The Games You May Have Missed: Destiny of Spirits


There were some bowel-looseningly big releases in March, there’s no denying. What with South Park: Destiny The Stick of Truth and Titanfall and other such wonderment, it was a gametastic month. But for me, one of the highlights was a comparatively obscure Vita offering.

Destiny of Spirits arrived last week, and was an under-the-radar release for… just about everybody, to be frank. It’s another of the handheld’s free to play apps, following the likes of Travel Bug and Ecolibrium. This one, though, is rather more substantial, and is sure to be an intriguing little title for strategy fans.

It’s an online social strategy game (apparently, I had no idea that was a thing) with light RPG elements. The premise is that all of the evils of our world –warfare, famine, pollution, Justin Bieber, those darn telemarketers who phone while you’re in the shower and make you dash over all drippy and towel-y to answer their useless call– have seeped into the Spirit World, and corrupted some of its inhabitants. The leader of the goodly spirits needs you to marshal her forces and defeat the newborn ‘chaos’ spirits.

There are three versions of Destiny of Spirits: one for Europe, the US and Asia. The social aspect is a little like that of Pokémon, in that particular spirits (which range from fairies and fire demons to sea serpents and assorted gods) are only available in certain versions. This gives incentive to trade with international players, and the Friend system facilitates this by quickly matching you up with compatible players worldwide.

Oh, the two-dimensional humanity!
Oh, the two-dimensional humanity!

But before you get into those mechanics, you have to get started in the Spirit World. The game’s hub is an interactive globe, with your starting point being your real-world location. From there, you tackle your enemies one area at a time, defeated bosses allowing you to progress to the next. Victories also grant you summon stones, with which you can gain new spirits to add to your party.

Battles are fairly rudimentary, all told. Each warrior has an element, effective against one and weak against another. Your forces and your opponents appear on the screen looking like rather ambitious board game pieces, and fight it out pretty well automatically. You can choose targets and initiate special attacks, but otherwise the turn-based beatings deliver themselves.

All in all, Destiny of Spirits is a much ‘gameier’ game (because that’s a thing) than other offerings of its sort. It is something easy to dismiss at first, but which may well engross you if given the chance.

Best Games of March 2014 (Rankings & Sales)


March 2014 was definitely a month of giants. Many mainstream and highly anticipated games were released and the result couldn’t be better. The gaming charts filled up with thousands of sales all over the world and the gaming media had plenty of quality content to review. But which games were the best? And which ones sold the most? Here’s a detailed list with accurate information from VGChartz, N4G, GameSpot and IGN.

Titanfall1. Titanfall (PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Titanfall has absolutely conquered the hearts of FPS players all over the world. With more than one million copies retailed in just one month, Titanfall was the true king of sells during March. And because quality has always been a priority for Respawn, Titanfall was one of the top ranked games of the month. At least, the huge hype wasn’t in vain and Titanfall is now a worthy opponent for popular FPS franchises like Battlefield and Call of Duty.

Released On: March 11th, 2014     Genre: FPS

Developer: Respawn Entertainment     Publisher: Electronic Arts

Global Sales: 1,11M     N4G Average Score: 8.4     GameSpot Score: 9    IGN Score: 8.9

dark souls 2 boss fight guide2. Dark Souls II (PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)

The ambitious Dark Souls franchise came back with a second story in March and as expected, the quality and difficulty of the series has been maintained. Dark Souls II was the best ranked game of the month with impressive scores from countless gaming media. However and despite this stunning performance, the game was not able to sell proportionately to its score, reaching a bit less than 700,000 copies sold.

Released On: March 11th, 2014     Genre: Action-RPG

Developer: From Software     Publisher: Namco Bandai Games

Global Sales: 0,68M     N4G Average Score: 8.9     GameSpot Score: 9    IGN Score: 9

inFAMOUS: Second Son 3. inFAMOUS: Second Son (PlayStation 4)

The PlayStation 4 giant inFAMOUS: Second Son came to dominate. The game was released at the end of the month but nevertheless, it was able to achieve stunning results. It sold more than 700,000 copies in a bit more than a week, which might indicate that the retail number will keep rising in the first weeks of April. inFAMOUS: Second Son has also attained impressive scores among gaming media all over the world.

Released On: March 21th, 2014     Genre: Action-Adventure

 Developer: Sucker Punch Productions     Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Global Sales: 0,71M     N4G Average Score: 8.2    GameSpot Score: 8     IGN Score: 8.7

South Park: The Stick of Truth 4. South Park: The Stick of Truth (PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)

The famous South Park series brought another hilarious story that fans wouldn’t want to miss. Despite the general positive feedback, the game obtained quite divergent scores from gaming media. Probably because the game involves basically every race out there and the story isn’t as cohesive as it should be. Anyhow, South Park: The Stick of Truth was able to sell a bit more than 300,000 copies.

Released On: March 4th, 2014     Genre: RPG

Developer: Obsidian Entertainment & South Park Digital Studios     Publisher: Ubisoft

Global Sales: 0,32M     N4G Average Score: 8.7     GameSpot Score: 7    IGN Score: 9

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes 5. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes features Snake in another thrilling adventure. This is the first act of the fifth series and a prologue for the upcoming The Phantom Pain. Despite all the hype and expectations, the game didn’t show any spectacular results. Reviews have ranked Ground Zeroes as a decent game and the global charts expose a bit more than 200,000 copies sold in two weeks.

Released On: March 18th, 2014     Genre: Action-Adventure

Developer: Kojima Productions     Publisher: Konami

Global Sales: 0,23M     N4G Average Score: 7.4     GameSpot Score: 8    IGN Score: 8

how to fix thief crashes stuttering6. Thief (PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Thief was released at the very ending of February, hence why the scores and chart numbers being made public during March. Eidos Montreal’s reboot of Thief wasn’t that impressive, at least that’s what most of reviews state. On the other hand, the game was able to sell fairly well considering the mediocre evaluations. Hype effects or not, it managed to sell nearly 400,000 copies during March.

Released On: February 25th, 2014     Genre: Stealth

Developer: Eidos Montreal     Publisher: Square Enix

Global Sales: 0,38M     N4G Average Score: 6.7     GameSpot Score: 6    IGN Score: 6.5

Retro Corner: Pokémon Red and Blue


Oh yes indeed. Remember when there were but 151 pokémon? There are almost a thousand of the buggers now. It’s too much for my addled, decrepit mind to handle. So let’s party like it’s 1998 and reminisce about a simpler time, when Pokémon was simpler and our hairlines hadn’t started to recede.

It’s Pokémon Blue and Red!

How auspicious that these two titles were released that year. 1998 is a nerdily famous one, bringing us such ball-busting blockbusters as Metal Gear Solid and The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Pokémon, despite being a crazily obscure, niche-tastic concept, lived up to that lofty company; eventually becoming the best-selling RPG of all time (joint Guinness World Record). Let’s take a look.

The original slice of cutesy animal warfare needs no introduction. The setup is simple: you play as a young boy with ambitions to become the world’s greatest Pokémon trainer. To prove your mettle, you must tour the region and defeat every Gym Leader; and so the champion in turn. The whole weird business begins with the amiable Professor Oak, who gives you one of his freakish mutate-o-beasts (your pick of the legendary Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur) and sends you out into the world alone. Your mum doesn’t give a rat’s buttocks either.

No you don't, Erika. You really don't. Trust us, we fight dirty. We aren't above name-calling or pulling hair.
No you don’t, Erika. You really don’t. Trust us, we fight dirty. We aren’t above name-calling or pulling hair.

To bolster your ranks, you must hunt other Pokémon in long grass, caves, water and so forth. Encounters spark a simplistic battle, in which you choose from one of four moves your beast has learned and lay the Poké-smack down. This is easier, naturally, if you utilise the typing chart: using a Fire type attack on a Grass type opponent will scorch its furry face off, but avail you of little against Water opponents.

Weakening wild ‘mon in this way will allow you to capture them, for battling or simple collection purposes. You can then, via the cumbersome link cable, trade creatures with other players, so as to help your collections along.

But of course, if you haven’t been living in a remote cave in the Himalayas for the last sixteen years, humming with your fingers in your ears and/or faking photographs of yetis to scam money from gullible news agencies, you know all of this darn well. Which is precisely the point. Pokémon is, at its core, quite a peculiar concept, but its phenomenal success has made all of this oddness the norm.

Pokémon Red and Blue had that magical combination of charm, innovation and the key ‘collectathon’ concept which so appeals to gamers. There’s little wonder why the series continues to keep Japanese businessmen in expensive suits and haircuts to this day.

Best Games Coming Out April 2014


March is almost over and another month filled with enthusiastic game releases is approaching. April 2014 promises to deliver a huge diversity of gaming genres and cross-platform games titles. Innovation and creativity won’t be forgotten in most of the next-gen release this month. And even if April doesn’t include many AAA releases, there’s still plenty to explore and enjoy.

Here’s an extensive list of the best games coming in April 2014:

The Elder Scrolls Online1. The Elder Scrolls Online (PC, MAC)

The Elder Scrolls universe is finally embracing the MMO world. The wonders of exploration and role-playing from the original series will allow players to experience the real essence of Elder Scrolls in a cross-platform online game. The expectations towards this MMORPG are tremendous but not everything is remarkably appealing, the monthly subscription and the lack of original features have been diving the public opinion. Still, it’s surely the most anticipated release of April 2014. Check it out here.

Release Date: April 4th     Genre: MMORPG

Access: Purchase + Monthly Subscription     Official Website:

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks     Developer: ZeniMax Online Studios

The Amazing Spider-Man 2-22. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U)

Peter Parker and his alter-ego are back for another enthusiastic adventure in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. A new wide cast of villains approaches New York City and players will be forced to choose between hero or menace, a new reputation system that brings different consequences. This upcoming Spider Man title has brand new combat mechanisms, skills and visuals, which will create a more immerse and dynamic gameplay. Click here to check it out.

Release Date: April 29th     Genre: Action-Adventure

Access: Purchase     Official Website:

Publisher: Activision     Developer: Beenox

Daylight 3. Daylight (PC, PS4)

Daylight presents a dramatic horror story, in which players rely simply on their cellphone to survive. The main protagonist is Sarah, a memory loss patient who regains consciousness in a haunted hospital. To escape she must explore and unveil the hospital’s secrets but that won’t be easy. The horror-survival genre has been quite numb lately but Daylight’s breath-taking gameplay might give a refreshing image to the genre itself.

Release Date: April 8th     Genre: Survival-Horror

Access: Purchase     Official Website:

Publisher: Atlus     Developer: Zombie Studios

War of the Vikings4. War of the Vikings (PC)

The Viking Age is coming to the present days through the eyes of Fatshark and its most recent creation, War of the Vikings. In this action multiplayer game, players will be able to create a personalized warrior and sack England as a fearless Norseman or defend it as a valiant Saxon. Customization is the main key feature of this title – combat, skills, tactics, characters, equipment – everything can be chosen and defined by players to create the ultimate warrior. Available as a digital download on Amazon.

Release Date: April 15th     Genre: Action

Access: Purchase     Official Website:

Publisher: Paradox Interactive    Developer: Fatshark

Trials Fusion5. Trials Fusion (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U)

Trials Fusion dignifies the next generation of racing gaming. It combines the best of classic racing with stunning visuals, intuitive mechanics and addictive competition. It also features spetacular fantasy and sci-fi scenarios, turning every race into a dignifying spectacle. Check it out here.

Release Date: April 16th     Genre: Racing

Access: Purchase     Official Website:

Publisher: Ubisoft     Developer: RedLynx

Child of Light

6. Child of Light (PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U)

Ubisoft’s next release is Child of Light, a platforming fantasy RPG for all ages. Centered on Aurora, a young girl who wakes up in mythical world of Lemuria, Child of Light challenges players to recover the celestial bodies of the sun, moon and stars stolen by the Black Queen. This game features a turn-based combat system and it has more than 200 different skills and 600 crafting combinations. Download the game here.

Release Date: April 30th     Genre: RPG

Access: Purchase     Official Website:

Publisher: Ubisoft     Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Moebius Empire Rising7. Moebius: Empire Rising (PC, Linux, Android, iPad)

Moebius: Empire Rising presents an intriguing metaphysical story centered on Malachi Rector, an historic dealer who travels the world hunting down artifacts. The game challenges players to unveil the mysteries behind seeming common events that turn out to be something much deeper. Someone is trying to play with the fabric of life and Rector must measure his actions and the following consequences. Download a free version here.

Release Date: April 15th     Genre: Adventure

Access: Purchase     Official Website:

Publisher: Phoenix Online Studios     Developer: Pinkerton Road

Other game releases this month: Goat Simulator (April 1st); Life Goes On (April 16th); Warhammer 40,000: Storm of Vengeance (April 3rd).

Top 5 Scary Moments in Thief


Thief (2014) is a stealth-based game and a revival of the original Thief series. Undoubtedly, stealth and action are the primary genres of this title; however there are also other elements present in the new Thief such as adventure and horror. More than random scares, Thief includes a full chapter dedicated to the horror genre. From minor frightening moments to intense jump scares – Thief has it all. Check out the top five scariest moments in this refreshing reboot.

Thief 20141. Moira Asylum: Entrance Peek

At the start of the fifth chapter, the Forsaken, players have to enter Moira Asylum that appears to be haunted. As Garrett approaches the entrance, the outer doors mysteriously close. The inner doors appear to be sealed, however there’s a peek hole nearby. While Garrett takes a look, Erin’s ghost appears warning him that he shouldn’t be there – it’s a true horror setup, plus the frightening music might give you a decent jump scare.

Thief 20142. Freak Rebellion

Freaks used to be human beings but now they’re some kind of deformed creatures that hide in the shadows. Their first appearance is during chapter fifth at the Moira Asylum’s underground chambers. But it’s when Garrett triggers the Asylum’s alarm that the creatures inside the cell blocks go wild. It’s actually quite scary to see Garrett getting dragged by the creepy freak hands.

Thief 20143. Mannequin Tricks

In one of the foundry rooms during chapter two, Dust to Dust, there’s a suspicious mannequin sitting in an old chair. As players approach to collect the nearby item, the dummy will suddenly rotate its head towards players. It might not seem scary by itself but the remainder elements make it much worse – darkness, fog, dead bodies… and a moving mannequin – the perfect scenario for a successfully scare.

Thief 20144. Escaping Hell

After acquiring the primal stone in the sixth chapter, Garrett needs to get out of the manor, the sewers and then cross a bridge. It seems simple enough, except the whole place is burning up and falling apart. The secret is to keep going and never look back. Despite the intense action, things can get a bit scary at times with roofs falling, floors collapsing and flames as high as a living hell.

Thief 20145. The Foundry: Follow the Dead

During the second chapter, players will find themselves stuck inside a foundry filled with human toys and dead bodies. The environment is particularly creepy and there’s an incessant sensation that something terrifying is about to happen. However, in the end all you have to do is find your way out. As usual in horror, the begining is nothing but an imminent warning of what’s coming next.

Top 10 Definite Features Coming to Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs

The new Watch Dogs release date has been settled for May 27th and Ubisoft has been unveiling some of the upcoming features. Rumors and unaccredited information have become official statements and therefore an imminent reality. Hacking is surely the main attraction of Watch Dogs but in this upcoming version of Chicago, hacking is just one of the multiple possibilities. If you’re still wondering what’s so great about Watch Dogs, then you surely don’t want to miss the following list with the top definite features announced so far.

Watch Dogs1. Deepest Open World Ever Seen

Watch Dogs will present a vast and dynamic world where everything will have a certain level of interactivity. Players will be able to shape Chicago as they wish, either through direct actions or passive decisions. This doesn’t necessarily mean Watch Dogs will feature the largest or biggest open world ever made. Instead, it will have the deepest world ever created, as Ubisoft creative director Jonathan Morin stated:

The game is massive and Chicago is massive, but don’t expect, like, the biggest open world ever done. Do expect the deepest one you’ve ever seen, though.

2. Advanced Graphics and Effect Quality

As expected, Watch Dogs will feature advanced graphics and effect quality. Special effects will also be added in order to intensify the levels of immersion and realism. The recently announced minimum system requirements indicate that Watch Dogs will be a power-hungry game, which makes perfect sense – to run a superior graphic quality game, you need a proper machine.

3. PC Version Will Display Better Visuals

It’s no news that PC can bring better results when it comes to graphics but this time it’s not a mere assumption. Watch Dogs PC version will indeed display a higher visual quality compared to consoles, as Ubisoft senior producer Dominic Guay specified:

(…) we’re not going to support very old PCs. If you have very powerful PCs, then it’ll scale up, and it scale up to even higher resolution, obviously, than you can have on PS4 or Xbox One.

watch_dogs_being_hacked.0_cinema_640.04. Multiplayer: ‘Paranoia and Surveillance’

The multiplayer element in Watch Dogs will have a peculiar objective based on hacking and getting away with it. Killing other players is never the main goal of multiplayer matches, instead players need to find the intruders and prevent them from stealing or hacking you, as Ubisoft lead game designer Danny Belanger clarified:

I think a good image is it’s based on paranoia and surveillance. Someone can be in your game, trying to get something from you and you have to find them before they get it.

5. Hacking Chicago:  ‘It’s an All Around Tool’

Aidan Pearce has a very peculiar weapon, his cellphone. With this tool he can literally go anywhere and reach anyone. Due to the high interaction of Chicago’s virtual world, players will be able to hack basically every technologic device using this versatile tool. And the possibilities become limitless, as Belanger explained:

It’s so hard but I’ll have to go with jam-coms because if you disrupt people, the cell phone, the police scanners, it has so many applications, it’s so cool. It’s an all around tool.

6. Reputation System: Every Action Matters

Even though, Watch Dogs is an action game, there will be a strong RPG element that allows players to shape their own fate within Chicago. Each and every decision will generate reputation points that will consecutively categorize Aiden Pearce as a possible hero or villain. However, certain decisions can be misunderstood by citizens or the media, meaning that a good intention can easily turn into negative influence. Watch Dogs will focus on consequences and emergent missions rather than branching stories.

Watch Dogs7. Car on Demand: Owning Cars is a Possibility, Customizing Them is Not

Car on Demand is the name of the upcoming feature in Watch Dogs that will allow players to own a limitless amount of cars. Once you have a car, you can easily call upon it to drive around during your missions. The bad part is that cars can’t be customized, as Belanger explained:

So basically we have that concept of collecting cars, you cannot customize them, but you can own them all. You can call them in during free-roam at anytime to use them in missions.

8. Aiden’s Style: Costumes and More Costumes

Character customization won’t be a problem in Watch Dogs. Even if Aiden’s face will remain the same for everyone, he can easily dress in a very distinct way. There’s a huge amount of costumes in game and more are still being created right now, as Ubisoft animator director Colin Graham said:

There’s a ton of costumes. There’s a huge amount of them. Every time I get a new version of the game, there’s more costumes.

9. Most Buildings Can Be Accessible

The open world element will be quite noticeable while exploring Chicago, since most of the buildings can be accessible in one way or another. It’s true that certain buildings are not available for exploration but these are a minority. Most buildings are access free or reachable through hacking, as Morin stated:

You cannot go in every building no. But there are several of them as well as ways to hack into others as well.

Watch Dogs10. Minigames: Poker and Chess

Who would say Aiden Pearce would get a chance to play poker or chess? Well, according to Ubisoft Watch Dogs will feature several other minigames; however the company didn’t officially announce any further information about this matter.

Retro Corner: Altered Beast


Our poor anonymous centurion friend. He was perfectly content being dead, moldering away and not bothering anyone. Out of nowhere, Zeus appears, all beardiness and thunderbolts-to-the-face fury, to resurrect him. Why? The god has a quest for us: to descend into the underworld and rescue his kidnapped daughter from the villainous Neff.

Why one of his non-dead underlings wouldn’t have been a better choice for the task, I can’t imagine. I suppose you just can’t get the staff any more.

So, anywho, this is the rather succinct plot of Altered Beast, the legendar(ily crap)y arcade brawler from 1988. You could call it a classical Golden Axe or Streets of Rage, but it’s older than both so… you couldn’t at all really. Stop your filthy lies, filthy liar.

Still, the general idea is much the same. As the centurion, you will progress through a series of stages, each adorned with the columns and caverns and such you’d expect of its setting. You’ll walk from left to right, punch things in the face, and kick things in the face. This being the underworld, though, said ‘things’ take a rather more macabre approach. Zombies, demons and other winged horrors will oppose you.

Altered Beast 2

But fear not, because you’re more than equipped to deal with them. Our impetuous hero can collect magical orbs from destroying certain enemies, which power him up no end. In fact, they are the source of the game’s notoriously terrible POWER UP! soundbite. When our hero suddenly and instantaneously spouts biceps like Popeye does, you know the monsters down below are about to have a bad time.

Particularly so when he collects three of them, and unleashes beast mode. This is an animal transformation, unique to each stage, which bolsters your power and gives you a new attack or two to work with. A werewolf, a dragon and a big ol’ magical bear-thing are among them, and you can’t defeat the end boss of each stage without their services. Literally, the level will simply continue on if you’re in your regular muscular-dude-in-speedos form.

There’s nothing particularly remarkable about Altered Beast’s gameplay. It’s just another early scrolling brawler, the kind that the Mega Drive was crapping out on a daily basis back in the day. Nevertheless, there’s an unmistakable allure to the game. Perhaps it’s the hilariously, cringe-ily bad voice acting (WIZE FROM YOUR GWAVE!) that cements its timeless appeal. Perhaps it’s the delusions of grandeur: not since Columns has a video game had such a fancy classic aesthetic for no reason at all.

Whatever the case, though, the fact remains: It’s hard to say whether Altered Beast is remembered particularly fondly or not, but it is remembered. That’s enough, really.

You Can’t be SeriouZ: Six Terrible Suggestions for Smash Bros Wii U/3DS Characters


If you’ve been following this much ballyhooed brawler, you’ll know that it’s all getting a little mad around here. We haven’t been allowed to suckle at Sakurai’s sweet, sweet info-teats for very long, but certain snippets have been released. We’ve seen the yoga instructor from Wii Fit added to the roster, as well as the Animal Crossing Villager. Little Mac was more logical, but otherwise: just what’s going on here?

To celebrate such controversial decisions, let’s don our snarky hats –mine has purple frilly bits on, it’s rather handsome– and take a look at some truly terrible possibilities for more newcomers.

Smash Bros Characters 1
1. Goomba: Making this thing playable would be sucktacular for various reasons. First and foremost, the same one that keeps it from making an appearance in Mario Kart: it doesn’t have any darn arms. If it can’t turn a steering wheel, it certainly can’t punch faces in the face. Coupled with its tiny size and general ‘as threatening as a one-legged kitten with a limp’ looks, this would be hilarious. If only to see it leap onto other combatants and gnaw at them.

Smash Bros Characters 2
2. Dark Link: If we’re being pernickety, this guy already exists in Smash Bros. Brawl as one of Link’s alternate costume colours. But hell, what with the cloneiness of Young Link and Toon Link, let’s go nuts. This fine use of a character slot plays absolutely identically to regular Link, except his HYAAAHs, HUHs and YAAARGHs are much manlier and deeper.

Smash Bros Characters 3
3. Magikarp: Many Smash fans are clamouring and/or foaming at the mouth for Mewtwo to return. This mutated death machine seemed a little underwhelming in Melee, but that does nothing to quash our enthusiasm. As one of Nintendo’s most prolific franchises, you can bet that a Pokémon or two will always be featured. So why not the most notoriously pitiful ‘mon of all? Its single attack, Splash, could distract a pointing-and-laughing opponent long enough for a teammate to beat on them. Meanwhile, a Final Smash could involve a transformation into Gyarados and a insta-death rampage that takes out every foe on screen. Even though, with no means of destroying the Smash Ball, it’d never get to use it. But such is the life of Magicrap.

Smash Bros Characters 4
4. Slippy Toad: GAH! Not Slippy Toad! By this point, Smash Bros’ proclivity for clone characters is legendary. Ganondorf and Captain Falcon having the same darn special moves –with a fiery aura substituted for a purple-y ‘evil’ one– is, let’s be frank, fairly terrible. But then there are the assorted Links, or the worst offenders: the Starfox crew. Brawl brought us Wolf o’Donnell, and the third blaster/illusion user. But hell, as Grandma always said, “You can never have too many blasters and illusions.” So let’s get this dude in there too. This would also grant us the boon of allowing us to kick Slippy in the plums whenever we want.

Smash Bros Characters 5
5. ‘Toilet Paper Hand’ (The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask): While we’re being eccentric with our choices (Wii Fit Trainer? Wii Fit Trainer?), let’s try this one on for size. This freakish hand-dude from Majora’s Mask has no known official name. I like to think of this as a cameo appearance from the Addams Family’s It. In the N64 game, it lives in the inn, and will exchange the piece of heart it holds for some toilet paper. This, quite plainly, is the most important role in the history of Nintendo games, and so ‘Toilet Paper Hand’ demands inclusion in the upcoming Smash Bros. Just how it will fight is a mystery, but perhaps it could team up with Goomba. Thus solving both their problems.

Smash Bros Characters 6
6. Yourself: Oh yes indeed. In the impossibly obscure ‘Famicom Detective Series,’ you played as yourself. It was tedious text adventure, and the only characteristics you could edit were your age and where you lived, but still. A character from the series, Ayumi Tachibana, surfaced in Smash Bros. Melee as a collectible trophy, so Nintendo haven’t quite forgotten about this weirdness. Still, this wouldn’t work in any possible way.

Watch Dogs: Graphics Battle – PC vs. Consoles (Comparison)

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs graphics have become a controversial topic since Ubisoft creative director, Jonathan Morin, revealed that the PC version will feature greater resolution effects than the PlayStation and Xbox versions. Now, it’s widely known that PC is generally superior and able to deliver better results than consoles. However, this kind of quality variances are normally slight and only noticeable if the comparison is made with a high-end PC. But in this case, I’m not so sure. Watch Dogs’ minimum requirements are out and they reveal a very gear-hungry game, which means that lower machines won’t be able to run it, making the minimal resolutions in Watch Dogs something equivalent to medium-high resolutions in common current-gen games. But this is all part of Ubisoft’s general concept to create a true next-gen video game, as senior producer Dominic Guay revealed to Polygon:

OK, we advertise that at the recommended setting it’s going to be a good experience. It’s going to look good, it’s not going to look like a 10-year-old game. So we’re not going to support very old PCs. If you have very powerful PCs, then it’ll scale up, and it scale up to even higher resolution, obviously, than you can have on PS4 or Xbox One.

Ubisoft Clarifies that PC Wins but Does It Matter?

There are definitely no doubts that Watch Dogs will display stunning and gorgeous graphics and Ubisoft seems to be clear about which version will deliver the best visuals. Still, there are some uncertainties left and a lot of players are confused about which version will effectively have the best graphics and which one they should purchase. Well, even if the whole discussion seems complex, there’s nothing much to deliberate. The PC version will be superior, maybe even quite superior, but that exclusively depends on your PC specs. If you don’t own an enthusiastic machine, then you shouldn’t worry too much about the graphics quality because in the end it won’t matter. PC and console versions have a very similar quality, as you can see for yourself below. The differences are minor and barely noticeable while playing.

Watch Dogs Graphical Comparison: PC vs. PS4

I’ve analyzed the E3 gameplay trailers from 2012 (PC version) and 2013 (PS4 version). My main conclusion is that Jonathan Morin is indeed right – next-gen is very close to PC. The overall visuals, in both trailers, are extremely high and detailed. However, there are two particular negative aspects that I’ve spotted regarding shadows and long distance environment quality. As you can see in the second comparison (cars), the shadows are mostly inexistent and the car looks like its floating around. Gladly this is not a general issue and it mostly happens with motion. Hopefully, it will be fixed until the release date because it’s quite a major issue.The second con is related to backgrounds, which in consoles appear to lack definition and detail compared to the PC version. You can perceive this issue in all the comparison images. The lightning system seems a bit too uniform sometimes in the PS4 screenshots, which is quite worrisome. The character detail quality is not at even grounds either. If you look closely, you can notice that character detail is not as sharp and neat as the PC version.

Next-gen may be close to PC but in my opinion, it’s still far behind. The minor and major differences spotted here indicate that PC wins at a graphical level and with a huge advance. But once again, the differences will only matter if you got a high-end PC, otherwise consoles will offer a pretty much balanced experience.

Watch Dogs E3 2012/2013

Watch Dogs E3 2012/2013

Watch Dogs E3 2012/2013

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Top 5 Revelations in The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 ‘A House Divided’

House Divided

Telltale Games anticipated that A House Divided would bring an old character into the play and for months, players tried to preview which character was going to effectively return. But the second episode released early this month is filled with stunning revelations and shocking facts. From the beginning of the episode until its very end, players get to know more about the new group. Secrets and confidences are inevitably unveiled.

Despite the huge amount of revelations, I’ve selected and ordered the most significant ones according to its value and impact. Let us know about your personal top revelation list in A House Divided.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 1. Kenny is Alive and Well

Kenny’s return was a huge surprise for many fans. After all, he was presumed dead since Season 1. In fact, his chances of survival were minimal. Apparently, luck was on his side and he managed to escape the horde surrounding him. Another surprising fact is that Kenny is not just alive; he was able to move on and start over with his new girlfriend Sarita. It’s hard to believe, especially after all we’ve seen in Season 1, where Kenny seemed to have lost it all upon realizing that his wife and son were gone.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2

2. Alvin is Not the Biologic Father of Rebecca’s Child

During the first episode of Season 2, something was really devious about Rebecca’s attitude and her pregnancy. Now, it has been revealed that her husband Alvin is not the biologic father of her child. Apparently, she had a short affair with Carver but things ended as quickly as they started. Carver wants to claim his father rights and has been chasing the whole group for months. It all seems righteous, except he’s a mad man and a cold blood killer.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 3. Bonnie is an Integrant Member of Carver’s Group

A few weeks before the second episode’s release, Telltale announced that A House Divided would have a slight connection with the game’s DLC, 400 Days. And now we know in which way. Bonnie was a significant character during the DLC and she’s back as an antagonist in the second season. She’s part of Carver’s team and she seems to be skilled at espionage.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 4. Carver is Trying to Capture the Cabin Group

Carver was mentioned in the first episode as a possible enemy of the cabin group but now it has become clear that he’ll be the prime villain for a while. The cabin group used to be part of Carver’s community but for some reason they ran away. I suppose the main reason lays on Carver’s madness and his obsession with Rebecca’s pregnancy.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2

5. Matthew Was Part of the Ski Lodge Group

Nick accidentally kills a man when the group attempts to cross the mountain bridge. Later on, it’s revealed that the random male killed was indeed Matthew, a close friend of Walter from the Ski Lodge group. The revelation is quite subtle. Clementine suspects this fact when she finds a peach can in the kitchen that looks the same as the one she found in the smaller cabin.