FIFA 15: Best Young Players for Career Mode

If you’re anything like me, then one of the first things you do when you start the Career Mode in FIFA 15, you look to bring the best young players in your squad. They are the best possible investment that you can make because their skills will grow tremendously over the years and you’ll get tomorrow’s superstars at great prices. In other words, if you really want to succeed in the game you need the best FIFA 15 young players or best youngsters for your career mode.

And we are here to help you get there without too much trouble: we have below a list of the best FIFA 15 young players, at least in our opinion: players that will greatly improve their rating over the years and will prepare your team for the ultimate glory. I am sure you can’t wait to check them all out, so here they are the best young players in FIFA 15, players under 21 years of age:

Aymeric Laporte – CB – 88 Potential Rating (Athletic Bilbao)
Memphis Depay – LW – 88 Potential Rating (PSV)
Youri Tielemans – CM – 88 Potential Rating (RSC Anderlecht)
Simone Scuffet – GK – 87 PR (Udinese)
Lazar Markovic – RM – 87 PR (Liverpool)
Maximilian Meyer – CAM – 87 PR (Schalke)
Domenico Berardi – RW – 87 PR (Sassulo)
Adnan Januzaj – LM – 87 PR (Man Utd)
Mateo Kovacic – CM – 86 PR (Inter)
Ross Barkley – CAM – 86 (Everton)
Lucas Piazon – LW – 86 (Frankfurt)
Marquinhos – CB – 86 (PSG)
Julian Brandt – LW – 86 (Bayer 04)
Richairo Zivkovic – ST – 86 (Ajax)
Ángel Correa – CAM – 86 (San Lorenzo)
Luke Shaw – LB – 86 (Man Utd)
Raheem Sterling – RW – 86 (Liverpool)
Oliver Torres – LW – 85 (FC Porto)
Matthias Ginter – CB – 85 (Dortmund)
Zakaria Bakkali – RW – 85 (PSV)
Timo Werner – LM – 85 (Stuttgart)
Divock Origi – LW – 85 (LOSC Lille)
James Ward-Prowse – CM – 85 (Southampton)
Luciano Vietto – ST – 85 (Villareal)
Junior Malanda – CDM – 85 (VFL Volfsburg)
Leon Goretzka – RM – 85 (FC Schalke 04)
Balde Diao Keita – LW – 85 (Lazio)
Levin Oztunali – CDM – 84 (Bayer 04)
Fares Bahlouli – CAM – 84 (Olympique Lyon)
M’Baye Niang – RW – 84 (Milan)
Viktor Fischer – LW – 84 (Ajax)
Hakan Calhanoglu – CAM – 84 (Bayer 04)
Kurt Zouma – CB – 84 (Chelsea)
Adrien Rabiot – CM – 84 (PSG)
John Stones – CB – 84 (Everton)

You have enough players here to create an amazing squad for the future. Don’t forget to check out your youth academy from time to time as well since you might get some great players there too, but even if you don’t – you have the best FIFA 15 youngsters above, and enough players to create a super squad that will go on an endless winning streak.

Do you have other great young players to recommend for FIFA 15 Career Mode? Let us know by commenting below.

Retro Corner: Comix Zone

Comix Zone

Oh yes indeed, gals and guys. This is many of our childhood dreams come true, right here. Buckle up.

In the mid-nineties, before MC Hammer went bankrupt and we realised just how crap Will Smith’s fluorescent Fresh Prince of Bel-Air outfits were, this was the ultimate fantasy: being sucked into our own comic book and becoming its hero. We’d battle monsters of our own creation, with weaponry we drew ourselves. General greatness would prevail.

And so it did. Meet Comix Zone.

This brawly action platformer hit the Mega Drive in 1995. It’s the toontastic tale of Sketch Turner, a cartoonist who finds himself in that very predicament. One stormy, impending-doom-y night, lightning strikes the page as he draws. In that instant, the comic’s villain, Mortus, is able to escape into the real world. Needless to say, this is all kinds of not good.

And so we take the role of Sketch, trapped in the panels of his comic and assailed by all manner of ghastly flesh-things. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

"Dear Diary, today I went to the sewer and kicked angry mutants in the face. It was a good day."
“Dear Diary, today I went to the sewer and kicked angry mutants in the face. It was a good day.”

Every inch of Comix Zone is true to its brilliant premise. Levels proceed through page panels, each attack and hit gives a Batman-esque Pow! or Sock! or other terrible effect, and the characters’ speech is in speech bubbles. It looks brilliant, with some of the best 2D art the console could muster, and the music is suitably jangly.

But nuts to presentation, what of the gameplay? It’s simplistic but a lot of fun, a combat-centric experience with some light puzzle solving and platforming to be done. There’s some nice variety in the stages and mutant opponents therein, and a clever inventory system that makes it easy to utilise the selection of bizarre gadgets and weapons you’ll pick up.

Comix Zone is a short experience, but certainly an enjoyable, challenging and inventive one. It was released at an unfortunate time, which really doomed its chances at sales-tastic success. Still, in the almost-decade that has passed since, it has cemented its reputation as a cult classic. Definitely one of the Mega Drive’s hidden gems.

The VGamerZ Monster Files: Rathalos (Monster Hunter)


Does this look like the kind of dude you’d want to mess with? No, no it doesn’t. See that face? You wouldn’t hit on his huge scaly girlfriend, that’s for darn sure.

The Rathalos is a species from Capcom’s much ballyhooed Monster Hunter series. For the uninitiated, these titles are arena combat/action RPG affairs, pitting you and up to three other hunters against the titular monsters. You join a quest to slay or capture a specific beast, take up your sword/lance/huge ridiculous Thor-esque hammer and attempt to murderize your quarry right in the face.

Therein lies the rub, though. The monster itself has mixed feelings about the whole situation, and won’t hesitate to crush you into a puny heap of blood and mangled defeat on the ground once you get it riled. There’s more to it than simple good ol’ fashioned hack and slash violence, too: you’ll often have to track and pursue your opponent between zones (which is to say, arenas) on the map.

Anywho, yes. One particularly irritating culprit of this whole stop-flying-about-and-stand-still-so-I-can-wang-you-in-the-eye-with-my-sweet-sweet-stabby-lance is the Rathalos itself. Hold on to your underpants, here it comes now.

This dude is one of the ‘rite of passage’ monsters, if you will. Early in your hunting career, you’ll see it spontaneously surface in other quests. You could be merrily gathering mushrooms or honey or something, when the Rathalos (or its female counterpart, the Rathian) sets your ass alight with a fireball before you even register its presence. Which is, y’know, tremendously impolite. But then twenty foot dragon-things have never been big on
social etiquette.

Rathalos 2

When you begin the game, you’ll dread their impromptu appearances. But after a few hours of gaining experience and equipment, you’ll be able to effortlessly swat them aside, like flies. Huge, furious, fang-y flies. How the tables turn.

During their oh crap, it’s Rathalos… run for your feeble squishy lives period, though, these things are all kinds of menacing. They’re adept at aerial attacks, diving at your face with their poisoned claws or blasting fireballs from a distance impervious to most weapons. They also have an uncanny knack for doing the latter right as you’re healing, destroying your hopes, dreams and life in one fell swoop.

Rathalos, more so than Rathian, spends much of its fighting time in the air, which can be a real pain if you have no manner of knocking it down. Nevertheless, they’re pretty darn ungainly in combat on the ground, and are very vulnerable to staggering and part-breaking.

For my part, this was the first intimidating ‘boss’ I faced in Monster Hunter, and it has a special place in my wyvern-loving heart for that.

The Beauty Of: Dark Souls II

Dark Souls

Dark Souls II had an unfortunate pre-release tease that displayed graphics unlike anything we’d get in the final product. When the fans got their hands on the game, it left many feeling disappointed and lied to. What we expected was the dynamic lighting and an absolutely suffocating darkness that the game’s early looks depicted. What we got instead, was a washed out and dull world that had only remnants of the trailers, and it was very disheartening.

Despite all of this however, Dark Souls II as its own game, has some absolutely gorgeous locales. There are many specific scenes that just captivate and shock me with their beauty or atmosphere.

I decided after looking at some of these places, to spawn a series. I will take a game and traverse the world end to end in search of the most beautiful or artistic moments. HD PVR in hand, I capture them for the fans. My first target: Dark Souls II. 

Things Betwixt
Things Betwixt – The simplistic beauty of this scene, with the intentional light offering a sense of hope in an otherwise dreary world struck me immediately.
Between Betwixt and Majula
The Path to Majula – I love the way that you traverse a dark cavern, and after nothing but hopelessness, you begin to see a glimmer of light shining through the cracks… What you see next is awe-inspiring.
Majula Sunset
Majula – Majula’s sunset, and the way it glistens on the water is truly one of the warmest, calmest vistas I’ve seen in both the Souls series and games in general. My PS3 does this art no justice.
Forest Of Fallen Giants
Forest of Fallen Giants – This area is an expansive introductory level, and while it has a massive castle to explore with secrets hidden all around you, this simple resting area contains more beauty and atmosphere than the entirety of the forest and castle combined. I love the way the light hits the bloody statue, and the trees that have seemingly taken back their land from the pillars and stone that make up the room.
Tower of Flame (3)
Heide’s Tower of Flame – Despite my capture card refusing to get a brighter image, Majula’s sunset combined with the blue and red hues of this area offers another calming and gorgeous vista. This time, however, you see the ruins of what was once an ancient, beautiful city.
No Mans Wharf (2)
No Man’s Wharf – It proved difficult to get a perfect image of No Man’s Wharf, as its darkness, lighting, and the complex design of the cave caused me to consistently shift to new areas, looking for the best angle. Despite these problems, No Man’s Wharf is always a sight to behold. The remnants of great ships hanging from the stalactites, the makeshift houses carved and built into the rock itself, and the rickety boardwalks leading no-where all build this area up into one of the most unique experiences in Dark Souls II.

2014_9_11_3_20_0 (2)

Huntsman’s Copse – It was very difficult to choose which area best represented the Copse as a whole, but I found the answer to this the moment I arrived in the Copse for the first time many months ago. This vista captures everything that makes Huntsman’s Copse a joy – and nightmare – to traverse.

Undead Purgatory
Undead Purgatory – This is another prime example of how the layout and overall design of a singular room can prove to be more chilling than an entire labyrinth. I cannot get enough of this area. This room gives off many vibes with its blood-splattered walls, dark hallways, candlelight, and of course, the grotesque creature to the right.
Shaded Woods (2)
Shaded Woods – This area is one of the most brilliant areas in all of Dark Souls II, and yet it contains nothing but fog and trees. Dark Souls, in essence, is about the darkness itself. They have wanted to make you feel squished and suffocated by the darkness and the world, and the fact that they can do exactly that without a single hint of black in Shaded Woods is commendable. You feel anxious just stepping two feet ahead, especially considering you are constantly surrounded by nearly invisible foes.
Drangleic Castle (2)
Drangleic Castle – You knew this was coming. The Souls franchise is famous for its castles, and Drangleic is no exception. It proved impossible to get a shot of the entirety of the sprawling towers and twisting corridors. Despite that however, the intimidation this castle gives off while you climb the stairs is a unique experience to say the least. The way the rain reflects on the objects in this area and the constant flickering of lightning helps build atmosphere.
The Gutter (2)
The Gutter – This is by far my favourite area in Dark Souls II. The Gutter is brilliant in that it is entirely black and full of creaking, broken walkways made of wood. As you go through, you light torches in the level that not only mark your progress and give you makeshift way-points, but build the level itself. Each torch lights up another piece of this intricately designed city, with the fire illuminating new pathways and traps, and the fact that you are the one doing it makes it an experience that is unforgettable. I dread and anticipate coming here every time.
Dragon Aerie (2)
Dragon Aerie – This scene will be recognized by any that watched the initial Dark Souls II footage, as it is literally impossible to look away. Wobbling bridges, dragons gliding through the sky, the castle resting on the peak of one of a nearly endless supply of giant rock columns. These are all examples of what make this area beautiful and memorable. Dragons have never felt more majestic than in this area, and I love every second of it.

Shulva (2)
Shulva – This is an extra image, as it is technically not from the base game. That said, Shulva’s creepy vibes and wondrous towers and pyramids cannot go unmentioned. The intricacy of this area is nearly unmatched in all of Dark Souls II, and the emphasis on feeling lost and confused adds to the emotion you feel while traversing the seemingly endless labyrinth.

The Sims 4: 5 Reasons Why You Should Play This Game


Opinions diverge drastically when it comes to define The Sims 4. It’s true that over one hundred things are missing from the previous games but good or bad Maxis’ new game still has its key features. If you’re unsure why you should try this game, then you probably should check the reasons below.

sims-4-event5. Ranked Social Events

Hosting social events has turned into an imminent challenge. Now, players have solid objectives to accomplish during every event and they can also unlock rare items for their houses, depending on their efforts and results. This ranked system is set by bronze, silver and gold medals. Achieving a high score won’t just make your guests satisfied, it will also reward you in an unexpected way. Your hosting sim will receive a moody and as stated above, he/she will also receive a rare item in the individual inventory. You’re supposed to have fun in parties, so make sure everyone’s enjoying your event because it’s certainly rewarding.

sims-4-cell4. Automated World

The Sims 4 presents a sophisticated world with lots of automation. Things that used to be done manually in the previous games have become instantaneous – home gardening, repairing, fires, purchases and thieves are now dealt in an automatic way. Besides that, personal mobiles have become an indispensable utility. By using one, a sim can automatically perform a great number of tasks, such as finding a job, host a social event, go on a date with someone, chat with friends, browse the web, play games, hire a service or even negotiate with your boss. This is apparently Maxis’ attempt to recreate our modern global village connected by new technologies and social networks. Everything has become indeed more simplified and that ultimately means more time for things that really matter.

the-sims-4-gamer33. Modern and Alternative Professions

Did you ever dream about being a professional gamer in your Sims game? Or perhaps a specialized astronaut? The Sims 4 has gone forward with the profession system, a bit too forward I would say. But the main point here is the fact that players can get to try new and alternative professions such as comedian, space ranger, diamond agent, mixologist or even a startup entrepreneur. Technology, just as in real life, is now entangled in the Sims quotidian and that’s extremely reflected in the profession system, where most careers require a computer or other technological apparatus.

sims-4-emo2. New and Extensive Emotion System

Sims have become more complex, diverse and realistic in The Sims 4 with the new emotion system. Now, they have a mind of their own, they have mood swings and they’re severely affected by everything around them, including friends, family, occupation, hobbies or even interior factors. Personality traits will also influence the emotion instance, for example if a sim has the lonely trait, he/she will feel tense in a social event due to the presence of strangers. Besides that, special moods will unlock circumstantial actions in the interaction menu. When a sim is feeling flirty he/she will be able to execute a set of new romance actions.

sims-4-builder1. Whole New Intuitive Builder

Undoubtedly, the best feature of The Sims 4 is the new builder. This freshly releases system is extremely intuitive and manageable. Building and decorating has never been so easy in the Sims world. Now, players can insert full preset rooms and browse items by their function and by their room category. More, they can see all the existent items in game for a specified category or object type. When it comes to build a house, players can choose between a faster and a personalized way. If they pretend to make something unique, then they can select which part of the house they want to build and then they define which wall and room shape they want. It’s as easy as that – select, insert, adjust and it’s done.

Convinced? Even though The Sims 4 is not the greatest game of the series so far, it’s still a very decent simulator and a more than worth playing game.

The Sims 4: Top 10 Fun Things to Do


The Sims 4 is out and even if the reception is not the best, the game is still able to proportionate plenty of fun moments. Some of the entertaining elements from the previous games are gone – pools, hot tubs, cars, ghosts and even aliens are now inexistent. However, players can still explore and engage into many other amusing activities. Here’s the top ten things you can do in The Sims 4.

10. Pester Your Enemies

sims 4 enemyMaking enemies in The Sims 4 is not too different from the previous games but when it comes to confront them things can get really spicy. With the new emotion and personality systems, players can now experience a larger variety of social options. For example, if a sim is angry at someone, then a new set of negative actions will be unlocked. The same happens if your sim’s personality includes the evil or mean trait. Exploring all these new options can be fun and hilarious for a while because after all, it’s never too much to reassure your enemy superiority.

tumblr_n76smhgoAc1td97dco1_5009. Visit the Park with Children

Parks in The Sims 4 are not that different from The Sims 3. Besides meeting new people and taking a walk with your friends, you can also visit the park with your family. If you have kids, things can get much more interesting in this game since each park has a different playground expressly designed for children. Watching them play can be entertaining and surprising, especially because it’s a unique feature and it cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

8. Collect Household Items

sims 4 frogThere are numerous items to be collected in The Sims 4. The available collections can be found under the Household Items. The problem is how to find them all but that’s part of exploration, right? Traveling around, searching places where no one goes, trying new things and so on. In Maxis’ new game, players can collect a large diversity of objects such as frogs, fossils, metals and even space prints. Some of them are quite rare and hard to get, the challenge is on.

7. Go Fishing

sims 4 frogFishing is one of the several existing hobbies in The Sims 4 and it allows players to progress and evolve through a series of levels. The more you fish, the better you get at it, thus the more and better fishes you’ll be able to catch. What then? Well, you can just collect all the fish species in game or you can simply place your favorite fish in your aquarium, with the additional option to name it. Throw the bait and wait for a big catch.

6. WooHoo Frequently

sims 4 wohoThis one is a little tricky. WooHoo is always a fun thing to do, at least to your sims but the point is not exactly about the act itself. In The Sims 4 the female sim can get pregnant, there’s a small chance to unlock pregnancy every time you choose to WooHoo. And it gets even more interesting since the pregnancy can generate multiple babies. For romance enthusiasts this might be an unpleasant news.

5. Do a Public Performance

sims 4 showArtistic talented sims can do public performances at any time. This includes instrument players and entertainers. Why is it exciting to go out and show off your skills? Well, you never know how other sims will react to your exhibition. They might dislike it, love it or even give you surprising tips. If your sim is really talented, then you might as well be able to make a living with this kind of performance.

4. Become a Professional eSports Gamer

sims 4 gamerThe ultimate dream of any gamer is now a possibility in The Sims 4 – to go professional. Become a professional eSports gamer is nowa career branch, which means your sim can make tons of money out of gaming. Practice your favorite games, win tournaments and watch your fan base and income numbers rise madly during your streams. The more you practice, the more you’ll win at every level!

3. Throw a Kickass Party

sims 4 partyIs there anything funnier than throwing the best party ever? In this new Sims game, players have determined objectives during their events in order to obtain a bronze, silver or gold medal. By other words, to host a kickass party you need to satisfy all your guests, as well as include as many entertaining elements as possible. And the challenge is exactly there, to fulfill all the requirements. Try it and enjoy your party.

2. Find Secret Places

sims4 gladeGetting out of the ordinary world is always a good way to have fun and in The Sims 4, players can get their sims to explore and eventually discover secret places. It’s certainly not easy but the outcome is quite rewarding. You can read the guides on how to unlock the Forgotten Grotto in Oasis Springs and the Sylvan Glade in Willow Creek. Enjoy these beautiful places.

1. Plant a Cowplant

sims 4 cowplantThe wonder of gardening can sometimes create strange results. In this case, sims can mix and remix seeds so much until they end up with a cowplant. Yes, a cowplant. If you want to have a pet-plant then you probably want to closely follow all the gardening steps here. Once you create this aberration of nature, you need to take proper care of it, else it will die and leave its skeleton behind. Check out how to create your Cowplant here.

Retro Corner: ChuChu Rocket!


If the Dreamcast is known for anything, it’s the unique library of weird-tastic weirdly weirdery. During its fleeting life, it brought us such delights as Jet Set Radio and the utterly demented Seaman.

Among these, the highlight was probably the oh-so-Japanese party game ChuChu Rocket! Hold on to your underpants, we’re taking a look now.

Like all good party games, this little slice of madness starts with a rather simple concept. It then injects a heaping helping of hyperactivity and chaos to proceedings, just the way we like it. In this case, you’re charged with placing arrow tiles on a game board to direct a band of space-mice (the titular ChuChus) into a rocket. They run automatically straight forward, and take right turns when encountering a wall, so your ‘aiming’ skills are crucial to success.

As do their sworn enemies, the cutesy/demonic-looking KapuKapus (space-cats). Essentially, then, your objective is to balance directing the mice to your own rocket while propelling furious cats of claw-y justice toward your opponents. The latter will sap their score, as a KapuKapu that reaches a rocket will eat one third of the collected mice inside.

ChuChu Rocket! is replete with game modes, sporting single player options and multi. The local play, both co-op and competitive, is the highlight, and where the bulk of the frantic action is to be found.

Doesn't look too crazy, you say? Wait until you play it.
Doesn’t look too crazy, you say? Wait until you play it.

Each player has their own coloured rocket in their corner of the screen. Mice will emerge onto the board from designated areas, and you have to coerce them your way. Control is simple enough, with each different direction corresponding to an arrow tile (depending on where you want the little guys to go, naturally. It is chaotic simply due to the amount of ChuChus on the screen at once, and the contradictory arrows being placed by four players at once.

It’s a game of one-upsmanship, which sees you vying for certain spots on the board. Special bonus mania modes, which ramp up the mice count and the game speed simultaneously, add to the madcap fun. It’s the kind of good-natured friendship destroying play you see in party classics such as Mario Kart and Mario Party. When you demolish a player’s score in the dying seconds by sending a volley of cats into their rocket, all hell will break loose. This is the kind of thing local co-op was made for.

Meanwhile, the lone player can enjoy a distinctly different experience. Here, puzzle mode awaits. This is a series of stages challenging you to rescue a set amount of the ChuChus with a strict time limit. There’s a vast array of variants on the theme, and it all makes for a uniquely brilliant package.

ChuChu Rocket! is also notable for being the first major console game with online support. It was as half-assed and ropey as you’d expect, but it was there. Huzzah!

The Sims 4: 5 Reasons Why This Game is a Huge Flop


After five years, Electronic Arts has finally released a new Sims game but the reception hasn’t been the best so far. Gamers and reviewers are extremely disappointed with the functionality and content of the game. But some go even farther claiming that The Sims 4 is a huge failure. But why exactly? What’s so wrong about Maxis’ new game? Here’s five reasons why The Sims 4 is a huge flop and most likely, the worst of the Sims series so far.

5. Aging Controversy: Teen, Adult or Elder?

In The Sims 4 age seems to be rather meaningless in terms of aesthetics. Whether your sim is a teen, young adult, adult or elder, their height doesn’t change at all and their physical appearance remains pretty much the same all along. Isn’t that a bit controversial? In previous games, teenagers were smaller than adults and elders used to have noticeable wrinkles and body changes, which made them look visibly older. Now, we got a slightly eternal-look system that disregards aging at every level. For some reason, EA now thinks that white/gray hair is all that matters when it comes to create an elder character. So much for a perfectionist life simulator… that’s really not the way in my opinion.

the-sims-4-jobs4. Professions: The Snobbism Effect

Everything in The Sims 4 seems unrealistic and magical, starting by professions. For some reason, all the basic/primal professions have been removed and most of these activities do not exist in game anymore – policeman, fireman, medic, teacher, lawyer and businessman are no longer part of the daily life. And even if the criminal job still exists in this fourth game, thieves do not. Now, we have a list of elitist professions. Hail the snobbism effect: Astronaut, Chef, Criminal, Entertainer, Painter, Secret Agent, Tech Guru and Writer are now the new promising careers. I think we’re getting too far away from reality here. Way too far. But it gets even worse with the inexistence of physical work places. The setback is real and it’s not going anywhere.

sims-4-exercice3. Improvement: What’s New, Really?

The new builder is quite amazing, it’s really intuitive and easy to maneuver – creating houses and decorating them have never been so natural. The new personality system is also reasonable but besides that, what’s new? Nothing really. Innovation and improvement were surely not taken in consideration during the creation of The Sims 4. The whole game looks like a short version of the previous one, The Sims 3, with way less content of course. On the visual side, the graphics are basically the same, nothing stunning or surprising. Finally, the in-game activities are less than before and hobby places like the cinema, theater and stadium are gone, as well as many stores and facility buildings, like the book and grocery stores, the hospital and the cemetery. Déjà vu, anyone?

sims-4-repairr2. Content & Features: Is This a Demo?

The Sims 4 feels like a demonstration. Maybe because I’ve played all the other Sims games before but still, there are so many things missing that it’s quite unbelievable. For example, simple and mundane things like pools, dish washing machine, cars and toddles are not existent in-game. Fires get auto extinguished, broken objects get auto repaired, social services are instantaneous and tax collectors are invisible. Everything happens as pure magic, as if the game was made in a rush and there was not enough time to implement features that have been part of the previous three games. The city panorama was also affected. Now, sims can only visit a few places such as the Park, Lounge, Museum and Gymnasium.

sims-4-park1. Unrealistic World: Peace and Love Baby

I would say that The Sims 4 was created based on a single slogan: “Peace and Love Baby”. Why? Well, with so many things missing the new virtual world is not just unrealistic, it’s like a fantasy world put into a life simulator, where crime only exists if you choose, where bad things are stopped by mystic powers, where primary jobs are part of the past, where swimming is only a dream and where death and sickness are barely extant. Everything is chilled and ordinary, filled with snobbism, glamour and the utopia of a perfect world. In other words, it’s boredom at its best, not realism.

Best Games Coming Out September 2014


Summer holidays are over and a new school year arrives. However, there are good news for games this year – September will be dense in quality and quantity. September has just started and gamers of all genres should be excited about the upcoming releases, because legendary franchises are returning to the main scene and new ones are arising with the promise of a tremendous success. If you’re a hardcore gamer or simply a gaming enthusiastic, then you probably don’t want to miss the following games.

Planetary Annihilation 8. Planetary Annihilation (PC, Linux, MAC)

Planetary Annihilation seeks to invoke the old times of real-time strategy from the 90’s with a macro focused gameplay. The storyline is set in the Galactic War, where hundreds of worlds exist. The game will present a planet-based map, where players can journey into the unknown and quickly expand their dominance over other races. Players won’t just be able to conquer other planets, they’ll also be able to dominate entire systems, as well as use space weapons, such as asteroids. Planetary Annihilation seems to sweat action and strategy from everywhere. Therefore and if you’re a fan of Total Annihilation, then you can’t let this one pass. Click here to check it out.

Release Date: September 5     Genre(s): Real-Time Strategy

Mode: Single-player, Multiplayer   Official Website:

Publisher: Nordic Games Publishing   Developer: Uber Entertainment, Inc.

defense grid 27. Defense Grid 2 (PC, Linux, MAC, PS4, Xbox One)

Defense Grid 2 is a strategy tower defense game with a completely new storyline. This sequel brings a whole new look with a huge graphical improvement, as well as new alien opponents and towers. The multiple new gameplay modes and level types has increased drastically creating an extensive batch of opportunities and challenges. Defending your territory will probably give you a headache, especially if you try the most competitive modes.

Release Date: September 23     Genre(s): Strategy, Tower Defense

Mode: Single-player, Multiplayer, Online   Official Website:

Publisher: 505 Games   Developer: Hidden Path Entertainment

Natural Doctrine 6. Natural Doctrine (PC, PS3, PS4)

Centered on the general concept of natural selection, Natural Doctrine is a tactical role-playing game that focuses on massive battles. The main protagonist is Jeff, a young male warrior and leader of the ally forces. He is closely followed by guard soldier Vasilisa and command medic Anca. The main objective of the game is to control the individual and collective masses in order to defeat the enemy. Strategists and tactical enthusiastic players will most likely be fond of this Japanese title. Check it out here.

Release Date: September 23     Genre(s): Role-Playing, Tactical-Combat

Mode: Single-player, Multiplayer     Official Website:

Publisher: NIS America     Developer: Kadokawa Games

5. Wasteland 2 (PC, Linux, MAC)wasteland 2

Wasteland 2 is a role-playing post-apocalyptic game set inan alternate history timeline. After the devastating effects of a nuclear holocaust, a company of U.S. engineers seek shelter in the southwestern desert and together, they form the Desert Rangers, alluding to the great tradition of the Texas and Arizona Rangers. Players’ mission is to survive and help other survivors in the nearby zone. The storyline is merely linear and the gameplay is based on turn-based and party-based tactical combat. This indie game presents a rich adventure with a mix of strategy, role-playing and suspense.

Release Date: September 19     Genre(s): Role-Playing, Tactical-Combat

Mode: Single-player     Official Website:

Publisher: inXile Entertainment     Developer: inXile Entertainment

4. NHL 15 (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)NHL 15

The ice hockey NHL series will also return this month with the 24th installment. EA’s main investment in this new brand title revolves around physics and next-gen features. The company’s ambitious with NHL 15 is to present a virtual version of ice hockey competition as close as possible to reality. Therefore, all physics, including clothing and collisions, have been revamped for an authentic and unexpected result. EA has also re-created 30 NHL arenas and introduced over 9.000 new crowd models for a more vivid and representative experience. This is another must-play title for sports enthusiastic players. You can pre-order the game here.

Release Date: September 9     Genre(s): Sports

Mode: Single-player, Multiplayer, Online Official Website:

Publisher: EA Sports     Developer: EA Canada

fifa 153. FIFA 15 (3DS, Android, iOS, PC, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii)

The FIFA franchise is back this month with the so anticipated FIFA 15. The new sports association football simulation from Electronic Arts promises a full next-gen experience with additional graphical quality and progressive usability in game. As typical of this series, the new release will be based on real football leagues all around the globe. For the third year consecutively, Lionel Messi is the main cover protagonist for FIFA 15 and one of the principal stars in game. If you’re a football fanatic, then you just have to wait until the end of the month to create your ultimate team and climb up the virtual charts. You can find the game here.

Release Date: September 23     Genre(s): Sports, Football Simulation

Mode: Single-player, Multiplayer   Official Website:

Publisher: EA Sports     Developer: EA Canada

The Sims 42. The Sims 4 (MAC, PC)

Five years after the release of The Sims 3, it’s time to greet its successor. EA Maxis is releasing the fourth game of the series with the promise that nothing will be the same as before. Among the new features is the personality and emotion systems, both have been reworked on towards a more realistic and dynamic effect. The neighborhoods have been drastically improved as well, now other sims will be smarter and more active. Finally, the most interesting technical feature is the all-new Create A Sim and Build Mode, which are now more intuitive, flexible and powerful. With so many apparent innovations, we can only hope that The Sims 4 will be a blast, just as its series’ ancestors.

Release Date: September 2     Genre(s): Life Simulation

Mode: Single-player   Official Website:

Publisher: Electronic Arts     Developer: EA Maxis – The Sims Studio

Destiny Logo1. Destiny (PS 3, PS 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Destiny is the new creation of Bungie and it has achieved a decent level of notoriety among players in the past few years. Deprived of a concrete genre, Destiny promises to deliver a hybrid and innovative system by incorporating multiple gaming styles, including first-person shooter, role-playing and multiplayer. Besides that endowed feature, the game will also present an interactive and dynamic environmental structure able to proportionate unique and unexpected events. Just as Bungie’s previous series (Halo), Destiny will feature a post-apocalyptic lore, where Earth is at great risk and it’s up to players and their heroes to defeat the invasive alien forces and restore the peace that has been long gone. The question is, will Destiny be able to conquer the gaming hearts of console players or will it be just be another RPG with FPS combat? Get the game here.

Release Date: September 9     Genre(s): FPS, RPG

Mode: Multiplayer/Online     Official Website:

Publisher: Activision     Developer: Bungie

With so many gaming pearls coming ahead, it might be difficult to decide which one to play first. And you, what’s your gaming choice of September 2014?

The Best Games You’ve Never Heard Of: Crimsonland


Why, yes. Crimsonland does sound like a generic, craptacular, low-budget horror movie. You know the sort of thing: drunken youths wander about an abandoned amusement park at night and everybody wonders who’s going to have their pancreas impaled by the crazed killer first.

Well, fear not. That’s only kinda sorta the deal here, and in a good way anyway.

is, in fact, a twin stick shooter from 10tons Entertainment. It first hit the PC in 2003, and has just this month made it to PS Vita and PlayStation 4. By all accounts, it’s a rather generic entry in the genre, but there are some brilliant touches that set it apart. Let’s take a look.

As a tiny space-dude (and on the Vita screen, as a really freaking tiny space-dude) you have one simple objective. Namely, to murderize. You appear in a series of arenas, are beset by all manner of nasties, and must dispatch them before they do the same to you. If you’re familiar with the likes of Robotron and Smash TV, you’ll know the score.

Mostly, it’s the variation on this basic concept that keeps the game appealing. In one mode of the original release, your character was stationary, and you defeated the encroaching horde by typing out the words above their heads. It was a fun little throwback to Typing of the Dead, and an example of the cheeky, slightly crazy spirit that runs throughout the game.

Man that's a violent screenshot. Hence the name.
Man that’s a violent screenshot. Hence the name.

The first mode on offer in the PSN edition is Quest. This is a procession of sixty stages, divided into chapters. Don’t let that fool you into thinking there’s a story going on here, though, because there isn’t. Not a bit of it. Instead, this is where you unlock perks and weapons for the meat of the game, the survival modes.

There’s the regular vanilla version, a blitz variant in which you have only an assault rifle, one with limited ammo and scarce one-use weapon pickups, and more. You gain experience for destroying the monsters, and can pick a perk with each level you reach. While this is all rather standard, I enjoyed the quirky humour and imagination that went into naming these abilities and describing their effects.

As quite a fan of twin stick shooters, I’d have to say this is one of the best I’ve played for some time. The weaponry is weighty and varied, and there are a lot of them to choose from. Quest mode is quite large too, and actually warrants play with the way that the unlocks work. It’s a fairly obscure download title, but it’s one that fans of such won’t want to miss out on.