5 Best Civilization 6 Leaders & Civilizations to Choose for an Easy Victory

The Civilization series is best known for the great balance it offers when choosing different leaders and civilizations to play as, but as it happens in real life, it just happens that some are better than others. And I am here to share with you the 5 best Civilization 6 Leaders (and civs) to choose for an easier victory and a really fun game. Of course, each civilization and leader still has their own weaknesses and some are better suited for a type of victory than the other, but all of them are absolutely amazing and great to play as.

Choosing the best 5 Leaders for Civilization VI was very difficult compared to previous games in the series because there were no clear winners in my opinion. However, there are a bunch that manage to shine and they made it to our list. So without further ado, here are the leaders and civilizations I consider the best in the game:

5. Scythia – Queen Tomyris


One of the most fun civilizations to play as, especially early on in the game, as they have a massive advantage by mid game. Every time you will produce a light cavalry unit, you will actually get two (and the Civ’s special unit is, of course, an awesome cavalry unit that requires no horses to product).

This means that you can build a very solid cavalry-based military early on in the game and take over other civilizations quickly to build a solid empire. Even better for war-minded empires is that their units will always get a strength bonus against wounded enemy units, while destroying a unit will heal the attacker a bit. Extremely useful during war time!

4. Russia – Peter the Great


Russia might not be the civilization everybody would enjoy playing as, but they are surely an amazing choice and can prove extremely strong if played right. They also seem to be better for higher difficulty settings because of the Grand Embassy which gives bonuses when trading with more advanced civs. They have an extremely strong unit with the Cossack which can move after attacking, making them virtually unbeatable.They also have the Lavra which allows you to quickly expand your empire and gets even better with adjacency bonuses.

But it’s Mother Russia, the special Ability of the Russians that is absolutely insane: it offers one extra territory when you found a city, plus faith and production bonuses from Tundra tiles, making it easier to build and maintain great cities in areas where other Civs would have no desire to found cities in. A really interesting choice!

3. Rome – Trajan


Rome is one of the best civilizations in the game, with one incredible bonus: you get a free building for each new city. This alone is a huge bonus that can take you far quickly. But that’s not all! Playing as the Romans, you also get a Trading Post for all new cities, and if they are in range, a Trading Route (free roads, quicker unit movement!). Add tot he mix their unique unit, the Legion which is stronger than the Swordsman and you have a good setup for an early monopoly over the map. You should never have money-related problems thanks to Rome’s bonuses, and you can spend the extra money as you see fit: to build a super army fast, to invest in Science or Culture… just pick and choose.

All in all, Rome and Trajan remain one of the better civilizations/leaders in the game, but also one of the most boring to play as in my opinion. But a win is a win and you’ll get easy science victory with them at least!

2. Arabia – Saladin


Arabia has always been a good choice in previous games and it remains so, especially for those looking to get a quick Religious Victory. The bonuses you get are pretty impressive and useful throughout the game, not just at a particular stage: the worship building gives you more Science, Culture and Faith, you are guaranteed an extra prophet at the late game stages (or at least you get to found a religion if you somehow miss on doing that early on, which would be a waste!) and you have a really good chivalry unit with the Mamluk. The special building also generates faith, making Arabia a good choice for Religious victories, even though it’s not as fun to play as it used to be. But a win is a win nevertheless!

1. Sumeria – Gilgamesh


I believe that there are not many people who consider Sumeria one of the best Civs to play as in the game, but I had a ton of success with them. They are perfect for an extremely fun early game, allowing you to go on a conquest spree early on and build a huge civilization that will be extremely dangerous in mid and late game because of its sheer size. Gilgamesh has a special and extremely powerful unit, the War Cart which will get obsolete relatively fast, but if you rush build it early on, you will have a huge advantage over any civilization. I can easily completely take over one or even two entire civs in early game (by late Classical Age) which brings about 6 extra cities to what you already have. That’s a true empire that you can build into greatness later on, even though the other bonuses are not that great.

Other things that make Gilgamesh a force early on are the Barbarian Rewards (you get a village reward for each camp you destroy), as well as the option to take over the entire armies of fellow City States for pennies. A great strategy here is to take over the armies of the City States, send them first into battle and protect your own units. At the end, if the City State units are destroyed, you can take over the City States themselves, although that’s rarely worth it! All in all, a great and extremely fun civilization / leader to play in Civ 6!

Other solid civilizations that almost made it to the top (you have to play them at least once or twice, in my opinion): Germany, China and Egypt.

What do you think, though? Which is the best civilization for an easy victory in your opinion?

Top 8 Understandable Exclusions from WWE 2K17 That Should Still be In


WWE 2K17 is out in the wilds and, despite featuring the largest roster in the series to date, there are still plenty of wrestlers from the company’s past and present that are sorely missing.  There are big names that have fans baffled at their exclusion like Roddy Rodney Piper and Dave Batista and new faces that the developers couldn’t realistically have been expected to include in their development schedule like Bobby Roode and TJ Perkins.  However, there are also plenty of athletes from the company’s history that deserve a spot on the roster despite many overlooking them for various reasons.  While they may have fallen into obscurity, developed a bad reputation, or burned their fair share of bridges, these ten wrestlers should still receive their share of the virtual spotlight.  (Note: For the sake of simplicity, WWE will only be referred to as WWE in this list even for wrestlers that worked for the company while it was called WWF or WWWF.)


8. Santino Marella

Although Santino Marella was played for laughs for most of his WWE career, he did have an interesting run as Intercontinental Champion with the goal of breaking the Honky Tonk Man’s record (hey, there’s another big name that’s missing).  He may not have surpassed the Elvis impersonator’s reign in the end, but his angle did elevate the title and restore the audience’s interest in the belt.  I repeat, the heavily-accented, monobrowed, cobra-sock-wearing Santino Marella elevated the second-most prestigious title in WWE history.  Anyone who can do that with a comedy character deserves some props.


7. Gangrel

The idea of a wrestling vampire is something that can easily go wrong (see Kevin Thorn), but Gangrel nailed it perfectly.  If him rising out of circle of fire and spitting a mist of blood isn’t in your top ten favorite ring entrances, then the problem is with you.  While the man himself hasn’t appeared in a game since WWE 2K13, 2K and Yukes have never been shy about including his intro animation for the creative suite.  He also had a recent cameo on an episode of WWE Network’s The Edge and Christian Show, so there certainly isn’t any bad blood between him and the company.  It’s well past time for the mastermind of the Brood to descend on the WWE games once again.


6. Funaki

It’s amazing to think of how long Funaki has worked with WWE despite everything the company has put him through.  He entered the company as a member of the Kai En Tai stable, which is most famous for its feud with wrestling porn star Val Venus and their manager threatening to “choppy choppy (his) pee pee”.  Not off to a good start.  After most of the Kai En Tai team left WWE, Funaki and his remaining stablemate, Taka Michinoku, were given the new gimmick of being badly dubbed over like they were in an old Godzilla movie.  Then came Kung Fu Naki which pretty much speaks for itself.  In spite of all that absurdity, he still came back to the company to help put over NXT superstar Hideo Itami and is still working with them to this day as a member of the Japanese commentary team.  Forget 2K17, give that man a world title run.


5. The Nasty Boys

Before the Hardy Boyz or the Dudley Boyz, the Nasty Boys Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags were the original hardcore tag-team of the WWE.  While they may look more like the kind of goons that the Ninja Turtles would fight by today’s standards, their black attire and hard-hitting style was revolutionary in their heyday.  Granted, their mohawk-mullet hairstyles made them look like pre-mutation Rocksteady and Bebop and one of their moves involved shoving their opponent’s face into their armpits, but they were still OH, MY GOD, THEY REALLY WERE NINJA TURTLE VILLAINS!


4. Umaga

Umaga was one of the more iffy personas WWE had in terms of cultural sensitivity.  Still, his legacy is not one that deserves to be forgotten.  He was a major player in the Battle of the Billionaires storyline, although his rival, Bobby Lashley, is now with TNA and isn’t going to appear in anything WWE-related anytime soon.  He’s also a member of the prestigious Anoa’i wrestling family, along with Roman Reigns, The Rock, Yokozuna (who’s also sorely missing from the game), Rikishi, Naomi, and the Usos.  In fact, the Usos’ facepaint designs are a tribute to their late uncle.  A two-time Intercontinental Champion and long-time rival of Triple H, John Cena, and Jeff Hardy, Umaga warrants a spot in 2K17.


3. Sable

Many bemoan Sable as being the beginning of the end for women’s wrestling.  She got over less for her skills in the ring or on the mic and much more for her looks and she is often blamed for sparking the objectification of female wrestlers that we are still trying to bury to this day.  Just don’t complain too loudly because she’s now married to Brock Lesnar and that kind of talk is liable to get you turned inside out.  Joking aside, Sable is a big part of WWE’s history, bringing a great deal of attention to the brand, and deserves more recognition for it.  With her husband being the cover star of 2K17, now would’ve been the perfect time to reunite the beauty and the beast incarnate in the ring for the ultimate intergender tagteam.


2. Nikolai Volkoff

While he may not be as big a name as other major heels of his time like Ted DiBiase and the Iron Sheik (again, how are they not playable?), Nikolai Volkoff holds his own place in WWE history.  As the man who set the standard for the evil Russian archetype that WWE still likes to pull out to this day, Volkoff had plenty of legendary feuds with the likes of Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund, and Hulk Hogan Curtis Axel.  He also enjoyed a face-turn that captured the audience’s attention just as much as his villainous days that concluded with a reversal of roles as he fought against Sgt. Slaughter (fourth verse, same as the first) at the 1990 Survivor Series.  Volkoff is undoubtedly an icon of the company and warrants a spot in the game.


1. Wade Barrett

It’s weird to me that Bad News Barrett has been dropped from the playable roster in the first place.  Yes, he was released from the company earlier this year, but that was a matter of him being a glass cannon and suffering too many injuries too frequently.  It’s not like he burned any bridges or left the company on bad terms like Ryback and Damien Sandow did on their way out and he’s even said that he’d be willing to come back after he’s had some time off.  Cody Rhodes outright quit, but he’s still on good enough terms with WWE to hold a spot in the game, so why leave out Wade?  The King of the Nexus and the Corre definitely deserves to be on 2K17‘s roster and he is easily one of the biggest omissions.

Have any other wrestlers deserving of a spot in WWE 2K17 that noone else seems to be talking about?  Be they bizarre, underrated, or outright controversial, who merits a place in the game and should be at the top of 2K’s list when building next year’s roster?  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

New Mass Effect Andromeda Footage Just Isn’t Enough

During Sony’s PlayStation event earlier this week, they unveiled the new PlayStation 4 Pro to much dismay. Along with it, they showed off several games that benefit directly from the added power including Mass Effect Andromeda. The last game anyone expected to see.

While this was a nice surprise at what I can only call a disappointing event, and I understand that the gameplay is meant to demonstrate power, it still left much to be desired.

Here it is in 4K if you can handle that many pixels.

The best thing I can say about Mass Effect Andromeda is that it looks jaw-droppingly gorgeous. The atmospheric lighting and overall art direction really shine especially with the new console. However, I think that’s where I’ll stop as far as praise goes.

I am a huge Mass Effect fan but we have been teased repeatedly for several years now with absolutely nothing concrete. Many of us die-hards expected a great E3 showing but got nothing but more obnoxious fragments. While I understand that they cannot share four hours of gameplay, at this point I feel that the marketing team has actively hurt itself and the product it wants to sell.

Why do they insist on continuously teasing us? Why is it that we cannot get a proper trailer demonstrating new unique systems that the sequel can offer? If EA decided that the PS4Pro event would be the true first reveal for Andromeda, why stop just as it becomes interesting?

It looks like a shiny new toy, but that’s about it. The iffy voice acting and awkward animations aside, there was a severe lack of substance to the gameplay that really sells itself short.

Hopefully, N7 day in November will bring me back into the fray with some great gameplay, but the marketing thus far has actively made me less interested than before it was unveiled, which is such a shame.

Top 10 Overlooked Characters for Injustice 2


Injustice 2 is on the way and there is no end to the DC characters that people would love to see make the roster.  There are obvious picks like Static, Darkseid, and Black Canary, but there’s also plenty of lesser-known heroes and villains that could bring a lot to a fighting game.

This list is dedicated to the more fringe characters of the DC universe that still deserve a shot at the roster.

10. The Question


I’m sure you know about Rorschach from Watchmen, but you may not know that he is essentially the understudy of the Question.  After DC acquired the rights to Charlton Comics, Alan Moore wanted to use their characters in Watchmen, but ended up creating his own unique cast with Rorschach taking the place of Question.  A hard-boiled, noir-inspired detective along the same lines of the Shadow and, of course, Batman, Question has also had occasional stints as a hilariously nutty conspiracy theorist.  The one major problem is that, despite looking like Slenderman in a fedora, Question doesn’t have any powers or even many gadgets and would have to rely on good ol’ fashion fisticuffs for his moveset.  Still, he would certainly be a welcomed addition to the roster regardless of what he actually brings to the table.

9. Tawky Tawny


Remember Hobbs?  Well, imagine if he had magical powers, dressed like James Bond, and was BFF’s with Captain Marvel.  That, in a nutshell, is Tawky Tawny.  A long-time ally of the Marvel Family, Tawny has all the strength you’d expect from a bipedal tiger as well as having the ability to transform into a sabertooth form that’s even stronger and faster.  He’d be a perfect fit for a tooth-and-nail rushdown character similar to MvC Wolverine or Street Fighter‘s Necalli.

8. Platinum


The Metal Men are probably the silveriest of Silver Age super hero teams (despite not having a member actually named Silver).  They are literally a group of sentient metals with powers and personalities based on the primary metals they’re composed of.  Having any of them in Injustice 2 would be hilarious, but I’m going to go with the first member of the Metal Men and, ironically, the only female member (at least until Copper joined), Platinum.  Her abilities to shape-shift and conduct heat and electricity have endless possibilities for an interesting and varied moveset.  And now to make some painful, metal-based pun to close out this segment… I got nothing.

7. King Shark


He is a shark that walks like a man.  I should not need to justify this.

6. Mr. Terrific


Mr. Terrific just seems like he was made to be a zoning character in Injustice.  The third-smartest man in the DC universe, Terrific uses his robotic T-Spheres to fire off electricity, create laser grids, project holograms, and even just slam into people.  He actually did appear in the first Injustice as a background character for the Watchtower stage, so we know Netherrealm has the character on their minds.  Here’s hoping he can make like Martian Manhunter and step into the foreground.

5. Karu-Sil


Introducing more Lantern Corp characters is a little tricky as they all essentially have the same power set.  However, it’s the personalities of the Lanterns and what they prefer to create with their hard-light powers that ultimately sets them apart and few have as distinctive a selection for their creations than Sinestro Corps member Karu-Sil.  Orphaned at a young age and raised by wild beasts, she swore revenge against the Green Lanterns when one of their members killed her adopted family in a misunderstanding.  She tore off her own lips and sharpened her teeth to more resemble her foster family (remind you of anyone?) and uses her powers as a Sinestro Corps Lantern almost exclusively to create constructs resembling her late loved ones.  If she can’t make for a good Injustice character, I don’t know what does.

4. Vixen


There are plenty of heroes that have the power of being a one-man zoo, but making most of them actually work could tricky.  Beast Boy is easily the most recognizable, but working in enough transformations to make him actually play like Beast Boy might be too taxing on the hardware.  Animal Man doesn’t need to shapeshift, but he does need an actual animal nearby to draw on its powers.  They could just brush over that plot-hole, but, all things considered, I’d rather have Vixen on the roster.  With the Tantu Totem, she can mimic the abilities of all the animals she knows of.  The strength of an elephant, the speed of a cheetah, the acrobatics of a spider, etc.  Maybe I am being too pedantic in my reasons for wanting her over her more famous colleagues, but she definitely deserves some consideration.

3. August General in Iron


Originally trained as a member of an elite Chinese spec ops unit specializing in fighting space aliens (comics are great), the August General in Iron is now the field leader of Chinese super hero team Great Ten.  What appears to be a suit of armor is actually a durable exoskeleton he developed after being put through live-saving experiments.  While the Great Ten and the Justice League of America haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, August General was a major player in the New 52’s Justice League International.  A highly decorated soldier with an energy staff that can cut steel, he would be a great pick for Injustice 2.

2. Mera


We already know that Aquaman is coming back, but having his wife on the roster would be even better.  Along with having the same super-strength of her husband, Mera also has the ability to manipulate water to her will, which can easily form a diverse and unique moveset.  Fun fact: she was also a Red Lantern at one point.  It wasn’t for a long enough time for it to factor into how she’d fight, but it would at least make for a good alternate costume.

1. Booster Gold


Booster Gold: Protecting his past to ensure your future!  Time-traveller Michael Jon Carter had an interesting journey from the 25th century to the present day.  You might expect him to have travelled back in time to prevent the apocalypse or solve some caper that spans ages or something massive like that, but it was actually because his football career fell apart.  Booster Gold is just some joe-schmoe who grabbed a bunch of everyday devices from his own time and traveled to the golden age of the Justice League assuming that his futuristic tech alone would instantly put him on par with the like of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.  It didn’t really work that well.

Imagine if a big Sherlock Holmes fan grabbed a Mac book and an Uzi, walked through a portal in time to 1880s London, and tried to catch Jack the Ripper only for Scotland Yard to already be one step ahead the whole way.  That’s Booster Gold in a nutshell and he is hilarious.  While he’s usually treated as a poser and hanger-on by his associates, Booster Gold truly is a hero at heart and has his fair share of serious accomplishments under his belt.  Between his witty dialogue and admittedly impressive array of gadgets, he’s an easy pick for my top spot in Injustice 2.

Those are my picks, now let’s hear yours.  There’s no end to the utterly insane characters that comics come up with, so I’m sure you’ve got your fair share of underappreciated heroes and villains that would still make for great fighters.  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

The Best PS Now Games You Can Play on PC Right Now


PlayStation Now games are available for PCs worldwide starting today. Sony is offering PC owners their huge library of over 400 PlayStation Games available, until now, exclusively to PlayStation owners. Although there are no emulators involved and Sony is basically streaming games over to your computer via the almighty internet, those with a solid internet connection can enjoy the hundreds of games for just $20 per month.

And since we’re talking here about amazing titles, titles that have not been released on PCs so far, there are some real treats for gamers out there. And you can even add to the experience with the Dualshock 4 adapter – but that’s not a must. A must is playing some of the amazing games released for the various PlayStation models in the past and to make things a lot easier for you, we’ve selected the best PlayStation Now games for you to play right now on your PC.

We’re talking about PlayStation-exclusive titles, of course, because that’s what it is all about: enjoying games that you weren’t able to enjoy so far if you didn’t own a PlayStation. And we have quite a few amazing picks – make sure to check them out below and give them a try as soon as possible!

Shadow of the Colossus

One of the best known and most appreciated PlayStation 2 games, this one is a must play. From the opening sequences all the way to the end, this is an amazing game, one that involves battling massive bosses, one that will make you care about your characters and maybe even make you cry. An absolute must play game!

The Last of Us

One of the best rated PlayStation games ever and one of the more recent games available on PlayStation Now, The Last of Us is the cherry on top of this service. If you were to play this game alone and it would still worth paying the $20 for one month! It’s basically an extremely well done Resident Evil game (and we didn’t get a good RE game for a long while!) in a different universe and with a storyline that you’ll absolutely love. By all means, play this game!

God of War series

OK, so this is not a game, it’s a series and you have the chance to play it from its not-so-humble beginnings to its latest installments. Start with the original God of War to meet the almighty Kratos, then work your way up to God of War 2 and 3, then enjoy God of War: Ascension, God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghosts of Sparta. That’s a series that not many PC owners hoped to play on a PC and now you have this unique chance! Take it!


Another classic PS2 game, another title that has a lot more in common with Shadow of the Colossus than it appears to. A beautiful puzzle platformer with minimal dialogue but amazing atmosphere, this multi GOTY award winner is another must play game on PlayStation Now.

Killzone 3

Considered by many one of the best shooters available exclusively on PlayStation, this sci-fi shooter packs quite a punch and will keep you busy for hours. Amazing graphics, amazing gameplay – the perfect recipe for success!

Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time

Although I am not the biggest fan of this series, I have to admit that everybody else loves it and considers A Crack in Time the best ever made. Zany platformer action with extremely colorful characters, this is a must play if you enjoy this type of games.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

Insane fighting action, great co-op play, great graphics. If you haven’t played a game in the series, then you must play this one. If you did but skipped this one for various reasons (maybe because you don’t own a PlayStation?), then you must play this one. Simple as that.

Uncharted series

Another Playstation Exclusive series that you have to play is available for just $20 per month. On PS Now you can play the original Nathan Drake adventure in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (the first in the series), as well as Uncharted 2 and 3 for a perfectly rounded up experience.

Siren: Blood Curse


If you’re a fan of horror games, then this one is the game you have to play. When you’re home alone, the light are turned off and the wind makes a creaking noise outside. And even if you don’t have this perfect setting for getting the top scares of your life, you will still get scared and enjoy one of the best horror games out there.

These would be our recommendations: a good line-up of games to start your PlayStation Now adventure on PC. However, have in mind that there are over 400 games available on the service right now, with more new games added regularly, so there’s definitely a huge library that you will have at your disposal for just $20 per month.

Which are the titles that you’re looking forward to playing now that you have this option?

Doom’s Soundtrack Is Phenomenal, And So Are These Dev Diaries

I am a sucker for developer diaries. They offer an unprecedented look into how our favourite games become what they are while offering insight into how game development, as unique as it is, functions as an art form.

Doom, with its incredible soundtrack, left me wondering how exactly it came to be. So it is lucky then, that Doom composer Mick Gordon has released two videos that go behind the scenes to see exactly how he achieved such an angry, evil sound with the game.

Check them out!

I think my favourite thing about the soundtrack beyond it’s otherworldly, hellish soundscapes and atmospheric droning and pulsing, is that Mick utilizes modern metal to help craft such a unique sound. From Djent to 9-string guitars to Russian synthesizers, he holds nothing back and it definitely shows.

I certainly hope this isn’t the last look at Doom and its development.

Please check out these 2 trailers and let us know what you think in the comments box below.

Delays, Death Threats, And Gamer Entitlement

With the recent announcement that No Man’s Sky would be delayed for one measly month, a small group of internet psychopaths has once again demonstrated why gamers continue to get a bad rap from both the older generation and the media.

The news broke a few days ago on the official Sony blog, where Managing Director Sean Murray explained that, in order to get the game where he wanted it in terms of polish, they’d need to delay it for a little bit longer to make sure it’s at the right place upon release.

While sane human beings would understand this logic, thereby accepting it and moving on with their lives, a few of the salty polyps that sadly grow on the undercarriage of the internet happened to react differently.

What is the big deal with a game being delayed?

Truthfully, it isn’t a big deal, which brings me to my first point. Who cares? I get that we’re all excited to play No Man’s Sky, but a delay of only one month is not a huge deal. We’ve already waited this long, so what is one more month? I remember back in 2006 seeing the reveal of Final Fantasy 13 Versus, which would take another 10 years to come to fruition. I bought my PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles for that game, and even then, I didn’t feel the need to threaten Square-Enix employees over it.

Hello Games is under no obligation to release the game in June unless they’ve agreed to. Judging by the delay, I’d say that Sony is perfectly willing to wait, and so should you be.

Delays are a good thing!

I never understood the negative reaction to delays, as it generally means that the developer and/or publisher is more concerned about quality than hitting some arbitrary deadline for what I presume to be anxious investors. It is true that some delays end up helping nothing in the end, but by and large, they are for a noble and honest cause.

Hello Games deciding that No Man’s Sky needs more time in the oven is a fantastic thing because it means the product we all want will be a better game when it drops. We will have a smoother, more polished version of the game. Really, that is what is most important, not the day it comes out.

To those of you slinging insults and making threats, I ask this: Would you prefer a buggy, unfinished or unpolished game over having to wait one more month? This sort of reaction reminds me of spoiled children and how they must have what they want right now, even if it means that they will miss out or suffer for their impatience.

 Death threats? Really?

While I completely understand wanting a game when it is supposed to release, is sinking to a level where you sign on to Twitter or Facebook or whatever to send a hateful or threatening message to a person who is just trying to do their job, really the best course of action? Why do you feel so angry about this? Why is there such an overwhelming feeling of resentment?

Hell, if you just insist on voicing your concern, why can you not, like other normal human beings, voice it in a constructive manner? I do not ever understand why some gamers have this hot-headed or entitled approach to things.

Sonic has longer, thinner legs now?! Better threaten Sega. Diablo III looks too colourful for a Diablo game? How about a boycott, a petition, and some death threats? Dante has dark hair now? let’s attack Ninja Theory about it, just because!
It is this type of behaviour that makes us look like spoiled, entitled little brats, and I’m sick to death of outsiders viewing us as such. Maybe, just maybe, next time you feel like threatening someone over something so benign or so unimportant, you instead assess your actions and take a less hostile approach.

Best Gaming Laptops with an nVidia GTX 980M Graphics Card

The nVidia GTX 980M graphics card is considered, at the moment, as the best choice when it comes to gaming laptops: it is nVidia’s best graphics card according to many voices out there and once you try gaming on a laptop equipped with a GTX 980M card, you will no longer say that gaming on a laptop is impossible. And we are here to share with you the best gaming laptops with a GTX 980M card!

Because, as you might also know, it’s not just the great card that is needed to run the latest games on your laptop! Other things should be taken into account, such as the processor that powers your laptop, as well as other details (RAM, what type of storage option it offers and so on). We’ve taken them all into account and we’re here to share with you our best finds, listed from the cheapest to the most expensive product so you can but the best gaming laptop with an nVidia GTX 980M card based on your budget. Enjoy!


01 gigabyte

Surprise, surprise! Gigabyte doesn’t do motherboards only, they are also in the laptops game and they have a really solid gaming laptop with an nVidia GTX 980M card right here and it’s the cheapest on our list! Running on an i7 6700hq 2.6 GHz processor and offering 8GB of RAM, this model has enough power to handle the latest games and deliver a solid performance as well. It’s a large, 17.3″ full HD laptop and it offers 1TB of storage space, but it’s still thin and relatively light for its size. The most important thing, I guess, is that it handles all the games at least decently (but usually a lot better) so you’re getting a lot of value for your buck here. So check it out on Amazon and have fun playing all the new games on it!

Eluktronics P650RG-G

02 eluktronics

Even though Eluktronics is not the brand that you always hear when it comes to quality products and even more, gaming laptops, we have to give them credit for delivering some really good products – you will see if you give the Eluktronics P650RG-G model a try. It is powered by the nVidia GTX 980M graphics card (8GB RAM) for gaming, as well as the great, sixth generation, Intel Core i7-6700HQ Quad Core processor and 8GB of RAM. It also has G-Sync and even though it only offers 512GB of storage, it’s all on a SSD, so you should expect lightning fast speeds. In terms of display size, it’s smaller at 5.6-inch Full HD (Anti-Glare too), but I rarely find that a problem when it comes to laptops in general. You should really have faith in this company and this particular product and give it a try. You will be pleasantly surprised, so click here to find out more and get it.

MSI GT72 Dominator Pro G

03 msi dominator

It has a name that seems to be asking for attention and the truth is that it deserves all our attention. We’re talking about a high performance, high quality gaming laptop here powered by Intel’s i7-6820HK Quad Core Processor, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M (with 8GB of RAM) and a whooping 32 GB of RAM. 1 TB of Storage space available, 17.3-inch Full HD Super Clear Matte display and a design that’s made with gamers in mind (colored, backlit keyboard). This one’s a real gem. Expensive, like gems are, but totally worth the money. Just check it out and get it from Amazon – you won’t be disappointed.


04 asus rog

The ROG series by ASUS (Republic of Gamers) is a high end series created for hardcore gamers and this laptop delivers. We’re not only talking about a laptop, but an impressive bundle here. But the laptop itself is the biggest value, with the Intel Skylake Core i7-6700HQ Quad Core processor, the nVidia GTX 980M and its 32GB of RAM. It also offers a ton of storage space, with a 1TB HDD (7200RPM) and one SSD from Samsung, offering an additional 512GB of storage space. Amazing! And the greatness doesn’t stop here! This bundle also gives you a great Gaming Mouse and mouse pad, a gaming headset and a Game Coupon for Tom Clancy’s The Division. A really good deal that you should check out here and take advantage of it while supplies last.

Acer Predator 17 G9-791-73ZW

05 acer predator

Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 resolution), Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor, today’s star as a graphics card and 32GB of RAM, these are the main characteristics of the Acer Predator gaming laptop that I’m recommending today. A 1TB HDD and 512GB SSD round things up pretty nicely, but have in mind that the graphics card comes with just 4GB of RAM… but if you want to pay for a better known brand, you have a choice as well. I would personally stick to the cheaper options listed above, but the choice is yours. Click here to check out and buy this product.

There you have them: five great gaming laptops with a GTX 980M graphics card. Now just get your favorite on this list and start playing some games! You can do it on your laptop now!

Why Hearthstone’s Next Update Both Thrills and Terrifies Me

Big changes are coming to Hearthstone with the next expansion.  Along with new cards, the next content update will also feature a number of major changes that will alter how the entire game is played.  For one thing, the single most requested feature for Hearthstone, an increase in the amount of deck slots, is finally coming.  All players will have eighteen deck slots available, double the current amount.  That is automatically a major deal, but that isn’t even the biggest change that’s on the way.  The really big news is the introduction of two new modes that online play will be divided between.

Online play will be split between Standard and Wild mode.  Ironically, it’s Wild mode that will be the more normal one for those that are already used to Hearthstone.  Wild mode will play much the same way as the game is currently played with all cards across all expansions being legal to play.  It’s in Standard mode where the rules get shaken up and certain older expansions are rendered unusable.  Once the next expansion is added, it will begin what Blizzard is calling the Year of the Kraken, where only cards included in the Basic and Classic sets and all the expansions released in 2015 and 2016 will be legal for Standard play.  All cards included in Goblins Vs Gnomes and Curse of Naxxramas will not be usable in Standard play.  Also, once the first expansion of 2017 releases, the cards in Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament, and League of Explorers will also start to be rotated out of this mode.  The Basic and Classic sets will remain constant fixtures throughout the game’s history and will never be phased out.  Both Standard and Wild will have their own Ranked ladders, and other modes like Arena, Adventures, and most Tavern Brawls will be classified as Wild and have all cards considered legal.

This could potentially be the best thing that has ever happened to Hearthstone.  Ranked play has had a regular problem of its meta being dominated by a select few decks that are especially powerful and only a few select new cards that play into those themes entering the meta.  On top of making things stale, this has made it difficult for new players to get started as there are so many cards needed to stay competitive.  Standard not only encourages developing new decks, but also provides a more welcoming experience for players who are just beginning their collections.  This kind of segmentation seems like just the kind of shake-up that Hearthstone has been needing and I haven’t been this excited for the game since I first started playing it in the vanilla version.

Sadly, I can’t help but have plenty of concerns about this change, as well.  While there’s a lot of potential good that can come from this, there are also ways it can go horribly wrong.  One thing I immediately dislike about how the old expansions will be phased out is that they’ll no longer be available to purchase from the in-game store.  Once the new expansion releases, GvG packs and Naxx wings will be gone.  You will still be able to craft all the cards from these expansions using dust, but you won’t be able to spend in-game gold or real money to acquire them.  One exception to this is that, if you own at least one wing of an adventure, you will still be able to purchase the remaining wings of that same adventure at your leisure even if that adventure has been retired.  It seems like a harsh punishment for those of us trying to build a complete collection, but I suppose it helps idiot-proof the game for new players who should be focusing on Standard mode.  This also comes with the advantage that old Adventure cards will no longer be soulbound and can be disenchanted for dust.  However, if you have any interest in Hearthstone, I advise you jump in now and pick up one wing from Naxx while you can.  Not only are the bosses a fun challenge, they’re much easier to go through than crafting the individual cards.

The next big concern I have is how the loss of certain cards can hurt the meta.  While I’m happy to see Piloted Shredder and Dr. Boom fall by the wayside, there are plenty of valuable anti-aggro cards that we’ll also be losing.  Annoy-o-tron, Sludge Belcher, and Antique Healbot are all key to countering extremely fast decks like Face Hunter and Aggro Shaman, and those decks will still have most of their tools when Year of the Kraken rolls in.  While we’ll still have Reno Jackson, the king of shutting down aggro decks, we are going to need at least one or two new neutral cards introduced in the next expansion that help with survivability.  That’s just one element to consider with two whole sets being set aside, and this is going to be a constant factor with each new annual cycle.  How well certain decks can be kept in check is going to depend heavily on the designers keeping a close eye on what niches can become overpowered and which deserve to be bolstered.  Considering these are the same people who seem convinced that Taunt Warrior is a thing that exists, that is fairly scary.

The last thing I’m worried about how Standard mode will effect the design philosophy of future cards.  While Standard is being pushed as the competitive mode, I’m still interested in the possibilities for Wild mode.  Introducing Standard mode gives the developers more freedom to introduce new cards with a more focused meta, but it also gives them an excuse to throw the balance of Wild into complete chaos.  I don’t expect Wild to be especially refined and I’m open to it having plenty of crazy decks, but I don’t want the response to blatantly broken decks to be a shrug and a cry of “Thaaat’s Wild mode!”  I still want Wild mode to be a legitimate playstyle in its own right.  I want balance changes to still be on the table for older cards and for some consideration to be given for how Wild mode will be effected by new cards.  My worst fear for Wild mode is for it to become dominated by a small selection of decks like we’ve seen with Face Hunter and Secret Paladin in the past.  Wild mode should live up to its name and be fertile ground for experimentation and unpredictability, not relegated to regimentation.  With it having its own ranked ladder and being the playstyle for several modes, it looks like Wild mode will still be receiving the love and care I’m hoping for.  All the same, I can’t ignore the nagging feeling at the back of my head that Wild mode will be used as the dumping ground for the most egregious net-decking.

What are your thoughts on Standard mode?  What has you excited or worried about how Hearthstone will be changing this year?  With all my own concerns, I do still see the pros outweighing the cons and this being a change for the best.  There’s always a chance that this could blow up in all our faces, but those are just the risks you have to take to push things further.  Once the new expansion is revealed later this season, it will either dispel or confirm our reservations on this evolution.  Until then, it’s important that we voice our opinions on what the future can hold as it’s the only way we voice to the developers what we want out of the game and try to shape things in a way we can all be happy with.

Best Headsets for PC Gaming in 2016

Whenever it comes to headsets, I will always choose a pair that’s made specifically for gaming because of the overall better quality they offer compared to regular headphones. Choosing the best gaming headphone is not the easiest job in the world with so many products available on the market, but we are here to help you make the best choice and share with you the best headsets for gaming in 2016 (and beyond).

In order to be considered great, a gaming headset needs to deliver extremely high quality sound, it must have a very good microphone as well (even though for many this would be optional), it must be comfortable and it must look good because, well… you have to look good at all times! Also, I would personally go for wired gaming headphones instead of wireless ones, because these usually offer better overall sound quality and you don’t have to constantly charge them. Of course, if you think that you will use them outside as well (for listening to music, for example), the wireless ones might be easier to use.

Don’t worry, though! We have both wired gaming headphones below, as well as wireless ‘phones on our list below, so you’re certainly covered AND whatever you choose, you will surely be satisfied with the results. Now let’s stop talking and let’s check out below the best gaming headsets for PC gamers for 2016!

Sades SA-710

01 best gaming headsets - sades

When it comes to a combination of awesome design and low price, you can’t beat the Sades SA-710 gaming headsets. And the lower price doesn’t come with lower quality! The ear pad and head pad are both soft and comfortable to wear, while the beam pad is segmented for perfect adjustment of the headphones. But its technical features are surprisingly good as well: it comes with a virtual 7.1 surround technology, as well as noise cancelling capabilities, resulting in extremely clear and realistic sounds. Surprisingly lightweight, these headphones are cheap and amazing. Add to all these bonuses the fact that the headphones light up with a nice blue color (the only downside being that you can’t turn it off… but why would you like to do that?)

If you’re on a budget, but you still need a great pair of gaming headsets, check them out (click here for UK/Europe).

Sades SA-708

02 best gaming headsets - sades sa

I promise that I haven’t been bribed by Sades to promote their products! It’s just that their headphones are extremely high quality and come at incredible prices. This one for example comes at an incredible deal at the moment of writing (pricing might change though) and sells at a discount of $70. Now that’s a hot deal and I had to write about these headphones, which also have an amazing design and awesome features. It has a soft pu leather cushion head-pad and ear-pad for comfortable wearing even for hours and the microphone hides well inside the left headphone, which is also a bonus. Although this one doesn’t have the 7.1 surround sound the model above has, it still delivers great sound quality and especially amazing bass. It goes really loud as well, but we all know that sound clarity is important, and that’s exactly what you get from this model. It is lightweight, it feels nice when you wear it and it has the Sades leds to make you look as cool as possible. For this price, you won’t find anything better! Click here to check them out (or click here for the UK/Europe).

Logitech G430

03 logitech

I must admit that this is my favorite wired gaming headset and I had to share it with you! Logitech managed to build an awesome gaming headset here, one that’s built for comfort and performance. It’s Dolby 7.1 surround sound offers extremely high quality, crystal clear sounds, while the microphone has noise cancelling capabilities for yelling perfect instructions or swear words (depending on the case). Light, slim and balanced, the G430 model comes with comfortable swivel earcups (thy swivel up to 90 degrees) which makes personalization and comfort a priority. They are also great to wear for long gaming sessions, reducing heat and therefore sweat and discomfort. Some really good gaming headphones you need to check out! So click here to find out more about them and buy them (or click here for the UK/Europe).

HyperX Cloud 2

04 best gaming headsets - hyperx

Kingston’s HyperX Cloud is probably one of the best known and most appreciated gaming headsets in the world, so it’s no surprise to see that the company decided to give it an upgrade and make it even better. The good news is that they succeeded! The Cloud 2 has 7.1 surround sound and noise cancelling microphone. It is also soft and easy to wear, as well as comfortable: their dedicated technology for the earpads delivers memory foam for a perfect fit. You will indeed love your gaming sessions using these headphones which are a big step forward compared to the previous HyperX Cloud model. It’s also TeamSpeak Certified and voice chat optimised, so we really have the real deal here. Click here to check them out (or click here for the UK/Europe).

Ear Force Stealth (wireless)

05 best gaming headsets - ear force

If you prefer Wireless headphones, I have a recommendation for you as well: the Ear Force Stealth 450 by Turtle Beach. They offer everything our previous headsets offer, like 7.1 Surround capabilities, crystal clear sound and some booming, high performance speakers (50mm Neodymium speakers which are indeed all you can wish for). Everything without the extra wires, if that matters to you! It also has an interesting technology that allows to hear your own voice in the headsets, so you know exactly how loud you should go. They are highly adjustable and extremely comfortable, so you won’t have any problems with that either. Turtle Beach also promises up to 15 hours of interrupted gameplay using their wireless headphones, so that should be enough for even the longer gaming sessions. Again, I have to say, if you want wireless gaming headphones, these are your best choice! You can buy them here (or click here for the UK/Europe).

These are our recommendations, all very high quality gaming headphones for PC gamers. Don’t forget to share this article so that your friends can find out about them as well!