you have it: five different laptops that will be great for playing Overwatch, listed from the cheapest to the most expensive. Choose the one that fits your budget and enjoy!

Exploring the World of Overwatch

Being a Blizzard game, there is no shortage of lore in the upcoming first-person shooter Overwatch.  While there are no plans to include a campaign in the game, every character and map is dripping with detail.  The developers have built a vividly realized world for players to stage their battles in, which they plan to explore further with a series of digital comics and animated shorts that will be released for free in the future.  Until then, this guide will take you through everything there is to know about the world of Overwatch and its vibrant inhabitants.


Omnic Crisis

The largest inciting incident in the history of Overwatch was the robot uprising known as the Omnic Crisis.  Highly intelligent machines called omnics rebelled against their creators, resulting in a massive war.  It was a global crisis with every nation having to stand against the robot rebels in their own ways.  Dreadful warmachines like the Siege Automaton E54, or “Bastion” unit (pictured above), wrought destruction across the world.  Fortunately, the crisis is already long over by the time Overwatch takes place and humanity has already won the war against the machines thanks in large part to the efforts of one team…



The next thing you need to know about Overwatch is, well, Overwatch.  The organization that the game is named after was formed in response to the Omnic Crisis and involved talented soldiers from around the world.  Not every country participated in the Overwatch program, such as Russia deciding to focus on defending its own, but several nations from around the world contributed to the organization.  Among Overwatch’s founding members were Gabriel Reyes, Jack Morrison, Reinhardt Wilhelm, Torbjörn Lindholm, and Ana Amari, with Lena ‘Tracer’ Oxton, Winston, Angela ‘Mercy’ Ziegler, Mei-Ling Zhou, Genji Shimada, and Jesse McCree joining over the years. Ana’s daughter, Fareeha ‘Pharah’ Amari, was well on her way to following in her mother’s footsteps, but before she could officially join came the point where things fell apart.

For as optimistic as many of its agents were, Overwatch was far from ideal and there were plenty of shadows looming over the organization’s history.  McCree, for example, was originally a member of the Deadlock Gang and only joined Overwatch after he was arrested and offered a deal if he worked for their covert division, Blackwatch.  Worse yet, Reyes and Morrison were subjected to super-soldier experiments that left their minds warped.  As a result, Reyes became the ruthless mercenary Reaper and Morrison became the vigilante Agent 76.

After 20 years of service, Overwatch was disbanded by higher command.  The closure was abrupt and many mysteries still surround what events took place behind the scenes.  Overwatch’s members all went their seperate ways after its disbanding, but several of the organization’s frontline agents still want answers on why Overwatch was shut down.

It should be noted that, while the characters Zenyatta, Lùcio, and Bastion are featured in the above group shot, none of them were ever officially affiliated with Overwatch.

Over watch MEKA.


Each nation had its own way of responding to the Omnic Crisis.  Both South Korea and Russia decided to fight metal with metal, each developing their own lines of piloted mech suits independently from the Overwatch program.  Initially, South Korea’s MEKA program, short for Mobile Exo-force of the Korean Army, used remote-controlled drones to battle the rebel omnics, but this proved inefficient when one particularly powerful omnic appeared.

A giant omnic capable of adapting itself after every battle emerged from the sea and posed a constant threat to to the Korean coastline.  MEKA would beat back the monstrous machine, but never manage to finish it off.  Eventually, the omnic found a way to disrupt the long-range controls of the drones and a more direct approach was required.  It was at this point that the drones were converted into piloted mech suits, but finding suitable pilots to handle the complex controls and keep up with the omnic’s adaptive intellect was difficult.

In a bizarre twist, the South Korean government turned to their professional gamers to command these mechs.  Their ability to quickly strategize made them the perfect pilots to combat the towering omnic.  Their most famous agent is Hana “D.Va” Song, who had earned recognition early on as the youngest Starcraft XI world champion (yes, that is actually canon).  Her work with MEKA has garnered a special amount of notoriety as she actually streams her battles online for her adoring fans to watch.


Australian Liberation Front

One of the most devastating effects of the Omnic Crisis was the destruction that occurred in Australia.  After the war, the world governments offered control of the continent of Australia to the surviving omnics in the hopes of establishing peace.  Obviously, the Australian citizens weren’t happy with the deal as many were displaced by the influence of omnics.  One of those displaced citizens was Mako “Roadhog” Rutledge and he and many others were not going to take it lightly.  The Australian Liberation Front was formed in response in the hopes of taking back their land by any means necessary, ultimately leading to an attack on an omnic manufaction site called an omnium.  The conflict caused a massive explosion that turned Australia into a twisted, irradiated wasteland.  Those who had the misfortune of being raised in this twisted landscape, such as Jamison “Junkrat” Fawkes, had their minds and bodies warped by their unforgiving environment and were forged into some of the fiercest scavengers and mercenaries in the world.


The Shambali

The Omnics weren’t completely wiped out by the end of the Omnic Crisis.  Many survived and some even sought new meanings in their lives.  The most important Omnic figure post-crisis is Monyatta, the founder of a religious movement called the Shambali.  Inspired by Buddhism, the Shambali formed their own monastery in the Himalayas to meditate on the meaning of artificial life.  They were mostly isolated from the rest of the world, only communicating on occasion to deliver speeches of peace, but one of their members, Zenyatta, felt that the only way to heal the wounds left by the war was to travel out into the world and interact directly.  Zenyatta now wanders the land alone and offers aid to any he feels needs it.



With the Omnic Crisis over, man and machine have taken steps towards peaceful coexistence.  The greatest beacon of this is Numbani, a city built in the Nigerian savanna where humans and omnics live together as equals.  While Numbani has prospered, it remains the only city of its kind at the time.  The war may be over, but there is still a lingering atmosphere of resentment against omnics for the destruction they once caused.  As a result, Numbani is often the target of anti-omnic terrorist attacks.  One infamous figure in particular has a complex history with the city…



Discussing Doomfist is a little complicated as he is actually a legacy hero.  Much like how Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, and Damian Wayne are all Batman’s trusty sidekick named Robin in their own right, Doomfist is a name passed down across three different people.  They’re tied together by their use of a powerful gauntlet that was used as the focus in the debut trailer.  Numbani has an exhibit dedicated to Doomfist’s legacy, labeling the three of them as “savior”, “scourge”, and “successor” in order.

Little is known about the first Doomfist, but the reverence that Numbani shows for him suggests that he was a champion for omnic rights.  The second Doomfist is a known criminal who regularly threatens Numbani.  He was defeated in a battle with Winston, but there’s always a chance that he’ll be back.  With the third, we know absolutely nothing and the position may not have even been filled yet.  With the alternate costumes in the game, it’s possible we’ll see all three appear as playable variants of the same character in the future.


Horizon Lunar Colony

Robots aren’t the only things that decided to rise against humanity.  A research station know as the Horizon Lunar Colony was established on the moon and used gorillas as test subjects.  The experiments rapidly mutated the gorillas to the point that they achieved a level of intelligence to match humans.  One young gorilla took a particular interest in human science.  He was raised by a scientist named Dr. Harold Winston and his eyes shined with the potential that knowledge and research offered.  However, the rest of the gorillas weren’t exactly fond of having their genes tampered with and revolted.  The gorillas successfully took control of the entire colony and forced humanity to abandon its lunar research.  The one young gorilla was able to construct his own rocket and make his way to Earth.  He gave himself the name Winston in honor of his mentor and became one of the top scientific minds within Overwatch.

Over watch Brothers..

Shimada Clan

Organized crime is no less an issue in the era of Overwatch as it is today, and the Shimada Clan is a prime example.  Originally formed in the feudal age as an organization of ninjas, the Shimada Clan is now a powerful yakuza gang.  The leader’s two sons, Hanzo and Genji, had great expectations placed on them to carry the clan’s future.  The elder Hanzo sought to prove himself an ideal heir with his diligent approach and cold demeanor, but Genji lavished himself with his family’s wealth and influence.  His flamboyant attitude was deemed unacceptable and Hanzo was order to bring his brother inline.  Eventually, their arguments led them into a heated duel of blades.  Hanzo had won, but he had left his brother near death with serious wounds, even thinking he had killed him on the spot.  Wracked with guilt, Hanzo swore off the sword and stepped away from the Shimada Clan in order to rethink his life.

Little did Hanzo know at the time that Genji was still alive and it was thanks to Overwatch agents that had been tracing their actions.  They found him clutching to life and Mercy was able to bring him back from the brink by using cybernetic prosthetics.  Genji was reborn as a cyborg and was offered a chance to join Overwatch and help bring his clan to justice.  Vindictive, Genji agreed and even personally led the raid that left the Shimada in shambles while Hanzo was away.  Now it remains to be seen whether the two brothers will be able to come to terms or if their battle to the death shall start anew.



The Shimada Clan may have been disbanded, but the terrorist organization Talon still poses a major threat.  Talon is the definition of ruthless and nothing serves as a greater example of their cruelty then the origins of their top assassin, Widowmaker.  Once, she was Amélie Lacroix, wife to Overwatch agent Gérard Lacroix. Gérard had been a thorn in Talon’s side for years and decided to hit him where it hurt most.  Amélie was abducted by Talon, but Overwatch was able to rescue her.

Unfortunately, they did not suspect what Talon had done to her in the time she was held hostage.  Talon had subjected her to neural torture in order to break her will and transform her into a sleeper agent.  Two weeks after being brought home, she assassinated her own husband and returned to Talon.  They only experimented on her further, slowing her heart rate to rob her of any remaining humanity.  Her blue skin tone is a direct result of the extreme measures Talon took to warp her into their ideal killer.  Amélie Lacroix is long dead and a soulless monster is all that remains in her place.

Over watch Symmetra..

Vishkar Corporation

The Vishkar Corporation is the most polarizing organization in the world of Overwatch.  Following the Omnic Crisis, Vishkar rose as a herald of reconstruction.  The company specializes in hard-light technology to swiftly rebuild cities.  Their home country of India was made especially prosperous through their efforts, with the new city of Utopaea being founded entirely by Vishkar.  They are also responsible for the rags-to-riches story of Satya “Symmetra” Vaswani in particular.  Once it was discovered that she was a prodigy with Vishkar’s hard-light architecture, she was plucked from a life of poverty and molded into one of the company’s top representatives.

However, while Symmetra was enjoying Vishkar at its most ambivalent, Lúcio Correia dos Santos saw them at their most totalitarian in Brazil.  Rio de Janeiro had suffered serious damage from the Omnic Crisis as well, and Vishkar promised to change the city for the better.  While buildings were repaired, Vishkar had installed itself as an unofficial government and enacted strict policies over the citizens.  Lúcio, a local DJ raised in the favelas, sparked an uprising against Vishkar and stole their sonic technology to be reworked into a tool of resistance.  His music speaking out against the injustices of Vishkar has made him a worldwide celebrity, including a great deal of popularity in Numbani.

With that, it’s time to wrap up this excursion into the world of Overwatch.  We could delve into the origins of Tracer, Zarya, or a few other characters we didn’t get a chance to bring up, but this should be enough to give you a wide picture of the world that this excited title is set in.  If you have anything that you feel was left out, please be sure to let us know in the comments below.

Do Not Buy Both Physical Versions Of Fire Emblem Fates

With the launch of Fire Emblem Fates creeping up ever so swiftly, there’s no doubt that most of us have already either pre-ordered the game(s) or intend to buy them on release or shortly thereafter.

While this seems like a reasonable prospect, I have to warn those of you who intend on buying both versions physically: Do not do this.

For a while, we’ve known that Fates is split into two separate games, titled Birthright and Conquest respectively. Many view this like Pokemon, in that both versions differ and the player is meant to choose one copy and roll with it. The difference being that both Birthright and Conquest are very different games, unlike many of the double releases of Pokemon.

When you couple that with the fact that Nintendo offers a discount if you buy the second one in the eShop and really wants you to buy the third part, Revelation, when it comes out, it’s quite obvious that you’d be missing out if you only bought one.

What Nintendo doesn’t mention, however, is that if you buy both Birthright and Conquest physically, you will get severely punished for not somehow knowing a few key details beforehand.

  • Save files do not intertwine. Most importantly, support logs.
  • You will not receive the bonuses given to players who purchase the second game digitally.
  • Your DLC does not transfer over and must be purchased twice if you want to use it on both versions.

Now, this will definitely not impact those of us that only want to play one version, but to have critical limitations like this and not provide any substantial warning is ludicrous at best. Especially when you consider the fan base of this franchise, and how dedicated they are to having everything Fire Emblem. 

But, I must give credit where credit is due. In the eShop under the description for the game, they tell you not to buy both on the eShop separately. Hell, save-files are linked to the cartridges on all 3DS games, so that part is quite obvious. The problem, though, is that they do not clearly outline all of the specifics surrounding this ridiculous release.

Why do they not tell you on the official website for the game, or on the retail websites where people will be buying them? Why is the eShop information so damned vague? Why did Nintendo limit the Super Ultra 358/2 Xtreme ReMiX Legends Edition that rectifies these problems so much that it sold out in minutes, filling up Ebay with price-jacked auctions courtesy of scalpers?

Sadly, I possess no answers to these questions. What I can say though, is that I am definitely not buying both versions of Fates physically.

Best Laptops to Play XCOM 2

best laptop to play xcom 2..

With XCOM 2 just around the corner, most PC gamers are making sure that they meet the system requirements to run this amazing game, but you might want to actually be able to play it (as well as other current generation games) on your laptop. We’ve already shared a list of the best cheap gaming laptops for 2016, but they might not have enough power to run the game – at least not decently. But if you still want to play it without completely blowing your budget, I am here to recommend a few great gaming laptops.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out which are the best laptops to play XCOM 2! We’ll start by listing below the minimum system requirements, because everything that’s better than this will be considered a good call:

OS: Windows 7, 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4700 2.6 GHz or AMD Phenom 9950 Quad Core 2.6 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: 1GB ATI Radeon HD 5770, 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or better
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 45 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card

So fortunately, the minimum requirements are not that bad and we’re able to find some good laptops at decent prices. Here are my suggestions of laptops for XCOM 2:

Budget entry: Dell Inspiron i7559

01 dell inspirion laptop for xcom 2

If you’re on a budget, you can still experience XCOM 2 and get decent performance for a low price (even though you won’t get all the bells and whistles, you’ll still be able to experience the game nicely, as well as other current generation titles). The Intel Quad Core i5-6300HQ is well above the minimum requirements, as well as the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M graphics card which is actually a really good card for gaming. You have a 1TB HDD as well, with the only potential problem being that this model has no optical drive. However, since you’ll be getting the game on Steam (just like all other games), I don’t think this should be considered a big problem, if we consider the price and the great deal you’re getting for it. Click here to check it out and consider it the best choice if you’re on a budget.

Good price entry: MSI Computer G Series

02 msi

I managed to find this laptop on offer at a huge discount at the moment of writing: $800 discount, which make it really cheap (however, the offer might not be available for long so make sure you check the price yourself!) The MSI Computer G Series is a real beast: large 17.3-Inch Screen, designed for gaming with a beautiful backlit keyboard. It’s powered by a 6th Generationntel Mobile Core i7-6700HQ processor, which is a real beast and one of the best processors at the moment. It also has a great dedicated graphics card, the NVIDIA Geforce GTX960M, 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB HDD. In other words – go get it if the offer still stands, this is the best offer you’re getting! Click here to check it out.

Alienware entry: Alienware AW17R3-4175SLV

03 alienware

You can’t have a list of great gaming laptops without featuring one from Alienware and this model offers the best in terms of price/performance ratio. There are obviously better Alienware laptops out there, but this one is more than enough. It is powered by the same 6th generation processor as the MSI laptop above – the Intel Quad Core i7-6700HQ, but it has a slightly better video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M with 3GB of RAM. It also boasts better RAM at 16GB, with 1 TB HDD storage, as well as an extra 256 GB SSD drive. It doesn’t have an optical drive, but it is still a beast, so if you have a bit more money to invest, this one would guarantee high quality gaming for XCOM 2 as well as other current generation games (and probably other big upcoming titles as well). Click here to check it out & buy it!

Budget Buster: MSI GT Series GT72 Dominator Pro

04 msi

Now, if you have an unlimited budget – or at least you’re ready to spend a bucket of money, I have this laptop for you. Boasting the beautiful Intel Core i7 4980HQ processor, 32 GB of RAM memory and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M 8 GB graphics card, this laptop will probably have no trouble running XCOM 2 at maximum specs (since the game’s not out yet, we haven’t tested it, that’s why I am playing is safe with probably, even though I was tempted to say “surely”). It also has a 1 TB HDD and one 512 GB SSD and comes equipped with a BD burner. In other words, it’s a beast – an expensive one, that’s for sure, but one that’s worth every cent, if you can afford it. If not – don’t worry, the other recommended laptops above are good too! But if you want the ultimate power, click here to check this model out!

Now you have 4 different models in 4 completely different price ranges, from a budget entry, to regular prices and to an expensive, but extremely good gaming laptop. They will all run XCOM 2 and most likely any other current generation game, so make your choice and enjoy.

Nathan Drake: Hunk Of Hero VS Cunning Villain

The typical moral-based fight between good and evil is one that sneaks it’s way into most genres throughout a mass of differing medias. Usually righteousness will prevail, leaving the good guy/ girl triumphant, with their foot on the defeated villain, fist held high and proud. Now, with this stereotypical timeline of events that is used quite commonly, you’d consider it easy to predict a story line in most circumstances and find it much easier to identify good and bad characters, right? Wrong. In Naughty Dog’s widely acclaimed action-adventure series Uncharted, it has become apparent that the ability to distinguish between good and evil isn’t always as easy as it seems and we have Uncharted’s protagonist, Nathan Drake to thank for this.

The Makings Of A Bad Guy 

Although Nate partakes in a great deal of saving and other heroics throughout the Uncharted series, he is actually a renowned thief that snatches up historic artifacts and treasures using his seemingly bottomless knowledge of the past. In most cases, the purpose of stealing such objects are for the means of pride or to sell on for money, usually to pay of his companion, Victor Sullivan’s debts. However, it is apparent that right from the start, Nathan had the typical beginning and makings of a bad guy.

Nathan Drake was deprived of his parents from a young age. After his mother committed suicide, his father turned young Nate into an orphanage where he was raised there for a while. Nate eventually ran away from the orphanage and made his way to Columbia where at the age of 14, he managed to acquire Sir Francis Drake’s ring from which point, the story of Uncharted, meeting Sully and all his thieving antics transpires.

Nathan Drake undertook an awful lot of stress during his upbringing; quite rightfully to be fair to the guy and in doing so, had what we can nowadays consider the makings of a villain,  hellbent on getting his own back on the world. However, is he truly a fully-fledged villain?


Nathan Drake 1


Naughty Dog’s Naughty Boy

It is evident that throughout the proceedings of the three, soon to be four part video game series of Uncharted, our dear Nathan Drake has stacked up a credible list of bad deeds to have him placed quite firmly on Santa’s Naughty List. During the series we see him break into several museums and then proceed to steal numerous historic artifacts from them, steal various vehicles, break into historic sites, steal historic documents, cause unimaginable amounts of damage, not to mention the countless henchmen and mindless mad-men he murders. Fact is, Nathan Drake has done his fair share…well, quite a few people’s fair share of bad things that could easily have him considered a villain. So why given this, is it still relatively difficult to class him solely as a villain within the Uncharted series? Does Nate’s good deeds really outweigh and rectify the many terrible ones he has committed throughout the series?


Nathan Drake 4


You’ll Get No Sympathy From Me…Oh Wait. 

Granted, Nathan Drake has committed many dark deeds throughout the duration of his adventures however it is difficult to pin him as a distinct villain purely because among all his dark doings, his adventures have entailed a fair share of heroics on his part. He’s saved the damsel in distress on numerous occasions, whether it be Elena Fisher suffering a bullet wound or Chloe Frazer needing an unnecessary rescue from a madman (both having important roles in the series). Regardless of circumstance, the fact remains that nowadays doing such a thing is considered something a good guy would do as opposed to cunning villain. He has overcome his own greed and pride for the better of mankind and in all respect the people he has killed, have been at least somewhat more villainous than him. So is it at all possible to suggest that perhaps Nathan Drake is a hero after all? Furthermore, there is the matter of villains usually being disliked whereas Drake, you can’t help but love. This love for him is unquestionably enhanced during the third installment to the series, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception in which we experience a small snippet of Drake’s unruly childhood. Although his childhood may have been the beginning of his stealing and wrong doings, it is also what makes him so lovable through means of sympathy. On a final note, as we learn throughout the events of the Uncharted Series, a lot of the time Nate is purely after his own heritage. Yes, he doesn’t go about getting it the right way but regardless, it is his to take surely?


Nathan Drake 3


The Better Of Two Evils

So, seeing as Nathan Drake is hard to distinguish as either a hero or a villain maybe it’d be best to consider him as the better of two evils? I mean yeah, he steals, lies and cheats all for his own greed but at least all he is looking for is riches and pride whereas, the more easily identifiable baddies throughout the Uncharted series are after something more sinister and truly evil, world domination. Furthermore, Nathan proceeds to take down these power-hungry lunatics. So yeah, he may be a bit of a bad guy, but he isn’t really the baddest-bad guy or a real villain if you think about it.


Nathan Drake 2


We Love You Nate

Good or bad, fans have taken to Nathan Drake over the years, a fact very evident in the sales of the Uncharted series. In the upcoming finale to the series Uncharted: A Thief’s End, i’m sure Naughty Dog will throw in plenty of new red herrings to prevent us fans from distinguishing Nate as either a hero or a villain but regardless, the millions of fans of this series we’ll be eager to have him back, as a hero or a as villain.

8 Great Gaming Gifts this Christmas

Seven more sleeps until Christmas day is upon us once again. This wonderful day brings so much joy around the world. What it also brings is a lot of disappointment when gamers wake up to realise they have been gifted Devil’s Third or even the unthinkable Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5.

So, if you are still struggling to find a present for that lovable gamer in your life, then maybe these eight items will help keep them sufficed. All products below were found from myself scouting the internet combined with some personal items I have or wish to own one day. Hope this helps with your shopping woes.


Any collectors or fans of Nintendo’s many IP’s would be delighted to receive a figure of their favorite character. Whether it’s Mario, Link, Pikachu, Samus, Fox or Marth, it’s very likely they’ll have a figure. Scan them into your Wii U for added content or just display them to make your friends jealous. With over 50 in the Super Smash Bros line, you may end up regretting the first one.

Image 1

Hyrule Historia

Zelda fans rejoiced once Nintendo agreed to shed some light on the infamous timeline. With Hyrule Historia, there was finally confirmation of when The Legend of Zelda games actually took place and, most importantly, in what order. For a detailed analysis on this, as well as how some of the greatest entries came about, this is a must for followers of the series.

Image 6


Milk Chocolate Games Controller 

A great stocking filler. A game controller completely made out of milk chocolate is sure to bring a smile to any sweet-tooth lovers. Slightly expensive for chocolate at around £3.99, but terrific for the presentation. Remember to brush your teeth afterwards.

Image 7


Pac-Man Ghost Light

Are you afraid of the dark? Well, fear no more as this Pac-Man ghost light will brighten up any room. With the feature to change into six different colors, this retro gift is a winner.

Image 3

Subscription to Loot Crate

The gift that keeps on giving. To keep any gamer happy all year round, how about giving them a subscription to Loot Crate? Every month, subscribers will receive a crate full of gaming goodies ranging from T-shirts to toys and every month is different. A bonus is that usually these products are exclusive to the company.

Image 4


For those willing to spend more than average, you could treat someone to a limited-edition figure. These statues are beautifully hand-crafted and completely unique to the industry. Including some some of the biggest franchises in gaming, you have Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Castlevania, Street Fighter, Legend of Zelda and Megaman. These hot collectibles tend to not hang around very long, so if you want one you better look for announcements and pre-order dates.

Image 2

Question Block Lamp

Ever wanted to punch a lamp? Well, now you can with this Super Mario Bros inspired Question Block lamp from 8BitLit. Just like in the Mario world you punch the bottom of the block to make it light up. Perfect nostalgic fun for any gaming room.

Image 5


Latest Video Games

So, this one should be obvious, but with an array of releases like Star Wars: Battlefront, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Super Mario Maker and Fallout 4, there is plenty on offer to keep your console busy for months. Shooter fans pick Star Wars. RPG fans wanting to devote hundreds of hours; Fallout 4 is perfect for you. Love adventure? Tomb Raider is right up your street. Finally, for creators everywhere, Super Mario Maker is waiting.

Image 8
Image 10









So there you have eight gaming Christmas presents. Hopefully this will help with your decision making. What do you think is a great gaming present this Christmas? Leave us a comment below to tell us why.

Merry Christmas from Vgamerz