5 Tips for Breaking Into the Game Development Industry

Game Development

Finding a way to successfully break into the game development industry may seem difficult at times, but it is by no means impossible. Having said that, it is important to remember that there is no ‘right way’ or secret to getting your start in the business – it really just comes down to be dedicated and persistent. Consider the following tips to help you get introduced to the world of game development.

Choose your area of focus:

Choose your area of focus

The first step for anyone looking to break into the game development industry is to make the most fundamental decisions: do you want to focus on doing the art for video games, or do you want to work on the programming for video games?

Game art

Focusing on the art side of video game design is perfect for anyone who has the vision, the ideas, and the creative drive to think up visuals without needing the programming expertise. Just because you can’t code doesn’t mean you can’t design and develop games – there are a range of game engines available and a lot of professional game development studios use these to create their video games. This doesn’t mean they will necessarily hire you, you will also need relevant experience in the field to make you a more valuable hire. You need to make it clear to your employers, potential or otherwise, that you not only have experience with this work, but that you are also open and willing to continue to expand your knowledge and understanding of the game development process. This can also come from having a portfolio of work available to demonstrate this.

Game programming

If you do decide to pursue the programming side of game development, you will need to start by learning the basics of the relevant coding programs and the primary programming languages, including HTML5, Javascript, C++ and C#. This will be essential skills and knowledge necessary for getting into this industry:

  • Javascript – this is a web language, which you can write yourself or even use a game engine to build a game
  • HTML5 – this is another web language, which is mostly used for developing browser-based games
  • C++ – this is what is referred to as ‘object-oriented programming’ and is one of the most common languages used for programming games
  • C# – this is another object-oriented programming language and is one of the most commonly used programming language

Before attempting to actually make your move in breaking into the game development business, you should really have a thorough understanding of what exactly it is you want to do – do you want to program the games or design the art for them or even be a game musician? Once you have made this choice, you can then think about focusing further on a specialization within this area:

  • Those pursuing a career in game art design should consider focusing their talents on character concepts and turnarounds, 3D modelling, animation, scenery and game object assets, etc.
  • Those pursuing a career in game programming should consider focusing their talents on menus, in-game mechanics, level obstacles, or anything else which needs to be coded for the game
  • Those pursuing a career in game music and sound will be looking to create in-game music, theme music/soundtracks, and any sound effects needed.

Get a foot in the door:

Get a foot in the door for the Game Development

Get an internship at a game studio

There are countless internships available across the country with game studios – and while you may not live anywhere near any game studios you may be able to find remote opportunities for internships. There are also plenty of online resources to help you search for internships, such as popular job-search websites like indeed.com, or sites dedicated to helping you find the perfect internship.

Get an entry-level job at a game studio

Getting a job as a game tester is one of the easiest ways to break into the industry, since they generally don’t require any extensive experience, training, or qualifications. Following this, you can move on through the company and end up in a development role in a relatively short amount of time. You can also look for other job vacancies at game studios to simply get yourself in the door.

Cultivate experience and a name:

Cultivate experience and a name

Build your own indie games

This may sound obvious, but one of the best ways to get game development experience without working for a studio is to simply build your own indie games. There are plenty of online tools you can use for developing yourself.

Post your work on discussion boards

As an aspiring game developer, you should already be spending time on discussion boards, but you should also be posting on them, too. You may not know it, but professional game developers also read them so it is a great way to be seen.

Start a blog

Starting a gaming blog is yet another way to get your work and ideas out there for someone to see – you can choose to write about whatever area of specialization you want to focus on in your career. This also gives you a virtual portfolio to showcase your work online.


Taking on some freelance work is a great way to learn your trade – there are lots of freelance websites available, such as Upwork, which can help you gain some experience to get your resume started, as well as putting a little money in your pocket. You should read up on more details of working freelance before you try this though.

At the end of the day, whatever route you choose to take in pursuing a career in game development, persistence and dedication is absolutely essential. Put in the work to get yourself some quality experience, fine-tune your skills, and keep your knowledge base up-to-date. Don’t give up on what you want and try not to forget to enjoy yourself along the way!


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Skills You Can Learn from Video Games

Video Games

We’ve all heard it before – that video games are a waste of time, that they’re unproductive, and worse that they’re rotting your brain. Your parents, teachers or friends might despair at how many hours you spend playing games and devoting your life to achieving the next level on PubG (that’s Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds to the non-gamers out there!).

Sometimes it’s true, and us games could all do with laying off the screen-time and investing in some other, more daylight-centred hobbies. But not all games are inherently brainless. In fact, some aim to teach you something.

Playing video games doesn’t have to just be for entertainment. There are tonnes of educational games out there, and games are often used in education to make the learning process easier and more fun. That’s because games are a powerful tool to teach us skills and make us compete with one and other to get better! What would you rather do: sit through a two-hour lecture, work through a workbook full of exercises, or play games? I know what I’d choose!

So, next time your parent, guardian, friend, significant other or teacher critique you for playing video games, draw their attention to the amazing educational quality of several games out there. Here’s some of the best skills you can learn from video games, as ammunition for your next argument!

Learn an Instrument

Guitar Hero, anyone? You can actually learn rhythm in music games like this, as they allow you to take apart individual sections of songs and focus on them. You might learn the bassline of one song and begin to appreciate how all of the instruments in the music fit together.

Meanwhile, Rock Band can teach you how to drum. If you go the whole hog and invest in the drum controller, you have a pretty accurate recreation of the real thing – four drum pads and a foot pedal. You’re only missing the hi-hat! Once you graduate to the expert level in this game, you could probably make it by pretty easily in a real band. Guitar and bass players (or wannabe players) can use Rock Band 3’s pro controller to learn chord structures. Finally, grab your real guitar and hook it up to Rocksmith, a game that teaches you how to play guitar with a bunch of fun mini games thrown in.


If you want to learn how to travel around the world in 80 days, there’s a game for you. Picture the scene: you’re in 19thcentury Steampunk London, following in the footsteps of the classic novel by Jules Verne, in a brilliant mobile game that’ll teach you circumnavigation and more.

Figure out what route is best: a balloon across Arabia or hitching a ride on the Trans-Siberian railway. Along the way, learn about the geography and culture of the world, and how to survive on very little money. By the time you finish, you may be considering taking off and travelling the world in real life!

Rocket Science

Check out the Kerbal Space Program if you want to have your own Major Tom moment in outer space!

Outer space is notoriously difficult to survive (think of all the movies you’ve seen where poor astronauts are shot into space and then spend the rest of the film trying to survive and return home!). Even real missions often go wrong. That’s why the Kerbal Space Program aims to give people some experience before they graduate to astronaut-level heights!

“You learn how to send your Kerbals into space, land them on the moon, or orbit their own home planet (via a lot of trial and error),” says Frank Bate, a gaming blogger at Britstudent and NextCoursework. “Learn about trajectories, gravity, weight, propulsion, fuel, rocket shape and more to get the job done and launch the Kerbals into the atmosphere. You’ll also need to build rescue rockets to get those stranded when the mission goes wrong!”

This game is even endorsed by NASA, so it’s a winner if you want to convince folk that games can be educational!


If you haven’t heard about Minecraft, you’re clearly not well-versed in the culture of video gaming. Minecraft is a spectacular game for a few reasons (no, it’s not just about punching trees and running around heedlessly). With the in-game mineral, known as Redstone, you are going to learn electrical engineering.

Redstone is used to power mechanical devices – but it’s not as easy as pressing ‘A’ and that’s the end! No, in Minecraft, you actually have to learn about how Redstone’s current moves, splits and transforms. At advanced levels, with the right placement of logic gates, you can create complex machines like calculators! So, if you can figure out how to make Redstone work for you, you will at least be able to wire up a clock in the house. At best, you’ll be able to wire electricity without blowing any circuits!


“Learning how to code is accepted as a very, very useful skill in the modern age. In fact, it’s even being taught to children in schools!” says Karis Holland, a tech writer at Australia2Write and Write My X.

If you missed the boat and never learned anything about coding, fear not: these games will bring you up to speed.

SpaceChem is a puzzle game that will teach you about the logic behind if/then statements, recursion/loops, and all the other basics of programming. CodeCombat incorporates JavaScript into the gameplay and gets really serious. Light Bot is a game for kids (but also, let’s not lie, useful for adults with zero knowledge of coding) that teachings the logic of computer coding.

Shooting Games

No article about skills you can learn from games would be complete without mentioning the beloved FPS (First person shooter) games like PubG, Call of Duty and Free Fire. These games can typically be found on any medium, from smart phones to laptops to gaming devices like PlayStations. What you may be surprised to learn is that in a 2009 study, the University of Rochester found that shooting games improve your vision! They found that these games boost alertness and sensitivity in the eyes and may be used in the future to correct poor vision. Tell this to your parents next time they say you’ll get square eyes from staring at a screen so long!


Author Bio: Michael Dehoyos, a content marketer and editor for PhD Kingdom and Academic Brits, shares his cybersecurity and online hacking developments with his readers. He enjoys finding easier ways for companies to become more secure and successful.

vGamerz Contibutor

Valorant recoil is an archaic mechanic that should have been left in the past


Over the last week or so you’ve probably had the opportunity to either watch or play Valorant. It’s Riot Games’ upcoming hero shooter expected to release this Summer. The beta alone has managed to attract 1.6 million viewers on Twitch as players are desperate for access. There’s no doubting Riot have created something great, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t flawed.

The origin of Valorant’s gunplay

valorant recoil showcaseUnlike the majority of modern FPS, Valorant uses an unusual old-school recoil system. Effectively, your reticle won’t line up with where your gun is actually firing. This means that when your gun kicks hard, you’ll often need to aim very low to continuing landing shots. Even though it looks like you’re aiming at the floor, you’ll actually be hitting the enemy.

This recoil system isn’t found in many competitors but it’s a staple of Valve’s Counter-Strike franchise. Given Valorant’s clear CS: GO inspiration, this makes a lot of sense. However, I’m not sure Valorant should have adopted this system. After all, it’s painfully out of date.

The first game to use a similar recoil system was Half-Life. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise since Counter-Strike started life as a Half-Life mod. Needless to say, Half-Life is easily one of the best received FPS titles ever made. But that wasn’t due to its gunplay. Putting the amazing story aside, the weapons were stuck in 1998.

At the time, it was impressive because no other FPS had overly great gunplay either. Fans didn’t even know what it meant to have good gunplay. That isn’t true anymore. After the likes of Call of Duty, Battlefield, Overwatch, Borderlands, and Tom Clancy have all appeared, our standards are far higher now.

The recoil feels out of place

VALORANT ADSPlaying any one of these games will make you realize something about Valorant. It feels out of date. In an attempt to appeal to Counter-Strike pros Riot has created a title with unmistakable polish held back by 1990’s gameplay. It’s a damn shame.

To its credit, Riot has seemingly acknowledged that copying Counter-Strike one for one wasn’t going to work. When your aiming down sight with a gun, its recoil is shown by the reticle. This means that long-range gunfire won’t be held back by age-old mechanics. However, the same can’t be said of any hip fire which will be the go-to for most close-mid range gunfights.

Thankfully, there is one design choice that might make Valorant’s gun feedback workable long-term. When your gunfire begins to horizontally recoil, this is displayed in the gun itself. Your weapon will subtly learn right or left to give an indicator as to where you’re spraying. This should make learning recoil patterns more naturally somewhat viable. Unlike in Counter-Strike where gun guides and plenty of practice range drills are a must,

It’ll certainly be interesting to see if Valorant succeeds. For all my criticisms, I have to admit it looks seriously promising. Combining the hero abilities of Overwatch with Counter Strike’s core gameplay was a great idea by Riot. Be sure to let us know in the comments what you think of Valorant so far. Has it been fun, or has it not met your expectations?

What Effects Does COVID-19 Has on the Gambling Industry?


The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is now in every continent (except for Antarctica) and disrupting virtually every business globally. Every government has taken measures to slow the pandemic and to reduce the impact the virus is having on its citizens. There is a sacrifice with every decision. Most people are under executive orders to remain indoors and to refrain from being near other people. This executive order caused restaurants, gyms, shopping malls, and places of worship to shut down in most places until the threat is over. Click here for a list of nonessential businesses.

Social Distancing

The latest term applied to the behavior of people is “Social Distancing.” This means to stay at least six feet away from any other person. Even if a person is in an essential business that can and should remain open and functional during the pandemic, he must remain six feet away from any other human being at all times.

Non-essential businesses, services, and travel are banned. This has forced many businesses to lock their doors and sent many employees home.

People need people

People need people. This is why we congregate. We socialize by meeting for meals, parties, and celebrations. This primal need is what drives us to casinos. We enjoy meeting our friends and meeting new friends. We want to have great food and drinks, enjoy shows, and to try our luck at the casino games. Everyone has their favorite game. Norske casinoer is an industry leader and a global expert on the game of poker. By definition, this casino would be a non-essential business. But for the poker lover, the social citizen, and the employees that work there, it is anything but.

The laws Norske casinoer operates under are some of the strictness laws in the world. They are tested and proven. Industry leader GambleGuys.com tests the caliber of gambling games offered to you at various venues. The combination of the quality of the site, the legal regulations enforced, and the expertise of the games, (especially Poker) puts this site at the head of the line.

Cutting expenses

All kinds of businesses are cutting to the bone trying to hold on until the pandemic passes. People are being laid off. Services are being halted in every industry. Restaurants have closed their dining room and eating out means a to-go window. No one is spending money. Food and supplies are being hoarded in some cases for fear that the food and supplies will run out before the economy stabilizes. In most places, going to a doctor means a video chat as they do not want you to come to their office for fear of what you may catch. Emergency rooms are overflowing and medical supplies are coming up short in global proportions. People are beginning to understand things can get worse before they get better.

Brick and mortar casinos are closed in most countries. The hotels that thrived from casino guests are closed. The restaurants that fed the visitors for days at a time are closed. The gift shops, stores, and nice restaurants that lead to the casinos are closed. Fuel stations are open, but there are curfews and laws that are being enforced, so people are not making the wasted trip. The estimates of how much the Coronavirus has cost the gambling industry is in the hundreds of billions and still climbing. In the United States, the losses in gaming have cost more than $113 billion and are growing daily.

When you add the additional expenses in the gambling industry, such as hotels, flights, car rentals, and food you can see why the number falls sharply every day.

Online casino to the rescue?

Online gambling is not a new adventure. Most people who gamble know about gambling online. Some are playing video games online which is a great way to group with your friends online.

The casino games are the same as the ones you see in the physical casino. The casinos go to great lengths to get you to play online. You will have fun and kill some time, and they will get your business that is concentrated online so it doesn’t dry up any of their fluid assets. This is because As people who are stuck in their homes and trying to find something to do, many are setting up online personal accounts.

The casinos are drawing the customers in with major perks. Browse the sites and find the best perks to get you in. You may be offered money/credits to play with, hundreds of free spins to get you started. If there is a promo elsewhere that you like, don’t be afraid to ask for it. The casinos are in a unique situation. They need to get through the pandemic whole, just like the rest of us.

Points of interest:

  • During the pandemic, most sporting events are canceled. If your sport is betting on football, horses, or other sports events, you will not find them at this time.
  • This is not the time to participate in any type of illegal gambling. Use a quality gambling site. Exercise caution before releasing payment methods.
  • If you find yourself gambling beyond what you can afford, seek help. Gambling and gaming are for adults. Do not spend more than you can afford. 

Every day we move forward toward the goal of getting rid of COVID-19. We will recover. Until then, we must all pull together, and we will survive.

Minecraft – Best modpacks to play in 2020


Arguably gaming’s most iconic sandbox ever made, Minecraft has become a natural hub for talented mod makers. From gameplay redesigns to lore expansions, the world of Minecraft modpacks is truly vast. The question is, which ones should you be using? With there being so many to pick from, it can be easy to get confused.

To install and play modpacks you’re going to need to own a copy of Minecraft Java Edition as well as have the Twitch app downloaded. From here, you can head over to the mods tab, click Minecraft, and then finally browse modpacks. Pick whichever one you fancy and wait for the installation to finish.

All the Mods 3

atm3 custom house mod packLet’s kick off with an easy one. All the Mods 3 effectively does what it says on the tin. It adds pretty much every major mod. This is an intense modpack that can stress lower-end PCs but is a great way to get into modded Minecraft.

The full mod list can be read here but the highlights include Mekanism, Forestry, and Tinkers. Thanks to the sheer number of mods, players are free to pick what they want and run with it. You can do science, magic, farming, or animals. Anything really as this modpack accommodates all kinds of playstyles and interests.

The only downside is that it can be a little overwhelming for beginners who don’t know how each mod works. ATM3 fails to provide the appropriate tools to help the player choose a starting mod. Your best bet is to stick with the fan favourites and follow online guides as to not get lost.

Despite this not being the most up to date version, I would recommend ATM3 over both 4 and 5. This is because both of those versions are on newer Minecraft clients that support fewer mods. Minecraft 1.12 might not be for everyone but there’s no doubting it’s the go-to version to play the best modpacks.

SkyFactory 4

sky factory 4 mod pack Despite claiming to be a survival sandbox, Minecraft doesn’t actually do a great job of being a survival game. Gathering resources isn’t overly difficult with even the most valuable tools being craftable well within an hour of play. That’s where SkyFactory 4 can come in handy.

This modpack has you trapped on a tiny island with just yourself, some dirt, and a tree. The end goal? Creating a large nuclear reactor that can pump out millions of Redstone Flux energy to power an entire civilization. Yeah, it’s going to take you a while.

SkyFactory 4 tests your knowledge of modpacks by having its core progression tied to the creation of saplings. That is to say, you don’t get given saplings but instead have to use several mods to create them. The trees that grow will be the method to which you will farm almost every resource.

This is a great choice for experienced players looking for something more challenging. It can be especially difficult if you choose to do a no guide playthrough. Trying to figure out what to do next or how to proceed without help is seriously hard. At the very least, I had to give in and look things up.

Space Astronomy 2

space astronomy 2 machineMinecraft has you head to several different dimensions. From the Overworld to the Nether to the End, there are plenty of unique places to explore. However, what you can’t do is rocket off into the endless depths of space that lie above. That is unless you install Space Astronomy 2.

This modpack focuses almost exclusively on space travel and visiting foreign planets. The core progression will see you build various rockets and shuttles as well as an appropriate space base. When you finally reach the outer worlds, you’ll be able to colonize and begin brand new civilizations all across the galaxy.

One potential negative is just how unforgiving Space Astronomy tends to be. Messing up a landing and crashing your spaceship will result in the majority of your progress being thrown away. It makes sense but isn’t overly practical from a gameplay standpoint. Equally, dying on a foreign planet or moon over and over is possible if you run out of oxygen.

Consider this the go-to modpack for any players who love the techy side of Minecraft modding. It’s also a good choice for those looking for something akin to vanilla Minecraft whilst still adding a bunch of things to do. Even with all the new content, the idea of gathering resources and crafting with them is central to Space Astronomy 2.


tekkit space creeper modpackRecognized by many as the original modpack, Tekkit is a timeless classic that adds most if not all of Minecraft’s iconic mods. The age old overpowered mods like Equivalent Exchange are long gone with the newer versions of Tekkit being surprisingly balanced and thought out.

Tekkit is one of the few modpacks to still make the most out of quarries. These are extremely convenient mining systems that will excavate large areas automatically at the cost of fuel. It’s a shame that they’ve become increasingly rare in Minecraft given how much utility they offer.

Four Video Games That Gave Us a Positive Message

Video Games

Well, for most of use video games are fun and that’s what they are made for but some of the video games really render a powerful message. If you have bought cheap video games just to try them out but if you pay attention close to the narratives, you will get the core message of the game. The following four games have a powerful message to share with you and whoever decides to pick them up.

The Last of Us (2013)

Naughty Dog was zealous to display its greatest riding by giving us a beginning cut scene that made us cry more in 15 minutes than most games can push out of us in a few hours. As a result, a devoted father and family man undergoes a steady yet testing stream of character development hardening him into a rough and gravelly survivalist. The following 20 years after his daughter’s death, we can assume, wasn’t fun. But after a massive contagion becomes a global issue, he met new friends and allies that gave him something to fight for by conquering countries at a time.

This game tells us that it’s important to keep in mind that a person can truly move on from anything with the proper nurturing from a reliable group of friends.

Life is Strange (2015)

Taking us on an episodic journey, Life is Strange beautifully stretched its narrative across five episodes. All of which seemed to unravel the story just a little further and a little weirder than before. After a distant childhood friend makes an untimely return back into the already confusing life of Max Caulfield, the esoteric town of Arcadia Bay starts to slowly reveal its mysteries to the player. The mechanic of rewinding time though seeming to be arbitrary actually was done to reflect the common human tendency to want to rewind time to prevent taking a certain risk or putting a deep regret to rest.

An innocent story of reconciliation develops into something far bigger than anyone playing the game could have ever anticipated. Even despite the seamless pacing and overwhelming streams of supernatural events, the game still makes room for plenty of nostalgic moments that force you to remember your own childhood partner in crime.

inFAMOUS (2009)

Cole MacGrath’s trip to Empire City, as a bike courier, takes a disastrous turn. Things get heated pretty quickly as he is blamed for terroristic acts against the city. Everywhere from Ground Zero to 50 miles out, the great metropolis deteriorates into a massive post-apocalyptic wasteland. People are faced with daily moral dilemmas on how to survive even if that means jeopardizing the survival of others. Your decisions raise your karmic level in two different directions and the player unlocks access to new powers and abilities depending on which courses of action they choose.

As one of the first recent games to teach us the implications of our decisions do indeed have consequences. A lot of players were met with the tension in which they have never experienced resulting in a pretty immersive plotline in which the player gets to control.

Kingdom Hearts (2002)

Kingdom Hearts introduced so many gamers to the notion that games or just these toys you played on a screen by pressing buttons. These games could tell stories and build characters. Kingdom Hearts taught people the power of teamwork and friendship in the face of overpowering adversity and to simply remain hopeful in yourself. Confessing your fears and worries to your friends is what makes them lose their power over you. Because inside of us all there’s a tiny little flare of light that cannot be extinguished.

So, these are the 4 video games that we consider they give a positive message. If you know more video games and want to share with us, please feel free to use the comments box below.

Echo is live on Overwatch PTR, and she’s completely overpowered

It’s always a scary thing when Blizzard announces a new Overwatch hero. They’ve been guilty of introducing plenty of overpowered characters since the game’s release. From Sigma to its biggest offender, Brigitte, power creep seems to haunt Overwatch. Well that isn’t going to change anytime soon as Overwatch’s newest hero, Echo, looks to be completely broken.

Originally anticipated to be a support, Echo’s gameplay unveiled a mimic style DPS instead. Along with her ability to fly and use explosive projectiles, Overwatch’s 32nd hero has the ability to duplicate an enemy with her ultimate. Once duplicated, she gains all of the cooldowns of the opposing hero as well as a 600% ultimate charge rate. This lasts for 15 seconds.

Echo’s Lore

echo kitThe robotic copycat was first introduced in the McCree and Ashe cinematic, Reunion. Overwatch lead designer Jeff Kaplan later confirmed she would release before Overwatch 2, likely as the original’s final hero.

Echo was created by Overwatch’s head A.I researcher and co-founder, Mina Liao. The similarities between Athena and Echo are not a coincidence as Dr. Liao was responsible for the development of both of them. Overwatch’s newest hero was Liao’s passion project in her final attempt to make the world a better place.

Why is she overpowered?

Why is she overpowered?Looking at Echo’s core design, I see two major problems with her current kit. Firstly, when you die whilst duplicating an enemy, you simply revert back to Echo. Instead of being punished for dying, you effectively just get a second life. This is very problematic for heroes like Junkrat and Reinhardt where aggressive suicide ultimate plays can get a ton of value.

You can run into the middle of the other team, get your ultimate in a couple of shots, use it and kill everyone. Even if you happen to die, you can just turn back into Echo and fly away. No character in the game should be rewarded for bad positioning.

Secondly, there is no way she should be able to get multiple ultimates after copying someone. I understand they are trying to make her ultimate unique with the enhanced charge rate but getting two ultimates in one fight is crazy strong. Especially for heroes like Hanzo and Moira, where their ultimates charge fast anyway.

echo profile shotAt the very least, if they want to keep the multiple ultimate idea, nerf the rate at which she gains ultimate charge. I think 600% is too fast and makes getting even three ultimates in a fight a real possibility.

What do you think of Echo? Is she too strong or do you think she’s already in a good place? What would you change and what do you think needs to be kept the same? Let us know below in the comments.

Why you Should Visit Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to be surrounded by endless stretches of snow-clad mountains and heavenly blue skies? It will definitely be an experience of a lifetime. If you are someone who is willing to live this experience, then you must trek to the Everest base camp.

Every year, a large number of tourists come to Nepal for the sole purpose of visiting Everest base camp. What is so special about it? What makes it worthy to be added to your bucket list? Here are 5 reasons why you should do Everest base camp trek at least once in your life.

1. Witness the real treasure of nature

Nature is marvelous yet overwhelming. Its true beauty can only be observed in its extremity. Mount Everest, being the highest mountain in the world, is the peak of nature’s glory; nothing comes close to the grandeur of Everest. From the base camp, you can see why people around the world are fascinated by Everest. You do not have to be a professional mountaineer to visit the base camp. So, why not grab an opportunity to see Mount Everest in all its glory? You will not be disappointed in any way.

2. Step outside your comfort zone

There are two types of people in this world: one who lives life to the fullest and another who lives life just for the sake of living. The decision of making your life wonderful is up to you; you are the only one who can change your life for better or worse. Most people stay inside the comfort zone of their same old daily routine that involves only work and home. It can turn anyone into a miserable person. It is not comfort that helps us grow as a person. It is time that you take charge and step outside your comfort zone, and embark on a new journey. When you visit Everest base camp, you will meet many enthusiastic people and learn from them about what it means to live life to the fullest.

3. Challenge and conquer your fears

It is not easy to challenge yourself to do something that you are not comfortable with. However, challenges are what makes us successful mentally and physically. At Everest base camp, you will be in a very different environment from what you are used to. The cold weather and chilling winds may seem overwhelming, but at the same time, you can mentally prepare to face those challenges. Most people after visiting the base camp, confess that it helped them overcome some of their fears and be stronger. You can be one of those wonderful people.

4. Know your true self

It is said that true self can only be known when faced with unknown circumstances. Why is knowing one’s true self so important? It is because when you know your true self, you can make the right decision for your life. A person who is mean, after experiencing an act of kindness, may change his whole perspective on life. Similarly, a shy person may open up to other people more easily while embarking on an adventure like visiting Everest base camp. There is something for every person at the Everest base camp. You will be surprised to find out things about yourself which you did not know.

5. Gain life-changing experiences

For normal people living in cities, life in the cold mountains may seem extremely difficult. However, there are people who live and sustain in the harsh climate near the mountains. By engaging with them, you will learn their ways of life. It will teach you life-changing lessons. At the Everest base camp, you can experience local food and traditions, and you will not easily forget these experiences. There is so much more than just mountains at the Everest base camp, and you should visit it at once in your life.

So, how likely are you to visit this camp? Let us know your opinion in the comments box below.

Everest Base Camp For Adventure Lovers

Everest Base Camp

Hey gamers, are you an adventures’ lover looking for unique and amazing destinations? If adrenaline rush and a sense of satisfaction is all you require, we may have found a place that will captivate your senses. Please read about this destination and don’t forget to give your opinion in the comments box below.

Everest Base Camp

With the spectacular view of the low lying hills, the people and their distinct lifestyle in the hills and the subtle change in the weather, the white snowy paths, the culture and thrill of finally  reaching the destination has made the Everest Base Camp Trek an emotional rollercoaster of accomplishment to people all around the globe. The rage of climbing Mount Everest has always made and kept Nepal as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. An impossible task which was once completed by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay paved a path for other people to face this challenge. What started as an impossible task with their country’s pride on the line has now become a sport for self-achievement and accomplishment, a getaway from the hectic lives in the busy world to the calm snowy hills and new experiences.

5 Reasons to Visit Everest Base Camp

From the accomplishment to the view and the new experience and a getaway, here are some major reasons to visit Everest Base Camp this year.

The Journey

One of the major reasons to visit Everest base camp is the journey that takes place which takes the trekkers for a two-week rollercoaster of silence, culture, obstacles and reliance. The journey can be made through other mediums like the Everest helicopter tour. The helicopter trip is more of an eye pleaser, the spectacular view of the snowy caps can be seen from up above. This is a great option for landscape viewing but the original Everest base camp trip is the trek of two weeks which takes the trekkers through the hills, cities, temples along the snowy paths providing with them their own beauty and difficulties.

The destination

As hard as the journey may be, nothing compares to the satisfaction and accomplishment of finally reaching the destination after actually reaching the base camp. The destination provides the trekkers with the panoramic view of the snowy caps including the famous mountains like Sagarmatha, Lhotse, the Cho Oyu, Ama Dablam and many more.

The Sherpa culture and lifestyle

Another major attraction of the trek is the Sherpa culture and tradition one gets to experience throughout the trek. The Sherpa culture and tradition provides the trekkers with the complete experience of the culture and their lifestyle in the mountains in the snowy regions. The trekkers get to experience the rare tea and the cuisine the Sherpas live with. Not only the cuisine and the lifestyle, they also get to learn and experience the culture and tradition of the Sherpas along their side and their hospitality.

Namche bazaar

The trek also includes an extremely popular part of the country for tourism, Namche bazaar. The marketplace which is mostly popular for its cultural display and the trade for traditional yak cheese and butter with its display of unique cultural items, Tibetan culture and many traditional lodgings and now the gateway to Everest. The trekkers are most likely to be immersed in the Tibetan and Sherpa culture with the blend of Chinese culture along with the traditional and cultural ways of life. Being a part of this unique culture makes the experience a whole lot better.


The whole trip is a great getaway from the hectic life everyone lives in the busy city, cutting all ties from the city life for a few days and actually enjoying the view and the life in the mountains and their culture provides the tourists a great sense of enjoying and living their life away from their problems surrounded by the coniferous vegetation, the livestock, the culture and the silence and calming snowy mountains with no signs of the dusty roads filled with vehicles. Hence providing the trekkers the perfect get away from their problems and some awesome clicks for memories.

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Does VR Really Capture the True Essence of Gaming?


Gaming has evolved tremendously over the years. Do you remember when Conan O’ Brien took us down the memory lane and showed us classics such as the unforgettable Atari 2600, E.T. and a couple more? Of course, watching that video made us grateful for living in this time when, thank God gaming companies take graphics very seriously.

If we look back and compare the aforementioned classic video games to what we play now, we’ll only realize that things have CHANGED, for good.

A video game was first played in 1950s, when obviously the whole idea of gaming was fresh and still very speculative. However, as things progressed, the gaming industry expanded and grew into one of the most lucrative industries in the world. Now, each year, we see hundreds and thousands of new video games make their way in the market.

The advent of high-speed internet connection just like that you can get with Spectrum bundles, spells good news for the gaming fanatics since now they can enjoy gaming with the lowest ping and zero lagging.

The past few years have been no less than a revelation for the gaming realm. Graphics have gone from being basic and flat to being extremely life-like and mind-blowing. Therefore, It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the advancements in technology have done wonders for the gaming industry.

Speaking of the latest technology, the amalgamation of gaming with virtual reality in particular, has seen the most oohs and all the same number of ahs.

VR in Gaming

Virtual reality is a part of immersive technology that has taken over the gaming industry by storm. Just as the name suggests, virtual reality is the virtual simulation of computer-generated environment. Unlike Augmented Reality, which overlays computer-generated images on real-world scenarios and creates a composite view – you know, the best of both worlds kind of situation.

Virtual reality is slightly more complex than augmented mainly because of the equipment that makes it possible. You know, those fancy-schmancy head-mounted display thingies that bring your gaming experiences to life and cost you an arm and a leg when you intend to invest in them – yep, those!

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that virtual reality has given the gaming industry another few decades to flourish and bloom. To be honest, we all had thought that the gaming industry had already reached its point of saturation, years ago and there’s nothing left to expect from it, but thank God for the gaming geniuses and Sega of course, for introducing us to the first-ever Virtual Reality head-mounting device, and attempting to save this industry.

Virtual reality has taken the conventional gaming experience to a whole new level. Die-hard gamers that once dreamt of experiencing gaming in a way where they could enter the gaming world and experience everything for real, can now get a taste of all of that. All they require is a blazing-fast internet to experience VR at its finest.

You really cannot compromise on Internet when it comes to gaming with virtual reality since the technology requires low latency to work, or you can simply kiss your dream of playing VR-induced video games, goodbye.

In case you are still wondering if you should VR Gaming a try, then here is why you shouldn’t miss it for the world:

  • It defies the idea of sitting in front of the screen for hours, trying to sneak-in a bullet into your nemesis’s head. Since it doesn’t work without a headset, you can control your gaming character in a lifelike manner, just like your brain does without the headset.
  • It is great in helping people overcome their phobias, be it any. You are exposed to an environment where your survival depends upon overcoming these phobias. You can easily achieve that with the encouragement that VR gives to you.
  • It improves your problem-solving skills too. The puzzles, and the clues improve your ability to make quick (but lifesaving) decisions.
  • How could we have possibly overlooked this one? VR gaming keeps your endorphins and serotonin at a perfect level, which means, no stress! Simply put, VR gaming acts more like a portal that allows you to escape from the hustles and bustles of your daily routine.
  • It can put an end to the dilemma that gaming turns you into a couch potato. VR gaming takes you on missions where you can walk around, taking down the bad guys. You never know, you might even end up shedding a couple of pounds of weight.

In a Nutshell

Although there are a few who still prefer video gaming the old, conventional way, but this is 2020 and it’s about time that we embraced the amalgamation of everything with the latest technology. VR in gaming is a mere teaser of what’s yet to come. So, let’s sit back and see what’s next in line.

Any comment?