The Future of Gaming

In case it wasn’t already clear, online gaming is here to stay. Whether you enjoy fighting it out in a Fortnite battle with friends or creating your own dream Minecraft world, gaming has certainly come a long way since the early days. You’ve probably seen (and maybe even played) original games such as Pong, Pacman, and Space Race. While they bear little resemblance to today’s most popular titles — World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and DOTA 2 — these new games owe a great deal to forerunning software developers.

Looking towards the future of gaming, technological innovations and increased investment means that gaming enthusiasts can look forward to promising developments across graphics, gameplay, and narrative styles. However, it’s important that gamers don’t take their eyes off the biggest issue of all — online security.

Continue reading to discover everything you need to know about safe gaming practices while taking full advantage of new and exciting gaming technology.

Gaming Trends of the future

1.    Virtual reality

Virtual reality in The Future of Gaming

Virtual reality (VR) is already making great strides in the gaming industry, with many developers taking advantage of the opportunity to fully immerse players in the world of a game. The PlayStation VR was developed in 2016 and since then, a wide range of titles have been released to great acclaim.

However, the price of VR technology is still prohibitively expensive for many people. As technology becomes cheaper and more accessible, expect to see software developers invest more time and energy into creating games that incorporate virtual reality.

2.    Facial recognition

Facial recognition

Facial recognition is a hot topic at the moment, and with good reason. Increased surveillance by government agencies means that many people are concerned about the privacy of their personally identifiable information, including biometrics.

Within gaming, facial recognition is already being used to verify the identity of players. This can prevent those under the age of 18 from accessing inappropriate content and is also being used to fight against gaming addiction.

3D scanning technology is also being incorporated into games to enable gamers to create look-alike characters and play as themselves.

3.    Wearables

Wearables in The Future of Gaming

Wearables have long been a part of gaming, a trend that is only expected to increase in the future. Many of us already have smartwatches that track our movement, sleep, and heart rate. This kind of technology can be further adapted to provide an immersive, in-game experience.

Devices including wristbands, glasses, and earbuds are expected to transform into controllers, taking gaming to a whole new level.

4.    Mobile gaming apps

Mobile gaming apps

Mobile apps have always been popular, but many developers still see this as an untapped market. A few years ago, Pokemon Go showed the world just how significant an impact mobile games could have on the broader industry.

While many well-established gaming companies are looking to adapt their existing titles for the mobile platform, games that are specifically designed to be played on the small screen are also expected to increase in popularity and general usability.

5.    Advancements in the multiplayer experience

Advancements in the multiplayer experience

Being able to battle it out both against and with friends is why many people love online gaming. However, this type of game style has often been quite restrictive — you are either on the same team or fighting against your online friends.

The future promises a far more immersive and complex multiplayer experience, where you are granted the opportunity to take on a character in an ensemble cast of fully-developed personas.

Staying safe online

While this all sounds very exciting, it’s important that gamers don’t lose sight of what is really important — their online security.

Just as game developers are looking for innovative ways to improve the gaming experience, online criminals are searching for new methods to trick vulnerable and unsuspecting victims. With this in mind, always be sure to follow these gaming-related cyber safety tips:

  • Password protect your devices: All devices — whether a laptop, mobile, tablet, or PC — should be protected using strong passwords. Never use the same password for multiple devices or accounts and consider using a password manager to store and protect your private information.
  • Use a VPN: A VPN — or virtual private network — is an essential tool in your security armory. A VPN will protect both your location and online activity from prying eyes and can keep you safe from online gaming-related attacks including doxxing, DDoS attacks, and webcam hacking.
  • Stick to reputable websites: Games can be expensive to purchase, meaning many gamers look for cheap (and illegal) download options. Unfortunately, these bootleg copies are often riddled with viruses and malware. Only ever download games from reputable websites and never follow suspicious links that promise freebies.
  • Use security software: Whether you are a passionate online gamer or just enjoy the odd battle every now and then, everyone should be using security software. Ideally, opt for software that is specifically designed to combat the top threats faced by gamers — viruses and malware, hacking, and doxxing.

The future of gaming is bright for gamers; by following these tips for safe gaming, you can spend hours glued to the screen without risk to your online security.

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About Author: Bridget is a writer and editor, currently living in Melbourne. She is a copywriter for Newpath Web and loves working with words of all shapes and sizes. When not playing around with punctuation and grammar, she enjoys travelling and curating her Spotify playlists.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Pros and Cons

Destiny 2 - Shadowkeep Pros and Cons

Do You Want to Play Destiny 2?

Video games have undoubtedly become one of the most popular forms of entertainment for many people the world over. There are many different genres of video games and every serious player has at least one or two favorites that they consider to be the best game ever. Destiny 2 is a video game with a large player base of dedicated fans. While the exact number of players isn’t known, shows that there are 21 million players on PlayStation alone and Destiny 2 is also available for PCs and Xbox. Its popularity is such that they are even considering turning the game into a movie or television show.

Destiny 2 which is also known as Destiny 2: New Light is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter video game that is only available online. It was developed by Bungie and debuted as a pay to play game in 2017. In October of 2019 it switched to free-to-play under the New Light title. The setting of Destiny 2 is a science fiction world and game activities include both player versus environment and player versus player elements. The premise of the game has players assuming the roles of Guardians with the job of protecting the last safe city on Earth from various alien races as well as the threat posed by the Darkness.

Destiny 2 has 3 character classes with their own specific upgrades, special abilities and perks. There are also three sub-classes for each character class. Players can gain better statistics that improve performance through experience points that are earned by playing the game. They can also increase their power level by acquiring better equipment by completing various activities such as strikes, raids and dungeons.  Gaining higher levels and obtaining the best weapons and equipment can take a lot of time, effort and skill and some players may use a Destiny 2 PC boosting service to speed up the process. Destiny 2 adds new content to the game and furthers the story through the use of expansion packs. Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is the fourth expansion for Destiny 2.

Pros: Shadowkeep

Overall Shadowkeep was a good expansion that saw some major changes that will affect the game in the future. The pros of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep include:

  • Armor 2.0: This is definitely the biggest positive to come out of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. Rather than focusing on a system where the player is trying to make a single stat number go up, the Armor 2.0 system adds the Discipline, Intellect and Strength stats to the original 3 character stats of Resilience, Recovery and Mobility. The combination of these 6 stats can be used to reduce the time it takes for health to recharge, increases health, reduces the cooldown of abilities and increase movement speed. Each armor piece contains stats so players can look for rolls that offer a specific stat they are looking for. Decisions made now have a greater effect on how a character fights and how effective they will be. Armor pieces can also be upgraded to slot more mods. Mods are abilities or stat bonuses that attach to armor pieces and provide different effects such as the ability to reload hand cannons faster. There are over 100 mods in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep that can be used in a vast number of combinations to improve a characters loadout. Upgrading armor isn’t cheap and the process is in part designed to direct players into the game’s more challenging areas. Armor pieces have a limited amount of energy and that energy is used to power mods. Upgrading using Glimmer and Legendary Shards is relatively easy early on but becomes a bit more expensive with each upgrade. Eventually players will have to seek rare materials like Enhancement Prisms or Ascendant Shards to upgrade. Fully upgrading a piece of armor will likely take quite a bit of time and will require a group working together to get through the most challenging sections.
  • The Moon: The moon is a familiar destination for anybody who played the original Destiny game but it has been enlarged and improved from the original version. It has a more eerie feel to it now. Despite the fact that it is a return to an old destination and not completely new it is still a positive for the game.
  • New Additions: While no single addition really stands out, overall they add up to something pretty decent. Two new “player versus environment” strike missions have been added and there are an additional 3 “player versus player” maps, although 2 of them are recycled. Throw in a new dungeon, a new raid, some new weapons, armor and exotic gear and it adds up to a positive.

Cons: Shadowkeep

Not everything in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep was positive. Here are a few of the negatives of the Destiny 2: Shadowkeep expansion:

  • Shadowkeep Campaign: At best the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Campaign is just okay. It is set mainly on the moon and doesn’t add very much to the story. There are some new strikes and a new patrol area, but the main story is definitely a little short and can be completed in 5 or 6 hours. It also comes to an abrupt end and you may not even realize it is over. It is intended to be part of a bigger story that will be added to but it could have been longer.
  • Lack of Additions: As mentioned the new additions in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep are pretty good but there just aren’t enough of them. While there are new additions in almost every area, there just aren’t that many. It would have been nice to see more new stuff.

Destiny 2 is a game that is constantly evolving and being added to. The Shadowkeep expansion introduced Armor 2.0 which really affects the way players will approach developing their characters in a positive way. It is the highlight of the Shadowkeep expansion and makes the game better.

Top adventure anime games

adventure anime games

If you like a little adventure in your anime games, then you’ve come to the right place. As of now, there’s a wide range of adventure anime games that you can enjoy for yourself, including Doki-Doki Literature Club, Pokemon Sun and Moon, Gravity Rush, The Legend of Zelda, and so much more.

We don’t end up listing one of your favourite anime adventure games in this list, that you let us know in the comments down below.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the finest anime adventure game titles available today:

1.   Gravity Rush

Gravity Rush (known as Gravity Daze in Japan) is an action-adventure game developed by SCE Japan Studio’s Team Gravity division. This was the game that pretty much gave the PlayStation Vita the recognition it deserved.

In the cell shed environment of Hekseville, you assume control of the main character Kat who runs into a mysterious feline known as Dusty, giving Kat the ability to manipulate gravity. Using his newfound power, Kat seeks to protect the town he resides in from Nevi’s evil creatures, appearing alongside a formidable gravitational storm.

Although Gravity Rush is graphically impressive, players are more engaged in controlling gravity in the game’s environment. These mechanics gave the Playstation Vita the edge by allowing players to take advantage of the portable consoles touch screen facilities and motion controls. Later on, the game would be ported eventually to the PS4, where it didn’t feel as if anything was rushed despite the title getting a major overhaul when it came to its appearance. Besides that, the game felt as if it was more seamless on the PS4 controller than the Vita.

In response to the original’s success, a follow-up in the form of Gravity Rush 2 was released back in 2017.

2.   Tales of Berseria

If you crave for some classic JRPG action with a good dose of anime influences, then the Tales of Berseria is right up your alley. The combat system might not be completely innovative, but it does pose a challenge to players when going through the game’s 60-hour campaign. But what’s even more engaging is the riveting storytelling within the campaign.

While following a series of other trends, Tales of Berseria focuses on a tough-as-nails female protagonist – something that is not too common in action genres – who goes on a journey to avenge her brother’s death pursuing and ultimately slaying his murderer. It seems pretty cookie-cutter, yes, but the game does come with a series of interesting plot twists wherever you go and keep you intrigued enough in between with its combat system and storyline to help you see what unfolds next.

3.   Catherine

Catherine is a puzzle from Atlus (the same studio behind the Persona series) that was released on the PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 back in 2011.

The game centers around a young man named Vincent Brooks, who’s plagued by supernatural nightmares. Vincent struggles between his feelings for his girlfriend Katherine and another girl Catherine. There are two types of gameplay in this game: daytime, where the main protagonist engages with other characters in social simulation, and night time, where the protagonist must venture through a dream-like world, navigating through three-dimensional towers by combining the elements of puzzle-solving and platforming. The ending of the game will be based on the player’s choices throughout the story’s duration.

Due to the adult themes of the game, it’s fair to say that Catherine isn’t for everyone. But those who are of age will find that the story is quite engaging, especially when Vincent is asleep. There’s almost never a moment where you’ll be bored about what transpires within the game. There’s something quite charming about attempting to escape the clutches of a giant monster scaling the same structure that Vincent is making his way through.

4.   Dragon Quest 11

Those who follow Dragon Ball will be very familiar with the Dragon Quest series’s character designs and the environment as they’re done by the creator Akira Toriyama himself.

The game is the latest in the DQ franchise, which is hailed for its picturesque environment, varied characters who each come with their own set of charms, enthralling storyline, and so much more.

You’ll need to brace yourself from some of the deeply emotional and tear-jerking moments when playing the game, but otherwise, you’ll have nothing short of a good, pleasant time with Dragon Quest 11.

Dragon Quest 11 is a classic JRPG in virtually every sense imaginable. The fact that it is still able to live up to that reputation after so many years, among other RPG titles, is an accomplishment in and of itself.

Crystal Dynamic’s Marvel’s Avengers is Not Doing Well

Crystal Dynamics

Marvel’s Avengers has been on the spotlight after critics found significant issues despite of their efforts on the Crystal Dynamics. Let’s see what have happened.

Marvel’s Avengers Need to do a Lot Of Updates to Keep Fans at Bay

Marvel’s Avengers was released a couple of months ago but even as the videogame had a great start in terms of sales, it didn’t live up to its hype. We have already seen so many live service games fall into this trap of poor launches and unfortunately, The Avengers is one such game. There’s still a lot to enjoy about the game like a decent campaign and combat sequences, but the number of drawbacks in the game outweighs its perks. Here, we’ll be looking at some of the greatest issues players and fans have had with Avengers since its launch, hoping Crystal Dynamics will continue giving updates and fixes to some redundant bugs.

The Crystal Dynamics Effect

Avengers die-hards should not lose hope as their software provider Crystal Dynamics is on course to make changes. Of course, they did a shoddy job in releasing the game with bugs, but we have to keep in mind that most of its staff were working from home and it was not a regular drill. Also, Crystal Dynamics released its first update just a few weeks after critics aired their views. Their promptness is more like Betsoft, a software developer for online casino games.

Betsoft Online Casino Offers

In a strict gambling realm, Betsoft must deal with bugs and constantly release regular updates. And, though not as much as video gaming, the consequences of not fixing bugs in casino games like slots are much more catastrophic. That’s because gambling fans need to be pampered with incentives to remain loyal to any online casino. Luckily, there are awesome offers including no deposit bonus codes from many operators.

The Loot

The current loop experience in Marvel’s Avengers is not what every gamer would expect. The first issue we realized is that simply running towards the glowing loot doesn’t automatically pick it up. Instead, you have to stop and stand there for a while to acquire it. Making the loop accessible by constantly moving past it makes the gameplay much smoother. It makes it easy to pick up loot while in combat without fear of getting hit.

While the current loot model may not affect huge characters like Hulk, it is disadvantageous for players like Black Widow who are always in constant motion and will be hindered in case they stall for loot.

Work on Square Enix Account Registration

When you first open Marvel’s Avengers for the first time, there’s swelling music that plays for a few seconds and then you’re prompted to a screen asking you to register a Square Enix account before continuing. There’s no shortcut to this option and the drawback comes in when the Square Enix website has issues. During the second beta weekend, players got stuck in this option as there was too much traffic and other hitches on the Square Enix account registration website.

While we understand the need to have an account, placing it at the beginning of the game makes it a lot more hectic if not selfish. The developers would place it somewhere in the game and make it optional with a twist. For instance, they could offer bonuses or extra points for accounts creation. Forcing players to create an account even before the first instance of gameplay is somewhat punishing.

Characters a Little Bit Off

There’s a lot to ponder on in terms of what Crystal Dynamics did during character creation and their roles as compared to the cinema version. Kamala Khan (Thor), for instance, is a standalone character and there are a few areas that don’t add up as well. Thor seems to be underutilized in this release. First, he comes way after the game has started and even after appearing, he doesn’t put on much of a show. There are no personal stakes in the story with Thor and it seems the game’s focus isn’t on him. Thor looks like an unnecessary character at this stage.

Iron Man is also not very well portrayed in the game, something so many players have noticed. He seems to be the one always ranting one-liners and not too much in the action. The developers might have tried too hard to make him sound like Iron Man, consequently overlooking his role in the game.

The enemy design is not what you’d ideally expect in a game like Avengers. There are about 9 to 10 main types of enemies that differ from each other significantly. Technically, the change is not very significant. The enemies are all some sort of androids or bots and the minor variations are seen during combat mode. After several rounds of fighting, you will notice a cycle of redundancy.

Gameplay After Missions

When you complete a mission’s objective, the gameplay at Marvel’s Avengers immediately stops. Characters stop to function and no mo fights take place. In this era, a little wiggle room for gamers is key. It adds the sense of completion and if the game just stops immediately when an objective is complete, there’s something lost. If you were to pick up loot and finish your objective before the loot, the game stops and there is no satisfaction in that loot pickup.

We’d prefer some more time once the player kills all the enemies but has loot to pick up. Marvel’s Avengers might have added a few extra seconds of play to allow players to pick up the remaining loots before the timer counts to zero. But still, they’ll have to specify whether the loot gathered will be added to the post-mission or lost completely.

Load times and a Lagging Frame Rate

It’s been a while since we experienced such a boggish game launch in terms of optimization. The number of technical issues in Marvel’s Avengers really had our mouths open. The frame rate is probably the most annoying issue and tanks hard when multiple characters are on display. But at the same time, it is understandable with regards to the massive particle effects and on-screen buttons constantly on display. More so if they are played on consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) that have outdated hardware. It is still something that can get out of hand a lot more often than expected.

The next generation of consoles promise no loading times, at least as the developers put it. But in the meantime, there are lots of breaks when you pay Avengers. Expect to wait while loading into missions, restarting checkpoints, or going back to hub areas. It is annoying when you’ve already gotten the gist of its gameplay and experiencing its other issues as well.

Crystal Dynamics Recent Updates

Anyways, the latest update from Crystal Dynamics falls short a little bit, but the rate at which they get released gives gamers more hope. They have included a “Tachyon Thrift Missions,” which does very little at changing the game per se. The only difference in this update is the venue and a limited time during gameplay Otherwise, there are the same characters and old tricks in that mission. The SHIELD Substation Zero Outpost is no different.

Perhaps the significant outcomes of this game update include:

  • More improved gear for long missions
  • Better gear stats
  • Smoother movement in hub areas, quality life adjustments and an overall streamlined experience

We hope the rate at which the software developer releases updates is quick and finally makes players enjoy the game more. That’s because the current Avengers is not good enough to keep players going on and on. The releases should focus on keeping them glued up to the final completion of the story mission.

We have already seen other games successfully bring updates that make the gameplay better and more enjoyable as well. “Ghost of Tsushima” started as a single-player game but its recent update added a multiplayer option and was free as well. “Hades” and “Genshin Impact” have also made significant changes that made the game more appealing to players. We hope Marvel’s Avengers wouldn’t go down the road EA’s “Anthem” took when it was released.

All in all, Marvel’s Avengers does a lot right. Each of its superheroes is unique and powerful in their own way. There’s still a lot to discover as the game has several milestones to be in a gamer’s wishlist. Overall, the Avengers release seems to be still more inclined as a live service, which prevents developers like Crystal Dynamics from creating a compelling narrative. The game-as-a-service makes sense financially for Marvel’s latest release, but it fails to catch the nitty of gameplay. There are lots of bugs we haven’t still mentioned and only a solid update(s) will save the Avengers from going the same road as “Anthem”. The developer’s at “Anthem” had a lack of playable content, making it one of the industry’s worst live game service launches in the year.

Your favorite MMORPGs – Play characters, make friends, and much more!


Even if you have recently seen an increase in their popularity, MMORPGs have been around for quite some time. At first, they were a new and cool way to play games with various players but now are expected to become a US$ 26.65 billion industry by 2025.

In an MMORPG, you, together with other online players, represent characters in an online world and are required to play according to the storyline of the game. You may level up your characters, improve your character’s skills, and get exciting items.

There are several MMORPGs out there; however, we are discussing the most popular ones here.

World Of Warcraft

World Of Warcraft of MMORPGs

Of course, we’ll begin our list with the World of Warcraft because it is the KING of MMORPGs!

The game came out in 2004 and built a whopping player-base of 12 million by 2010. The fact that World of Warcraft has a vast variety of players, including Horde, Sylvanas Windrunner, Bolvar Fordragon, to name a few, and a fantastic stream of content makes it so popular and attractive among its fans.

You may choose to fight for either the Horde or Alliance factions. Once you enter the World of Warcraft, you’ll have tons of engaging quests, leveling systems with WoW boost, a lot of loot, new friends, and much more.

Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online

Next up, we have Elder Scrolls Online! The developer of Elder Scrolls Online ZeniMax Online Studios has done a fantastic job creating this all-time favorite MMORPG.

The game features the continent of Tamriel with the storyline connected to other Elder Scroll games. Upon its release in 2014, the game got mixed reviews; however, these got much better with the rebranding of the game to The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. The rebranded version came out in 2015, and as of this year, the game has sold more than sixteen-million copies and has 2.5 million monthly active players.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn of MMORPGs

Beware, the Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn is unlike your typical Final Fantasy game! As you plunge into the adventures of Final Fantasy XIV, you will find out just how addictive the entire game is. The main reasons why players are so hooked on this game is because of its variety of classes of players and a large enough map for exploration.

When Final Fantasy XIV had first come out in 2010, it suffered from failure. However, it was later released for PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows in 2013 that picked up the pace and became a player-favorite soon. The game reached 20 million registered players by 2020.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars The Old Republic

Can’t get enough of Star Wars? Count us in too!

Star Wars: The Old Republic will narrate a Star Wars story to you and keep you engaged throughout. The game has the third-highest budget for any video game and supports a steady RPG element in it.

Even though it isn’t the sequel to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II that many had hoped for, it continues to be a shining star in the MMORPG world.

Whether you decide to be a commando or lightsaber-wielder, you will encounter a unique storyline for each character in the Star Wars world.

EVE Online

EVE Online of MMORPGs

If you love everything space-related, this is the game for you!

EVE Online is an MMORPG featuring a space theme where players can interact in unscripted competitions, political schemes, and warfare. A battle in EVE Online, known as the Bloodbath of B-R5RB, where thousands of players had been fighting in a star system, had taken 21 hours to complete and is regarded as one of the most extensive and most expensive battles in gaming.

There are only a handful of developers who have attempted to make MMORPGs set in outer-space, but EVE Online has not only nailed it but has exceeded expectations!

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 features an event-based system where players fight with their guild. The realm of Tyria has the re-emergence of Destiny’s Edge. The game features a persistent world with a storyline progressing in instanced environments.

Guild Wars 2 is unlike any other game in its genre as it is responsive to the players’ actions. Even though this responsiveness can be seen in single-player role-playing games, it is rarely in multiplayer games. The dynamic event system in Guild Wars 2 replaces the traditional questing and utilizes the ripple effect so that players may approach the quests in various ways. Moreover, the combat system is also dynamic as it promotes synergy between using your environment as weapons and different professions.

Lord Of The Rings Online: Shadows Of Angmar

Lord Of The Rings Online Shadows Of Angmar of MMORPGs

This one is a traditional MMORPG featuring the theme of Lord of the Rings. After this game shifted to a free model, it rose in popularity among players.

If you’re someone who enjoys exploration as well as the Lord of the Rings movies and books, you would love this MMORPG. It has a comprehensive map and exudes all-things Lord of the Rings!

Wrapping Up

In this article, we took a deep dive into MMORPGs and discussed a few popular ones.

From World of Warcraft with its WoW boost, its engaging quests, and a whole lot of loot, to Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar, with the adventures and nostalgia associated with the Lord of the Rings franchise, the list is full of popular MMORPGs that other players are loving and enjoying.

We hope you enjoyed the list and would become a part of the MMORPGs players for a fun and exciting time spent on adventures.

The Top Eight Video Game Books Of All Time

Video Game Book

As engrossing as video games are, sometimes we all need a break from the screen. Rest your eyes and glance across this list of the best video game books. Spanning the early days of consoles in the 1990s to contemporary video game stories such as how studios like Rockstar developed the controversial GTA series, this list will engage video game fanatics of every era. The stories behind the games are often just as fascinating as the games themselves – read on to discover the eight best video game books. 

1) Blood, Sweat And Pixels By Jason Schreier 

From the world of video game development, Schreier draws an epic narrative about the hard work that goes into game production. Behind the finished product of any video game stands hours of labour and this book reveals the drama that goes into video game design. Schreier has worked adjacent to the gaming industry for years and he gets some of the biggest industry names to come clean about the truth behind the pixels in this dramatic tome.

2) Masters Of Doom By David Kushner 

Vintage game lovers have been obsessed with Kushner’s fascinating biography of Doom’s designers. First published in 2003, Kushner explored the men behind the classic game and anyone who has played the groundbreaking first person shooter will love the detail with which Kushner investigates the lives and work of  John Carmack and John Romero. These two men ultimately shaped the future of video games with their innovative game, and the journey that Kushner presents, from misspent youth to software developers is an incredible tale.

3) Jacked: The Outlaw Story Of Grand Theft Auto By David Kushner 

Kushner followed up his 2003 masterpiece with Jacked, taking a look inside the rebel gaming studio of Rockstar and its development of another seminal classic, Grand Theft Auto. This long running series has been well loved by two generations of gamers – and two generations of media outlets have been panicked by its violent and criminal content. Kushner takes a deep dive into the development of GTA and discovers that the story of Rockstar Studios is no less exciting than the games they produced.

4) Gamelife By Michael Clune 

Clunes book is a personal account of how video games have changed and channelled the direction of his life, making this book part autobiography and part reflection on human identity. Clune, an atypical and introverted child, discovered gaming through an obscure PC game called Suspended as a 7-year-old, and it set him on a course that changed his life forever. Clune writes with great subtlety and understanding about the world of video games and what we can learn from these virtual environments, as well as providing an insight into how gaming can be an escape from an often cold and harsh reality that lacks understanding for those that don’t seem to fit.

5) Console Wars By Blake J. Harris 

The battleground of the early to mid ‘90s was the video game console, as technology expanded in leaps and bounds and the market grew to meet it. Sega and Nintendo became locked in battle to win over consumers, and this competition drove a surge in innovation and game design that ultimately gave us some of our favourite console games from the era. Harris explores the journey of Tom Kalinske, brought in by Sega in the early years of the great gaming battle to be their man on the front line.

6) Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter by Tom Bissell 

Although the artistry that goes into video game design is equal to that of any Hollywood film and the cultural impact of video games stretches across generations and borders, critical analyses of the video game industry are sadly few and far between. In Extra Lives, Bissell sets out to redress this problem and casts a critical gaze on the significance of video gaming in our culture. Mixing interviews with industry leaders and searching investigative essays, this book reveals how important games are to contemporary identity in the 21st century.

7) The Tetris Effect: The Game That Hypnotized The World By Dan Ackerman 

Created in 1984 by Russian game designer Alexey Pajitnov, Tetris took the world by storm and never really loosened its grip. This is an incredible feat for a game in an industry which is obsessed with innovation. Ackerman explores the history of Tetris’s development and the reasons for its spectacular success. 

8) Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better And How They Can Change The World By Jane McGonigal 

Veteran game designer Jane McGonigal knows the power of video games. In this fascinating book, she explores the far-reaching effects and demonstrates how video games can indeed change the world, in many surprising ways. From potentially revolutionizing effects on the professional world to education and personal development, the potential for video games has only been glimpsed at so far. McGonigal presents an exciting vision for the future in this book.

These books reveal that the story behind the games can often be as captivating as the games themselves. Whether you’re interested in gaming history or its contemporary impact on culture and identity, these video game books are must reads for the gaming fanatics. This impact looks set to continue as virtual and augmented reality technology is revolutionizing the industry. Time to log on, player one.



About Author: Katherine Rundell is a writer at Custom Paper Writing Service UK. She is obsessed with video games both vintage and modern, and her favoured console of all time is the N64.

Sony may have to lower PS5 price in response to Xbox Series S’ surprise reveal

When Microsoft announced its budget next gen console, the Xbox Series S, it likely caught Sony off guard. The digital only version of the PS5 was expected to release in the region of $399 with the full version closer to $499. However, this the Japanese tech giant may have to completely rethink through its pricing strategy.

As announced on the official Xbox Twitter account, the Xbox Series S will cost just $299. This means that whilst the Series X’s $499 is as expected, the budget option is likely cheaper than Sony had anticipated. Given that many gamers will choose to opt for the cheapest product available, the PS5 could be in trouble.

How to save the PS5

Xbox Series S and X reveal

Earlier this week UK retailer GAME made a tweet suggesting the PS5’s price would be announced September 9. This tweet has since been deleted and we are still none the wiser regarding a price point or release date.

It’s clear then that Sony has gone back to the drawing board and delayed the PlayStation’s imminent announcement. Why? Because the Xbox Series S price completely caught them off guard. If Sony were to now launch the Digital PS5 at $399 it probably wouldn’t sell particularly well.

After all, the kinds of people who buy the cheaper consoles aren’t going to be your dedicated core gamers who play 40-50 plus hours a week. It’s going to be the more casual player base who just wants to get access to next-gen gaming for as little as possible.

Given all this, I don’t think Sony has much of a choice but to lower the PS5 digital edition’s price point. Even if that means selling your platform at a steep loss up front, it’s better than losing this generation’s sale wars before they even begin.

How the Series S pricing compares to past consoles

To be fair to Sony, this move from Microsoft really came out of nowhere. Hardly any mainstream consoles have been launched at such a cheap price. Even the Nintendo Switch, which has specs far weaker than either next-gen consoles, released at the same $299 as the Series S.

The Xbox One launched at $499 with less powerful consoles like the Wii U still costing $349. The last time a major console release undercut the Series S’ launch price was in 2006 with the launch of the Nintendo Wii.

The Wii cost just $249 at launch but was extremely underpowered even for 2006 standards. The more powerful consoles of the time cost $399 and $499, respectively. Truth be told, from an economic point of view we have to assume Microsoft is taking huge up front losses on every Xbox Series S sold.

Although risky, I’d assume Microsoft has decided it’s worth the early losses to build up a large player base. If enough of these players opt into services like Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass, it will make its money back long-term.

Unfortunately, this puts Sony in a very awkward position. Simply put, if it doesn’t drop the PS5’s price point then both the long-term and short-term losses could be devastating. But unlike Microsoft, Sony doesn’t have a large variety of services to guarantee overtime revenue.

It’ll be interesting to see how Sony responds to the aggressive pricing of the Xbox Series S. I’ve made my stance clear but what do you guys think? Should Sony drop the price of the PS5 to stay competitive at launch or risk relying on brand loyalty and avoid up front losses? Let us know in the comments below.

The top 5 games coming to next generation consoles

Next generation

The ninth generation of consoles are right around the corner and both PlayStation and Xbox have had plenty to show. With the launch line-ups of both consoles more or less being confirmed, it seems like a good time to see who came out on top. What are the five best games coming to next generation consoles?

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite for next generation consolesKicking things off with an obvious choice, there are few games that can hype gamers up as much as Halo. The next generation installment of Halo has started life off a little rough though. After a disappointing reveal at the Xbox Summer Fest 343 Industries have gone back to the drawing board and delayed its release.

For some, this will be a concerning sign. For me, it’s a sign that something great is in the works. For Microsoft to risk missing the Series X’s launch window for the sake of game integrity is a huge deal. If both the publisher and developer are this determined to make a great game, Infinite could be very good.

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden WestIf Halo is Xbox’s biggest upcoming release, Horizon is PlayStation’s. Over the years Sony has sifted through its fair share of mascots. From Crash to Spyro to Nathan Drake. However, it’s Horizon and protagonist Rost Aloy who has captured the hearts of many fans.

The first Horizon game was critically acclaimed, currently sitting at an 89 on Metacritic. If Sony can build on that and produce an ever better sequel, the PlayStation 5 could take an early lead in the next generation console war.

Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport for next generation consolesTruth be told, the Forza series definitely began to stagnate a fair few years ago. I’m not sure if Turn 10 grew complacent or the franchise simply lost its core identity, but the last few titles haven’t lived up to the greatness of earlier games.

And yet, I can’t help but be hyped up for the next Forza game. Not only is a soft reboot, but rumors suggest Turn 10 is finally taking the gamble of introducing rally racing. Given that Gran Turismo has had rally since 1999, this is a long overdue change that could catapult Forza into the next generation.


StarfieldWe know very little about Starfield but the little we do know is very exciting. This is Bethesda’s upcoming RPG and its first new RPG franchise is over 25 years. Whilst The Elder Scrolls covers fantasy and Fallout is post-apocalyptic, Starfield will be Bethesda’s sci-fi space entry.

Bethesda certainly has some relationship mending required for its fans. After the disaster that was and still is Fallout 76, some trust has been lost. Hopefully, Starfield can reignite the love many of us had for the legendary RPGs Bethesda used to make.

Battlefield 6

Battlefield 6Battlefield 6 will be the game for players who want to push their new machines to the limit. Every new installment that DICE creates is always in the discussion of best game ever made. With the shift on next generation consoles and Nvidia unveiling its new GPU range, I have a feeling Battlefield 6 could look better than real life.

Looks aside, DICE will have to figure out what kind of identity it wants Battlefield to have. Both Battlefield 1 and 5 were sub-par and failed to capitalize on why people loved the modern setting titles so much. Regardless, it’s hard to disagree that the potential for Battlefield 6 is very much there.

The Innovations That Brought Us the Best Online Games for Girls

Best Online Games for Girls

Video games have come a long way since they first debuted, thanks to industry innovators constantly leveling up.“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulder of giants” a quote famously attributed to Isaac Newton rings true throughout the ever changing industry of online games. The things that inspire video game developers are many and varied, but no one can discount the impact that all the games we’ve played before has had on the development of the latest and loveliest games available.

For purveyors of groundbreaking online games for girls like Prinxy, this inspiration from decades of video games before has had a noticeable and highly enjoyable impact, creating some of the most unique and delightfully interactive online games that are played today. All thanks to the innovations of those before us, among us, and those yet to come.

Beginning to End: What Games Have Taught Us Overtime

At Home Gaming: 1970’s

Even though the things that we would immediately associate with video games began development in the early 1950’s, it wasn’t until the 1970’s that video games really  took hold. Pre-70’s most video games were PC based and largely only played by top scientists at prestigious universities like M.I.T., where the computers were largely controlled by punch cards. Once the 1970’s brought about the joystick controllers however, the game was changed forever.

Arcades brought video games to everyone who wasn’t lucky enough to own one of the expensive and wildly futuristic at-home console systems. The large, coin-operated behemoths with then nearly unheard of colorful, 8-bit, 2 dimensional graphics captured the mind of young and old alike.

Handheld Gaming: 1980’s

By the time the 80’s rolled around, arcades were a main staple of youthful memories for many. Spending hours begging coins off your parents, just go and drop them into the ever increasing variety of arcade game titles. Using the iconic Space Invaders as a guide, video games had a new paradigm. Limiting game time with the concept of “lives”, gaining points, and tracking high-scores became the norm, creating more goal oriented systems of play. From these humble beginnings a number of shooting style games began to flood arcades. PAC-Man and Donkey Kong  were wildly popular titles that utilized many of the game rules of the shooter games, but instead focused on a main character and began to develop the concept of backstories and use different in-game strategies like timing and maze navigation.

Towards the end of the 80’s at home consoles began to normalize and became more affordable. The era also ushered in the concept of handheld gaming, with the original Gameboy, playing off of Nintendo’s incredibly popular home console. Further in graining video games into our lives.

Console and PC Take Over: 1990’s

The accessibility of video game consoles, both at home and hand held, only continued to swell throughout the 1990’s. Marking a decade of extreme and radical innovation in the gaming industry. Arcade popularity began to decline as more and more consoles and handheld units were made available to the wider public. The 1990’s saw the transition into 3D graphics and the introduction to some of the biggest names in video game consoles today- like Playstation, Sega, and major PC titles like Doom, Duke Nukem, and Wolfenstein.

Toward the end of the 90’s, video games continued on an upward trajectory of permutation and novelty, with the invention of first person shooter (FPS) games, role playing (RPG) games, and turn-based strategy (TBS) games. All genres that are ever present in some of today’s best online games for girls.

Internet Gaming: 2000’s

The 00’s continued to build on the titles of the decades prior, coming out with remastered and improved functionality of the games that made such huge impressions on the gamer community. Computer and PC games became incredibly popular, specifically as internet connections brought hugely popular MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online) and other internet based cooperative sensations to the table. The 2000’s also saw the emergence of one of the world’s most popular consoles to date: Microsoft’s Xbox. Using traditionally PC technology to push the functionality of the console further than most other consoles were capable of at that time.

Releases of titles like the Halo  series and Grand Theft Auto III changed the way the industry began to cater to gamers themselves, focusing more on open world game play and non-linear storylines. While console and PC gaming adoption soared across multiple platforms, handheld gaming was still a market largely cornered by Nintendo. Mobile phones began to dip their toes into the video game sphere with virtual pet programs and the classic Snake game, but it wasn’t until later that mobile gaming would begin to resemble what it is today.

Mobile Gaming: 2010’s and Now

Scrolling through the decades, it’s easy to see how contemporary gaming transformed into the wide, wonderful, multi-platform world that it is today. PC, console, and mobile phone games continue to pump out exciting titles and divergent controls and game premises. With innovation still on the rise as the industry begins exploring new niches and genres. Like creating better online games for girls, with strong female leads and a wider variety of age-appropriate storylines and character arcs. The development industry itself is changing too, with better across the board representation of females, minority groups, and LGBTQ+ communities finally making their way into the basic structure of video game creation.

New platforms are being explored, like virtual and augmented reality. Cross console titles have expanded into online gaming spheres.

Five Awesome Mobile Games You Should Try Out

The popularity, and processing power of smartphones gave rise to “mobile gaming”. It is a term pertaining to video games that can be played on mobile devices, particularly the smartphone. The idea of being able to play games as a means to pass the time while on-the-go without having to bring another bulky device garnered the attention of both the old, and new generation of gamers.

Soon after, a plethora of games became available on mobile devices. Millions of both free-to-play and pay-to-play applications are available on every respective mobile device’s store application. Of course, behind the millions of games available are diamonds in the rough, glistening gemstones that separate themselves from the rest. And if you’re wondering what they are, then here are five awesome mobile games you should definitely try out.

  1. Gacha Life

Gacha Life Mobile Games 

Gacha Life is a casual 2D single player offline game developed by Lunime Games that offers great character customization, and a wide array of selections. You can also create scenes using the game’s Studio mode, where you can pose your characters, and share it on social media. And if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, the game’s Life mode allows you to interact with other characters in-game. If you are into anime, and want a casual, slice-of-life offline game while you’re on the go, then you might want to take a look.

  1. Plants Vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies took the world by storm when it was released for the Windows PC, and MAC OS back in 2009. Developed by PopCap Games, it’s cute, cartoonish graphics, as well as its challenging, fast-paced gameplay earned the love of many players worldwide.

Now the popular tower defense game’s sequel is out on all Android and iOS devices as  free-to-play. You can now experience what made this game a hit, with additional features that you’ll only experience in the mobile device version, such as a completely new story, new “lawn” designs, and power-up consumables. If you’re a fan of the original PvZ game, then maybe you should try this out.

  1. Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires Mobile Games

If you’re into real-time strategy games, then you might want to feast your eyes on Forge of Empires. It’s a strategy game developed by InnoGames, and offers a unique take on RTS games. Forge of Empires allows you to grow your army, and empire throughout various timelines in human history, starting from the Stone Age.

The game is also an online RTS game, which means you get to test your strategic skills against other players in the game. Forge of Empires is a perfect game for players who love a good conquest, and a battle of wits. 

  1. Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd ..


 Fans of Japanese-style 3D action role-playing (RPG) games are in for a treat, as Honkai Impact 3rd combines all the elements of button-mashing action RPG, 3D graphics, and mobile gameplay. The game was developed by miHoYo, and it’s the third installment of the Honkaiseries.

Fans of the series may be able to familiarize themselves with the various characters available to play. Each of those characters has different abilities. The game is popular for combining multiple elements present in different gaming genres such as bullet hell, platforming, and dungeon crawling. If you’re into pure 3D action-packed RPG games, the likes of Devil May Cry, then you could give Honkai Impact 3rd a shot. The game is available on both Android, andiOS. 

  1. Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends 

Anyone who has been playing mobile games for a while has probably heard of Mobile Legends. Mobile legends is a free-to-play mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed by Moonton. Your goal is to fight an opposing team of five heroes, with the goal of destroying their main base in order to win.

You can choose from a wide selection of heroes, all with unique skins, and abilities. In addition to its classic MOBA gameplay, there are other modes as well such as an Auto-Chess mode, and Survival mode. The game also offers an easy-to-learn interface on top of its fast-paced battle system. Mobile Legends have garnered over 100 million downloads on mobile store apps, and have been at the center of various Esports events. So you should definitely check this out.

There are still many mobile games out there in both the Google Play Store, and Apple App Store, and the library is only going to get bigger. As the quest for creating great mobile games still continues. But for those looking to see what’s awesome in the mobile gaming industry now, then maybe, you should try these games out.



About Author: Paolo is an avid gamer, particular to the action RPG genre. His favorite games are the Dark Souls franchise, Shin MegamiTensei series, Devil May Cry, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. He also manages a gaming FB page titled Pandasal’s Bamboo Forest.